Chapter 1072: Frost Hell Stone Demon

Chapter 1072: Frost Hell Stone Devil

Qin Lie moved alone through the vast, cold and desolate wasteland. He was examining his surroundings curiously...

This was a continent of the Abyss.

The Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline inheritance, the Soul Progenitor’s soul fragments and the Dark Soul Beast’s soul origin all contained memories of the Abyss.

The Abyss, was one of the most chaotic and violent place in the galaxy.

It was made up of many levels, each being a vast continent. Every level was equal to an independent realm.

The continents were connected by the mysterious abyss channel. The abyss channel was like a giant well that connected all the levels of the Abyss together.

The abyss channel existed at every level, so powerful Abyss beings could travel to other Abyss levels to fight through the abyss channel.

The abyss channel didn’t just connect the levels of Abyss Battlefield together. It contained many mysterious cracks and passages as well.

These cracks and passages were mysteriously related to many other realms out there.

The God Race, Soul Race and other powerful races of the vast galaxy all had their own methods of entering the Abyss through the cracks and passages inside the abyss channel.

The infinitely vast Abyss was made out of countless levels. Every level hosted hundred millions of beings and many spirit materials unique to the Abyss Battlefield.

The Abyss was the biggest hunting field to the powerful intellectual races. They often gathered great forces to invade and hunt inside the Abyss.

However, only the most powerful races would be rewarded for their invasion.

The weak races who recklessly invaded into the Abyss would only be torn to shreds by the Abyss beings.

Even the God Race and Soul Race had been dealt severe blows or had been entirely annihilated when their parties were hunting inside the Abyss.

For example, the Soul Progenitor and the member of the Soul Race who took over the Dark Soul Beast possessed clear memories of several Soul Race teams being slaughtered inside the Abyss.

The Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline memories also contained fragmented images of some God Race families being slaughtered inside the Abyss.

The Soul Race and the God Race were some of the most powerful races in the galaxy, but even they couldn’t guarantee a fruitful haul every trip.

If their experts were unlucky enough to run into the Abyss beings of the top of the food chain, they would all die just the same.

After Qin Lie’s blood had fused with the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit, he was gradually growing familiar with the secrets of the Soul Race and the Abyss.

After he had obtained Lunar Temple and Sun Palace’s itinerary from Ji Yao, he learned that it would be a while before the two forces could make their way to Boluo Realm.

That was why he wasn’t in a hurry to enter the galaxy and ambush them on their way.

He knew that he still had some time for himself.

After entering the Nirvana Realm, evolving his bloodline to rank seven and strengthening his physique a little, he found it necessary to temper himself through combat.

The Abyss Battlefield was the most violent and chaotic place in the galaxy. He decided to temper himself here after he learned that the Dark Soul Beast’s avatar had built secret realm entrance that led to this place.

He wanted his real body to experience more combat, and familiarize itself with its new cultivation and combat prowess. He wanted to check these before Lunar Temple and Sun Palace’s martial practitioners showed up.

Roaming about the icy, desolate wildlands, Qin Lie spread his soul consciousness in search of prey.

The Asura clansmen and the Dark Soul Beast had nearly slaughtered all of the Abyss beings who lived here within a couple hundred kilometers radius from the ice pillars.

This land was since labeled as the Dark Soul Beast’s territory.

He only saw piles of white bones as he passed through this territory. They were probably remains and bone piles left behind by the Asura clansmen after they had killed their enemies and absorbed their flesh and blood.

He didn’t encounter any other Abyss beings in this place.

He could only travel further.

There were no sun, moon or stars inside the Abyss. The bottom of a continent made up every sky in the Abyss.

Since he had no sun, moon or stars to use as points of reference, he didn’t know what the exact time was. He could only move forward towards the distance.

The air of the Abyss was filled with violent, bloodthirsty and maddening aura. His eyes were turning bloodshot even though he hadn’t fought anyone yet.

—His God Race bloodline had been naturally activated by this environment.

One day, he finally detected a violent soul activity while he was scanning with his soul consciousness.

He noticed that the Abyss being he detected was already charging towards him madly the moment he detected it.

“Finally.” He grew slightly spirited.

It didn’t take long before a roaring five-meter tall being with gray white skin, white pupils and cold aura around it entered his vision.

The creature had strange claws that looked like sawtooth and bat wings behind its back. Its gray white skin was as tough as rocks.

“A rank six Frost Hell Stone Devil.”

Thanks to the Dark Soul Beast avatar’s memories, he had recognized the creature at first glance.

The Frost Hell Stone Devil possessed a rank six abyss devil bloodline. It was the most common type of abyss devil on this level.


The Frost Hell Stone Devil had already reached him before he could think of anything else. Howling, the demon swung its sharp claws right down his head.

A frigid stream also fired out of the Frost Hell Stone Devil’s white pupils like arrows.

Blue lightning flashed, followed by a boom of thunder as the Thunder Soul Blade slammed heavily into the demon’s strange claws.

The Frost Hell Stone Devil practically fell from the sky as it put its entire weight and the strength of its swing on the Thunder Soul Blade.


