Chapter 1098: Revealing His Fangs

Chapter 1098: Revealing His Fangs

“What a powerful soul energy! What is that thing that’s coming towards us?”

The giant dragonman named Diego asked urgently with a look of panic.

He kept glancing at the secret space entrance.

Shato of the Lizard Race was also afraid. From his friend’s tone, he knew that Diego was probably planning to escape.

Both him and Diego thought that this newcomer was Miao Yizi’s ally.

He did notice Miao Yizi sending out a hidden soul message earlier. Although it was almost imperceptible, he caught it all the same.

That was why he mistook the newcomer as Miao Yizi’s ally. He thought that she had summoned her ally to fight him and Diego.

Miao Yizi was already a difficult opponent for both him and Diego. How on earth could they win if a stronger and deadlier opponent were to join the battle?

“It’s definitely not one of ours,” Shato said nervously.

“If it’s not one of ours, then it has to be her ally.” Diego turned pale. “Should we… hide and wait until the coast is clear?”

He looked at the secret space entrance behind him again.

“You guys leave first!” Shato turned serious and ordered the remaining lizardmen to escape through the secret space entrance.

The wounded band of lizardmen let out a sigh of relief and went back to their homes through the secret space entrance as quickly as they were able.

“We should still be able to leave even if we’re no match for our opponent. There’s no need to worry too much,” Shato told Diego.

The dragonman nodded in response.

That being said, they secretly moved closer to the secret space entrance just in case.

They would retreat at first notice if the situation was disadvantageous towards them. There was absolutely no reason for them to stay behind.

Shato and Diego didn’t realize that Miao Yizi was just as surprised as they were.

“This isn’t right. This soul activity cannot possibly belong to Ma Feng and the others. It cannot be them,” she thought to herself.

Chill shone through her eyes despite her personal thoughts. Miao Yizi lifted her head slightly and declared with a prideful snort, “When my allies arrive, I will wipe out both the Lizard Race and the Dragonman Race.”

She had no idea who or what was moving towards them, so she tried to scare Shato and Diego away. If she succeeded, the newcomer was all she needed to contend with.

As expected, her words terrified Shato and Diego even more.

They moved even closer to the secret space entrance and got ready to leave at any moment.

“Wait… this presence doesn’t feel like a human’s.” Diego suddenly came to realization.

“The human race is friendly with a couple of races,” Shato said.

“Not recently, no.” The giant dragonman narrowed his eyes and thought for a moment. “I heard from the Giant Dragon Race that the humans have incited the ire of many races. In fact, many powerful races had alienated the human race.”

The Dragonman Race was a result of the Giant Dragon Race’s messy experiments. They could be thought as an inferior breed of the Giant Dragon Race.

Their connection with the Giant Dragon Race was how they were able to learn about the latest movements in the galaxy.

“It’s not a human, and the human race is butting heads with the other races. So that means… this newcomer may have nothing to do with this woman!” Shato’s eyes lit up.

“Patience. We can decide what to do after the newcomer arrives,” Diego said.

The duo stopped in front of the secret space entrance after the brief exchange. They waited for the terrifying being to show up.

Miao Yizi immediately realized that the two foreigners weren’t as dumb as she thought they were when she saw the suspicion in their eyes.

“You’d best destroy that secret space entrance while you can, or I’ll come back and enter your realm through it.” Miao Yizi frowned and got ready to leave when she noticed that her plan had failed.

She no longer wanted to know what kind of powerful being was headed towards them.

She was well-versed in many spatial secret arts. She was confident that she could escape Shato and Diego with ease.

However, this newcomer’s soul activity was too terrifying even for her. She was worried that she might not be able to escape its clutches if escape was necessary, especially since her allies hadn’t responded to her cry for help. She didn’t wish to push her luck any further.

However, a faint whistle reached her just as she was about to leave.

“Hiss hiss hiss!”

Suddenly, Shato, Diego and Miao Yizi felt like their soul had been trapped by an invisible cover.

Next, a shrill noise that pierced their eardrums caused their very souls and minds to quake.

Both Miao Yizi and the two foreign races’ experts had to clutch their heads and construct many, many soul barriers to protect themselves from the soul-extinguishing noise.

Miao Yizi didn’t realize that Qin Lie’s hundred thousands of soul tentacles had reached them before his avatar.

These invisible soul tentacles descended from above and formed a gigantic net that could only be seen with the soul.

The soul net trapped all three of them in one place.

They had no choice but to defend themselves with their soul power.

Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar charged towards them in a straight line.

“Boom boom!”

Many giant meteorites exploded the moment they came into contact with the Soul Beast avatar.

