Chapter 1100: Private Secret Realm

Chapter 1100: Private Secret Realm

The Demon Sealing Tombstone’s purpose was to store refined flesh and blood energy. The stronger the living being, the more refined flesh and blood energy it could harvest from their bodies.

The two foreign races’ experts Shato and Diego were probably at the middle stage of the Void Realm or five-level Soul Altar if their strength were to be assessed by the human race’s standards. They would be practically invincible in the Land of Chaos.

As descendants the Giant Dragon Race and Giant Lizard Race’s bloodlines, both Shato and Diego possessed a tremendous amount of refined flesh and blood energy. Qin Lie was very excited to refill the Demon Sealing Tombstone.

The Demon Sealing Tombstone’s refined flesh and blood energy was usable on both him and the eight god corpses.

The eight god corpses could feed on the refined flesh and blood energy and grow stronger and stronger.

He could swiftly replenish his own strength after he had exhausted his bloodline powers even during battle.

The artifact was so powerful it was almost obscene.

Qin Lie’s astonishment grew as the two foreigners looked more and more skinny.

The fact that the Demon Sealing Tombstone was able to refine experts’ flesh and blood energies fully made him suspect its true origin.

“This artifact has to be incredibly precious even among the God Race!” he thought to himself.

His real self used the Demon Sealing Tombstone to refine flesh and blood energies while the Soul Beast avatar extracted the two foreigners’ refined soul energy.

It wasn’t long before the two most famous experts of the Dragonman Race and Lizard Race were turned into two utterly worthless piles of dead bones.

It was only then that he looked at the secret space entrance covered by a green film of light.

The Lizard Race’s realm was probably on the other side of the secret space entrance. He could invade their realm right now if he wanted to.

“The Lizard Race…” He frowned deeply.

He had interacted with the Dragonman Race and Lizard Race back at the Ruined Lands.

Not only was he hounded by Chi Yan of the Lizard Race and Gu Tuo of the Dragonman Race back when he first entered the Ruined Lands, they were also the reason why he had to run away.

That humiliating incident had prompted him to investigate the Dragonman Race and Lizard Race for a time.

The Dragonman Race was supported by the Giant Dragon Race. Many dragonmen were mixed bloods, descendants of the naturally lecherous giant dragons.

All those descendants that couldn’t evolve into a giant dragon were dumped at the Dragonman Realm and given the treatment of a second class vassal force.

Therefore, he would definitely earn the ire of the Giant Dragon Race if he invaded their realm recklessly.

The Lizard Race was rumored to be the descendants of a giant lizard who was related to the Giant Dragons and other weaker races by blood.

That giant lizard seemed to be watching the Lizard Race from a secret realm somewhere in the Giant Lizard Race’s realm.

It was as powerful as a Genesis Realm expert.

“I should keep a low profile for now. I don’t want the Soul Beast to be exposed and attacked by the races.”

He pondered for a moment and decided not to pass through the secret space entrance.

By now, Teng Yuan and the others should’ve taken out the Lunar Temple and Sun Palace martial practitioners already.

Perhaps Ma Feng had even become Teng Yuan’s food already.

“Miao Yizi…” Both his real body and his Soul Beast avatar’s eyes glowed at once.

In another part of the chaotic streams of space.

Miao Yizi flew quickly through a whirlpool of distorted space energy.

The whirlpool was covered in many spatial cracks big enough to be seen with a naked eye. A huge white bone scythe slowly came out from within.


The white bone scythe was ultimately pulled free from the whirlpool due to her spatial powers.

The weapon’s true self was revealed in the chaotic streams of space.

The scent of violence, bloodthirst, and murder flowed out of every inch of the sharp, giant tool of murder.

Even Miao Yizi was affected by the white bone scythe. She felt irritated and tempted to commit slaughter.

She immediately understood that this scythe was no ordinary weapon.

“This mission is probably a failure.” Miao Yizi looked a little depressed.

She, Ma Feng, and the others had spent several years travelling through the galaxy in an attempt to build a secret realm entrance at Boluo Realm.

However, an unexpected change had occurred just as they were about to reach their destination.

She had run into the Lizard Race and Dragonman Race’s secret space entrance. Ma Feng and her other companions never responded to her cry for help.

She thought that it wasn’t a coincidence.

“It has to be those foreigners from Boluo Realm,” she guessed.

Manipulating the white bone scythe using her spatial powers, Miao Yizi flew towards a dangerous area filled with turbulent spatial energies.

Dozens of seconds later, a secret spatial passage appeared in response to her spatial art.

She slowly squeezed through the spatial passage while carrying the white bone scythe with her.

It wasn’t long before she appeared in a beautiful secret realm.

