Chapter 1086: The First Voodoo Creature's Conditions

Chapter 1086: The First Voodoo Creature's Conditions

There were two wondrous forbidden lands in the Nether Realm. One was the Profound Yin Nether Sea, the other the Nine Soul Hell.

According to the old legends, all of the beings of Nether Realm came from Profound Yin Nether Sea and Nine Soul Hell.

Any Nether Realm denizen, if their bloodline was connected to the Profound Yin Nether Sea or Nine Soul Hell, would become a great personage.

The Dark Nether Race became the royal race of the Nether Realm because one member of the Dark Nether Race had a bloodline connected to the Profound Yin Nether Sea. This person's bloodline evolved to rank ten, and they transformed into a Demon God, clearing the Dark Nether Race’s path towards reign.

In the years after, no other clansman of the Dark Nether Race could communicate with Profound Yin Nether Sea and Nine Soul Hell.

And then Ling Yushi appeared.

Because she could communicate with the Nine Soul Hell, the Ghost Eye Race finally acknowledged her status. Gordon finally treated her as the queen of the Dark Nether Race.

From this, it could be seen how important and unique she, who could connect to Nine Soul Hell, was to the Nether Realm.

Qin Lie also knew that Ling Yushi's soul was mysterious, and that she was skilled in many secret arts of the soul. But he still had not expected that Ling Yushi could see the true appearance of his soul at a glance, and knew that his avatar had a Soul Tree.

Ling Yushi gave him too many surprises…

"Your bloodline also reached rank seven?" Ling Yushi asked.

Qin Lie nodded, and grimaced, "Seems like there’s nothing I can hide from you, you see right through me."

Ling Yushi's eyes moved, and she smiled brightly. She said, "Then you have to be careful in the future."

Qin Lie laughed awkwardly.

He knew what he had done. Not long ago, he had an encounter with Zhuang Jing. On the nearby Evil Infant Island, there was Song Tingyu, and Tang Siqi… he felt a bit guilty.

"Recently, members of the Asura Race have come to the Land of Chaos." Ling Yushi changed the topic. "They came from the Cullen Family, they wanted to find the skull of the Rank Ten Dark Soul Beast. I heard you took those members of the Cullen Family to Boluo Realm. Will they cause any trouble?"

"No." Qin Lie shook his head and said confidently, "Over in Boluo Realm, I have good relationship with the races, as long as I resolve the matter of Lunar Temple and Sun Palace, Boluo Realm will be able to freely develop. As for the Cullen Family, they are a small faction. They cannot do anything in Boluo Realm, and they would not dare."

"Yes, I received news from Sky Mender Palace that some of the nobility of the Asura Race have secretly come to the Land of Chaos. But do not worry too much. They have only come to find the Cullen Family, they should not dare to create conflict in the Land of Chaos with the human race," Ling Yushi said.

Clearly, Ling Yushi learned some of the special nature of the Land of Chaos through other channels.

The Gold rank factions in the Central World must have warned the Asura Race sternly before letting them enter the Land of Chaos.

If those members of the Asura Race destroyed the seals within the five continents of the Land of Chaos, and caused the seal on the abyss channel in the sea to crack, it would become a huge calamity to the Spirit Realm.

Those people clearly did not want to encounter the Soul Race.

—Especially with the imminent threat of the God Race.

"Right, let me take care of the wooden sculpture Grandpa Qin gave you for a while." Ling Yushi's brows moved and she said softly, "I need to use that wooden sculpture right now."

"Wooden sculpture…" Qin Lie frowned.

"What is it?" Ling Yushi asked curiously.

Qin Lie did not immediately respond. He first took out the wooden sculpture from the spatial ring.


"When the wooden sculpture appeared, Ling Yushi's eyes flashed with purple light. She had a strange expression as though she already saw what was inside.

"Why is a soul sealed inside?" She was even more curious.

"It is the first voodoo creature," Qin Lie explained

"So that's how it is." Ling Yushi nodded softly. she thought and then said, "What do plan to do with this voodoo insect?"

"I really hadn't thought of it." Qin Lie shook his head.

As he spoke, he released a thread of his soul consciousness to observe the situation inside the wooden sculpture.

In the center of the mysterious compound diagram, the Viridian Blood Toad's miniature shape was like a rice grain. Its soul presence was strong, but it had become docile.

Within the wooden sculpture, its small body moved as though it was breathing regularly.

"Hm!" Qin Lie's expression changed slightly.

He suddenly felt that this voodoo insect's soul and physical energies had not declined after being sealed into the wooden sculpture and were slightly stronger than before.

This meant the first voodoo creature was in the stage of growth.

