Chapter 1079: Promise

Chapter 1079: Promise

In the sky of Boluo Realm, a blue streak of lightning flashed as it moved towards the lands of the Ancient Beast Race.

A blurry figure could be seen amidst the lightning, roaming like a ghost in the night.

Soon, that bolt of lightning suddenly landed within the lands of the Ancient Beast Race.

The Ancient Beast Race lived in ancient wooden houses within a deep mountain valley.

Teng Yuan, Nivitt, Banderas, Tyler, Barett, Calvert, and the others were waiting with urgency.

They had asked Flaming Sun Island to meet with Qin Lie as soon as possible. They needed to discuss Boluo Realm's situation with Qin Lie.

Flaming Sun Island said that Qin Lie was not there.

Teng Yuan and the others secretly panicked.

They counted the days. The arrival of their enemies was getting closer and closer.

They needed to prepare beforehand for a bloody war with Lunar Temple and Sun Palace in Boluo Realm. Due to this, they needed to know the attitudes of the Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace of Central World through the Qin Family. They wanted to know if those two factions could add pressure to the six factions behind Lunar Temple and Sun Palace.

"Where did the boy go? Why has he not shown himself? Why is there no news of him at all?" Nivitt muttered.

When the blue lightning that Qin Lie hid in appeared in the Boluo Realm, Teng Yuan, Nivitt, and the other rank nine bloodline beings immediately shook.

They detected Qin Lie’s soul presence.

"He's coming!" Teng Yuan's eyes lit up.

As expected, a blue bolt of lightning stopped in the center of the mountain valley.

The lightning slowly faded and Qin Lie's figure appeared from within.

Teng Yuan and the others almost instantly flew out to his side. They said, "You finally came back."

For tens of thousands of years, they lived in Boluo Realm and thought of Boluo Realm as their homeland.

At this time, all the beings and races in Boluo Realm faced the threat of extinction. How could they not feel panic?

If they could not pass this obstacle, they would lose Boluo Realm and their races may even go extinct!

They thought of this matter as the most important thing in their life.

Due to this, these experts with rank nine bloodlines had no mind to spare for cultivation.

"I went on a distant journey." Qin Lie grinned and then said, "I know what everyone is worried about."

"As long as you know." Nivitt glared at him. "At such an important time, you still have the free time to go roam. Did you even spare our matter any mind?"

Teng Yuan, Tyler, and the others also had critical expressions.

"Of course I have been working on your matter." Qin Lie smiled. He took out the star token Ji Yao had given him and passed it to Teng Yuan. He said, "There is a galaxy road map inside, take a look. Do you not feel it is familiar?"

Teng Yuan was shocked. He took the star token and after fiddling, a bright star map appeared in the night.

"That is, that is..." Nivitt shouted in shock.

"The space outside Boluo Realm!" Barett's expression shook as he shouted, "Not long ago, I broke the crystal barrier of Boluo Realm and explored the outer space. I am not wrong!"

Those of the ancient races whose bloodlines reached rank nine, and the human Void Realm experts had the ability to break the spatial crystal barrier of a realm and wander through the void outside.

Previously, Lunar Temple and Sun Palace's secret realm entrances had been destroyed. Barett learned from Qin Lie that his father was trapped in a faraway realm and once left Boluo Realm to contact his two elder brothers.

When he was preparing to leave, he suddenly learned that Boluo Realm had another secret realm entrance so he hurried back.

Travelling through space came with many dangers and was not as safe and fast as secret realm entrances.

He was in a hurry to return because he hoped to search for secret realm entrances in Spirit Realm that were close to the realms his two brothers were in. He would save a great deal of time and a great amount of travelling.

"Yes, it is the star map for the space outside Boluo Realm!" Tyler shouted.

Rank nine bloodline experts would not be able to resist the temptation to try and see the outer space after gaining qualifications to explore it.

Tyler naturally went out of Boluo Realm when he reached his rank nine bloodline.

Due to this, he recognized the stars outside.

"Look at this pathway." Qin Lie pointed at an eye-catching path. Looking at the puzzled Boluo Realm experts, he said, "The people from Lunar Temple and Sun Palace would enter Boluo Realm through this path!"

"What? You are sure?!" Nivitt screamed.

Teng Yuan and the others’ eyes lit up.

Their gazes immediately filled with excitement and joy as they looked at Qin Lie.

"I got this star map through other methods. You only need to ..." Qin Lie pointed at the star map, specifically at a spot on the Boluo Realm’s crystal barrier. He grinned and said, "You only have to stop them before they break the crystal barrier at this spot. If you kill them, Lunar Temple and Sun Palace will not be able to build secret realm entrances in Boluo Realm in the short term. Without the secret realm entrances, these two factions cannot stage a major invasion on Boluo Realm!"

After he said this, everyone was overjoyed.

"Boy, you didn’t abandon us!"

"Yes! We misunderstood you!"

"Hahaha! I said this guy was the best friend of the Boluo Realm beings!"

"In the future! If your Qin Family and the six factions have a conflict, we... will answer your summons!"

Teng Yuan, Nivitt, Tyler, Barett, Calvert, and Banderas expressed their attitude.

Qin Lie's lips turned up into a smile. He nodded and said, "Thank you in advance then."

"You are welcome! The races of Boluo Realm are not the same as the human race, we know to repay the favors!" Teng Yuan laughed and then asked seriously, "How many people came from Lunar Temple and Sun Palace to build the secret realm entrances? What are their cultivations?"

