Chapter 1068: Swelled Xue Li

Chapter 1068: Swelled Xue Li

On Soul Summoning Island, Qin Lie could accurately feel Xue Li and Miao Fengtian's locations through the Soul Tree.

Xue Li and Miao Fengtian's soul vibrations flashed, causing the Dark Soul Beast avatar's Soul Tree to grow two thick branches.

Those two branches were even thicker than the branch corresponding to Curtis and the other Asura Race experts.

Xue Li had assimilated the Blood Progenitor, and Miao Fengtian, the Corpse Progenitor. Both of them had been seven-level Soul Altar experts.

Seven-level Soul Altar, the early stage of the Genesis Realm...

Even Xue Li and Miao Fengtian could not fully use the power of the seven-level Soul Altars. The potential power of the two progenitor remains and the complete seven-level Soul Altars surpassed Curtis and the others.

After the two branches grew on the Soul Tree, Qin Lie knew immediately that Xue Li and Miao Fengtian's souls were imprinted with the mark of the Soul Race.

He believed that Xue Li and Miao Fengtian should be able to feel the change in their souls.

"I have not seen Xue Li for a long time."

Muttering inside, he channeled his bloodline power and used their soul connection to use Star Door again.

With a flash, he disappeared into the star door.

He appeared at the bottom level of the Nether Battlefield, the ultimate blood ground.

The thick blood spirit energy was like an ocean that drowned him.

The bloody mist shrouded the surroundings, and the tang of blood was nauseating.

The lake of blood that spanned across several acres boiled, the bubbles floating out and releasing bloody steam. An enormous blood cocoon floated in the center of the bloody lake.

The cocoon gave off energy whose savagery, bloodthirst and madness had no equal.

Qin Lie's expression changed slightly.

In the ultimate blood ground, other than Xue Li inside the blood cocoon, he could not feel any other signs of life.

The Blood Fiend Sect martial practitioners that should have been arranged to cultivate at the ultimate blood ground and some of Lang Xie's subordinates were all gone.

He spread his soul consciousness into the surroundings.

With the blood pool as the center, the blood spirit energy shrouding the ultimate blood ground gathered from all directions.

The blood spirit energy condensed into the blood pool and formed crimson bloodwater.

The blood cocoon inside the blood pool used a mysterious secret art to gather all of the blood spirit energy in the ultimate blood ground towards the blood pool, so that the person inside can use it for themselves.

In Qin Lie's perception, the blood spirit energy in the ultimate blood ground was almost used up.

"No wonder he is the only one left here," Qin Lie said to himself.

All of the blood spirit energy in the ultimate blood ground had been gathered to the blood pool. Even if other people wanted to cultivate in the ultimate blood ground, they would have a difficult time absorbing any blood spirit energy.

Even if they could cultivate there, could they face the ever-present savage aura Xue Li was exuding?

They would surely be disrupted and go mad.

He suddenly remembered that Jiang Zhuzhe had previously told him to pay attention to Xue Li's state. He said that Xue Li was in a bad state.

When Flaming Sun Island and the eastern barbarians fought, Xue Li did not appear, and Mo Lingye said that Xue Li was trying to calm himself down.

All the signs pointed to the fact that Xue Li most likely had problems because of his impatience in assimilating the Blood Progenitor's Soul Altar.

Jiang Zhuzhe also said that,back at Black Voodoo Cult, Xue Li... may have drunk human blood.

In the past, Xue Li hated the fact Jiang Zhuzhe cultivated using human blood the most.

Xue Li himself had said that if he lost himself one day and could not control himself, he hoped that Qin Lie could put him down.

In his view, even if he completely lost control, only Qin Lie could destroy him.

He knew that the Blood Progenitor’s remains and the seven-level Soul Altar he was assimilating were covered with mysterious patterns.

He knew that one of Qin Lie's spirit artifacts had left these.

"Long time no see." Beside the blood pool, Qin Lie smiled coolly and said.

Inside the blood pool, the blood cocoon opened, and Xue Li slowly appeared.

At the bottom of the blood cocoon, the seven-level blood jade Soul Altar appeared mysteriously.

Xue Li sat on the top of the blood jade seven-level Soul Altar.

That seven level Soul Altar was slowly taking away the blood spirit energy of the blood pool.

Qin Lie noticed that countless rays of bloody light sparkled and flashed through the bottom four levels of the Soul Altar.

This meant that Xue Li could already use four levels of Soul Altar!

