Chapter 1095: Bloody War in Space

Chapter 1095: Bloody War in Space

The soul activity of Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar was quickly concealed after he activated his Dark Soul bloodline ability.

The Soul Beast’s gigantic body also became a dozen or so times smaller after transforming.

The near invisible soul tentacles unique to the Soul Beast were made up of wisps of soul energy. They were stretching continuously to his surroundings.

He had gotten used to space at this point.

“A meteor group…”

It didn’t take long for him to find the clump of meteors. The Soul Beast avatar continued to stretch forwards like a loach without alerting anyone of its arrival.

Then, he saw meteors exploding and energy ripples from the edge of the meteor group.

He moved towards it swiftly.

The Soul Beast avatar hid behind a larger meteor, shrinking its body yet again.

He quietly watched the fierce battle that was ensuing in front of him.

Amidst the exploding meteors, tens of lizardmen were ganging up on a woman dressed in white.

The debris prevented him from seeing the woman’s face at first notice. He only knew that she was well-versed in the power of space, and that she could conjure all kinds of amazing spirit arts. She had created some sort of strange domain around herself that could cause the space to collapse.

When the lizardmen got close to her, they would be cut to shreds by many spatial blades.

Cut limbs, decapitated heads, and blood danced around her madly.

It was an incredibly demonic, cruel, and bloody scene.

However, the woman’s plain white battle robes were completely clean.

Not even the gray debris floating in space could get close to her.

She looked like a war goddess in a bloody battlefield. She tossed out cold spatial blades from both hands and reaped lives wherever she went.

The spatial blades joined together into a web and flew towards the lizardmen.

There was a hot white flash, and a lizardman was instantly cut into pieces.

Roars came occasionally from a pitch black hole near the lizardmen.

Each ripple of the black hole was followed by a new lizardman coming out and joining the fray.

There also seemed to be a lizardman expert with an incredibly powerful soul rushing over from the other side of the secret space entrance.

The white-dressed woman was fearless despite standing amidst the sea of blood and broken limbs. She didn’t look like she was planning to run away from this place.

She continued to cut down the newly-emerged lizardmen with all she got.

Space collapsed wherever she went. Qin Lie still couldn’t see her face clearly because of the blood and debris flying all over the place.

But he did see her kill another dozen or so lizardmen in but a moment. A lot of them had Soul Altars too.

She easily executed many strange spirit arts such as spatial blades, spatial restrictions, space shattering, and so on. She had turned the space around her into a meat grinder.

Lots of lizardmen were dying before they could even retaliate against her.

“What a fierce and ruthless woman!” Qin Lie thought in surprise

“Forefather! Our forefather is here!”

The remaining lizardmen suddenly grew excited.

A pitch black light abruptly appeared from the secret space entrance.

The dark light swiftly took on the form of an old and burly lizardman. He had a tail as big and long as a giant python.

Its tail was covered in sinister thorns. The thorns were giving out black poisonous smoke that smelled like acid.


The old lizardman roared as sticky black liquid appeared on its gray brown skin.

These liquid also reeked of corrosion. It seemed to be a deadly poison as well.

“Humans! You are not yet the true rulers of the galaxy! You must pay the price for your actions!”

The old lizardman’s dark blue eyes gleamed with bloodthirst and violence. It swayed its tail back and forth repeatedly.

“Clap clap clap!”

Black ripples appeared as its tail swayed.

The ripples somehow turned into bright, black-colored rings.

The black rings that reeked of acid flew towards the white-dressed woman as if they were controlled by its soul.


An explosion immediately occured the moment they came into contact with the spatial domain the woman had created around herself.

The spinning flesh and suspended debris immediately scattered to the surroundings.

All floating obstacles quickly vanished from the area.

The broken limbs, blood, bones, and rocks were pushed away from the woman by the shockwave.

The woman’s true appearance was revealed instantly.

The woman wore a plain white traditional dress, and her black hair was coiled into a bun. She had a wonderful figure, and she had a pair of eyes that were cold, proud, and very intimidating.

Qin Lie shuddered the moment he saw her. An indescribable feeling abruptly surged from the depths of his soul.

He immediately realized that his other self admired and feared this woman at the same time...

“Miao Yizi!”

He immediately figured out that she was the woman who had accompanied Lunar Temple and Sun Palace’s martial practitioners to Boluo Realm.

When he noticed this, he immediately stretched his soul tentacles farther into the surroundings.

He wanted to see if Ma Feng and the others were nearby.

At the same time, he was wondering if he should send a message to Teng Yuan and the others right now.


More black rings were fired at the strange domain around Miao Yizi from the old lizardman’s tail.

The spatial energy inside the domain swiftly ran dry after a series of violent explosions.

The old lizardman roared as it extended its soul aura into the secret space entrance.

Not long after, a burly man with a dragon’s head but a human’s body walked out.

He was obviously an expert of the Dragonman Race.

The moment he appeared, Qin Lie immediately probed his soul presence and concluded that he was at the same level as the old lizardman.

Dragonmen and lizardmen were best friends with each other. They worked together in the Ruined Lands, and they had close alliance here as well.

It was rumored that the realms of their respective races were interconnected.

It was obvious that the Lizard Race was completely angered after Miao Yizi had killed many of their clansmen at their secret space entrance.

The old lizardman even went so far as to invite his best friend, a dragonman, to help him.

“Who is this, Shato? Who is killing your people?!”

The burly dragonman roared immediately after he emerged from the black hole. His body was glowing with fire that looked like molten gold.

“It’s a female human!” The old lizardman called Shato pointed cruelly at Miao Yizi.

The moment the burly dragonman set his large, golden eyes at her, lust and irritation immediately sprung into his eyes.

Before Shato could say anything else, he let out a furious roar and charged towards Miao Yizi immediately.

A golden pillar suddenly appeared in his hands. The spirit artifact was covered in mysterious patterns that flowed across its body like actual water. Golden light was gathered at one point.

Miao Yizi shot a glance at the charging lizardman. Her bright eyes abruptly became fixed on the golden pillar.

A strange look appeared on her face.

“Did you get your spirit artifact from the Qin Family?” Miao Yizi frowned coldly at the dragonman moving towards her. “Were you ordered by the Qin Family to stay here?”

Suddenly, she started suspecting her senior brother of ulterior motives.

“The Qin Family? It is true that this spirit artifact is made by the Qin Family. I had to spend a huge sum of cultivation materials in exchange for it.” The burly dragonman slowed down and gave her a strange grin. “Everyone knows that the Qin Family had opened their trading channels for all powerful ancient races ever since they left the Central World. Anyone with sufficient spirit materials can buy the high grade spirit artifacts they make.”

“So, you haven’t come here on purpose?” Miao Yizi asked calmly.

“We have no relations to the Qin Family!” the burly man roared.

“Good,” Miao Yizi replied.

The second she said this, tens of thousands of spatial blades abruptly flew out of her long sleeves like dancing butterflies.

The spatial blades abruptly joined into a web and swiftly flew toward the dragonman.

The black rings that had entered her space were disrupted by a surge of spatial energy and repelled to the distance.

At the same time, Miao Yizi backed off a bit and sent out an extremely well concealed soul message.

Behind a meteor, Qin Lie acutely detected the soul message after he had hidden himself with his bloodline ability.

He shot a glance at Miao Yizi and pondered for a short moment. He sneaked away from the battlefield.

The direction he was moving toward was where Miao Yizi had sent her message to, and where Ma Feng and the others were at.

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