Chapter 1083: Opening a Door

Chapter 1083: Opening a Door

Inside the underground private room, Qin Lie felt very tired right after he withdrew his soul consciousness from the Soul Suppressing Orb.

He knew that he had expended a lot of soul energy in just a short amount of time.

He reached out to the Dark Soul Beast avatar. A fountain of soul energy was injected into his body right after.

His mental fatigue was swept away immediately.

Spirit reappeared in Qin Lie’s eyes. The soul energy he had expended earlier was completely replenished.

“The fourth space…” he muttered to himself.

The fourth space of the Soul Suppressing Orb was extremely similar to the God Race’s Chaos Blood Realm he entered earlier. Every bubble suspended inside the borderless space contained a secret of its own.

They could temper the Voodoo and Curse Progenitors’ bodies and Soul Altars like a furnace.

He also knew that the bubbles must have tempered the Blood and Corpse Progenitors’ bodies in the same way.

The five great progenitors’ bodies, nerves and Soul Altars were completely covered in mysterious high grade ancient spirit diagrams.

The ancient spirit diagrams looked like the direct manifestation of the world’s absolute truths.

The bubbles’ surface was covered in countless lines and patterns. They seemed like many tiny worlds that represented the many mysteries of power.

That was why his soul consciousness wasn’t able to stay long inside a bubble.

Suddenly, he felt like he had overestimated his capabilities. He no longer thought that he was strong enough to research these high grade ancient spirit diagrams as he was.

“Perhaps the only reason I was able to enter the fourth space was because of the Dark Soul Beast avatar,” he thought bitterly.

He was at the early stage of the Nirvana Realm and had rank seven God Race bloodline. The soul he manifested at this level felt like the world was turning upside down and lost a tremendous amount of soul energy the moment he entered the bubble.

He wasn’t able to sense anything while he was inside the bubble.

It made him realize that his realm, bloodline level, and recognition of the powers of the world were far beneath the level necessary to peer into the bubble for real.

“Let’s check if the fourth space is the final space inside the Soul Suppressing Orb.”

He condensed a new wisp of soul consciousness and sent it through the layers of space inside the Soul Suppressing Orb once more.

Very soon, the soul consciousness entered the fourth space and took on a human form.

He slowly roamed inside the fourth space while avoiding the bubbles holding the high grade ancient spirit diagrams.

Not long after he walked past the mysterious bubbles, he saw yet another ball of white light.

His soul abruptly shuddered.

The appearance of the white light made him realize that the fourth space still wasn’t the Soul Suppressing Orb’s limit.

He knew that the white light was a soul barrier that blocked the path to the next space!

“Let’s give it a try!”

His soul figure swiftly transformed into a sharp sword once more. Gathering all of his soul energy, it stabbed fiercely against the ball of white light.


His soul was bounced back as if it had struck a ball.

His soul felt pain after the failed attack.

“Let’s give it another try!”

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

He gathered soul energy and attacked the soul barrier again and again. However, he didn’t succeed.

After a dozen or so failed attempts, he exhausted his soul energy and finally decided to give up.

He knew that he probably wouldn’t be entering the fifth space until a long while later.

In fact, he wasn’t even able to learn the high grade ancient spirit diagrams imprinted on the surface of the bubbles in a reasonably short time.

In the end, Qin Lie had to retreat from the fourth space after circling around the fourth space once.

He failed to learn anything from the fourth space.

“The reason why I didn't manage to learn anything was probably because my realm and bloodline are too weak. My comprehension of the many mysteries of power… is also too shallow,” he sighed to himself.

After realizing that he wouldn’t be able to obtain anything worthwhile from the fourth space in a reasonably short time, he decided not to waste time any longer.

He walked out of underground private room.

Tang Siqi was waiting outside the door. She was dressed in a rosy red-colored artificer’s robe, and she seemed to have waited for a very long time.

“You finally came out.” Tang Siqi hurriedly walked up to him and said, “We’ve been waiting for five days already.”

“What? Five days?” Qin Lie exclaimed.

“That’s right. It’s been five days since the last leader’s arrival,” Tang Siqi explained. “If we’re counting starting from the day you went in, then it’s been nine whole days already!”

“Nine days! It’s been nine days since I went inside?!” Qin Lie’s expression changed.

He thought that he had stayed inside the fourth space for only a short while.

However, nine whole days had passed in the real world while he was cultivating.

He immediately realized that the passage of time inside the fourth space and the time outside were vastly different.

“To think that the fourth space involves the mysteries of time…” He thought in amazement.

“They’re all at Evil Infant Island right now. Are you heading over there to meet them, or should I ask them to come over?” Tang Siqi consulted.

“We’ll head over to Evil Infant Island,” Qin Lie said.


Qin Lie was a Nirvana Realm expert, so he hugged Tang Siqi and flew up to the sky. A few minutes later, he had arrived at Evil Infant Island.

The leaders of the Land of Chaos such as Li Mu, Duan Qianjie, Tang Beidou, Feng Yi, Jiang An, Qi Yang, and Jiang Zhuzhe could be seen waiting on a public square of Evil Infant Island.

The moment he arrived, the conversing leaders immediately stopped and looked at him.

Of course, Song Tingyu was among them as well.

She stared at Qin Lie and Tang Siqi at a distance, but maintained a calm and nonchalant expression on her face.