A four-level Soul Altar was equivalent to an expert in the early stage of the Void Realm. Current Xue Li stood at the peak of the Land of Chaos!

He advanced using the method of directly assimilating the Blood Progenitor's Soul Altar. He was not affected by the progenitor curse of the Land of Chaos. If his understanding of blood power increased, he could immediately control greater strength from the Soul Altar.

Sitting on the seven-level Soul Altar, Xue Li gave off a domineering presence. He snickered and suddenly moved towards Qin Lie.

That seven-level Soul Altar shrank dramatically until it was only the size of a rice grain.

Xue Li poked out his tongue and swallowed the seven-level Soul Altar. He floated down to stand at the edge of the blood pool. He said, "I have been here all this time, you just have not come for a long time."

At this time, Xue Li was still giving off a savage and bloodthirsty presence as though he could commit a slaughter at any moment.

Qin Lie's eyes narrowed slightly and he smiled. He said, "I was busy recently."

"I heard you swept the eastern barbarians?" Xue Li laughed. "Good! Those eastern barbarian cowards frequently have frequently invaded the Land of Chaos in the past, they should have gotten a taste of their own medicine a long time ago!"

"The Silver rank forces worked together to exterminate the eastern barbarians. It was not just my own accomplishment," Qin Lie said.

"The Silver rank forces?" Xue Li's blood eyes were filled with scorn. "They will be destroyed by Blood Fiend Sect sooner or later!"

Qin Lie's brow furrowed.

"Back then, the eight Silver rank forces allied together to invade Blood Cloud Mountain Range, encouraged by Black Voodoo Cult! Blood Fiend Sect turned into rivers of blood as countless disciples were slaughtered! I think it is time to settle this score!" Xue Li laughed wildly. "Terminator Sect, Black Voodoo Cult, Heavenly Sword Mountain, Celestial Artifact Sect, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, including Illusory Demon Sect, I want them to all be eliminated from the Land of Chaos! I want only one force to be left in the Land of Chaos, Blood Fiend Sect!"

He patted Qin Lie's shoulder heavily and shouted, "I will engage Moyan to you, and you will be the sect leader of Blood Fiend Sect! Under your leadership, Blood Fiend Sect will become a Gold rank force in the Land of Chaos, and equal those top forces of Central World!"

At this time, Xue Li's wild state was completely on display.

Qin Lie's expression was grim. He just was going to speak when his expression changed slightly.

Nearby, several figures appeared in the teleportation formation.

Jiang Zhuzhe, Mo Lingye, Mo Jun, Hong Bowen, Meng Feng, Xue Moyan, and the others walked out.

"So you were the one that woke him up." Jiang Zhuzhe had a strange look.

"You have come just in time!" Xue Li snickered and said, "I can use up to four levels of this Soul Altar. Adding on Jiang Zhuzhe, and Qin Lie’s Flaming Sun Island, Blood Fiend Sect can sweep the Land of Chaos, and have us be the only force left in the Land of Chaos!"

In his mind, he did not treat Qin Lie as an outsider.

Qin Lie, who cultivated the Blood Spirit Art, was like his successor. He also thought of Lang Xie's people on Flaming Sun Island as his own people.

He even thought of all of Flaming Sun Island as a part of Blood Fiend Sect.

Qin Lie's Flaming Sun Island, his and Jiang Zhuzhe's Blood Fiend Sects. When these three forces worked together, it really was not a delusion to think they could reset the Land of Chaos.

Especially, he felt that he was invincible with his four-level Soul Altar.

At this time, his confidence swelled.

"Senior brother, the times have changed. All of the Silver rank forces acknowledged Flaming Sun Island as their ruler. We don’t have to go to war."

Jiang Zhuzhe smiled as he urged from the side. He said secretly to Qin Lie. "We set up wards around the blood pool. When he comes out of the blood cocoon, we will immediately detect it. That is why we came in a hurry so we could know his situation. He seems to have not heard our urgings. He didn’t suppress his urge to advance and took control of another level, becoming capable of wielding strength of the fourth level of the Blood Progenitor’s Soul Altar. I think... we cannot be of any influence to him."

Mo Lingye, Jiang Zhuzhe, and the others did not hope that Xue Li would continue to advance, but to temporarily stop and calm his mind.

Only then could Xue Li avoid losing himself.

But Xue Li could already use the power of the fourth level of the Soul Altar. Xue Li clearly did not listen to their warnings.

"Elder Xue Li, do you not feel anything strange in your soul?" Qin Lie suddenly asked.

"What strangeness?" Xue Li was shocked.

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