Chapter 1087: A Request

Chapter 1087: A Request

After the conversation with Ling Yushi, Qin Lie went to Soul Summoning Island to find Gao Yu.

In a secluded corner of the island, the youth sat shrouded in nether demonic energy. He used the secret arts of the Nine Hell Evil Scripture to absorb it.

As he cultivated, Gao Yu's skin took on a unique dark blue tinge.

Qin Lie landed and stood beside him, his eyes filled with surprise.

Gao Yu, a human, had constantly cultivated the Nine Hell Evil Scripture of the Nether Realm. He was amazed at the other reaching the Fragmentation Realm.

"You came." Gao Yu stopped his cultivation, his expression cold. He suddenly said, "I want to ask something of you."

Qin Lie agreed without even thinking. "What is it?"

"Over in the lands of eastern barbarians, there is an island where the White Barbarian Tribe lived. That island is called White Ripple Island. I hope you can give that island to me," Gao Yu said.

"Alright, I will tell Tingyu later. No matter who that island belongs to now, I will try my best to have them give it up," Qin Lie said briskly.

A thread of warmth appeared in Gao Yu’s eyes. "Thank you."

"There’s no need for such things between us." Qin Lie smiled.

Gao Yu nodded gently and explained, "Jia Yue's parents and some of the White Barbarian tribesmen did not die in that battle. That island is the home of their branch. I owe Jia Yue and her parents too much, so..."

"I understand," Qin Lie said.

He knew when Gao Yu and Jia Yue had travelled to the east, he had been recognized by Jia Yue's parents and received a certain level of status within the White Barbarian Tribe.

But due to Jiang Zhuzhe's previous example, the eastern barbarians found it difficult to trust outsiders.

In the end, Gao Yu and Jia Yue were driven away, and this became the excuse for the eastern barbarians to attack the Land of Chaos. Jia Yue's parents were forced to flee their home.

But because they had left, they avoided the massacre.

But now, the dust has settled. The great majority of eastern barbarians had been killed by the Silver rank forces or turned into pure fleshly energy by Eight-eyed Demon Spirit to nurture the Spirit Race girl.

The lands of the eastern barbarians were also divided up by the forces.

At this time, if Jia Yue's parents wanted to return to their homeland, they could only rely on the relationship between Jia Yue and Gao Yu to beg Qin Lie.

Qin Lie knew how deep the love between Gao Yu and Jia Yue was. With his present position, anyone would give him face if he wanted to request White Ripple Island from them, so he agreed immediately.

"I heard you are having some trouble in merging with the Demon God?" After a long moment of thought, he asked.

"Conflict of the bloodline," Gao Yu said honestly.

Qin Lie frowned and said, "What do you think?"

"I have already given up," Gao Yu said.

"Given up?" Qin Lie was shocked.

"Yes." Gao Yu had a wooden expression. "Since there is a conflict of the bloodlines, I do not desire to continue to force this, without the Demon God I can still grow strong. However, I will need time. It will take much longer. That's alright. I am still young, I can afford to wait. Also, I feel my future accomplishments will not be any less than that Demon God’s!"

Qin Lie's eyes lit up and he looked deeply at Gao Yu. He said, "Are you also coming to the Abyss?"

"Of course," Gao Yu said.

"I think that your future may surpass that Demon God who gave you the Nine Hell Evil Arts!" Qin Lie said seriously.

"I also think that." Pride appeared in Gao Yu's eyes.

At this time, Qin Lie knew that Ling Yushi's worries were extraneous. Although Gao Yu had experienced failure that made him feel dispirited, he’d quickly overcome it.

He believed that giving up on merging with the Demon God might be good for Gao Yu.

At the same time, the Silver rank forces of the Land of Chaos and three races of Nether Realm were busy preparing for their excursion into the Abyss.

Qin Lie took his time talking about mysteries of soul with Ling Yushi.

He explained some of the Soul Race secret arts. Ling Yushi also explained in detail the knowledge she obtained thought the Nine Soul Hell.

They both benefited greatly.

On the sixth day..

Shen Kui passed a message to him through Song Tingyu. He said Asura clansmen came to Terminator Sect and wanted to know where the Cullen Family was hiding.

Shen Kui expressed a great hurry.

After receiving the message, Qin Lie immediately traveled to Terminator Sect.

He quickly appeared at Terminator Sect.

Terminator Sect.

Over the Thunder God Roar Valley, five figures clad in adorned black armor were facing off against Shen Kui, Lei Yan, Xu Ran, and other elders of Terminator Sect.

Four of them were in the Imperishable Realm, with one having reached the Void Realm.

Due to this, Shen Kui had hurriedly sent a message to him and hoped he would appear.

"We’ve seen the secret realm entrance in Suluo Realm collapse. We’ve seen the members of the Cullen Family disappear." The Void Realm expert's starry eyes flashed viciously. "The relationship between you and the Cullen Family was never a secret. They fled from Suluo Realm, they surely came over here! If you cannot provide accurate information, I will destroy the person in seclusion in the valley behind you!"

He pointed at Thunder God Roar Valley and shouted.

Clearly, this person knew the sect master of Terminator Sect, Forefather Terminator, was in seclusion.

As the strongest of the Land of Chaos, Forefather Terminator was still searching for the path to a breakthrough and had not appeared for many years.

This person was threatening Shen Kui and the others with the life of Forefather Terminator. Shen Kui and the others were furious but did not know what to do.

Terminator Sect did not have any Void Realm experts. Facing this person, they had no hope of victory.

In all of the Land of Chaos, only Flaming Sun Island, only Qin Lie, could ask for Void Realm experts’ help.

They could only ask for aid from Qin Lie.

"You finally came!"

At the mouth of the valley, Chu Li saw Qin Lie appear, as his spirits had been lifted up.

He immediately regained the confidence.

After so many years, Qin Lie who he had explored the Graveyard of Gods with became an existence that could quake the earth and rend the heavens with a stamp of his foot.

Reminiscing their past, Chu Li felt proud.

The reason that Qin Lie had a close relationship with Terminator Sect and has become good allies with Terminator Sect was mainly because of him.

It caused him to feel great sense of pride.

"Good, you are here." Xu Ran also sighed in relief inside.

Shen Kui, Lei Yan, Shen Yue, and the others originally had been frowning with dark expressions.

When Qin Lie appeared, they became energized, their faces bright.

"You are that island master of Flaming Sun Island? Qin Family's Qin Lie?" The Asura Race Void Realm expert looked coldly at him and said disdainfully, "A force forced to flee the Central World, that still doesn’t dare to return. A boy that has been dead for three hundred years. I hadn’t expected you to put down your roots here and gather trash around you."

"Qin Family..."

The people of Terminator Sect had no particular change in expressions once they heard the Asura clansman’s words.

They clearly had more or less guessed Qin Lie's true identity.

It came as no surprise to them.

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