Chapter 1090: Three Latent Abilities of the Soul Beast

Chapter 1090: Three Latent Abilities of the Soul Beast

The Abyss.

Borba and the other person stood next to the old Asura clansman of the McConaughey Family with complicated expressions.

"I am Kondi, my grandfather was the third generation patriarch of the McConaughey Family, which generation is it now?" the old person asked.

"The fifth generation." Borba suddenly became respectful.

Kondi jerked his lips and said wryly, "It seems that if I lived in Asura Realm, I would have been qualified to fight for the position of patriarch of the McConaughey Family."

"You... have always been with it?" Kondi said in shock.

Kondi looked deeply at him. He thought and then said, "Soon, the Asura Race, the Ancient Beast Race, the other ancient races will all undergo a cleansing. At that time, you will understand… the Asura Race will have to pick a side."

"What do you mean?" Borba was confused.

"I mean the Asura Race, Ancient Beast Race, GIant Race, and Dragon Race will be conquered sooner or later." Kondi grimaced. He pointed at himself and then at Borba, saying, "Just like us."

"Is there no chance at all?" Borba sighed and said.

"No. None at all." Kondi shook his head. "The disparity is too great, the power of the race, the bloodline, the knowledge of the soul, we are too far behind."

Borba's expression was dim. He said with a bent head, "I understand."

"Submission is better than being exterminated. In the future, you will understand the cruelty of the outer space. At that time, you will find that living... is more important than anything else," Kondi sighed and said.


In the underground cave under Boluo Realm.

Qin Lie's Dark Soul Beast avatar used its soul threads to manipulate and consume the remnant souls of the Asura clansmen that he had failed to enslave.

He had not controlled his strength well when he formed the slave mark and the three's souls were not able to tolerate the power. They died in both body and soul.

It would take some time for the remnant souls that had just been destroyed to dissipate.

Dark Soul Beast avatar could still consume the soul energy of these souls before they disappeared.

It was using a secret art of its bloodline to refine them into pure soul energy.


The eyes of the Dark Soul Beast flashed after consuming the remnant souls.

Many scattered memories turned to ash and dissipated.

Pure soul energy streamed into the Soul Tree like water.

After the remnant souls of the three Soul Altar experts were refined, the soul energy they formed was extraordinary.

After refining the remnant souls, the eyes of the Dark Soul Beast became bright and energized.

Inside the underground cave, some of the other Asura Race slaves were still scattered around. Like faithful guards, they protected the Dark Soul Beast.

At this time, after gaining some experience with the soul secret arts, Qin Lie’s avatar pondered the details of the slave mark and savored the knowledge in the souls.

"Dark Soul Beast, Blood Soul Beast, Soul Devouring Beast, the names are different, but in reality, they are all a kind of beast from space—Soul Beast."

Qin Lie extracted knowledge from the memories of that member of the Soul Race. As he thought back, he slowly learned more about this body and the secret arts of the Soul Race.

"Soul Beasts, their core bloodline latent ability is soul refining, or soul devouring. This ability is unique to them."

"Moreover, the Soul Beasts have many other bloodline abilities related to the soul."

"This is a strange kind of beast who has a mysterious connection between the bloodline and the soul."

"They are the most ideal possession targets for Soul Race members!"

As he extracted the memories and thought through them, the reason the Soul Race fought over the Soul Beasts became clear.

The Soul Race was the most mysterious race in outer space. This kind of race did not have any tangible form and were born in pure soul form.

The inheritance of the Soul Race was within their soul and extremely wondrous.

Moving through space in purely soul form, they would sometimes have the advantage, but it would be inconvenient in other times.

Therefore, when their souls grew to a certain stage, they would choose a physical body for themselves. They would completely possess this body and merge with the other's soul.

Within the stars, many highly intelligent races, almost all kinds of physical life, could be possessed and used as hosts for their souls.

Yet there were not many physical beings who could perfectly merge and adjust to them.

The Soul Beasts were one of the most ideal hosts for their souls in the vast galaxy.

The bloodline latent abilities of the Soul Beasts mostly were related to the soul. Their core ability, soul refining, was particularly complementary to their secret arts.

Due to this, many Soul Race members would try to choose the Soul Beasts to host their souls.

Within outside space, when the Soul Race members gathered in physical form, the Soul Beasts were the most common form to appear.

After so many years, races ignorant to the secrets of the Soul Race believed that Soul Beasts were simply part of the Soul Race. Even an unpossessed Soul Beasts would be considered to be of the Soul Race.

The Soul Beast was a strange beast of the vast galaxy. During the dawn of time, before they were discovered and enslaved by the Soul Race, they had their own territories, their own realms to live in.

