Chapter 1085: See-It-All

Chapter 1085: See-It-All

“Fix the flaw in our bloodline? You can do it?”

Gray’s eyes literally lit up all at once. He was so excited that his body was shivering a little.

“Are you really confident about this?” Gordon’s breathing was heavy.

“This is unbelievable!” Luz exclaimed.

Right now, these three Nether Realm experts were at rank nine bloodline.

There had never been a Rank Ten Horned Demon, Dark Shadow, or Ghost Eye clansman in their races’ history.

Therefore, it was their ultimate dream and objective to improve their bloodline to rank ten.

However, the Dark Nether Race was the only race that ever succeeded in evolving their bloodline to rank ten despite countless years having passed.

To date, no one was able to break this restriction.

The Dark Nether Race could transform into Demon Gods after their bloodline had reached rank ten. That was why they were known as one of the powerful ancient races and treated at the same level as the Ancient Beast Race, Giant Race and Giant Dragon Race.

The Horned Demon Race, Dark Shadow Race, and Ghost Eye Race were clearly weaker compared to these powerful ancient races.

It was a terrible shame for these three Nether Realm races!

But today, La Pu told them that the reason the three races were unable to improve their bloodline to rank ten was because of a flaw in their bloodline.

Then, he told them that he could fix this flaw. How could they not be shocked by his declaration?

All three of them were stuck at rank nine for many years, and they were the the cultivators among their races who were closest to rank ten. How could they not be moved by this?

“If Qin Lie can acquire a more blood from a higher ranking creature, I should be able to refine some medicine from it. Only then I’ll be able to fix the flaws in our races’ bloodlines!” La Pu stared deeply at Qin Lie. “The key here is more high rank blood!”

The three experts fixed their gazes onto Qin Lie at once.

Even Ling Yushi was staring at him.

“The blood of higher ranked Abyss Devils can only be obtained from the Abyss.” Qin Lie inhaled deeply before continuing, “There are plenty of Lords and Great Lords of the Abyss at every level of the Abyss. On the surface, a Lord of the Abyss is the equal of a rank nine Ancient Beast clansman or a rank nine Dark Nether clansman, but in reality… the Lord is stronger than both of them!”

“How much stronger are they?” Luz asked seriously.

“A rank nine Abyss Devil is as powerful as a rank nine God Race expert in combat!” Qin Lie yelled.

The experts gasped in unison.

The God Race was publicly known as the strongest race among these stars!

A God Race expert with rank nine bloodline could kill five rank nine Giant Dragons on their own. Their extraordinary combat strength had long since taken root in every powerful race’s heart.

The reason the God Race ultimately decided to leave Spirit Realm during the War of the Hundred Races was because their numbers were too small. They didn’t wish to lose more people to the war.

Privately, none of the experts who had participated in that battle actually thought they had obtained a true victory.

They were all well and truly afraid of the God Race.

The Abyss Devil Race’s bloodline and combat strength were as powerful as the God Race’s. How scary was that?

Wasn’t it plain foolishness to try and hunt down these creatures?

Qin Lie could see the fear in their eyes. That was why he said in a calm tone, “The good news is… the Abyss Devils aren’t as united as the God Race is.”

“Everyone here’s family, Qin Lie. Tell us everything you know,” Tate said.

Qin Lie nodded and explained his battles with the Abyss Devils in detail.

He told them everything he knew except for his fusion with the Dark Soul Beast’s avatar.

“You’re gathering the races of Boluo Realm and the forces of the Land of Chaos to attack the Abyss?” After he came to gradual understanding, Luz shot a meaningful look at Qin Lie and asked, “You sure are generous, kid. Aren’t you afraid that these forces will disobey you after they’ve fattened themselves?”

“Fatten themselves?” Qin Lie shook his head before answering, “If they succeed, then they deserve the rewards.”

“Are the Abyss Devils really that scary?” Ling Yushi asked seriously.

Qin Lie nodded slightly before looking at her. A brief moment of hesitation later, he said, “The Dark Nether Race’s bloodline very likely originates from a high rank Lord of the Abyss, so strictly speaking, you and all the other races in Nether Realm are actually Abyss Devils. The only difference between you and them… is a flaw in the bloodline.”