"Four people, three of them in the middle stage of the Void Realm, and a woman called Miao Yizi at the late stage of the Void Realm, but she’s not from the two factions," Qin Lie explained.

For some reason, every time he mentioned Miao Yizi, he would feel a complicated feeling inside, as if desire and terror were mixed together.

This told him the previous "him" must have desired Miao Yizi's beauty but was also terrified of Miao Yizi.

She left such a deep impression on him that the terror imprinted itself into his body, lingering even after his former self’s death.

"We can take care of these four people!" Teng Yuan's eyes were deep as his mouth turned into a snarl. He said, "If we can keep them forever in space, then the two factions cannot come in the short term! We know what to do!"

"Qin Lie! You helped us greatly again!" Nivitt said seriously.

"I will personally participate in this matter." Qin Lie thought for a moment. He suddenly activated his bloodline power and opened a star door.

Over on the Dark Soul Beast's side, a four-level Soul Altar Asura clansman suddenly appeared.

"Who is he?" Teng Yuan's expression changed slightly.

"Is he a soul puppet possessed by the Dark Soul Beast?" Nivitt also became wary.

They had participated in that battle. They knew these powerful Asura clansmen were actually controlled by the Dark Soul Beast and became puppets of the Dark Soul Beast.

“In the future, treat Dark Soul Beast as me." Qin Lie looked at the group and explained. "This person is my physical medium. He will follow you into the space outside Boluo Realm, and I will be able to come at any moment."

He was worried about Miao Yizi of the four that came. He wanted to see Miao Yizi in person and than arrange other plans.

"Greetings, Master." The four level Soul Altar Asura clansman knelt down on one knee and said respectfully.

The strongest beings in Boluo Realm shook when they saw this person.

"All of the Soul Altar experts that fought with us have become your puppets?" Teng Yuan was in a grave mood.

Nivitt and the others looked deeply at him.

Qin Lie thought for a moment and said, "I think of you as elders, family members, so I will not keep it a secret from you. Yes, including Curtis, all the Asura clansmen controlled by the Dark Soul Beast have become my servants and will be completely loyal to me."


Nivitt and the other people showed both shock and fear in their eyes. They did not know what to ask.

They knew how terrifyingly strong the Asura Race Soul Altar experts led by Curtis had been.

In reality, if those people really wanted to take over Boluo Realm under the leadership of the Dark Soul Beast, even if they gathered the strength of every race, they may still have been defeated.

This was also why the experts of the factions arranged for their young people to come here and temporarily take refuge in the Land of Chaos.

—They had no confidence they could win against the numerous Asura Race Void Realm experts.

Right now, a Dark Soul Beast avatar, and multiple Void Realm and Imperishable Realm Asura clansmen became Qin Lie's strength.

Did this mean that Qin Lie became the strongest person in Boluo Realm?

The reality hit them too hard. They couldn’t accept it on such a short notice.

"Everyone! For you, me controlling the Dark Soul Beast and these Asura clansmen is not a bad thing" Qin Lie's expression was serious as he said gravely, "Moreover, after we resolve the problem of Lunar Temple and Sun Palace, I will bring your people more benefits! Don't you want to know where the Dark Soul Beast and the Asura Race experts are fighting right now? Do you not want to know why those Asura Race Soul Altar experts are so strong?"

"Do you already understand the world on the other side of the white bone altar?" Teng Yuan was shocked.

Last time, when they were waiting for Qin Lie and the Dark Soul Beast to merge, they saw the white bone altar next to the Dark Soul Beast.

At the time, they saw the terrifying soul screams coming from the other end of the white bone Soul Altar.

They did not know that a Lord of the Abyss, Barthez, had been nearby. He released the soul fluctuations to challenge the Dark Soul Beast.

"I just came from over there," Qin Lie said.

"What? You returned from over there?" Nivitt was shocked.

Qin Lie thought for a moment and took out the bones of the rank seven Hurricane Dragon Devil from his spatial ring. He then took out several frozen pieces of rank six Abyss Devils as well as some other items. He said, "Everyone, take a look."

"What was the rank of the being that left these bones? Or the meat?" Teng Yuan asked gravely.

Nivitt and the others also wanted to know. They were curious which race these remains belonged to.

Qin Lie explained one by one.

A moment later, these strongest people of Boluo Realm became silent.

The Ancient Beast Race, Giant Race, Black Jail Race, and Demon Dragon Race could speed up the progression of their bloodlines through great amounts of fleshly energy. Their bodies already heated up at the enormous fleshly energy contained in the flesh of the rank six Abyss Devils.

"In the vast universe, the top races use the Abyss as the biggest natural hunting ground!" Qin Lie looked at the group, took a deep breath, and said, "Before, in Spirit Realm or in your ancestral realms, you could not have a door connected to the Abyss. But, from now on, if you prepare well, if you want to experience blood and fighting, if you want to quickly evolve your bloodline, you could try to enter the Abyss and hunt! You will only need to succeed a few times to transform your bloodline. You could aim for the top of bloodlines—rank ten!"

Teng Yuan and the others felt their blood heat up.

"The transformation of life, the ranking up of bloodline, the rise of the race, all of these are completed in the bloody battle of natural selection!" Qin Lie said.

The strongest of the Boluo Realm showed great desire in their eyes at this moment.

"When you resolve the matter of Lunar Temple and Sun Palace, I will arrange for you to go to the Abyss to hunt!" Qin Lie solemnly promised.

"Alright!" Teng Yuan and the other nodded.

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