Qin Lie’s weapon arm turned numb as sparks scattered. The Thunder Soul Blade dipped a few inches lower.

At the same time, the Frost Hell Stone Devil’s ice arrow struck Qin Lie in the chest.

He felt pain as the arrow’s power of absolute frost seeped into his flesh like tens of thousands of ice tendrils.

He circulated the Frost Arts a little, and his body easily absorbed the ice tendrils.

He seized the opportunity to kick the Frost Hell Stone Devil right in the stomach.

The five-meter tall devil was kicked away before its feet could even touch the ground.


After the devil hit the ground, it came to a stop only after it had rolled a dozen meters or so.

Qin Lie concentrated as felt surprise springing to his face. He exclaimed, “Its claws are still intact!”

The Frost Hell Stone Devil had already struggled to its feet.

The Thunder Soul Blade had only managed to leave a very faint crack on its strange claws.

The last Thunder Soul Blade had literally exploded because it wasn’t able to endure the first voodoo insect’s tremendous energy.

The Thunder Soul Blade he was wielding right now was a new one given to him by Song Tingyu.

The Thunder Soul Blade that exploded was an Earth Grade Six spirit artifact.

But this new blade was refined using the best materials available in Flaming Sun Island by the hands of Mo Hai, Tang Siqi, and Evil Infant Boy. It also had an ancient spirit diagram at its core. As a result, the new Thunder Soul Blade was a Heaven Grade One spirit artifact.

Most blades and swords in the Land of Chaos at the same level would probably be shattered by the Thunder Soul Blade in a head on clash.

Qin Lie had verified this personally when the Thunder Soul Blade was passed to his hands.

Song Tingyu looked incredibly proud when she passed him the blade. She said that it was Flaming Sun Island’s best creation yet.

However, this new Thunder Soul Blade had only managed to leave behind a faint crack on the strange claws of the rank six Frost Hell Stone Devil.

Just how tough were its claws anyway?

According to the powerful categorization of the Abyss, the Frost Hell Stone Devil was supposedly equal to an Ancient Beast clansman with rank six bloodline or a Fragmentation Realm human martial practitioner.

However, Qin Lie was certain that his kick was powerful enough to cause a human martial practitioner at this level to explode like a balloon.

However, the Frost Hell Stone Devil was slowly crawling back to its feet after it stopped rolling on the ground. Its white pupils gleamed with a light that was as violent, cruel, and fearless as ever.

He suddenly noticed that the Abyss Devil’s physique was as strong as the physique of the ancient beings he knew, if not stronger!

“The beings that could thwart the God Race and the Soul Race are truly powerful!” Qin Lie’s eyes glowed brightly.

He suddenly understood why the most powerful races in the world, the God Race and the Soul Race, would form parties and hunt down these Abyss beings from time to time.

This rank six Frost Hell Stone Devil alone had claws that could be made into a spirit artifact as powerful as the Thunder Soul Blade with just a bit of work!

The Abyss Devils were a higher lifeform, so their heart, horns, claws, skin, flesh, and pupils were all precious spirit materials!

Their physique was especially useful to the God Race because the God Race was highly reliant on flesh and blood energy to evolve their bloodline. If they could feed on a high rank abyss devil daily, they would definitely be able to acquire a powerful physique and bloodline power quickly!

The infinite Abyss was infinitely vast. The amount of powerful beasts in the Abyss were practically innumerable. That was why the Abyss was a natural treasury of flesh and blood to the God Race. That was why they formed teams and hunted the creatures of the Abyss!

The rewards were worth it even considering the risk of annihilation.

The God Race had always been willing to do anything to evolve their physical body and bloodline.

“The God Race…”

Suddenly, Qin Lie realized that he might run into the God Race’s hunting teams one day if he kept tempering himself inside the Abyss.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

While he was thinking, the Frost Hell Stone Devil charged towards him once more.

“Blood Weeping Ghost Claw!”

A bloody giant claw stretched out from his chest and clashed against the Frost Hell Stone Devil’s strange claws.


Three sharp ice arrows slammed into his chest, but he shrugged them off with his powerful God Race physique.

As a cultivator of the Frost Arts, he was perfectly unharmed by the frost energy inside the ice arrows.

Before the Frost Hell Stone Devil could attack him again, Qin Lie stabbed the Thunder Soul Blade into its pupils as quick as lightning.


The Thunder Soul Blade appeared at the other side of the Frost Hell Stone Devil’s head.

The pupils of a rank six Abyss Devil were definitely the softest spot of its entire body. Naturally, there was no surviving an attack like this.

After the Frost Hell Stone Devil was dead, Qin Lie cut off two of its arms.

Then, he took out the Heavenly Flame Crystals, started a fire and started roasting the Frost Hell Stone Devil atop the crystals immediately.

“Considering how difficult it is to deal with just one rank six Frost Hell Stone Devil, it would probably take at least a ten-man Fragmentation Realm team to take one down safely.” Qin Lie rubbed his chin as he roasted the Frost Hell Stone Devil. “Should I invite Flaming Sun Island and the races of Boluo Realm into the Abyss now, or is it still too early...?”

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