“I guess we can only figure out the truth after we step into the Abyss,” Ling Yushi said.

“Has Blue Flame Manor submitted yet?” Qin Lie changed the topic.

“Yes. The Ghost Eye Race went all out, and the Vermillion Birds helped out a lot. As a result, we managed to deal a serious blow to Blue Flame Manor.” Ling Yushi smiled beautifully before replying, “They probably won’t be trying anything in a while, not unless they are backed by Six Ways Alliance. We’ve struck a lot of fear into them.”

“When are we going into the Abyss?” Gordon asked expectantly.

“In ten days,” Qin Lie answered.

Gorden, Luz, and Gray exchanged a glance with each other and came to a decision instantly.

“We must make preparations right away!” Gordon exclaimed.

“Yes! I must return and summon my clansmen as well!” Gray declared in a tone that was full of ambition.

Very soon, Gordon, Luz, and Gray went back to the Nether Continent through the teleportation formation in order to prepare for the expedition to the Abyss ten days later.

Ling Yushi, Gao Yu, La Pu, and Eddie were the only ones left on Soul Summoning Island.

“I’ll leave you two to it.” La Pu winked and took his leave.

Gao Yu wanted to talk with Qin Lie about the eastern barbarians, but he wisely decided to hold back for now.

Suddenly, Qin Lie and Ling Yushi were the only two people left at the black obsidian palace of Soul Summoning Island.

“How come you have two souls?” An astoundingly powerful soul magnetic field suddenly filled every corner of the palace. Ling Yushi then stared at Qin Lie in surprise and exclaimed, “Your other soul… is extremely powerful!”

Qin Lie shuddered and blurted out, “You can see that?”

Ever since he merged with the Dark Soul Beast’s avatar, no one had managed to detect the strangeness in his soul through soul perception alone.

For example, Gray, Luz, and Gordon all failed to see anything wrong with him despite being the peak experts of Nether Realm.

Ling Yushi’s realm, bloodline and strength were a lot weaker, but she had noticed his most well hidden secret immediately. It was why Qin Lie was so surprised.

Suddenly, he was struck by a fear that there was nothing he could hide before Ling Yushi.

“Most of my latent abilities are related to the soul. You can say that I am very perceptive in regards to the soul.” Ling Yushi smiled slightly before saying, “Most of the time, I can see the origin of one’s soul right away.”

“Your bloodline is probably of the highest rarity and rank even among the Abyss Devil Race,” Qin Lie praised.

He possessed the Dark Soul Beast avatar’s soul memories, so he knew that there were a many Abyss commanders with terrifying latent abilities.

At the very least, he didn’t remember any great Abyss commander who was well-versed in the power of the soul.

This meant that Ling Yushi’s bloodline was very mysterious.

“Is your other soul your main soul or subsoul?” Ling Yushi asked again.

“It’s my subsoul,” Qin Lie replied honestly.

“Subsoul.” Ling Yushi’s eyebrows moved a little as countless mysterious light gathered behind her purple pupils. She seemed to be peering into the truth through a mysterious method.

Qin Lie felt as if his soul was seen through under her gaze.

Suddenly, the Dark Soul Beast avatar’s Soul Tree let out a ripple of soul energy.

A strange soul barrier abruptly covered up his main soul and subsoul.

It was a defense the Soul Tree had put up instinctively.

“The Soul Race…” Ling Yushi said softly.

The soul energy rippling out of her body abruptly vanished after she opened her mouth.

She stared at Qin Lie with surprised-filled eyes, “Was that the Soul Race’s Soul Tree?”

Qin Lie looked at her, aghast, “H-how come you know of them?”

Ling Yushi let out a soft, mysterious laugh before answering, “A long time ago, the Dark Soul Beast, Blood Soul Beast, and Soul Devouring Beast ravaged the three great realms. After the Soul Devouring Beast in Nether Realm was ultimately slain, it was buried in the Nine Soul Hell.”

She paused for a moment before continuing, “My soul is connected to the Nine Soul Hell, so I was able to learn many things about the Soul Race through it.”

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