Chapter 1093: Outer Space

Chapter 1093: Outer Space

Teng Yuan, Nivitt, Tyler, Barett, Calvert, and Banderas were currently hanging around at a ring-shaped crystalline wall in space.

The ancient beasts, dragons, and the golden giant stayed very still as they waited.

There was neither gravity nor world spirit energy in space. There was only eternal coolness and solitude.

The ring-shaped crystalline wall was the outer layer of Boluo Realm.

According to the star token, Lunar Temple and Sun Palace’s martial practitioners had to pass through this place if they wished to enter Boluo Realm.

They had been waiting here for some time already.

There was an Asura Race elder on the Barett’s incredibly fat back. He had curled himself into a ball and was carefully resisting the ever-present corrosive powers of space.


Star-shaped door appeared, and Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar emerged from within.

The Soul Beast used its transformation ability to transform into Qin Lie’s human form so that it wouldn’t surprise Teng Yuan and everyone.

At first, they thought that this Qin Lie was the real Qin Lie.

However, they quickly sensed a sea of refined flesh and blood energy and soul energy from this Qin Lie.

They immediately noticed that he was different from normal.

“Is this the… Dark Soul Beast?”

Teng Yuan was a hundred-meter tall giant ape with gray yellow mane in his true form. He curiously moved closer and examined Qin Lie.

The others did the same too.

These Boluo Realm’s denizens were all considered huge in Boluo Realm or Spirit Realm. However, they sat on the opposite spectrum when measured by the scale of the galaxy.

Compared to them, Qin Lie in his human form was practically as small as a fly.

As they moved towards him, Qin Lie started swelling up like a balloon. He quickly transformed into a large Soul Beast in just a short time.

The restrictive feeling he felt while he was still in his human form vanished in an instant.

“That’s right, this is my Dark Soul Beast avatar.” Qin Lie spoke through the mouth of the Soul Beast for the first time of his life. It sounded like a rumble of thunder. “Although the Dark Soul Beast, Blood Soul Beast, and Soul Devouring Beast all share different names, they all belong to the Soul Beast Race. This body of mine is the same. Out of all the Soul Beasts, the Dark Soul Beast is the Soul Race’s most preferred body to host their souls.”

“Who would’ve thought that the Soul Beast of Boluo Realm would fall into your hands in the end.” Barett sighed.

“I’ve met with Tong Yan. She has returned to Boluo Realm already.” Qin Lie looked at them as he spoke. “Right now, my true body is sending the humans of Boluo Realm and the experts of Nether Realm into the Abyss. Once we’ve taken care of Lunar Temple and Sun Palace, you may send your own people into the Abyss and upgrade your own bloodline through the Abyss Devils’ flesh and blood! With your strength, I trust that all of you will be able to achieve a swift breakthrough once you’ve hunted down a few Lords of the Abyss!”

“Once you’ve all reached rank ten bloodline, even the Gold rank forces of the Central World won’t dare to raise a hand against you, let alone the likes of Lunar Temple and Sun Palace!”

Qin Lie decisively promised.

“That’s right!”

Excitement entered their eyes. The peak lifeforms of Boluo Realm obviously wanted to enter the Abyss since a while ago.

They were overall stronger than the human forces of the Land of Chaos and the three great races of Nether Realm.

This meant that they would be able to reap bigger rewards from the Abyss.

Their source of strength and evolution were powerful bloodlines and flesh and blood energy. This meant that their bloodlines would evolve faster if they could kill a Lord of the Abyss.

Qin Lie wished them all the best in their path towards the top.

“I wonder when Lunar Temple and Sun Palace martial practitioners will arrive.” Nivitt’s huge serpentine body wriggled a little. “It’s so dull just waiting here and doing nothing.”

“There is no world spirit energy in space, and this is the one place we can wait while minimizing energy loss. If we are to venture into space, we will only be wasting energy at a faster rate and risk running into other dangers,” Barett said. “I suggest we keep waiting.”

“We have the star token. We can meet up with them in advance and kill them sooner,” Nivitt suggested.

“It’s unnecessary.” Teng Yuan shook his head.