His soul consciousness carefully observed the voodoo insect. He found as the voodoo insect swelled up, it seemed to be absorbing the imperceptible green wisps of smoke inside the wooden sculpture.

Those green threads seemed to be a part of the wooden sculpture. Previously, he hadn't even observed them.

After the first voodoo creature was sealed, it used some unknown method to extract those green threads to cultivate and grow stronger.

This shocked Qin Lie.

He knew how difficult the first voodoo creature was to deal with. In order to seal this voodoo insect, many of his spirit artifacts had exploded.

Only the wooden sculpture could hold this small voodoo insect.

Recently, because he was busy in Boluo Realm, merging with the Dark Soul Beast avatar, digesting the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit's bloodline, he had no attention, nor energy to spare for the voodoo creature in the wooden sculpture.

Now that he looked, he noticed that the sealed voodoo creature was still growing stronger. This made him slightly anxious.

"Let's talk, what do I have to do to make you free me?"

As he became wary, the first voodoo creature who detected his entrance passed along a soul thought.

Qin Lie stilled slightly, thought and then communicated with it, "What can you give me?"

The voodoo insect became silent.

Qin Lie waited silently.

After a while, it said, "This wood sculpture cannot hold me for a long time. I will grow stronger by the day. Not long in the future, I will be able to break out! If you are willing to let me out early, I can promise to leave the Land of Chaos and go to another place, or another realm to develop the Voodoo Insect Race! I can promise you, no matter how the Voodoo Insect Race develops, I will avoid the realms you rule and not interfere. What do you think?"

"Unless you can be of use for me, just keep staying in there," Qin Lie sneered.

"Use to you? Who do you think you are?" The first voodoo creature was extremely disdainful. "Even if the Voodoo Progenitor comes back to life, he will not be able to enslave me again, so how could you"

"Then continue to stay in here." Qin Lie snorted and responded, "I will take time to think about what to do with you."

His soul consciousness came out of the wooden sculpture.

"If you want to enslave him, you can use secret arts of the Soul Race and make him a soul slave," Ling Yushi suddenly said.

"You heard the soul communication between it and me?" Qin Lie was shocked.

Ling Yushi nodded with a small smile.

Qin Lie was even more amazed and said, "You really are terrifying.”

"The secret arts of the Soul Race could imprint a being with a slave mark, making them soul slaves. You have already formed your Soul Tree, you should know this secret art?" Ling Yushi asked.

"I’m… not familiar enough. It was not long ago that I obtained the Soul Tree after merging with Dark Soul Beast avatar." Qin Lie laughed dryly.

"The soul slave art is the core secret art of the Soul Race. You should try to master it as soon as possible," Ling Yushi reminded.

"I will." Qin Lie nodded.

"Gao Yu has been trying to merge with the Demon God recently. However, because he does not have the bloodline of the Nether Realm, the merging process is not very smooth." Ling Yushi frowned and said, "I see that he is slightly dispirited. If you have time, urge him to not be in such a hurry."

"Merging with the Demon God?" Qin Lie was shocked.

"Yes, similar to how Elder Xue Li merged with the Blood Progenitor," Ling Yushi explained.

"Can he succeed?" Qin Lie was amazed.

"I do not know. No one has ever tried it before." Ling Yushi sighed.

"What’s the issue? Is it because Gao Yu is a human? He doesn’t have the bloodline of the Nether Realm" Qin Lie said gravely.

"Through some experiences, he received the inheritance of that Demon God. He gathered many of the remnant souls of the Demon God and merged it into the source of his soul," Ling Yushi nodded and said. "In terms of soul, he should reach the conditions for merging. However, merging the body of the Demon God doesn't just require fitting souls, the bloodline is also a necessary condition. Xue Li, and Miao Fengtian were able to merge with the Blood and Corpse Progenitors because they cultivated the inheritances of the two, and also because they are both of the human race."

"Will he give up his physical body to merge with the Demon God? If he gives up his human body, will there still be a problem of his bloodline?" Qin Lie asked curiously.

"The bloodline and souls are closely related. The body of a human, along with his bloodline will cause the soul origin to be innately different from the races of Nether Realm. The Giant Race, Dragon Race, Asura Race, God Race, Dark Nether Race, these different races all have different soul origins," Ling Yushi explained seriously. "When a being is in gestation, once their bloodline is formed, their soul origin will change correspondingly. This matter is mysterious. Even I cannot fathom its intricacies despite being connected to the Nine Soul Hell."

"In any case, if Gao Yu's bloodline changes, his soul origin will change as well."

"He is of the human race to begin with. This kind of bloodline means that his soul origin is unlike the races of the Nether Race. In other words, he will not be able to easily merge with the Demon God."

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