Chapter 1077: The Blood of High Ranking Abyss Devils!

Chapter 1077: The Blood of High Ranking Abyss Devils!

This Abyss Devil knew many details about the God Race's Perfect Blood project.

"The God Race has not succeeded in their Perfect Blood project for thousands of millennia! They cannot have succeeded without any forewarning or news!"

The Hurricane Dragon Devil stared with its purple eyes at Qin Lie. Its wide wings flapped violently and formed even stronger gusts of wind.

Its enormous soul presence came like the tide and covered the area around Qin Lie.

"No! Your cold energy does not come from your blood!" A moment later, this rank seven abyss devil shouted again. "The cold energy does not come from the bloodline! This means that the Blaze and Profound Ice families’ bloodlines have not merged together! I was right, how could the Perfect Blood project of the God Race be so easily realized?"

It started to shout again.

Terrifying cold streams of wind rampaged through the world with it as the center.

Abyss Devils of lower ranks were thrown left and right by the wild waves it gave off.

Qin Lie snorted and disappeared in a flash of lightning.

"This time, you cannot escape my soul lock!"

Purple energies crossed and flashed in the eyes of the Hurricane Dragon Devil. It formed a purple net of light that gave off cold energy and suddenly shot into a seemingly random place.

The area that the purple light net covered flashed with blue lightning as Qin Lie appeared.

Once he appeared, that purple light net suddenly tightened and completely restrained him.

"I caught you!" The Hurricane Dragon Devil licked his lips and said, "The flesh of the God Race is delicious. I will have a good meal today!"

In the Abyss, it was natural selection. The God Race, Soul Race, and Spirit Race treated the Abyss Race as prey to hunt. The original denizens of the Abyss were the same. They considered outsiders to be delicious food.

The victor would enjoy the spoils, that was the unbroken rule of the Abyss.

In Hurricane Dragon Devil's eyes, Qin Lie, caught in the purple light net, was its spoils of war, the sign of victory.

"Zzt zzzt zzzt!"

The purple lightning permeated his body, and caused Qin Lie's flesh to feel numb. His physical energy seemed unable to gather together.

This was just like getting poisoned.

"Bloodline latent ability—corrosion!"

As soon as this thought appeared, the latent ability of Silver Streak Heavenly Snake was activated. He used the corrosive nature of the ability to get rid of the restraints on his body.

Threads of dark red bloody mist spilled from his body and covered him from view.

Within that mist, the purple lightning energies restraining his body seemed to be ice melted by flame and quickly disappeared.

Purple liquid dripped off his body. The numbness he felt immediately disappeared.

"Argh!" The Hurricane Dragon Devil roared furiously.

Those purple droplets of liquid were its lifeblood essence. That purple lightning net had been made purely from its bloodline power.

When Qin Lie used the Silver Streak Heavenly Snake’s corrosion to dissolve the purple lightning net around him, its lifeblood essence had also been corroded.

This immediately caused a great injury to the Hurricane Dragon Devil.

"Nine Thunder Blast!"

After breaking free of the purple lightning net, Qin Lie's entire body was shrouded in the dark red blood mist. His eyes gave off blinding lightning.

He released nine thunder balls, which burned with blue lightning like the hottest of stars.

Each sphere contained potent lighting pool droplets and the wildest thunder energy.

When the thunder balls came down, they formed a strange formation.

"Boom boom boom..."

The nine thunder balls hit the head of the Hurricane Dragon Devil.

In this moment, the enormous head of this rank seven Abyss Devil was ground to paste.

Purple blood sprayed out.

"Purple blood.... According to the memories of the Dark Soul Beast avatar, almost all the high rank Abyss Devils have purple blood." Qin Lie's expression changed.

In Nether Realm, when the members of the Dark Nether Race finally awakened, their blood was also purple.

The Dark Nether clansmen with rank ten bloodline had core latent ability of transformation. When transformed into the form of Demon Gods, they would look very similar to the Lords of the Abyss Battlefield.

During his momentary daze, the many rank five and six Abyss Devils moved together and started to divide and eat the flesh and blood of the Hurricane Dragon Devil.

Lower ranked abyss devils had to level up their bloodline in order to progress quickly. The best method was to consume the blood of high ranking Abyss Devils.

This was the fastest way to increase their strength.

The moment the head of the rank seven Hurricane Dragon Devil exploded, these rank five and six Abyss Devils knew it was finished.

Therefore, they spared Qin Lie no heed and began chewing on its body as soon as possible.

The rank five and six Abyss Devils chewed on the flesh of the Hurricane Dragon Devil as they digested to recover their energies, then flew away

The Abyss Devils were cruel, but they were also a highly intelligent race. They did not just use brute force.

When they realized that Qin Lie was stronger than the Hurricane Dragon Devil, they did not linger and decisively fled.

Having divided up the flesh of the Hurricane Dragon Devil, some of the rank six Abyss Devils felt they would soon break through and achieve rank seven bloodlines.

Fighting in their current state was not a good idea.

In the blink of an eye, the living Abyss Devils fled from Qin Lie.