“There really is no need,” Barett said. “They’re coming to Boluo Realm anyway, and they have to pass through this place. Why would we travel further into space and run the risk of danger when we can just wait and reap the rewards?”

“That’s correct. Plus, if we run into an unfamiliar lifeform in the Void Realm or with rank nine bloodline, even we may be in danger.” Teng Yuan also preferred to be cautious. “There are countless dangers in the galaxy and many powerful races that we have no knowledge of. The space is a dangerous place even for Genesis Realm experts. There’s just no need for us to take on a strenuous and unrewarding journey.”

“I agree that we should wait here too,” Tyler said.

Everyone chimed in their own opinions on whether to snipe the enemy in advance.

“It is a good idea to wait.” Qin Lie expressed his own thoughts.

A moment later, he added, “I’ve never travelled through space before, let alone in Soul Beast form. It is a very novel experience to me. I’m going to twirl around for a bit and familiarize myself with the environment.”

After that, Qin Lie left the group and flew into the space nearby. He chose not to bring the Asura soul servant with him.

Teng Yuan and the others knew that all first timers in space were incredibly curious about the infinite galaxy around them.

They all understood the reason behind Qin Lie’s actions.

They all had felt the same excitement when they first broke through the crystal barrier of Boluo Realm and entered into space for the first time.

That was why they didn’t try to stop him.


At another dark corner of the galaxy.

A meteor was flying across space at high speed.

Miao Yizi, Ma Feng, Gong Shengyuan, and Zhuo Weidan were seated quietly on the meteor.

They were currently cultivating using high quality spirit stones to restore the spirit energy they lost.

“How much longer until we reach Boluo Realm?” Ma Feng suddenly opened his eyes and asked.

Gong Shengyuan took out his star token and fiddled with it using spirit energy. The star token slowly lit up.

After he was done checking their path, Gong Shengyuan smiled. “We should reach the outer crystalline walls of Boluo Realm in three months.”

“That soon?” Ma Feng looked surprised.

Gong Shengyuan pointed at the meteor beneath them. “It’s all thanks to this unbelievably fast meteor.”

“Miss Miao’s control over the meteor is just as impressive,” Zhuo Weidan praised.

Originally, the meteor wasn’t headed towards Boluo Realm.

It was Miao Yizi who had constructed a strange formation inside the meteor. That was why its trajectory was altered.

It saved them a huge amount of time and effort.

“Promise me one thing,” Miao Yizi said suddenly.

The trio glanced at her in surprise and waited for further explanation.

When I’ve constructed the secret realm entrance, Lunar Temple and Sun Palace’s martial practitioners will surge into Boluo Realm.” Miao Yizi looked at them. “When that happens, I want you to help find someone.”

“Who is it?” Ma feng asked curiously.

“Qin Lie,” Miao Yizi answered indifferently.

“Qin Lie?” Ma Feng looked confused. “Which Qin Lie?”

“Wait a second, you can’t be referring to the Qin Lie from the Qin Family, right?” Gong Shengyuan wore an odd look on his face when he said this. “That boy was dead for three hundred years already!”

“That is exactly who I want you to find. He may be living in Boluo Realm right now.” Miao Yizi looked at the trio. “I want you to find him and give him to me.”

“Are you certain it is that Qin Lie?” Zhuo Weidan asked seriously.

They hadn’t kept up with the latest news of the Central World because they were on the road.

That was why they had no idea that Qin Lie was still alive until now.

“It is him,” Miao Yizi answered coolly.

“If it’s really him, we… don’t have a say in this matter.” Zhuo Weidan frowned. “We’ll need to ask for permission from the higher ups first after the secret realm entrance in Boluo Realm is rebuilt. Young Master Qin’s identity is too sensitive. I don’t even think Lunar Temple or Sun Palace could decide whether he lives or dies.”

“That is true,” Ma Feng said helplessly.

“What if I found him and captured him myself? Can you leave him to me then?” Miao Yizi asked further.

“We…” The trio looked troubled by her request.

Miao Yizi snorted coldly before declaring, “I won’t build the secret rea entrance immediately after I arrive at Boluo Realm. I’ll help you only after I find that bastard!”

Her eyes were full of coldness and hatred.

The trio suddenly felt a coming headache.

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