Chapter 1074: The Lost Flesh Filling Tombstone

Chapter 1074: The Lost Flesh Filling Tombstone

“Sister Cang Ye, are you sure Yan Feng isn’t as strong as that fellow at rank six?”

A charming woman from the Darkness Family raised her pretty eyebrows in clear surprise. She obviously couldn’t quite believe Cang Ye’s assessment.

The tall and handsome Yan Feng was a member of the Blaze Family. He couldn’t help but look sour when he heard Cang Ye’s assessment of his strength. He snorted in response.

“My sis isn’t kidding.” Another handsome God Race young man with equally red hair looked at the duo. “Even I’m not as strong as he was at rank six, I think.”

This young man’s name was Gan Xing. He was Cang Ye’s younger cousin, and he had appeared in the chaotic streams of space before.

“What? Are you serious?” It was Yan Feng’s turn to look surprised.

Gan Xing might be younger, but his bloodline was at rank seven, and his latent abilities were stronger than his.

He knew very well that Gan Xing was slightly stronger than him.

At first, Yan Feng didn’t believe Cang Ye’s assessment.

However, Gan Xing’s admission that that Blaze Family human boy was probably stronger than him when he was at rank six gave him no choice but to believe their words.

“Is he really that powerful?” the charming woman from the Darkness Family exclaimed.

“At rank six bloodline, he had transformation, enhanced recovery, and ignition already. All three of these latent abilities are all extremely rare and powerful abilities within the Blaze Family bloodline!” Cang Ye pondered for a moment before continuing, “Ignition especially, is one of the most essential latent abilities in the Blaze Family! Only the descendants with the purest bloodline would have a shot at awakening this ability! Moreover, most Blaze Family members who did awaken this talent had to wait until their bloodline had evolved to rank seven.”

“Ignition! Are you absolutely sure?” Yan Feng trembled.

“I am.” Cang Ye nodded slightly. “That isn’t the scariest thing about him though. Somehow, he was able to break through my Dark Prison even though he was only at rank six!”

“How is that possible?” the youngsters of the Darkness Family exclaimed in unison.

“He had used a mysterious formation to break free. That formation… has touched on the essence of the world’s laws,” Cang Ye said bitterly.

The God Race youths fell silent when they heard this.

“Gan Xing, who do you think is his parent in the Blaze Family?” A while later, Yang Feng asked while frowning, “Haven’t we tried to fuse our blood with the races in Spirit Realm when we were still in control of that realm? Our race wasn’t able to conceive a child with any of the races of Spirit Realm, right? So how did this guy came to be?”

“I don’t know.” Gan Xing shook his head.

“Sister Cang Ye, did you inform the higher ups about him?” The woman from the Darkness Family asked.

“Of course.” Cang Ye answered.

“What did they say?” Yan Feng asked urgently.

“They were pretty mystified by his birth too. However, I wasn’t able to acquire any blood from him, so we still don’t know who his mother is right now,” Cang Ye explained.

“When our party acquires enough flesh food from the Abyss Battlefield, we will return to Spirit Realm and conquer it once more!” Yan Feng snorted. “After that, it’s only a matter of time before we find him. When that happens, we’ll be able to figure out his true origin through his blood!”

“Spirit Realm has become a lot stronger since the last time we set foot on that realm. In order to rule Spirit Realm once more, the experts of every family have ventured into the Abyss to stock up on flesh. This flesh will be our army provisions, and the flesh of Abyss Devils is the only thing that can help us restore our strength swiftly and maintain our power in battle.”

Cang Ye looked slightly spirited when she said this, but suddenly she said, “It’s unfortunate that the Blaze Family has lost its Flesh Filling Tombstone, or we would’ve gotten ready a lot earlier.”

“The five Flesh Filling Tombstones can work together to create a Flesh and Blood Formation that can devour every Abyss Devil on an entire level.” Gan Xing shook his head in resignation. “If the Blaze Family’s Flesh Filling Tombstone was still around, the leaders of the five families would’ve worked together to cast the formation and devour several Abyss Battlefield’s levels worth of flesh and blood. We would’ve been able to gather all the flesh food we needed to invade Spirit Realm in one go.”

