Chapter 1094: Old Acquaintance

Chapter 1094: Old Acquaintance

“Don’t forget, you won’t get your secret realm entrance if I don’t get Qin Lie.”

Miao Yizi stared at the trio with cold eyes.

After she had expressed her desire clearly, Miao Yizi slowly got up. She was dressed in a plain white traditional dress.

“I’m leaving. I’ll come back after I’ve surveyed the nearby areas.”

She flew away from the meteor as a beam of white light after that.

“What should we do?” Ma Feng looked very worried.

“What on earth happened between her and Qin Lie?” Zhuo Weidan from Sun Palace asked curiously. “I recall that she and her senior brother were very close with the Qin Family, weren’t they? In the past, They also helped built many secret realm entrances at large realms for the Qin Family. Qin Lie is the Qin Family’s young master, isn’t he? What on earth did he do to her to earn such enmity?”

“You don’t know?” Ma Feng exclaimed.

Zhuo Weidan shook his head in response.

Gong Shengyuan from Lunar Temple chuckled in an odd tone before answering, “She respects Senior Qin a lot. That was why she lent her aid to the Qin Family many times in the past. However, she could never grow to like Qin Lie because she thought that he was a disgrace to the Qin Family. She often scolded and reprimanded him in hopes that he could put a little more effort in improving himself and honor the Qin Family as is his duty.”

“Is that all?” Zhuo Weidan inquired deeper.

“Of course not.” Gong Shengyuan looked around to make sure that Miao Yizi was really gone. Then, he lower his voice and continued his explanation. “Unfortunately, that Qin Lie was a hopeless case. Not only did her shock therapy fail entirely, that boy even sought to do bad things to her…”

A pause later, Gong Shengyuan continued. “I heard… that that kid had procured a potent aphrodisiac and gifted it to her, claiming that it was a rare pill that could improve her soul powers. He had wanted to take her on his bed.”

“Did he succeed?” Zhuo Weidan’s eyes burned with lust.

“Hehe, watch yourself!” Gong Shenyuan scolded him once before continuing, “Of course he failed. From what I heard, she noticed that something was amiss the second the pill entered her mouth. She was so furious she nearly killed Qin Lie on the spot!”

“She must respect Senior Qin a lot to not have killed Qin Lie considering her temper,” Ma Feng muttered to himself.

“That kid’s sexual urge must be through the heavens to dare drug a Void Realm Miao Yizi at his level.” Zhuo Weidan clicked his tongue in wonder. “Dammit, we would think about it, but we would never dare try to drug her even if given the opportunity, right?”

“You can try if you’re not afraid to die.” Ma Feng said mockingly.

“Forget it, I’m not planning to die anytime soon.” Zhuo Weidan bowed his head.

“After that, she left the Qin Family entirely despite Senior Qin’s persuasions.” Gong Shengyuan smiled. “And she was lucky she left, because the Qin Family was attacked by the six great forces soon after.”

“That Qin Lie boy was lucky he escaped Miao Yizi’s wrath, but he then went to Han Qian and finally got himself killed. He deserved what he got.” Ma Feng snorted.

“She just said that that boy is still alive,” Gong Shengyuan said.

“Still alive, huh…” Ma  Feng smiled coldly. “Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. There’s nothing he can change even if he’s still alive. In fact, it may be good news to the six great forces that a good-for-nothing like him survived.”

“That’s true.” Gong Shengyuan laughed.


Amidst the stars.

There was a group of immobile meteors emitting weak spatial energy.

The beautiful Miao Yizi was flashing around inside the clump of meteors again and again like a white shade.


She abruptly came to a stop above a gray white meteor.

A beautiful hand seal suddenly appeared around Miao Yizi’s hands as tendrils of cold, silver light swiftly transformed into many spatial blades.

The spatial blade assembled themselves deftly into a drill.

“Drat drat drat!”

The drill-shaped spatial blades drilled into the meteor at high speed.

A hole that could fit up to two people was formed very soon.

“Ding dang!”

Suddenly, the clang of metal resounded from inside the meteor.

The drill-shaped spatial blades immediately stopped.

A clear trace of joy passed through Miao Yizi’s cool eyes. She jumped into the hole right away.

Not long after, she walked out of the hole holding a rock emitting a clear ripple of spatial energy.

It was a Space Spirit Stone that could be used to build and power up a secret realm entrance. It was even as big as a lower millstone.

Normally, Space Spirit Stones could only be excavated from meteors in space.

In Spirit Realm, it could only be found in strange places where spatial energy was in constant turmoil, and spatial rifts were a common occurrence. Even then, there was only a very small chance that a Space Spirit Stone could be found in such places.

“I’m pretty lucky today.” Miao Yizi’s eyebrows smoothed as the gentle lines on her face curled into a faint smile.

The huge Space Spirit Stone floated just before her wholesome breasts as she spun it repeatedly with her finger.

She was grading the Space Spirit Stone and the spatial energy it contained by examining it from every possible corner.

A while later, she nodded slightly to herself and tried to put the Space Spirit Stone into her spatial ring.

However, her expression changed suddenly before she could do so. She abruptly glanced towards the distance and exclaimed, “Who’s there?!”


Spatial rays that looked like bright, giant blades quickly appeared around her.

The giant blades flew around and cut many meteors into pieces.

She stared straight towards the front.

“Human! You are trespassing the secret realm entrance of the Lizard Race!”

A violent voice came from the meteor group before her. Many explosions could be heard from the same area.

A few foreigners that were half-human and half-lizards appeared from the destroyed meteors.

They looked exactly like the lizardmen Chi Yan and Hui Jia Qin Lie had encountered at the Ruined Lands before.

“The Lizard Race’s secret realm entrance?” Disdain appeared on Miao Yizi’s face, “The Lizard Race is just a third class race that can’t even find a spot for themselves in Spirit Realm. Do you really think the likes of you are qualified to make any threats in outer space?”


Her spatial blades flew straight into the lizardmen. Many rank seven and eight lizardmen were instantly decapitated by her attack.

“Forefather! The human is killing us!”

“Please come to our aid, forefather!”

The lizardmen cried for help even as some of them screamed loudly in pain.

A rice-sized black spot abruptly grew bigger from the center of those destroyed meteors.

A dozen or so seconds later, a black blurry hole had appeared in space like a giant well.

A violent soul roared from behind the hole as if it was trying to make its way out.

A quick probe brought a frown to Miao Yizi’s face immediately. She could sense that this newcomer was probably at the same level as she was.

Suddenly, she noticed that she might’ve been too reckless.

At the same time, Qin Lie was roaming the galaxy nearby as a Soul Beast. He was stretching his soul everywhere like tentacles in search for lifeforms.

“There’s something over there!”

He immediately activated his “Dark Soul” bloodline ability and concealed his powerful soul magnetic field. His body traversed the dark space at high speed.

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