Chapter 1069: Frightening Ambitions

Chapter 1069: Frightening Ambitions

Xue Lie did not understand.

"You have to gradually merge the Soul Altar. You have to slowly eliminate the remnant thoughts and negative emotions left by the owner of the Soul Altar." Qin Lie frowned as he said gravely, "That is the best way to assimilate the Soul Altar. If you go too fast, without realizing it, you will be invaded by the thoughts of the previous owner and lose yourself."

When he said this, Qin Lie stopped and looked deeply at Xue Li.

"You think that my assimilation method is not correct?" Xue Li's eyes flashed with eerie  red light.

Nodding, Qin Lie said, "I feel you have already lost yourself."

When he said this, Jiang Zhuzhe, Mo Lingye, and the other members of the Blood Fiend Ten Elders frowned.

They could all see that Xue Li had changed greatly in personality after merging with the Blood Progenitor's seven-level Soul Altar.

Otherwise, Xue Li would not harmoniously interact with Jiang Zhuzhe and accept Jiang Zhuzhe's conduct.

Not long ago, when he returned from Black Voodoo Cult, people had been shocked at his thick blood aura.

They knew that something must have happened to Xue Li. They knew that Xue Li had gradually lost himself and went mad, but they did not dare to say it.

Especially when Xue Li possessed the strength of a four-level Soul Altar.

With four-level Soul Altar, he almost had no match in the present Land of Chaos.

Even Jiang Zhuzhe became very careful when he faced Xue Li whose savage aura grew more and more eerie.

Let alone the others, who were much weaker.

"Lost myself?" Xue Li's expression became dark. His gaze landed on Jiang Zhuzhe, Mo Lingye, and the Blood Fiend Ten Elders. He said coldly, "Do you also think so?"

All the people beside him fell silent.

"I think that you are the ones lost!" Xue Li snorted coldly and shouted, "A thousand years ago when Blood Fiend Sect was at its strongest, it dominated Black Voodoo Cult and was not any weaker than Terminator Sect! When we were about to enact our plan, Black Voodoo Cult urged the Silver rank forces and invaded Blood Cloud Mountain Range, aided by the three families! How many people and disciples were killed? Blood Cloud Mountain Range was covered in rivers of blood. The previous generation of Blood Fiend Ten Elders was almost completely killed. Have you forgotten these things?!"

He did not mention Jiang Zhuzhe drinking human blood and enraging the world.

Maybe, in his eyes at present, Jiang Zhuzhe drinking human blood to cultivate was normal.

"You may have forgotten, but I have not! I will rebuild Blood Fiend Sect. I will fulfill our master’s dreams and make Blood Fiend Sect the strongest in the Land of Chaos!" Xue Li shouted.

His eyes seemed to flash with oceans of blood as he gave off mad, bloodthirsty aura.

At this moment, everyone clearly felt that his soul was filled with negative emotions.

People could not find familiarity in his eyes. They found that he was getting further and further away from the Xue Li they were familiar with.

"His soul has been affected too much. I'm afraid he really has experienced a fiendish rebound. There is nothing I can do," Jiang Zhuzhe said in secret to Qin Lie. "He cannot leave this place in his present state! If he returns to the Land of Chaos, if he kills a single person and drinks one mouthful of blood, he will completely lose control of himself! Soon, he will become an evil demon that only knows how to kill. He has no consciousness of his own, he will just act on his instincts and drink blood!"

"Why do you not speak?" Xue Li's expression turned cold as his gazed at the group. He said, "Do you support me or not?"

Mo Lingye, and Hong Bowen bowed their heads and did not make a sound.

Xue Moyan bit her lips and kept her words back.

Mo Jun and Meng Feng and the others Blood Fiend Ten Elders had eyes flashing with ambition. They seemed to have other ideas.

"With Big Brother Xue's strength, Qin Lie's Flaming Sun Island, and Jiang Zhuzhe, Blood Fiend Sect does have the ability to dominate the Land of Chaos," Mo Jun suddenly said softly.

Meng Feng and the others were also secretly excited.

"Flaming Sun Island is Flaming Sun Island, Blood Fiend Sect is Blood Fiend Sect, the two are not one force," Qin Lie said calmly.

"You also cultivate the Blood Spirit Art." Mo Jun was surprised.