This secret realm had a warm weather and seven different colors of light flying across the bright sky. Their presence made the secret realm looked dream-like and beautiful.

It was slightly smaller compared to the Graveyard of Gods, and it wasn’t a complete realm. Therefore, it could never give birth to world spirit energy or life of its own.

The entire secret realm looked like a giant garden. A lot of strange flowers and plants that could grow without any world spirit energy had been brought over by Miao Yizi.

There was also a translucent lake at the center of the secret realm. Many tower-like palaces built using penta colored crystals could be seen around the area.

This secret realm was filled with feministic elements and beauty.

Several young girls about a dozen years old dressed in clean white dresses could be seen playing or sitting quietly at the crystalline palaces.

“Master’s back!”

The girls immediately cheered happily and waved at Miao Yizi when they saw her approaching.

Miao Yizi was normally cold and ruthless. However, the trace of a relaxed smile could be seen around her eyes after she had returned to this tiny secret realm.

After Miao Yizi had discovered this secret realm, she spent tens of years changing it into its current appearance.

All the girls in this place were orphans she took under her wing. She had taught them spatial spirit arts and cultivation.

These girls seldom left this secret realm, and they relied on the spirit stones she left behind to cultivate. They were unaware of the evils of the world.

“Master, have you completed your mission? You did, right?”

A young girl with a ponytail and round face ran over. She looked very cute when she smiled with eyes that looked like crescents. Miao Yizi had just landed when the girl asked impatiently, “Eh, is this giant white bone scythe your spoils of war this time?”

The young girl’s face suddenly turned white when she got close to the scythe. She clutched her chest and took a few steps backwards.

Her realm was insufficient. She was so weak that she couldn’t even endure the lingering presence of Lord of the Abyss on the scythe.

“You can say that.” Miao Yizi smiled. “However, my mission had ended in failure.”

“What happened?” The girls surrounded her and chattered away.

“Someone probably leaked the news that we were going to Boluo Realm. We ran into trouble before we even reached Boluo Realm,” Miao Yizi explained briefly before moving on to the girls’ troubles. She helped solve many of their cultivation problems.

After that, she sealed the white bone scythe with her spatial powers and went to a square in front of the crystalline palace made of white jade.

A lot of strange space spirit stones could be seen at the center of the square. They were arranged in a strange manner that obviously identified them as part of a secret space formation.

She placed the white bone scythe on the wide square using her powers.

The chattering girls spread out at the edges of the square and stared interestedly at the white bone scythe.

“I’m going to ask Great Master Tian Qi to identify this scythe’s origin,” Miao Yizi said seriously.

The spatial spirit stones on the white jade square suddenly lit up like stars.

The white bone scythe on the square became covered by many ripples of space energy. It look like it had just fallen into another space.

Strangely enough, the white bone scythe was still visible to everyone present despite that.

An old, yellowish hand gripped the white bone scythe placed at the center of the overlapping space and inspected it.

White lightning could be seen firing out of the hands’ fingertips and entering the white bone scythe.

A while later.

The odd ripple of energy stopped, and the overlapping space vanished as well. The giant white bone scythe could be seen sitting quiet at the square.

A soul thought came from the final space anomaly on the square. “This scythe has never been seen in Spirit Realm or any of the realms we’re familiar with. It’s probably an unknown object. However, I had sensed the presence of Asura Realm’s Dark Soul Beast inside it, so I’m guessing that the powerful being you encountered in the galaxy is a surviving remnant of the Dark Soul Beast!”

“An unknown object! Dark Soul Beast!” Miao Yizi exclaimed.

“This scythe could belong to the Soul Race, but it could be something entirely different too. At any rate, I’ve personally never seen it until today.” The person on the other side chose his words carefully for a moment before continuing, “Maybe Grandfather Qin would know about its origin. If you can contact your senior brother, you…”

“Enough!” Miao Yizi cut him off.

She even extinguished the final space anomaly on the white jade square.

Her eyes were obviously filled with frustration and irritation.

“Master, that scythe… is evil. It may be affecting your emotions,” the ponytail girl hurriedly reminded her master.

Miao Yizi nodded slightly. “I know. You should all stay away from it. Now, go cultivate somewhere else, will you? I need to think about something alone.”


The girls didn’t try to disturb her because they all knew that she was feeling unwell. They obediently left the white jade square.

When Miao Yizi was finally alone, she hesitated for a moment before taking out something. There was a flash, and a jade tablet engraved with many secret space patterns appeared in her hand.

She stared at the jade tablet for a very, very long time.

She didn’t notice that a Soul Beast’s refined soul was beginning to stir inside that giant white bone scythe.

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