Chapter 1080: The Cullen Family's Choice

Chapter 1080: The Cullen Family's Choice

Close by, inside the Ancient Beast Race’s territory.     

In a small valley next to the peak in which the secret realm entrance was, the Cullen Family set up a camp.

They had not decided if they were going to continue staying in Boluo Realm or leave and explore unknown realms through Spirit Realm’s connections.

Serine already confirmed the Dark Soul Beast still lived in Boluo Realm.

For all the Asura clansmen, the Dark Soul Beast was a nightmare.

Especially Serine.

Every member of the Cullen Family felt terrified at the thought of a living Dark Soul Beast.

They did not know when the Dark Soul Beast would find them again.

This meant that they had the risk of facing the Dark Soul Beast at any moment if they lived in Boluo Realm.

If they did not stay in Boluo Realm and returned to Spirit Realm, they faced the threat they would be chased and killed by their own race.

They would only be safe if they went into unknown realms where the Asura Realm clansmen could not find them.

However, they also knew what unknown realms meant.

They hesitated over the matter.

"That person called Qin Lie once said he could take me to see the Dark Soul Beast. He said... he could completely resolve the trouble for me." Serine looked at the group and said after thinking for a long time, "Maybe I should try and meet that Dark Soul Beast."

"Absolutely not!" Carey's expression was dark as he shook his head determinedly. He said, “Once you meet with the Dark Soul Beast, you would immediately become its puppet, your soul consumed!"

"Sister! Do not be stupid!" Naji tried to persuade his sister and said, "Qin Lie only has early stage Nirvana Realm cultivation. What can he do to the Dark Soul Beast? Maybe… he has already become a puppet of the Dark Soul Beast!"

"There is this possibility," an elder called Josh said.

Immediately, the many members of the Cullen Family started to argue.

They did not even decide whether they should stay in Boluo Realm. Due to this matter, they had fought fiercely recently.

At this time, Qin Lie bade farewell to Teng Yuan and the others and was going to use the secret realm entrance to return to the Land of Chaos.

As he passed the valley, he looked down. He immediately saw these Cullen Family members.

He thought for a moment and then descended from the sky in which three moons could be seen.

He landed in the middle of the crowd.

When he came, the arguing Cullen Family members suddenly grew silent.

The suspicious gazes landed on him, and there were some unfriendly gazes.

Serine who had the title of the "Black Tulip" in Suluo Realm shook when she saw him appear.

For some reason, whenever she recently thought of Qin Lie, she felt a thread of terror in her soul.

She did not know where this terror came from.

She only knew, to her, Qin Lie... became more and more dangerous.

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and looked at Serine. He felt as though his vision was brighter.

The Asura Race females were all tall, and many were beautiful.

Serine was so.

Dressed in a close-fitted long red dress, she displayed her tall body. Her eyes were like stars that flashed with cold and noble light which many men did not dare meet.

That cold and dignified aura she exuded was strangely attractive to men.

After returning from the Abyss, and having experienced what he did with Zhuang Jing, he had a kind of uncontrollable lust towards charismatic women.

He knew that after he consumed the blood of many devils, he was also infected with some of the wild and evil desires of the Abyss Devils.

He knew the majority of Abyss Devils were perverted and immoral.

That kind of immorality was imprinted in their flesh. When he absorbed the fleshly energy of the devils, it, unbeknownst to him, permeated his body..

That’s why in the recent days he couldn’t restrain his urges.

When he saw Serine who had the title of "Black Tulip", her coldness, nobility, and exoticness caused his mind to waver.

"Asura Race bloodline, maybe I can quickly increase Serine's bloodline..."

As he thought this, a hint of lust appeared in his eyes.

"Qin Lie! If you have any thoughts about my sister, I swear I will kill you!" Naji suddenly shouted.

He saw a clear hint of possession a man felt towards female prey from Qin Lie's eyes. He was also a man and knew what Qin Lie's gaze meant.

Carey, Hester, Josh and the others suddenly frowned, their expressions grim.

They could see Qin Lie showing desire towards Serine.

"You want me?" Serine twisted her mouth and sneered, "Is your reward for helping the Dark Soul Beast me?"

Qin Lie immediately realized the bad situation.

"I just came from another realm, and ate much flesh from beings that are wild and perverse. Their evil desires permeated into my soul, causing me to have troubles controlling myself." Pausing, he bowed to Serine and apologized, "I can’t resist myself when I see beautiful women. I have to admit you are the most outstanding woman I saw after my return. Apologies, I have an even harder time controlling myself in front of exceptional women like you."