However, as the Soul Race grew stronger, many Soul Beasts were possessed by the strongest of the Soul Race. Even the realms and lands where the Soul Beasts lived were slowly taken over by the Soul Race.

This caused true Soul Beasts to decrease in number.

The members of the Soul Race even started to raise Soul Beasts and make them grow stronger.

When more Soul Race members were born, when the time was right, they would take over these Soul Beasts and merge their bodies and souls.

The Soul Beasts, while they lived in some secret areas of the universe, were essentially extinct.

Those Soul Beasts which were captive were just physical bodies the Soul Race experts used as future hosts for future Soul Race members.

Gradually, many of the races started to think the Soul Race and the Soul Beasts were one.

This was a misunderstanding.

The Soul Beasts were their own beast race of the vast space. They had separate bloodline, different ranks, and unique bloodline latent abilities.

At this time, Qin Lie slowly learned the truth through the memories of that Soul Race member and the fragmented memories of the Dark Soul Beast.

He started to pay attention to the Dark Soul Beast's bloodline.

This rank nine Dark Soul Beast, the rank nine bloodline, had also awakened some latent abilities.

The soul refining ability was also called soul devouring. This was the core latent ability of the Soul Beast Race. Through consuming souls without any physical form, by refining them into pure soul energy, they could strengthen their souls.

Many Soul Race members chose to use Soul Beasts as their hosts due to this ability.

The transformation ability was a latent ability common for all beast races in the vast galaxy.

Transformation could allow the Soul Beast to appear to others in different forms.

For example...

Qin Lie activated the bloodline latent ability of the Dark Soul Beast. He used transformation. Threads of soul energy manifested in his mind into the shape of his human body.

Green lightning arced over the body of the Dark Soul Beast and caused the underground cavern to flash with eerie light.

The enormous Dark Soul Beast avatar shrank as its flesh gathered.

A while later, the mountainous Dark Soul Beast avatar successfully transformed into the appearance of Qin Lie's true body using the transformation ability.

He looked closely. He found that while the outer appearance was like his human true form, the inside was still the same as the Dark Soul Beast. He did not have an extra heart.

With this he concluded that transformation was limited to outer appearance. His flesh, sinews, organs and skeleton remained the same.

"The human appearance is good, and more convenient for other matters. Just... not comfortable." Qin Lie moved his arms. He felt uncomfortable all over, and much worse than in the Soul Beast's original form.

Also, when he appeared in the shape of a human, he could not use many of the bloodline latent abilities and secret arts of the Soul Beast Race.

This meant that the power of the Soul Beast would be greatly discounted after transformation.

After maintaining the form for a while, Qin Lie changed back into the Dark Soul Beast.

He continued to observe the abilities of this avatar.

There was another latent ability called Dark Soul. It could conceal the soul using bloodline power. Other strong and intelligent beings could not detect the soul.

This was a rank nine latent ability.

Using this latent ability, the powerful soul fluctuations of the Soul Beast would immediately disappear.

This was a move that the Soul Beast frequently used to hunt other intelligent beings and consume their souls.

Also, there was one more latent ability, Blood Soul.

Using all the blood in its body it could create an enormous amount of soul energy and use it to replenish the soul energy needed for battle.

Using blood to replenish the soul energy, this was a mysterious latent ability.

Other than transformation, this rank nine Soul Beast's true latent abilities were soul devouring, Dark Soul, and Blood Soul!

Qin Lie suddenly understood.

The Soul Devouring Beast of Nether Realm, the Dark Soul Beast of Asura Realm, the Blood Soul Beast of Ancient Beast Realm were named after the three bloodline latent abilities of the Soul Beast.

The three beasts were all Soul Beasts, just named after three different bloodline latent abilities.

Soul devouring, Dark Soul, Blood Soul, three bloodline latent abilities all closely related to the soul.

Other than this, he also received some of the scattered memories of fighting in the form of the Soul Beast. They were all related to using the three bloodline latent abilities.

"No wonder the Soul Race members would think of the Soul Beasts as the best hosts, there is a reason for this..." Qin Lie thought.

When Soul Beasts hunted or fled, the Dark Soul bloodline latent ability was of utmost importance.

During battle, when one did not have enough soul energy, the Blood Soul latent ability could increase soul energy and have the Soul Beast recover vast amount of pure soul energy quickly.

Soul devouring was the core ability Soul Beasts used to kill physical beings and consume their souls.

The three bloodline latent abilities worked with one another and elevated Soul Beast’s fighting prowess to unprecedented levels.

If not for having such a fearsome natural enemy like the Soul Race, Qin Lie believed the Soul Beasts would have their own spot among the stars of the vast galaxy.

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