Chapter 1078: Mad Woman

Chapter 1078: Mad Woman

In the Dark Soul Beast’s lair, the Dark Soul Beast had created a barrier with its tremendous soul energy to prevent anyone from scanning the interior with their soul perception.

On the surface, Teng Yuan healed the cracks of the earthen floor with the power of earth.

As a result, the underground lair was completely sealed off.

The reason Qin Lie could move in and out of this place freely was because he had the Star Door latent ability. Anyone else would have to dig thousands of meters into the underground to get here.

There were very few people in the entire Boluo Realm who could open a path straight to the thousand-meter deep underground lair.

That was why Qin Lie wasn’t worried about privacy.

After reminding Xue Li about a few things and exchanging a glance with his Dark Soul Beast avatar, Qin Lie opened a star door with his bloodline power.

He passed through the star door the moment it was formed.

In the next moment, he had appeared at the Serene Moon Race’s clan ground and stood still right next to Zhuang Jing.

Zhuang Jing was currently taking a barrel bath inside a dimly lit stone chamber. She couldn’t help but cry out as she quickly covered up her breasts.

Qin Lie looked extremely embarrassed. Apparently, he had teleported straight into a bathroom.

For now, he could only leave the Dark Soul Beast avatar’s underground lair by using his soul servants as soul mediums. Originally, he had Miao Fengtian and Xue Li. However, Miao Fengtian was currently in the Abyss, and Xue Li was right next to the Dark Soul Beast avatar.

Zhuang Jing was the last soul medium he had left in Boluo Realm.

This meant that he had to create a star door connected to Zhuang Jing.

He was in a hurry to make a few arrangements, so he had passed right through the star door without a second thought the moment it was formed.

He didn’t notice that Zhuang Jing was bathing until it was too late.

“It’s me…” Qin Lie rubbed his nose and let out an awkward laugh amidst the white steam. He explained, “Sorry, I had acted too rashly.”

“It’s you, master.” Zhuang Jing let out a secret sigh of relief.

Zhuang Jing was curled up inside a bathing barrel. The steam inside the stone chamber made everything look blurry.

Zhuang Jing had a charming face and a sexy body. She looked mature, charming. and seductive.

Although Zhuang Jing was currently hiding inside the barrel and covering her large, round breasts with both hands, they were obviously too large to be covered completely.

A single glance was all Qin Lie needed to tell that she would need another extra pair of hands to be able to cover up her plump breasts completely.

“Were you screaming just now, senior sister?” It was at this moment Lin Jie’s concerned voice rang from outside the stone chamber.

Zhuang Jing’s gentle, lovely face turned rosy when she heard Lin Jie. She cast a sneaky glance outside before replying uncertainly, “A… gray rat got into the bathroom.”

“A gray rat? Why is there a gray rat here?” Lin Jie sounded confused.

Qin Lie was going to leave immediately, but he had no choice but to stop when he heard Lin Jie.

“Are you living with her right now?” Qin Lie lowered his voice.

Zhuang Jing nodded bitterly before replying in an equally quiet voice, “This is the Serene Moon Race’s territory, and both Lin Jie and I are humans with the Serene Moon Race’s bloodline. After the Serene Moon Race had sworn loyalty to you, they treated Lin Jie and I as if we didn’t even exist. In fact, they may have killed us if if wasn’t for your order. Even though we are alive and sound, we have no freedom in this place. It’s almost like we’re living in a prison. Since we both share the same fate, the Serene Moon Race had put us in the same quarters.”

She sank slightly deeper into the barrel as she said this.

She moved her hands away after her body was hidden beneath the water.

Her soft breasts, beautiful looks, and rosy cheeks combined to make her look extremely attractive.

Qin Lie was going to talk with her normally, but he immediately felt a surge of passion when he saw her.

His eyes abruptly burned with lust.

He had been fighting Abyss Devils inside the Abyss as of late. He didn’t realize that the bloodshed had tainted him with all kinds of violent and negative emotions.

When he returned to Boluo Realm and saw Zhuang Jing in her full, seductive glory all of a sudden, the violent impulses he had been suppressing as of late abruptly burst through his mental defenses.

His eyes grew more and more lustful.

Zhuang Jing hadn’t been an innocent girl since a long time ago. She immediately knew what Qin Lie was thinking when she saw his eyes changed.

Zhuang Jing looked at him before speaking up with a blush in her cheeks, “P-please give me some time to prepare…”

She stepped out of the barrel after saying this.

Her breasts and bottom were large and round. She looked incredibly sexy while shrouded by water vapor.

Qin Lie couldn’t stop himself from inhaling deeply.

The naked Zhuang Jing quietly made her way to the door of the stone chamber, moonlight pouring out of her fingers.

Traces of bright silver moon essences that looked like mercury sealed the door firmly and quietly.

A barrier of moonlight quickly covered up the entire bathroom.

After confirming Lin Jie wouldn’t be able to hear her from outside, she finally turned around with pursed lips and an obediently bowed head. She said gently, “Please allow me to serve you, master…”

She walked towards Qin Lie and knelt right in front of him. She slowly took off all of his clothes.

After that, she hugged Qin Lie’s thighs and slowly buried her head into his groin.

