Chapter 1070: You Have Too Much Ambition!

Chapter 1070: You Have Too Much Ambition!

The screaming Xue Li had no power to resist as he was taken away by the terrifying being at the other end of the star door.

Inside the ultimate blood ground, the Blood Fiend Sect martial practitioners who had come from Heavenly Calamity Continent suddenly became silent.

"Qin Lie! What… what did you do to my father?" Xue Moyan said in panic.

"Did you harm him?" Mo Lingye asked.

"Of course not." Qin Lie looked at the two and then at Mo Jun, Meng Feng and the others who had uneasy expressions. He said, "I need some time to resolve Elder Xue Li's problem. He is affected by the remnant thoughts of the Blood Progenitor which led to him losing his mind. You have not lost yourselves, yet you want to start another war in the Land of Chaos, kill off all the experts of other forces, and only leave Blood Fiend Sect behind. Aren't your ambitions too big?"

The reason he opened the star door and released the presences of the Dark Soul Beast and the Asura Race soul slaves was to warn and intimidate Mo Jun and the others.

He could see as Xue Li grew stronger, and the strength of Jiang Zhuzhe's force became more apparent, the Blood Fiend Ten Elders, led by Mo Jun, and Meng Feng, started to get bored.

They restlessly wanted to recover Blood Fiend Sect's past glory.

However, in the present Land of Chaos, after the invasions of the three great ghoul races and eastern barbarians, all the forces had been weakened.

The Land of Chaos actually had suffered great losses.

Illusory Demon Sect and Black Voodoo Cult also willingly joined Flaming Sun Island and became its subordinates.

Terminator Sect and Heavenly Sword Mountain had close relationships with Qin Lie. Even Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Celestial Artifact Sect became docile. They followed Flaming Sun Island.

He had no reason, or any excuse to help Blood Fiend Sect cleanse the Land of Chaos.

He needed to restrain the ambitions of people like Mo Jun and Meng Feng as early as possible to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Under his gaze, Mo Jun and Meng Feng smiled anxiously with bitter expressions.

The terrifying presences from the other end of the star door, and the soul vibrations caused Mo Jun and Meng Feng to come to a realization—Qin Lie could determine the state of the Land of Chaos at any moment.

He possessed such hidden strength that each of his words could cause great change in the Land of Chaos.

Blood Fiend Sect... had no power to negotiate.

"This matter will be placed aside." Seeing them remain silent, Qin Lie nodded and said, "You do not have to worry about Elder Xue Li, I will try to help him regain clarity of mind. Of course, I will not harm him."

After he said this, he used Star Door again and flashed away.

Jiang Zhuzhe, and the members of Blood Fiend Sect watched from the ultimate blood ground as he disappeared.

"I told you long ago that Qin Lie had foresight. He will not be limited to the Land of Chaos, much less a tiny Blood Fiend Sect." Jiang Zhuzhe snorted. "Blood Fiend Sect's future should be reorganized. Even if we want to expand and fight, we should not lock ourselves in the Land of Chaos!"

"Expand outwards?" Mo Jun was shocked.

"We only have to follow Qin Lie's steps." Jiang Zhuzhe pointed around randomly and said, "Qin Lie's steps will not be limited to the Land of Chaos, he will travel to vaster lands."

Then, Jiang Zhuzhe returned to the Heavenly Calamity Continent through the teleportation formation.

Mo Lingye looked deeply at Mo Jun and the others. She said, "You really do have too much ambition."

"We do this for Blood Fiend Sect," Mo Jun sighed.

"Times have changed." Mo Lingye's expression was desolate. "The era of Blood Fiend Sect was a thousand years ago. Then came the era of Terminator Sect and Black Voodoo Cult that lasted for the last thousand years. Starting today, the Land of Chaos will belong to Qin Lie, and Flaming Sun Island."

When she said this, Mo Jun, Meng Feng and the others wore downcast expressions.

They suddenly realized the truth. Without realizing it, Qin Lie and Flaming Sun Island became the true dominant force in the Land of Chaos.

Blue Moon Valley.

A star door formed, and Qin Lie's body flashed through.

This place was the deepest part of Blue Moon Valley.

Coffins were arranged in rows in the underground stone palace filled with corpse energy. White bones covered the ground.

Many of the white bones appeared to belong to the three ghoul races or the eastern barbarians.

When he appeared, he saw Miao Fengtian in the body of Corpse Progenitor refining a Corpse Demon

That Corpse Demon was Miao Fengtian's former body.

Seeing Qin Lie arrive, Miao Fengtian was not surprised at all. As he refined the Corpse Demon, he said, "Not long ago, many strange tree patterns appeared on my soul. When those tree patterns appeared, I felt as though I formed an eternal bond with another powerful soul. That soul... felt similar to you."

Miao Fengtian had chosen the safest way to merge with the Corpse Progenitor rather than pursuing speed.

Therefore, he didn’t lose himself.

Having retained his sanity, he could feel the relationship with the Dark Soul Beast's Soul Tree better than Xue Li, and also knew that the presence of the Soul Tree belonged to Qin Lie.

"That is another me," Qin Lie said.

Miao Fengtian's expression shook and he said in shock, "A subsoul avatar?"

"You also know of it?" Qin Lie had a strange look.

"The Corpse Progenitor was close to the Soul Progenitor in the past. Through merging with the Corpse Progenitor, I learned some of the secrets of the Soul Progenitor." Miao Fengtian did not hide anything and said, "Didn't the Soul Progenitor's remains explode? You merged with the remnant soul of the Soul Progenitor?"

Qin Lie was even more surprised. "You know a lot."

Miao Fengtian was dazed. He said, "It seems that you did."

"Why did you not stay with Jiang Zhuzhe?" Qin Lie asked.

"He cultivates the Blood Spirit Art. The main Blood Fiend Sect base on the Heavenly Calamity Continent is where he should be. The three ghoul races are dead, the eastern barbarians are extinct, the Land of Chaos will not have any trouble in the short term. Our relationship has grown distant," Miao Fengtian explained.

"Could you forge the corpses of all beings into Corpse Demons?" Qin Lie's thoughts moved.

"Pretty much." Miao Fengtian nodded.

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and said, "Could you forge Void Realm experts, or beings with rank nine bloodlines into Corpse Demons after death?"

"Yes, but I will need to expend a great amount of time as I have not truly comprehended the secret arts passed down from the Corpse Progenitor. I cannot refine beings in the Void Realm," Miao Fengtian said.

"What conditions need to be fulfilled to make a Corpse Demon?" Qin Lie asked.

"A place with great yin power, preferably a graveyard. Also, the corpse has to have a great amount of corpse energy," Miao Fengtian answered.

"A place with both yin and corpse energy, best if it is a graveyard..." Qin Lie thought and nodded. He said, "Come somewhere with me."

As he spoke, he formed a star door once again using his bloodline power.

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