Upon seeing Qin Lie hugging Tang Siqi in the sky, Flame Demon Tang Beidou grinned and chuckled softly to himself.

“Well met, island master.”

Led by Yu Lingwei and Jiang An, Illusory Demon Sect and Black Voodoo Cult walked towards Qin Lie and saluted him before he even landed on the ground.

The rest of the leaders such as Feng Yi, Qi Yang, and Wang Enze hurriedly stood up and clasped their hands as well.

After the roller coaster Qin Lie had put them through, Feng Yi, Qi Yang and three Heavenly Swords of Heavenly Sword Mountain were both afraid and in awe of Qin Lie.

They knew that every force in the Land of Chaos would have to obey Qin Lie’s every whim from here on. Naturally, they dared not show any signs of disrespect.

However, Li Mu, Duan Qianjie, Jiang Zhuzhe, and Lei Yan only smiled at him.

It was because they were much more familiar with Qin Lie after everything they had been through. They didn’t bother with such trifles.

They knew Qin Lie well, and they knew that he didn’t care for such trifles at all.

“Siqi, please invite La Pu over as well,” Qin Lie instructed.

Tang Siqi nodded slightly before calling out to La Pu using a sound transmission stone.

However, a look of surprise passed through her face a few seconds later. “Senior La Pu says that he’s busy with work right now and cannot afford the time. He won’t be able to attend this meeting.”

Qin Lie nodded. He knew that La Pu was probably still absorbed with the Abyss Devils’ blood, so he said, “In that case, we won’t be waiting for him.”

“Did something happen, Qin Lie?” Li Mu asked.

“What are you planning again, gathering all the leaders of the Land of Chaos in one place?” Tang Beidou asked.

Qin Lie had walked to the middle of the group and stood still. First, he took out the Abyss Devils’ remains from his spatial rings. Then, he took out their body parts such as pieces of flesh, horns, skins, wings, and other random objects.

He waved his hands and beckoned everyone to come closer, saying, “Please have a look.”

He carelessly passed the Frost Hell Stone Devil’s saw-like claw to Feng Yi.

Feng Yi’s expression suddenly turned serious when he accepted the claw from Qin Lie. He immediately produced a bright dagger and tapped the claw carefully with his weapon.

“Ding dong! Ding dong!”

As the impact produced a melodious chime, Feng Yi’s eyes lit up in obvious delight.

He immediately passed a claw to the nearby Luo Han.

Luo Han accepted it and started his examination with his own secret art.

Meanwhile, Evil Infant Boy, Mo Hai, Li Mu, Duan Qianjie, and everyone else began to examine the corpses themselves. Some people grabbed a sharp horn and gave it a look over, some people even started sniffing the flesh and blood kept inside the containers...

The leaders of the Land of Chaos didn’t rush into speaking. Instead, they inspected the Abyss Devils’’ remains and organs carefully.

Qin Lie gave them a moment before he started explaining what kind of Abyss Devil the bones, wings and horns they were holding were and their the bloodline rankings. He told them approximately what level of lifeform they were.

Everyone looked shocked and amazed when they heard his explanation.

“This saw-like claw is as tough as an Earth Grade Seven spirit artifact. It is incredibly sharp as well!” Luo Han said seriously, “There is no way a rank six Ancient Beast clansman could ever grow something this tough and sharp considering their refined flesh and blood energy level!”

“The amount of refined flesh and blood energy contained inside this rank six lifeform is just unbelievable!” Jiang An said just as seriously as he examined a Golden Horn Brute Devil’s flesh.

“Qin Lie, these things are extremely precious. Their bones can be refined into many high rank spirit artifacts, and their flesh and blood… can be refined into pills through some secret arts as well. Where did you get them?” Evil Infant Boy asked.

“How will you rate these items?” Qin Lie asked.

A lot of people said that they were unbelievably precious considering that they were body parts of mere rank five or six lifeforms.

Many of their eyes were burning with greed too.

Jiang Zhuzhe even grabbed a bloody piece of flesh and swallowed a few drops of blood down his throat right in front of everyone.

A few seconds later, a frightful, bloody light glowed from behind his pupils.

He fixed his eyes at Qin Lie. “These creatures’ blood is extremely useful to us. Where did you find them?”

“Same here!” Qi Yang from Ten Thousand Beast Mountain exclaimed spiritedly, “Ten Thousand Beast Mountain’s cultivation emphasizes the tempering of our physical bodies, and these creatures’ flesh and blood is unbelievably beneficial to us!”

“Anyone who eats these creatures’ flesh will be able to activate their body’s potential and evolve their constitution!” Duan Qianjie exclaimed.

He had deep knowledge and recognition regarding the build of a human body and its potential.

His words made everyone’s eyes burn even brighter.

“These creatures are called Abyss Devils. Their bloodline is every bit equal to that of the God Race!” Qin Lie sucked in a deep breath before continuing, “A rank six Abyss Devil may appear to be the equal of a Fragmentation Realm martial practitioner, but they are powerful enough to take on four late stage Fragmentation Realm human martial practitioners, or even more! Anyone who wishes to hunt them safely will have to gather a well-coordinated team of at least ten Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners!”

“Its bloodline quality is equal to that of the God Race?” Everyone turned pale with shock when they heard this.

Qin Lie nodded strongly before continuing, “If you are interested, I can bring you all into their world through a realm entrance I control.”

Everyone’s eyes instantly became filled with the light of ambition when they heard this.

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