Chapter 1101: Eight Great God Warriors!

Chapter 1101: Eight Great God Warriors!

On an enormous meteor floating through the endless void stood the Soul Beast, Qin Lie’s main body on its back.

The green flames flashed in the eyes of the Soul Beast, flashing as though it was gazing into another dimension.

That white bone scythe refined with the secret arts of the Soul Race contained a wisp of Soul Beast’s soul. Qin Lie could use the soul connection to detect where the white bone scythe was, and could even see the surroundings.

Due to that soul strand, the white bone scythe became another pair of Qin Lie's eyes.

"A secret realm hidden inside the chaotic streams of space around Spirit Realm..."

Scenes suddenly appeared on the green flames burning in the eyes of the Soul Beast. The scene suddenly became clear. A five-colored crystal palace, a vast white jade plaza.

Miao Yizi's private realm. Qin Lie saw the inner structure and the layout through the white bone scythe.

Previously, he allowed Miao Yizi to leave because it was not easy to trap her as Miao Yizi was skilled in spatial secret arts.

Also, he had no energy to spare for her, killing Diego and Shato was his priority.

Miao Yizi, who had a great understanding of the soul, was not affected by Soul Beast’s soul devouring immediately, and was too hard to capture alive. He wanted to see what Miao Yizi would do next. He wanted to see where Miao Yizi would go to hide so he used the white bone scythe to secretly observe her movements.

As long as Miao Yizi did not abandon this white bone scythe, if he was willing, he could create a star door and immediately reach her.

At this time, he was not in a hurry to go. He only wanted to understand this woman.

He wanted to know more about this woman.

In the brightly colored and beautiful secret realm, Miao Yizi sat at the side of the white jade plaza and looked dazedly at a jade tablet in her hand.

A long, long time later.

Threads of silver light came out of her slender fingers and landed on the jade tablet, trailing along its patterns that were rippling with spatial energy.

The small tablet suddenly gave off strong spatial vibrations. It seemed to create a connection with another jade tablet in the universe.

Dozens of seconds later, a thin and old figure slowly appeared on the jade tablet.

This person was the old person who was skilled in spatial power and had searched for Qin Lie in the chaotic streams of space. He also tried to stop her from coming to Boluo Realm.

The old person was called Chen Lin. "You arranged for people to ambush us?" Miao Yizi's expression was cold.

"Ambush you?" Chen Lin stilled and shook his head. He said, "Junior sister, you know my conduct. Had I really sent someone to ambush you, I would have notified you first. Also, if I wanted to stop you that much, wouldn’t I have attacked the last time we met?"

"Then it is someone else from the Qin Family!" Miao Yizi sneered.

"Someone else from the Qin Family?" Chen Lin thought and then said, "It should not be. Other than the old master, no one knew Young Master Qin was in Boluo Realm. Also, the old master did not order me to do anything even though he knew you were going to Boluo Realm. Earlier, it wasn’t Old Master that told me to find you. I did of my own volition."

As he said this, Miao Yizi fell silent.

"Are you alright? Also, do you know who ambushed you?" Chen Lin said curiously.

Miao Yizi gazed at the jade tablet, her expression slightly complicated. "It may be a living Dark Soul Beast."

"Dark Soul Beast?" Chen Lin became even more shocked.

"I obtained its vicious weapon. I found Master Tian Qi, he said he does not know its origins," Miao Yizi said.

"Do you need me to have Old Master come take a look?" Chen Lin asked.

"No need." Miao Yizi refused coldly and said, "As long as you did not do it. I have nothing else, goodbye!"

"Junior sister, are you in your private secret realm? I may return to Spirit Realm soon. If it is convenient, would it be possible to talk face to face with you?" Chen Lin said.

"Do not come, we have nothing to discuss," Miao Yizi frowned and said.

"Old Master wants to discuss the matter of Young Master Qin with you..."

"I do not want to talk about him!"

The jade tablet in Miao Yizi's hand suddenly disappeared into the spatial ring.

Her discussion with Chen Lin stopped.

At the side, the soul strand hidden with Dark Soul latent ability on the white bone scythe clearly registered the conversation between her and Chen Lin.

"Junior sister, Old Master, Young Master Qin ..."

Seated on a faraway meteor, Qin Lie’s eyes flashed.

