Chapter 1099: Blood and Flesh Storage

Chapter 1099: Blood and Flesh Storage

"If you dare to kill me, he will not forgive you! No matter where you hide, he will find you and tear you apart!"

Blood spilled uncontrollably out of Diego, the dragonman's eyes. His soul power was slowly being consumed by soul devouring latent ability of Soul Beast.

Diego panicked.

He knew nothing about Soul Beasts. He had never come into contact with them. When Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar displayed soul devouring, he found black holes appearing deep within his soul.

Those holes slowly sucked away his soul energy. The vast soul power he accumulated through thousands of years quickly slipped away.

He was unable to do anything about it.

He knew that if he let Qin Lie do as he wished and let those black holes absorb his soul energy… he would die.

The Giant Dragon Race wasn’t a race skilled in soul combat. Then what about the Dragonman Race, mere offshoots?

He did all he could think of to destroy the black holes made out of soul threads. He wanted to break free of Qin Lie's encroachment of his soul.

But everything he tried was ineffective.

He could only put his hopes on Affleck's reputation.

However, Qin Lie did not feel any fear towards the Giant Dragon Race chief, Affleck.

From Diego’s perspective, the strange beast’s eyes seemed to show great interest instead.

Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar moved and targeted him first.

A one hundred meters long and thirty meters wide scythe created from the spine of a Lord of the Abyss suddenly flew out of the Soul Beast's abdomen.

The white bones the scythe was made of were sharp and clear like jade. Waves of vicious, bloodthirsty, and savage aura were being exuded from its edge.

The surface of the white bone scythe was also covered in the purple blood of another Lord of the Abyss. The bloodstains were filled with a restless and negative presence.

"Kaka! Kakaka!"

As the scythe cut towards Diego, the bone pieces gave off strange sounds as they rubbed against each other.

That sound had the power to confuse the soul.

Diego gazed at the enormous white bone scythe. Suddenly, he seemed to see a living Lord of the Abyss roaring towards him.

Savagery, bloodthirst, murderousness. Waves of negative emotions flooded him. Every drop of blood in him seemed to tremble.

This was terror that originated from his bloodline.

It was clear even the Giant Dragon bloodline that came from Affleck had no advantage against the purple blood presence on the white bone.

The bloodline of the Abyss Devils was on the same level as the bloodline of the God Race, the Soul Race and the Spirit Race. Diluted Dragon Race bloodline paled in comparison!

This kind of bloodline disadvantage caused Diego's bloodline to instinctively feel terror.

The terror of the blood immediately spread through his body and drowned his mind. He could not display his full prowess.

Seeing the white bone scythe about to hit him, Diego's soul power was still being devoured. His mind was lost and he was on the verge of collapse.

"Spatial Shatter!"

At this time, Miao Yizi, who had nearly lost control, suddenly calmed down and gathered her power to interfere.

Thin fine cracks appeared in the part of space the white bone scythe was cutting towards.

These cracks affected the spatial currents.

When the spatial rifts appeared, that enormous white bone scythe seemed to be restrained by them.

The bones of the Abyss Devil which made up the white bone scythe immediately became intangible as it was being pulled by the spatial current.

The spatial currents usually occurred outside of the realms but still inside the spatial crystal barrier.

That place was not the true outer space.

Any realm which possessed nature spirit energy would have spatial currents on the outer layer. The rumors had it that the spatial currents around the realms were all connected.

However, no one could prove this.

Miao Yizi, who was skilled in spatial power, used spatial power to create spatial rifts in the space. Those rifts… drove the scythe into the spatial current circulating around Spirit Realm.

She did this to stop the white bone scythe from cutting Diego. She trapped the white bone scythe.

Another reason was to use the terrifying sharpness that the white bone scythe had to create those spatial rifts under her spatial secret art's direction.

She was creating a new path of escape for herself.

She attempted to use those spatial rifts to jump directly back into the spatial current leading to Spirit Realm and return this way.

When she saw Qin Lie's shadow, she thought that this strange being had pulled it from her memories and created it using soul threads. She gradually calmed down.

She, who had reached the late stage of the Void Realm and had a six-level Soul Altar, had no hope of victory against Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar in space.

Diego and the lizard Shato were even weaker than her.

She knew that these two would be even less likely to be a match for this beast.

Therefore, from beginning to end, she had no thought of staying to fight.

"I will find out who you are. I will take this white bone scythe back to Spirit Realm and find a specialist to examine it."

Miao Yizi's voice suddenly became light and ethereal. Her body gradually turned blurry as though she was transforming into a wisp of smoke to disappear.

