Chapter 1075: Flame World

Chapter 1075: Flame World

Qin Lie’s eyes and hair took on a tinge of blood.

His bloodline powers had been completely activated!

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Fire slithered out of his body and coiled up amidst the frozen stones.

The air within a hundred meters away from Qin Lie became filled with fiery energy in just a short time.

The lava hot flames were charged with corrosive power too. It caused the ice around them to sublime, acidic steam spreading into the surroundings.

At the same time, a strange domain made of flame slowly came into existence.

It was his rank seven bloodline latent ability, Flame World!

Inside Flame World, Qin Lie’s blood boiled and let loose countless dazzling blaze divine characters. His ignition, transformation and enhanced recovery bloodline latent abilities were enhanced in every way.

A world of flame had formed around him. He was the ruler of this small world, and he was sensitive to even the slightest of changes in his domain.

He could clearly sense the rank seven Hurricane Dragon Devil barging into his Flame World while leading a group of nearly a hundred rank four, five, and six Abyss Devils.

The moment the Abyss Devils entered Flame World, he was immediately able to perceive their life signatures, the strength of their souls and even their body structures.

Inside Flame World, he felt like a literal god.

“Uwah! Uwah!”

The Hurricane Dragon Devil howled in the Abyss language while flapping its wide wings in an attempt to extinguish the flames of Flame World using the harsh wind of the frozen wasteland.

A wave of rank five and six Abyss Devils moved past the Hurricane Dragon Devil and charged towards Qin Lie.

Each of their souls was violent, mad and destructive.

These negative emotions entered Qin Lie’s mind like invisible, turbulent streams.

“I am Drei, a subordinate of Lord Barthez. He has ordered us to tear apart all outsiders!”

The rank seven Hurricane Dragon Devil kept screaming in the Abyss Battlefield language to direct the low rank Abyss Devils towards Qin Lie while still flapping up a hurricane.

The Hurricane Dragon Devil named Drei didn’t attack Qin Lie immediately. Staring at the flame covered young man from afar, it suddenly said, “The God Race, a youngling from the Blaze Family. To think that someone like you would dare roam Lord Barthez’s territory alone. You must be suicidal!”

Obviously, the Abyss Devils knew about the God Race.

In fact, they were incredibly familiar with the great families of the God Race.

Bathed in flames, Qin Lie didn’t even look at the low rank Abyss Devils charging towards him. His blood red eyes were fixated at the Hurricane Dragon Devil.

“Have you seen the God Race yourself?” he spoke in the common language of the Abyss.

After he had merged with the Dark Soul Beast’s avatar, he naturally grasped the language of the Abyss, along with rudimentary knowledge of the place.

“The God Race, the Soul Race, and the Spirit Race often ventured into the Abyss. The memories of these three races are deeply imprinted inside my bloodline!” The Hurricane Dragon Devil flapped its wings and howled. “They think of the Abyss as their hunting field, entering here and killing us for their own goals. But they weren’t always able to return full-handed. For millions of years, countless powerful beings have been put to eternal rest in the Abyss! Our Abyss has infinite levels, and every level has many powerful Lords and Great Lords!”

“No race can ever truly conquer the Abyss for themselves. They can only ever gain the upper hand in a level every once in a while!”

“The Abyss will always belong to the races of the Abyss! All those who don’t belong here will ultimately perish in the Abyss!”

“Death is the final fate of you outsiders!”

The rank seven Hurricane Dragon Devil’s menacing demeanor made the low rank devils who were charging Qin Lie roar in agreement.

“The God Race, the Soul Race, and the Spirit Race…”

Suddenly, Qin Lie realized that the female infant born from the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit and the blue-eyed, blue-haired woman who once fought the Soul Race inside the abyss channel were probably of this so-called Spirit Race.

There were countless levels inside the Abyss. Every level had many Lords and Great Lords.

A Lord of the Abyss was a creature with rank nine Abyss bloodline. They were as powerful as a human Void Realm expert.

A Great Lord of the Abyss was a creature with rank ten Abyss bloodline. They were peak lifeforms who were as powerful as human Genesis Realm martial practitioners.

The Lords and Great Lords of the Abyss were locked in eternal conflict. Very few of them could interact peacefully with each other.

The beasts of the Abyss had high reproductive abilities. By killing each other and devouring others’ flesh, they grew and evolved at a tremendous rate.

This was a powerful and evil race which numbers seemed like their numbers could never be depleted.

The God Race, the Soul Race, and the Spirit Race all thought of the Abyss Battlefield as the richest flesh farm in the entire galaxy. They often came here to hunt for flesh food.

However, the beings of Abyss were no lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

Despite the God Race, the Soul Race, and the Spirit Race’s tremendous strength, even they could only establish their dominance in a few chosen Abyss levels.

Many times, these powerful races suffered many casualties and were chased out by the Great Lords of the Abyss.

“All life forms must go through a bloody and cruel baptism if they wish to evolve themselves and ascend to new heights.” Qin Lie pondered for a moment. “After surviving the God Race’s invasion, the human race successfully stole the bloodline of powerful ancient races and evolved themselves so much that they had become the current ruler of Spirit Realm. A race must temper themselves through bloodshed and face down the threat of extinction to truly discover new potential and evolve into powerful species!”

Suddenly, he decided that he would try lead the people of the Land of Chaos and the races of Boluo Realm into the Abyss Battlefield.

He wanted the Silver rank forces of the Land of Chaos and the so-called powerful ancient races of Boluo Realm to learn just how scary the denizens of the Abyss truly were.

He wanted to put them through the trial of the Abyss earlier than he had originally planned for.

There were countless powerful races in the vast galaxy. The human race, the Giant Race, the Ancient Beast Race, the Asura Race, and the rest of the races near to Spirit Realm were not the peak lifeforms of the overall food chain.

The God Race, the Soul Race, the Spirit Race, the various creatures of the Abyss and the mysterious shadow beings were the scariest races in the entire galaxy. They were the ones who sat at the top of all species!

It was only a matter of time before the great races of and around Spirit Realm would undergo the blood baptism that was the invasion of those peak races.

If they didn’t wish to be exterminated as a race, then they had to make preparations as early as they could and evolve themselves sooner!

While he was thinking to himself, the first group of rank six Abyss Devils finally reached him.

“Bloodline Secret Art! Ring of the Burning Sun!”

A huge disk of fire formed into existence and shone like an actual sun inside the Flame World.

The Ring of the Burning Sun abruptly nosedived into the center of the rank six Abyss Devils and exploded like a dying sun.

Fire streamed into the giant ring of fire like meteors.

The rank six Abyss Devils were instantly flooded by fire and lava.

At the same time, Qin Lie dashed out like lightning and got closer to the Hurricane Dragon Devil.

“Rank seven Blaze Family bloodline!” The Hurricane Dragon Devil cried out. “Frost Hurricane!”


Somewhere far away, many gigantic ice stones suddenly flew into the air.

The ice stones that were dozens of meters tall joined together to form a frozen meteor rain and rained down on Qin Lie’s Flame World.

When the rank seven Hurricane Dragon Devil activated its bloodline, its skin turned into thick ice and stone.

Qin Lie’s frightening fire actually couldn’t melt the ice on its body at all.

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