Chapter 108: Splurge (Teaser)

Chapter 108: Splurge

Yao Tai collapsed and had no choice but to rest. He was no longer able to fix any spirit artifacts.

Qin Lie wrote the news onto a notice and stuck it on the tripod in front of the Artifact Forging Hall’s main entrance. Then he shut the hall’s main door close.

Inside the hall, there were many spirit material cabinets, and inside them there were a wide assortment of materials. The supporting materials for the ‘Terminator Profound Bomb’ he was about to create could mostly be found in there.

But Qin Lie did not plan to use Yao Tai’s spirit materials, nor did he plan to use his Fire Crystals. He was only going to borrow the furnace used to smelt artifacts.

He first went to the warehouse and used some of his contribution points to buy some of the spirit materials needed to create the Terminator Profound Bomb. Then, he took out the Fire Crystals he had gathered and moved them one at a time into the Artifact Forging Hall.

After a day’s preparation, he had gathered all of the supporting materials needed to create the Terminator Profound Bomb and filled the bottom of the furnace with Fire Crystals.

Watching the furnace, his expression gradually turned serious. He felt a little uneasy, and he had no confidence at all.

After following Yao Tai for more than half a year, he was very clear on the process of forging an artifact. He also knew all the characteristics of the spirit materials...

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