Chapter 1076: The Perfect Blood Project

Chapter 1076: The Perfect Blood Project

"Boy, the Abyss is not a place where you can act as you wish!"

The rank seven Hurricane Dragon Devil used his bloodline to control the chunks of ice of various sizes as he howled and furiously fought back against the world of flame.

The enormous chunks of ice were as light as air in one moment, and as heavy as meteors in the next.

The Hurricane Dragon Devil seemed to turn to stone in the burning Flame World. He was unaffected by the flames.

Chunks of ice fell down rapidly from the sky like harbingers of the apocalypse.

Qin Lie flew into the sky, icy hell descending upon him.

"As expected, rank seven Abyss Devils of the abyss are extraordinary."

Qin Lie frowned. The moment the icy rocks were about to reach him, he used the Blitz Thunder Escape with the lightning pool liquid in his acupoints.


A bolt of blue lightning flashed as the youth disappeared. The descending hail lost its target.

The rank seven Hurricane Dragon Devil exclaimed in shock and hurriedly used his bloodline power to steady the chunks of ice.

The enormous icy meteors were suddenly suspended in the air.

The eyes of the Hurricane Dragon Devil flashed with vicious light. His soul suddenly moved, turning into threads filling the sky and covering the surrounding area.

"Hm!" it shouted as it suddenly turned around.

Qin Lie's body formed behind its wings like a ghost.

Large balls of thunder roared as they crashed onto its wide wings.

The Hurricane Dragon Devil’s wings were burnt black by the thunder balls. The beast started to shake dramatically.

"Crack crack crack!"

The thick ice layer covering it gradually cracked as lightning flashed and thunder roared.

As the ice armor cracked, the blackened flesh underneath was gradually exposed.

The Hurricane Dragon Devil flapped its wings, enduring the pain that followed and charged towards the ground, howling.

On the ground were many rank five and six Abyss Devils that quickly surrounded it.

"Damned person! Damn him!"

The Hurricane Dragon Devil cursed using the language of the Abyss. His dark purple eyes flashed with malicious light.

"Bloodline mutation!"

As it shouted, its already enormous figure transformed again.

A mysterious purple pattern that looked like an eerie flower first appeared in its eyes and then quickly spread over its body.

In a short few moments, the skin of this Hurricane Dragon Devil was covered in purple flower patterns.

This Hurricane Dragon Devil doubled in size. A pair of horns flashing with purple light also grew out of its head.

Qin Lie's expression grew grim.

The thunder balls he had formed using lightning pool liquid had all hit the Hurricane Dragon Devil, but was still unable to injure this rank seven Abyss Devil. He was just able to crack the icy stone armor it wore.

The angered Hurricane Dragon Devil once again used a secret bloodline art after getting to the ground, and mutated again.

After his mutation, the Hurricane Dragon Devil not only did his size double, even his vitality and physical power doubled!

This meant that the Hurricane Dragon Devil's strength skyrocketed as well.

Qin Lie frowned. Just this one rank seven Abyss Devil had the ability to summon a hail of icy meteors, cover itself with thick layer of ice, and mutate its bloodline.

He did not know if the beings of the Abyss had ways to reach Spirit Realm. What he knew was that if the Lords of each level of the Abyss took their races and entered Spirit Realm, they would be even bloodier and crueler than the God Race in the past.

He believed that if it had been the races of the Abyss who had entered Spirit Realm thirty thousand years ago, the races of Spirit Realm would have been extinct by now.

The races of the Abyss were more brutal and bloodthirsty than even the three ghoul races. THey would tear apart and eat all those not of their kind.

"Move aside!"

The Hurricane Dragon Devil shouted. As he flapped his enormous wings that had doubled in size, many of the rank five and six Abyss Devils were thrown into the air.

Its dark purple eyes stared at Qin Lie, the purple flower pattern in his eyes flashing with dazzling purple energy.


Qin Lie grimaced. He suddenly felt as though someone locked onto his soul. As long as he moved within a certain area, he could not shake off this lock-on.

He immediately knew the Hurricane Dragon Devil had used some secret art to track his soul imprint.

If he was near the Hurricane Dragon Devil, this rank seven Abyss Devil would know his exact location.