"Other than the Blood Spirit Art, I also cultivate the Thunder Emperor's Heavenly Thunder Eradication, the Ice Emperor's Frost Arts, and also the power of the earth from the Ancient Beast Race." Qin Lie shook his head and looked towards Mo Jun and the others. He said, "I am very grateful you don't treat me as an outsider. Truthfully, I do not think of you as outsiders. However... the majority of the martial practitioners that have joined Flaming Sun Island do not cultivate Blood Spirit Art, and cannot be considered members of Blood Fiend Sect."

Mo Jun went silent.

"Also, Terminator Sect, and Heavenly Sword Mountain all have close connections to me. Forefather Terminator and Li Mu have both helped me greatly in the past. I cannot help you slaughter Terminator Sect and Heavenly Sword Mountain."

"Also, Illusory Demon Sect and Black Voodoo Cult are now subordinate powers of Flaming Sun Island. Should I raise the blade against my subordinates?"

"Moreover, the reason that Blood Fiend Sect was able to survive is because of Yu Lingwei of Illusory Demon Sect. You will listen to Elder Xue Li and kill Sect Leader Yu?"

Qin Lie asked.

"Obviously, we will not do anything to Sect Leader Yu." Mo Jun smiled anxiously. "But Wen Bin's family in Illusory Demon Sect, and some of the other families have bullied us in the past, they should die."

"Qin Lie, if Blood Fiend Sect becomes the only force in the Land of Chaos, you will become the true ruler!" Xue Li shouted.

Meng Feng also said, "We all feel you will be the strongest sect leader of Blood Fiend Sect!"

"Oh?" Qin Lie laughed in surprise and said, "Am I not the ruler of the Land of Chaos right now? Is my Flaming Sun Island not the strongest force in the Land of Chaos?"

"This..." Mo Jun's expression changed slightly.

Qin Lie looked deeply at Mo Jun, Meng Feng and the others. He said coolly, "Elder Xue Li is going mad and has lost himself, are you also going mad as well? You can have ambition. However... sometimes, you have to weigh your strength and make sure you don’t punch above your weight.”

"Who are you saying is mad?!" Xue Li shouted.

A thick tang of blood spread from his body. Threads of blood came out of his crimson eyes.

"Not good!" Jiang Zhuzhe shouted.

Mo Lingye's expression changed as he said, "Qin Lie! Leave quickly!"

"Quickly, leave!" Xue Moyan also shouted.

Mo Jun and Meng Feng also panicked when they saw Xue Li's state and hurriedly urged Qin Lie to leave.

They were full of ambition and wanted Blood Fiend Sect to become the strongest force in the Land of Chaos. Then, they wanted Qin Lie to become the next sect leader.

But they did not want to harm Qin Lie.

In truth, they were grateful to Qin Lie. When they saw Xue Li about to lose control, their first thought was to make sure Qin Lie was unharmed.

"I gave the remains of the Blood Progenitor and the seven-level Soul Altar to you. I told you about the shortcomings back then. It seems you forgot what I said back then after your increase in power." Sighing, Qin Lie said, "Maybe it is time to remind you."

As he spoke, he immediately channeled the secret art of the Soul Race.

Within Xue Li’s mind, the criss-crossing tree patterns deep in his soul suddenly became terrifying soul shackles.

Xue Li who was about to go mad suddenly lost his soul power which was pulled away by the Soul Tree inside the Dark Soul Beast avatar.

The bloody light in Xue Li's eyes gradually dimmed.

"You are not suited to stay in the Land of Chaos in this state. Let me find you a new home," Qin Lie said.

He activated his blood. Star Door connected to the Dark Soul Beast avatar in Boluo Realm formed in front of him and Xue Li.

When the star door formed, the aura of the rank nine Dark Soul Beast and the other Void Realm experts came from afar.

Inside the ultimate blood ground, Jiang Zhuzhe, Mo Lingye, and the Blood Fiend Ten Elders all had pale faces.

The terrifying soul presences from the other end of the star door made their breathing difficult. Even their souls were trembling.

They could not know what was on the other end of the door.

At this moment, an enormous hoof covered in hooked thorns came out of the star door.

When this hoof passed through the star door, it suddenly grew exponentially. Like a giant's hand grabbing a rat, it gripped Xue Li's body and pulled himself to the other side of the star door.

When the hoof of the Dark Soul Beast appeared in the ultimate blood ground, its great physical power caused the hearts of the Blood Fiend Sect to beat madly.

They couldn’t even react before Xue Li who had just been shouting madly was taken away, similarly unable to put up any resistance.

The star door gradually closed under Qin Lie's bloodline power.

The martial practitioners of Blood Fiend Sect beside the blood pool had ashen faces and couldn’t utter a world for a long time.

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