At this time, he finally knew that his grandfather had been secretly paying attention to his every move.

He also learned that Chen Lin had found Miao Yizi before Miao Yizi came to Boluo Realm, and tried to prevent her from creating a secret realm entrance in Boluo Realm.

He also learned about the relationship between Miao Yizi and Chen Lin.

As a result, he was in even less of a hurry to enter Miao Yizi's private secret realm through the white bone scythe.

He felt, if he left the white bone scythe in Miao Yizi's hands, maybe soon he would see his grandfather and the other people of the Qin Family.

When he thought of this, he was so excited he wasn’t even restless.

Soon, his main body and Soul Beast avatar went to meet Teng Yuan and the others.

When he came to the battlefield, he found Ma Feng, Zhuo Weidan, and Gong Shengyuan were completely gone.

A scent of blood still lingered in the air.

He knew that the flesh of Void Realm experts was great nourishment to people like Teng Yuan

—Even if they were of the human race.

"Qin Lie, you were unable to take care of that woman?" Nivitt said strangely.

"She is skilled in spatial arts, she took the opportunity to flee into the chaotic streams of space outside Spirit Realm. I was unable to kill her." Qin Lie did not conceal anything and said, "But if she wants to come back again, it will be at least a decade. You will be safe for a while. Also, there is a secret spatial entrance in that swarm of meteors that can connect to the realm of the Lizard Race. Are you interested?"

"The realm of the Lizard Race?" Teng Yuan thought and shook his head. "No, there is a rank ten giant lizard in the Lizard Race's realm. We do not want to offend him right now."

"Alright." Qin Lie did not force the issue and said, "I will send you back to Boluo Realm."

"Good! Also, we are planning to go into the Abyss!" Tyler said excitedly.

Qin Lie formed the star door and led the group to the crystal barrier of Boluo Realm. A soul slave of the Asura Race was still there.

When they got there, he formed a star door again. Using Zhuang Jing as the medium, he sent Teng Yuan and the others into the lands of the Ancient Beast Race.

Then, he used the star door to send the Soul Beast avatar to the underground place where the Asura Race lived.

After absorbing the fleshy energy of Diego and Shato into the Demon Sealing Tombstone, the fleshy energy stored in the Demon Sealing Tombstone were abundant.

Therefore, he could afford to waste so much bloodline power to repeatedly create star doors between realms.

After doing all this, Teng Yuan and the other people started to gather the experts of Boluo Realm's races to prepare for a trip into the Abyss.

His Soul Beast avatar stayed in the underground cave to continue assimilating the secret arts of the Soul Race.

His main body left Boluo Realm for the Land of Chaos. He came to Flaming Sun Island.

On Flaming Sun Island, Nirvana Realm and Soul Altar experts had almost all gone to the Abyss.

Tang Siqi was busy creating a large teleportation formation on Evil Infant Island.

Song Tingyu was the only one left guarding Flaming Sun Island along with some relatively weak martial practitioners.

When he returned to Flaming Sun Island, he took out the Demon Sealing Tombstone, and summoned the god corpses sleeping underwater.

When the eight god corpses appeared out of the water, the Demon Sealing Tombstone floating the air released rainbow light that connected with the bellybuttons of the eight god corpses.

Vast energies of the flesh surged out of the Demon Sealing Tombstone and flooded into the eight god corpses.

The fleshy energies he refined using Shato, Diego and some of the Abyss Devils rapidly disappeared.

All this energy flowed into the eight god corpses.

These eight god corpses were originally one hundred and fifty meters tall. Wrapped up in the flames and lightning, they grew once again.

They grew another fifty meters before stopping.

Inside the eight god corpses, the originally vast fleshly energy became even more terrifying after being replenished.

In his perception, the strength of these eight god corpses almost reached early stage Void Realm.


The eight god corpses all had the light of intelligence in their eyes after they reached two hundred meters tall. They knelt down and spoke human speech.

The god corpses finally came back to life after their fleshly energy were replenished again.

"We are the eight god warriors of the patriarch of the Blaze Family. This Flesh Filling Tombstone is the symbol of the family patriarch. It is in your hands, therefore, starting today, you are our new master."

The eight god corpses said loudly in unison using God Race language.

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