Even if he used the Blitz Thunder Escape, the Hurricane Dragon Devil would know where he flashed to.

"This is the Abyss! This is the paradise that gave birth to various races of the Abyss. The domain of your rank seven bloodline cannot alter the laws of the Abyss Battlefield!" The Hurricane Dragon Devil shouted wildly, "I, Drei, have the rank seven bloodline of the Abyss Devils, not inferior to your God Race bloodline! In the abyss, your Flame World cannot create a true world of flame! Especially when this level of the abyss is eternally cold!"

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

As the Hurricane Dragon Devil shouted, the cold wind outside Flame World roared and came as though attracted by its rank seven bloodline.

The Flame World manifested from Qin Lie's bloodline started to show cracks as the bone-aching winds blew in.

The Hurricane Dragon Devil's wings beat wildly. With it as the center, a small world made out of cold winds formed.

When this small world formed, the cold wind outside was a thousand time more attracted towards it.

More streams of frost energy charged towards the Flame World like vast rivers.

The Flame World was going to collapse.

"The rank seven bloodlines of high level races may contain a thread of the laws of the world! This thread can manifest in worlds and secret realms, and even touch the truth of the universe! Your God Race bloodline can do so, but so can my rank seven Abyss Devil bloodline!" the Hurricane Dragon Devil shouted.

As he shouted, cold wind started to blow in through the cracks in Flame World.

The flames in Flame World became candlelights wavering in the wind after the cold winds entered.

The Ring of the Burning Sun rampaging through the group of devils grew weaker, which the Abyss Devils took advantage off, shaking off its pursuit.

When a crack appeared in the Flame World, the God Race secret arts formed from the Blaze Family bloodline were no longer enhanced.

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and felt the changes in the Flame World with his soul. He could clearly feel that Flame World was being affected by the other domain.

That domain came from the Hurricane Dragon Devil who had a rank seven Abyss Devil bloodline.

"This is the Abyss, the abyss of eternal cold. The Flame World birthed from rank seven bloodline isn’t able to show its true strength here,” he concluded.

His thoughts moved. The Flame World latent ability in his bloodline was casually put away.

Countless streams of flame entered his blood from the surrounding area like ribbons of blood.

The Flame World suddenly disappeared.

"Hahaha! Seems like you can’t hold on boy!" The Hurricane Dragon Devil laughed wildly.

"Frost Arts, Frost Concept Field!" Qin Lie's thoughts moved.

A cold aura overcame his body. In but a flash, his mind turned icy cold, his previously crimson eyes returned to their normal color, replaced by a layer of frost instead.on eyes turned back to normal and a layer of frost came over them.

As he channeled the Frost Arts and adjusted his mental state to produce the Frost Concept Field, the domain of extreme cold the Hurricane Dragon Devil created suddenly became a battle arena he was well-adjusted to.

"Impossible! This is impossible!"

The rank seven Hurricane Dragon Devil screamed the moment Qin Lie produced the Frost Concept FIeld.

The rank five and rank six demons also screamed, their eyes filled with disbelief.

"God Race! Using thousands of millennia, they were unable to join the bloodlines of the five major families! This is absolutely impossible!" The Hurricane Dragon Devil stared hard at Qin Lie, its eyes filled with shock. "The bloodline of the Blaze Family will not be able to merge with the bloodline of the Profound Ice Family! No member of the God Race can possess two different bloodlines! This is impossible!"

"Profound Ice Family..." Qin Lie's eyes flashed with light.

"Did, did the God Race’s Perfect Blood project succeed?" The Hurricane Dragon Devil stilled and screamed.

Qin Lie shook and shouted, "You know of the Perfect Blood project?"

"The Perfect Blood project of the God Race has not been a secret for a long time among high races!" The rank seven Abyss Devil snorted and said, "The families of the God Race, regardless of how they pair off, the children born of their unions will only have one bloodline!"

"In order to merge the bloodlines of the five families, the God Race designed the Perfect Blood project. They tried to use other races as mediums, they tried using the bloodlines of peaceful races to merge with the bloodlines of the five families and create the Perfect Blood. That way, the descendants would have the traits of all families.”

"But in the thousands of millennia, the God Race tested bloodlines of thousands of races, unable to succeed."

"That’s why the Perfect Blood should be impossible to achieve!"

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