As he said this, he took out several pieces of the Golden Horned Brute Devil. He passed them to Carey, Naji, Hester and Serine.

"What is this?" Serine raised her eyebrows and said disdainfully, "Things to prove you have been corrupted by evil desires? You think I will believe you?"

Carey of the Cullen Family took one piece of the rank six Golden Horned Brute Devil with a frown. He tore off a small piece and put it into his mouth. He swallowed that piece of meat with terrible texture.

A thick wave of fleshly energy suddenly spread from his stomach.

"What rank is the being the meat came from?" Carey said in shock.

"Rank six, according to our power system, it is in the Fragmentation Realm. It is equal to the Ancient Beast clansmen with rank six bloodline," Qin Lie explained.

"Impossible! The vast fleshly energy contained in this flesh is not something Ancient Beast clansmen could possess!" Carey shook his head and then shook. He said, "Only those of the God Race could possibly contain such great fleshly energy at mere rank six!"

When he said this, all the members of the Cullen Family paled.

Qin Lie's eyes squinted. He nodded and said, "The rank six Abyss Devils and the rank six God Race members are equal in their fighting power."

"What?" Hester shouted in shock. He said, full of fear, "These Abyss Devils are on the same level as the God Race? They are so terrifyingly strong?"

"While I am not willing to admit it, I have to say that the God Race in the universe... are not the only dominators." Qin Lie sighed and said, "Other than the Abyss Devils who are equal in bloodline and strength to the God Race, there are also Soul Race and Spirit Race. I think you also know that the so-called Dark Soul Beast's main soul was just one of the members of the Soul Race."

Inside the valley, the members of the Cullen Family turned silent.

They had once submitted to the God Race, and had been given the Dark Soul Beast's skull. They naturally knew some of the secrets of the Dark Soul Beast.

Not long ago, Hester, Naji and the others learned of the Soul Race through You Ye's explanation.

With those thoughts conditioning them, they easily accepted the Abyss Devils, Soul Race, Spirit Race, and the God Race being equal in strength as Qin Lie suggested.

"The meat is filled with a wild, bloodthirsty, perverted and cruel taste." Carey who had eaten a small piece of abyss devil meat felt for a while and gradually believed Qin Lie's explanation. He said, "After eating much of this meat, one will need some time to slowly refine away the negative emotions. Otherwise, it is easy to lose control."

At this time, Serine, Naji, Hester and the others smelled the meat they held and understood the truth of what Carey said.

Their gazes with which they looked at Qin Lie were no longer wary and full of disdain.

"Qin Lie, if we cannot stay for long in Boluo Realm, could you arrange for us to go to that Abyss?" Carey suddenly asked.

The eyes of the Cullen Family members lit up. They felt they found a new direction.

"You..." Qin Lie shook his head, his expression conflicted. He spoke the truth, "Only those among you who have reached the Imperishable Realm will be able to walk alone in the Abyss. If all the members of your family go into the Abyss, you will be exterminated faster than entering an unknown realm! One Lord of the Abyss is enough to massacre your entire family and eat all of you! Each of the levels has several Lords of the Abyss, and there are even Great Lords of the Abyss!"

"You will not survive."

He ruthlessly told them the truth.

The members of the Cullen Family lowered their heads upon hearing this with dispirited expressions.

"Stay in Boluo Realm. I can guarantee you will not be killed by the Dark Soul Beast here," Qin Lie said coolly.

"With what do you guarantee?" Naji shouted.

"It’s your choice whether to believe me." Qin Lie shrugged. “If you want to return to the Land of Chaos, I can also arrange it. Oh, right, Miss Serine, if you want to take care of your soul problem, I still say the same thing, I can arrange for you to meet the Dark Soul Beast."

When he said this, his expression changed. He suddenly said, "Actually, you have another choice. Just like how you joined the God Race in the past, you can swear loyalty to me."

"Swear loyalty to you?" Serine snorted. "Is your appetite not too grand? Just based on Flaming Sun Island alone?"

"He also has the Qin Family behind him..." Hester said.

"Maybe also the God Race..." Carey narrowed his eyes.

"Decide for yourselves." Qin Lie smiled and did not continue to nag. He flew away.

He did not think much of this branch of the Asura Race.

In the Cullen Family, Carey was the only person in the Void Realm.The others were in the Imperishable Realm, and most were in either Nirvana or Fragmentation Realm.

For him at present, the Cullen Family’s strength was negligible.

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