The ugly but terrifyingly powerful Soul Beast charged towards them like a calamity capable of destroying the starry sky.

Its thorns were sharp enough to cut the meteorites into bits.

He arrived at the blank space between the three cultivators while they were still busy suppressing the abnormalities happening inside their souls.

“What kind of lifeform is that!?” Shato screamed.

Diego’s expression had also changed drastically.

Qin Lie’s green, dark pupils shone with ruthlessness and cruelty.

The first thing he targeted was the secret space entrance next to Shato and Diego.

Two green beams exited his eyes like meteors.

“The secret space entrance!” Diego reacted.

Shato also looked behind it.

However, the soul energy that had been attacking them suddenly grew several times stronger.

Blood instantly popped out of Diego and Shato’s eyeballs.

Many eerie holes suddenly appeared and swelled all over their souls.

These holes were a creation of Soul Beast’s bloodline ability, Soul Devouring. Like black holes in space, their function was to extract their targets’ souls.

Diego and Shato instantly lost one tenth of their souls.

At this point, none of them could spare the effort to protect the secret space entrance. All they could do was to gather their soul power and try their best to stop the pitch black holes from draining away their souls.

The two green beams that looked like soul chains flew towards the secret space entrance. Qin Lie’s goal was to freeze the secret space entrance and cut off their escape paths.


Suddenly, a bolt of white lightning zapped towards the secret space entrance. It was none other than Miao Yizi.

She was trying to enter the Lizard Race’s realm!

From the moment Qin Lie arrived and locked down this entire space with a soul net, pressuring her, Diego, and Shato so hard that they could barely lift a finger, she knew that her idea of escaping this place with a spatial secret art was probably a pipe dream.

She knew that the secret space entrance was probably the one and only way she could safely escape right beneath Qin Lie’s nose.

She believed that a realm dominated by lizardmen was probably much, much safer than anywhere near this strange creature.

That was why she did everything in her power to pass through the secret space entrance at top speed while Qin Lie was attacking Diego and Shato.

Miao Yizi summoned all of her spirit energy and flew at top speed. Since she was faster than Qin Lie’s green beams, escape was definitely a possibility.

However, just as she was about to reach the secret space entrance, one of the green beams suddenly transformed into a human figure.

It was a young man with violent eyes and a cool, crazed expression.

It was Qin Lie from three hundred years ago.

Miao Yizi’s eyes suddenly turned fully red just as she was about to pass into the Lizard Race’s realm.

“Qin Lie!”

The cold lightning came to an abrupt stop.

The space where Miao Yizi was suddenly became frozen like ice.

It was a space restriction art!


The other green beam finally passed through the secret space entrance.

While Miao Yizi was glaring at the fake Qin Lie with cold eyes, the illusion suddenly elongated and turned back into a green beam.

The second green beam also passed through the secret space entrance.


The two green beams connected with one another.

A few seconds later, the secret space entrance Shato, Diego, and Miao Yizi put high hopes on was sealed off by a layer of green light.

Their last escape path was cut off entirely.

“Who are you? Who the hell are you?!”

When Miao Yizi finally came to herself, the secret space entrance had already been sealed. Suddenly, she turned towards Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar and questioned loudly in a harsh tone.

“Do you hate him so much?” Qin Lie the Soul Beast spoke in a strange way that sounded like a raspy, low growl. “All I did is enter your soul consciousness and recreate the person who left the deepest impression in your mind with my soul tendrils.”

“The person that left the deepest impression in my mind…” At first, Miao Yizi was confused by his claim. Then, she suddenly screamed uncontrollably, “It can’t be him! There’s no way he could possibly be the person who left the deepest impression in my mind!”

“But it is a fact that you gave up your one and only possible chance of escape because of his illusion,” Qin Lie said cruelly and mockingly. “Who’s he? He’s probably your lover, isn’t he?”

“My lover? How can he possibly be my lover? He’s the person I hated and scorned the most!” Miao Yizi shouted uncontrollably.

“Let us go! Please let us go!” Shato was clutching his head and as blood flowed down his eyes. He begged pitifully, “The Lizard Race has no grudge with you! Please don’t treat us this way!”

“I am the descendant of the Giant Dragon Race’s chief, Affleck. He will sense my death if you kill me!” Diego threatened angrily.

Affleck was the current chief of the Giant Dragon Race. It was rumored that this old dragon was an obscene fellow who had bred countless mixed blood in his wake.

Perhaps the reason a mere dragonman like Diego was able to come as far as he did was all thanks to Affleck's bloodline.

“Affleck’s descendant, you say?” Qin Lie’s bluish green eyes glowed with deep interest. “That’s a very, very good bloodline you have them. In that case I’ll kill you first!”

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