They used their races’ secret arts, whose speed left Qin Lie in a daze.

Left on the ground were thirty-something devil corpses which had been burned by the Ring of the Burning Sun. Most of the Abyss Devils took the chance to flee with the death of the Hurricane Dragon Devil.

"Dark Nether Race… Does their blood also contain the bloodline of high rank Abyss Devils?" Qin Lie did not pursue them. He thought silently, his expression grim.

The Hurricane Dragon Devil's blood was purple, and his eyes were also deep purple.

According to the memories of his avatar, the high rank Abyss Devil races mostly had purple blood.

Searching through the memories of his avatar, he found some recollections of the Abyss Lords. After brief observation, he could decisively conclude that Demon Gods had to have direct connection to the Abyss Devils.

He was shocked at this discovery.

"Did the Abyss Devils sneak their way into Spirit Realm somehow?"

With this thought, he took out the Demon Sealing Tombstone, and gathered the physical energies of the Abyss Devils who had just died.

After he pulled away all the physical energies, he put the bones of those Abyss Devils into his spatial ring.

At this time, he knew the next time the Abyss Devils appeared, it would be several rank seven devils leading the way.

He used a great amount of energy and effort to kill one Hurricane Dragon Devil.

He knew if several rank seven devils appeared, he would not be able to match them at present.

The Abyss Devils seemed to be equal in strength to the God Race, Soul Race, or Spirit Race.

If he met several Abyss Devils with rank seven bloodline, he wouldn’t be able to easily achieve victory. He spent a long time honing himself in the Abyss already, and felt it was time for a break.

Therefore, after resting for a while, he activated Star Door using his bloodline power.

He first came to where Miao Fengtian, Curtis, and the others were gathered.


Curtis and the other Soul Altar experts of the Asura Race bowed down on one knee when they saw him arrive.

Miao Fengtian hesitated and then bowed slightly to show his humbleness.

"No need." Waving a hand, Qin Lie indicated for them to rise. Then he looked at Miao Fengtian and asked, "How is our progress?"

Miao Fengtian's eyes lit up as he laughed strangely. He nodded and said, "The corpses of the Abyss Devils can be refined using the secret arts of the Corpse Progenitor. I can transform them into Corpse Demons!"

"You have enough materials?" Qin Lie asked.

“Yes! At least for now!" Miao Fengtian said.

"Master must have experienced a harsh, long battle.” Curtis looked at Qin Lie and said, “Master has strong aura of blood around him. It can’t be concealed even if Master doesn’t purposely show it.”

"I killed some Abyss Devils," Qin Lie said with a smile.

"What rank?" Curtis asked.

"Rank five, six, and seven," Qin Lie answered casually.

Curtis and the others showed respectful expressions.

They had fought many Abyss Devils on this level of the Abyss and knew better than anyone how terrifying the Abyss Devils were.

Curtis was originally a member of the Asura Race. Before he was enslaved by the Dark Soul Beast, he was a noble of the Asura Race. He felt a sense of pride about his bloodline, birth, and strength.

When he came to the abyss and fought with the devils of the Abyss Battlefield, he learned how powerful the Abyss Devils were.

At the start, Curtis only had a three-level Soul Altar and late Imperishable Realm strength.

This strength was akin to Abyss Devils with a rank eight bloodline.

Yet when he and the Dark Soul Beast fought in the Abyss and truly entangled with a rank eight abyss devil, he felt powerless.

Also, that devil with the rank eight bloodline had just reached rank eight not long ago.

Even so, he had lost completely and fled.

After that battle, he understood the Abyss Devils who appeared to be on their level could fight four of them.

If they wanted to kill a single rank eight Abyss Devil, they would need at least three late stage and five middle stage Imperishable Realm Asura clansmen.

One on one, the Asura clansmen would be torn to pieces by the devils.

"The Abyss Devils are powerful," Qin Lie lamented.

"Master can kill rank seven devils, it is enough to prove the strength of Master's avatar!" Curtis praised.

Qin Lie smiled and said, "Guard this place and keep Miao Fengtian company during the process of refining the Corpse Demons. I will leave for a while."

"Understood!" Curtis and the other said respectfully.

Nodding his head, Qin Lie passed through the secret realm entrance and returned to the underground cave under the surface of Boluo Realm.

After returning to Boluo Realm, he saw the Dark Soul Beast had stopped refining the soul of Xue Li. Xue Li also regained clarity of mind.

When he arrived, Xue Li looked at him with a complicated expression and said bitterly, "The events last time..."

"You weren’t yourself back then." Qin Lie interrupted his words. He thought for a moment and said, "Senior Xue Li, I think that you shouldn’t be staying on the Heavenly Calamity Continent."

"What do you have in mind?" Xue Li asked.

Pointing at the white bone altar behind him, Qin Lie said, "The secret realm entrance within the altar leads to a place called the Abyss. Miao Fengtian is already there. Soon, I will arrange for the experts of the Land of Chaos to go there and wage a war. Could you be the vanguard?"

Xue Li nodded softly.

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