Naked and standing, Qin Lie looked up and sucked in a deep breath as Zhuang Jing worked her magic. He subconsciously held onto Zhuang Jing’s cheeks.

A very, very long time later, Qin Lie shuddered and let out a spray of essence.

In that moment, he felt as if the irritation, ruthlessness, bloodthirst, and other unstable emotions that had built up inside him while fighting in the Abyss were let loose completely.

He continued to stand tall and straight.

Zhuang Jing coughed softly as she put a hand to her chest. She began wiping the leftover essence smeared around the corner of her lips.

Zhuang Jing’s eyes lit up suddenly lit up brightly. Her reddened cheeks abruptly glowed with astounding radiance.

“What’s wrong?” Qin Lie asked concernedly.

Zhuang Jing’s eyes slowly became tinged with obvious delight.

“Master, your, your thing…” Zhuang Jing hurriedly stopped her wiping movement and licked her mouth clean instead. Once she confirmed that she had swallowed every bit of Qin Lie’s essence, she finally exclaimed gleefully, “Your thing is actually helping me evolve my bloodline!”

When she accidentally swallowed some of Qin Lie’s essence at the beginning, she immediately realized that her bloodline had suddenly become incredibly active.

It was a sign that her bloodline was about to undergo a shocking evolution.

The discovery had immediately shook Zhuang Jing.

“You mean?” Qin Lie looked absolutely astonished.

Zhuang Jing nodded strongly before saying, “That thing is extremely beneficial to my bloodline!”

Qin Lie was stunned by the confirmation.

“Master, if you don’t mind, can you… give me more?” Zhuang asked timidly.

“I…” Qin Lie didn’t know what to say.

“I’ll take that as a yes!” Before Qin Lie could react, Zhuang Jing suddenly clung onto Qin Lie cheerfully like a water snake.

Her beautiful legs wrapped around Qin Lie’s waist and tightened like a ring.

Slowly, she moved her lower body closer towards Qin Lie’s manhood.

A few seconds later, Qin Lie shuddered as he was flooded by a numbing sense of pleasure...

A very, very long time later.

Qin Lie felt weak when he finally freed himself from Zhuang Jing’s clutches and saw the traces of blood around her thighs.

“My bloodline should be at rank seven the next time you come over, master,” Zhuang Jing said weakly.

Qin Lie fixed his gaze on her with a complicated expression. “When you recover, tell You Pu that it is my wish for you and Lin Jie to move to Flaming Sun Island’s floating continents here at Boluo Realm.”

“Thank you, master.” Zhuang Jing smiled sweetly. “I’ve gotten far, far too much from you already.”

“That is all. Tell me when your bloodline really reaches rank seven. The sooner, the better,” Qin Lie instructed.

“I will,” Zhuang Jing answered obediently.

Qin Lie nodded and stopped the conversation there. He tore apart the moon barrier and walked straight out of the bathroom.

“Ah! Qin, Qin Lie!” Lin Jie was cultivating inside the chamber when she suddenly saw Qin Lie. She covered her mouth and let out an exclamation.

She hadn’t expected Qin Lie to emerge from their bathroom where Zhuang Jing was bathing at all.

Qin Lie didn’t explain anything. He simply nodded at her before saying, “Zhuang Jing needs you to take care of her.”

He walked out of the stone chamber after he said this.

Then, he raced towards the Ancient Beast Race’s territory using Blitz Thunder Escape.

Lin Jie’s mind was blank for a moment. When she finally returned to herself, Lin Jie rushed into the bathroom urgently.

The bathroom was in shambles, and Zhuang Jing’s lower half was tattered and bloodied.

There was an obvious smell of sex lingering within the wet air. Someone would have to be an entirely different species to miss the signs.

“He, he raped you?!” Lin Jie screamed. “I should’ve known that he was a heartless bastard! He was infamous for his terrible deeds since three hundred years ago!”

“Stop shouting.” Zhuang Jing rolled her eyes at her. For some reason, she was wearing a smile on her face. She said a bit embarrassedly, “You got it reversed.”

“I got it reversed? What do you mean?” Lin Jie asked in puzzlement.

“I… was the proactive one,” Zhuang Jing said embarrassedly.

“What? You were the proactive one? How on earth did this happen during your first time? Are you trying to kill yourself?” Lin Jie looked at her as if she was staring at a mad woman.

“You’re right. I’ve gone mad. But this is what I wanted,” Zhuang Jing said quietly.

“I just don’t understand! I really don’t!” Lin Jie shook her head again and again. “What’s so good about him? Don’t tell me you’ve fallen in love with him! I know you, senior sister, you are the most pragmatic person I know out of every young martial practitioner in Lunar Temple! You were never one to act irrationally! This isn’t like you at all!”

“But it is, Lin Jie. You just don’t understand yet.” Zhuang Jing smiled.

“What is going on, senior sister? Can you please tell me what on earth is going on?” Lin Jie repeated her question.

“I’m sorry. There are many things that I can share with you, but not this.” Zhuang Jing shook her head firmly before adding, “You only need to know that I seldom make a wrong decision, and this may be the wisest decision I’ve ever made in my life yet! I absolutely don’t regret this, not even one bit!”

“You’ve truly gone mad!” Lin Jie exclaimed.

“If that’s mad, then so be it.” Zhuang Jing smiled brightly.

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