“What can we do? Your family’s Flesh Filling Tombstone had gone missing alongside the previous family chief of the Blaze Family.” Cang Ye sighed. “We would be in Spirit Realm right now if we had all five Flesh Filling Tombstones with us, not the Abyss Battlefield.”

“How unfortunate.”

The juniors of the God Race sighed among themselves.


Meanwhile, somewhere else in the Abyss.

A rank seven Hurricane Dragon Devil flew across a frozen and desolate wasteland.

The fifteen meters long Hurricane Dragon Devil had a sinister-looking dragon head and a pair of huge, black wings. Purple lightning danced cruelly inside its dark purple pupils.

It was followed by many rank fix Silver Armored War Devil, rank six Frost Hell Stone Devil and Golden Horned Brute Devil.

It was a group of Abyss Devils.

“Uwah! Uwah!”

The Hurricane Dragon Devil howled angrily in the Abyss language before the purple lightning in its eyes zapped into the sky and expanded into a soul wall that looked like a net.

It was scouring its surroundings for living beings.

The devil kept barking fierce orders whenever it encountered low ranking Abyss Devils during its flight.

These low ranking demons obediently followed behind the Hurricane Dragon Devil.

This rank seven dragon was Abyss Lord Barthez’s subordinate. Not long ago, it had received a soul order from Barthez instructing it to patrol this area and find out why a large number of low ranking demons were killed as of late.

After gathering a large group of rank five and six Abyss Devils, the rank seven Hurricane Dragon Devil set out to find the murderous intruder.

Meanwhile, Qin Lie was ordering the Demon Sealing Tombstone to devour three rank six Abyss Devils amidst some giant frozen rocks.

The three Abyss Devils were frozen by his absolute frost power, and they weren’t completely dead yet.

They were even screaming in fear as the Demon Sealing Tombstone unleashed its seven godly lights and devoured all of their refined flesh and blood energy.

Qin Lie stared at the process in concentration.

A while later, the three Abyss Devils were sucked dry by the Demon Sealing Tombstone.

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up after he observed for a moment. He muttered to himself, “When a living being’s soul is still intact, the body wouldn’t lose its refined flesh and blood energy too quickly. That is why the loss of refined flesh and blood energy is at a minimum when extracting from a living being that is still alive. However, after a living being’s soul has perished, the body would immediately leak refined flesh and blood energy uncontrollably and in large amounts…”

He was gradually coming to understanding.

An Abyss Devil should be kept alive until the Demon Sealing Tombstone was done extracting its refined flesh and blood energy.

This way, it could extract the maximum amount of refined flesh and blood energy.

If he killed an Abyss Devil first before performing the absorption process, the Abyss Devil would lose around forty percent of its refined flesh and blood energy.

The Demon Sealing Tombstone’s absorption efficiency would decrease by a large amount as a result.

After he had ascertained this fact, Qin Lie decided that he would keep his prey alive when he hunted more Abyss Devils in the future.

This way, he could store even more refined flesh and blood energy inside the Demon Sealing Tombstone.

Qin Lie’s eyebrows creased for a moment as he put the three rank six demons’ skin and bones into the spatial ring. He muttered to himself, “It looks like I’m running out of space here…”

Since he started hunting, he stuffed all the giant bones and skins of the Abyss Devils he had hunted into the spatial ring.

That was why his spatial ring was running out of space.

His original goal when he entered the Abyss was to temper himself. He didn’t expect the Abyss Devils to be living, walking treasure troves before he came here, so he hadn’t brought too many spatial rings on his person.

“My preparation was insufficient. I should bring more spatial rings the next time I come here,” he thought to himself.

It was at this moment his expression suddenly became twisted with wariness.

He immediately let loose his soul consciousness.

A violent soul was leading a group of weaker souls and roaming the area nearby.

The moment he sensed them, he immediately realized that it was a group of Abyss Devils numbering almost a hundred.

“They’ve come for me.” He immediately understood their motive.

As he had expected, the rank seven Hurricane Dragon Devil let out an angry roar and charged at him immediately after he sensed them.

“A rank seven Abyss Devil is as strong as a human Nirvana Realm martial practitioner. However, its true strength must be a lot higher than that.” Qin Lie turned serious.

Every demon he encountered thus far was either rank five or rank six. This was the first time he encountered a rank seven Abyss Devil; a difficult opponent.

He couldn’t help but get serious.

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