Chapter 1089: Enslavement

Chapter 1089: Enslavement

Nan Zhengtian's breakthrough was a great and joyful surprise to everyone present.

Even for Qin Lie.

The strongest person in the Land of Chaos successfully reached the Void Realm even under the curse. This meant the curse the Curse Progenitor had put on the Land of Chaos was not effective against everyone.

In this world, some people could create miracles, could destroy all the barriers and restraints!

Nan Zhengtian was a person like this!

"Nothing is absolute!" Lei Yan was extremely excited as he said, "When one reaches a certain level of strength, nothing is impossible!"

"That is true," Xu Ran agreed.

At this moment, Tong Zhenzhen's eyes flashed. Her gaze landed on Qin Lie and she suddenly said, "Maybe, when you reach the late stage of the Imperishable Realm, you could also successfully reach the Void Realm even against the curse of the Land of Chaos."

Qin Lie shook.

"You are another miracle of the Land of Chaos, I believe in you," Tong Zhenzhen said calmly.

Qin Lie grinned. "I will try."

"You can do it!" Shen Yue said, full of confidence.

"Thank you for your wishes." Qin Lie laughed.

"We will go to Soul Summoning Island in a few days," Xu Ran said.

Qin Lie nodded. "You are always welcome!”

After resolving Terminator Sect's problems, Qin Lie immediately bid farewell to them.

Deep underground in Boluo Realm.

The five Asura clansmen, led by Borba, were pulled into the underground cave. When they saw the Dark Soul Beast in the dim space, their eyes betrayed the terror they felt.

"Dark Soul Beast!"

"A living Dark Soul Beast!"


The five Asura clansmen stared up at the mountainous Dark Soul Beast coiled up in the space. Their bodies trembled.

They were from ancient families of Asura Race and were all familiar with the Dark Soul Beast. Their fear of the Dark Soul Beast had been engraved into their bones.

They’ve been told just how terrifying and strong a Dark Soul Beast was.

Thirty thousand years ago, a Rank Ten Dark Soul Beast had invaded Asura Realm.

Many of the experts of Asura Realm had been enslaved.

Without the arrival of the God Race experts, they believed that Dark Soul Beast would conquer the entire Asura Realm.

Even now, the Dark Soul Beast was still the strongest monster of legends in Asura Realm, the manifestation of the most evil deity.

Borba and the others mentally collapsed when they saw this rank nine Dark Soul Beast in this underground cave.

They felt hopelessness and despair, not even thinking to put up any resistance.

Around the Dark Soul Beast, a dozen Asura clansmen stood silently.

One of them looked deeply at Borba's chest where there was an insignia of a double-headed eagle. He said, “The McConaughey family!"

"You, you are?" Borba was shocked.

At this time, he noticed there were Asura clansmen around the Dark Soul Beast.

Those people gave off wild and bloodthirsty presences. Each person's hands seemed covered in blood and ghosts.

The person speaking wore old robes and also had a double-headed eagle on his chest.

Borba screamed after his shock, "You, you also are?"

"Yes, I too am a member of the McConaughey Family." That old Asura clansman had a wooden expression as he said coolly, "Peacefully submit."

"Sub-submit..." Borba stilled.

At this moment, Dark Soul Beast avatar's enormous eyes suddenly released countless soul threads.

The millions of soul threads immediately surged towards Borba and the others like a school of fish.

Before they could react, those soul threads burrowed into their eyes.

In a moment, many chaotic thoughts, tiny Soul Race imprints rooted themselves into their souls.

They immediately bled from their orifices, hugging their heads as they wailed in pain.

The eyes of the Dark Soul Beast unleashed even more soul threads. The souls were like tentacles that stabbed into the minds of Borba and the others.


One two-level Soul Altar Asura clansman, because his soul was not strong enough and that the Dark Soul Beast avatar was not skilled enough in the secret art, found his eyeballs suddenly explode.

That person's soul presence immediately disappeared.

Many minutes later.


Another two-level Soul Altar expert could not tolerate the power of the Soul Race's enslaving imprint, his soul exploding.

The Soul Tree appeared silently in the eyes of the Dark Soul Beast. His control of the soul threads gradually became learned.

Qin Lie’s soul merged with this Dark Soul Beast's subsoul. After forming the Soul Tree, he was still adjusting to the body of the Dark Soul Beast, and the secret arts of Soul Race that his avatar had mastered in the past.

The reason why he pulled Borba and the others to Boluo Realm’s underground cave was because he needed subjects to gain experience nad master the core arts of the Soul Race.

If he perfected them, he would soon be able to enslave the first voodoo creature.

The first voodoo creature's soul was strange, and even stronger.

To enslave Borba and the others he would need to truly master the Soul Race’s secret arts. If he achieved this level of mastery, the first voodoo creature would follow these Asura clansmen’s fate.

Borba and the others were just test subjects.


Another Asura clansman exploded, his three-level Soul Altar crumbling as his soul exploded, not strong enough to contain the power of Soul Race enslaving mark.

Millions of soul threads moved in the eyes of the Dark Soul Beast avatar and gradually slowed.

The speed the threads moved towards the last two Asura Race members slowed.

Soon, puzzlement appeared in Borba's eyes.

At this time, a tiny bud grew on Qin Lie's Soul Tree inside the Dark Soul Beast avatar.

The eyes of the Dark Soul Beast flashed.

Then, he slowed down again. When the soul threads moved into the depths of the last person's soul, he carefully controlled them.

Those soul threads softly landed onto that person's Soul Altar like feathers.

When the soul threads entered the Soul Altar, they seemed to sprout like seeds, quickly growing and strengthening to form more imprints.

The marks gradually merged with the Soul Altar.

Therefore, another bud appeared on the Soul Tree.

Beside the Dark Soul Beast, the soul slave of the McConaughey Family watched as Borba lost himself, having been taken over by Qin Lie’s soul. His face showed a strange expression.

He seemed to be gratified, and yet he looked to be lamenting.

The five Asura Race experts represented the five families of the Asura Realm and Borba belonged to the McConaughey Family.

He cared only about Borba’s situation.

Soon, the confusion in Borba's eyes gradually disappeared.

His eyes became clear again but his gaze when he looked at Qin Lie was completely different.

He knelt down on both knees and said with a lowered head, "Borba greets Master."

"Take him into the Abyss later." Dark Soul Beast avatar ordered the old McConaughey Family slave.

"As you bid."

Dozens of seconds later, the other Asura clansman knelt as well to proclaim his inferiority.

He would also be sent into the Abyss.

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