Qin Lie's eyes burning with green flames suddenly shot out millions of green threads that spread outwards.

He immediately saw Miao Yizi's body seemed to be covered in countless spatial rifts as though she was affected by the strange spatial laws.

Countless spatial rifts seemed to cut her body into thousands of pieces and pull them into the spatial rift.

This was clearly an extremely advanced spatial escape art.

Even the white bone scythe he released was also becoming intangible as though it would slowly disappear from this region of space.

He knew that Miao Yizi's spatial art was affecting that white bone scythe and was going to pull it along the spatial current to Spirit Realm.

"As expected, she’s much stronger than these two foreign experts," he murmured.

Diego and Shato knew nothing about the soul. Under soul devouring latent ability of Soul Beast, Qin Lie easily created countless black holes in Shato and Diego's Soul Lakes.

Those black holes were the manifestation of the soul devouring.

He also attacked Miao Yizi with the same method.

However, Miao Yizi's Soul Lake formed patches of restrictive boundaries.

He was not able to create the black holes in there immediately. He could not devour Miao Yizi’s soul.

This proved that Miao Yizi had a deep understanding of the soul. She guarded against him and he was unable to easily "devour" her soul.

"The Soul Progenitor of the human race. He taught them about the soul and its secrets. Due to this, the human race gradually discovered the secrets of Soul Altars, producing many Soul Altar experts, officially rising to the fight for the hegemony in the Spirit Realm."

A string of thoughts flashed through his mind. Qin Lie suddenly realized that the human race's knowledge of the soul was much greater than the Lizard Race and the Dragonman Race.

He also understood that trying to restrain Miao Yizi, who was in the late stage of the Void Realm, having six-level Soul Altar, was not going to be so easy.

"Soul attachment..."

A strand of soul made with the Dark Soul latent ability attached itself into the white bone scythe, not detected by Miao Yizi.

Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar let the white bone scythe slowly disappear into the spatial rifts.

He also allowed Miao Yizi to leave.

Even when the spatial rifts healed, he did not pursue her.

On the other battlefield.

His true body used the Celestial Sealing Demon Diagram to capture Ma Feng, Gong Shengyuan, and Zhuo Weidan.

The mysterious ancient diagram that appeared in the space seemed to create its own domain.

In that space, Ma Feng and the others could not leave, regardless of the secret art they used.

They could only endure the barrage of attacks from Teng Yuan and the other five experts.

Outside the area of the diagram’s effect, Qin Lie, who sat on the Demon Sealing Tombstone, watched as Ma Feng and the other two were torn and bloodied by the six peak experts of Boluo Realm.

An hour later, Ma Feng and the others were on their last breaths. They completely lost hope of escape.

"I will give these three to you."

After saying this, Qin Lie's true body opened the star door with bloodline power. In a flash, he appeared where the Soul Beast avatar was.

At this time, Diego of the Dragonman Race, and Shato of the Lizard Race were almost completely consumed by his Soul Beast avatar.

The two foreign races had no spirit in their eyes. Pinned down by the claws of the Soul Beast, they had no ability to fight back.

"Let's first try the giant dragon patriarch's bloodline..."

Drops of blood were pulled out of Diego's blood vessels and landed on his palm.

The flesh on his palm split open and was going to absorb Diego's blood.


The surging flames suddenly burned from his palm and ignited Diego's bloodline, burning it away.

At the same time, a strange feeling came from within his bloodline.

"The bloodline isn't pure!"

He immediately reacted.

Diego's blood was a hybrid of the Giant Dragon Race chief Affleck and humans. Diego's dragon bloodline just wasn’t pure enough.

The Perfect Blood Qin Lie had wasn't able to assimilate a bloodline like this.

His bloodline clearly repelled this kind of impure bloodline.

"If Diego is not compatible, Shato, who is also a hybrid, is even less likely to be good enough." Qin Lie was secretly disappointed.

Seeing that he could not assimilate the bloodline of the duo, he could only refine the bodies of these two through the Demon Sealing Tombstone.

While Diego and Shato were not as powerful as Miao Yizi, because they were from foreign races and contained the Giant Dragon Race and Giant Lizard Race bloodlines, their fleshly energy was abundant.

Miao Yizi's strength came from the spirit energy in her spirit sea. But in terms of fleshly energy, she was far weaker than the two.

The Demon Sealing Tombstone hovered over the two foreigners’ heads. Qin Lie could see the thick fleshly energy stream into the Demon Sealing Tombstone like two bloody rivers.

This caused the Demon Sealing Tombstone to be filled to the brim.

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