Chapter 1067: Transfer between Realms

Chapter 1067: Transfer between Realms

In the lands of the Serene Moon Race, You Qianlan and Lin Jie both wore shocked expressions.

While Zhuang Jing had been talking to them, her soul energy suddenly surged. Suddenly, in front of their eyes, she broke through to the Nirvana Realm.

They had no idea what was the reason.

Qin Lie's arrival, the joy in Zhuang Jing's eyes all caused them to feel many suspicions...

"Had Qin Lie helped Zhuang Jing successfully break through?"

The two women looked at Zhuang Jing and then at Qin Lie with curious gazes.

"You originally were in the late stage of the Fragmentation Realm. The reason you had not reached the Nirvana Realm was because you lacked enough soul energy." Qin Lie nodded slightly and said, "I just helped you a bit."

"Not just a bit." Zhuang Jing smiled. "Without master's help, I would need at least a decade to reach the Nirvana Realm."

She knew the soul energy Qin Lie gave her was only one cause of her breakthrough.

The secret arts of the Serene Moon Race contained knowledge of moon power. She, who had the Serene Moon Race’s bloodline, could also cultivate the secret arts.

It was these secret arts that deepened her understanding of moon power and the soul energy together that helped reach the breakthrough.

Zhuang Jing's response caused You Qianlan and Lin Jie to tremble inside. They finally believed that Zhuang Jing's breakthrough was related to Qin Lie.

The two women exchanged a look and saw the shock in each other's eyes.

They were with Zhuang Jing the entire time and knew that Qin Lie was not anywhere nearby.

But if Qin Lie wasn’t here, what method did he use to make Zhuang Jing's soul energy quickly grow?

They could not understand it no matter how hard they thought.

"Starting today, you do not have to worry about not having enough soul energy. As long as your spirit energy reaches the threshold, and your understanding of the martial way is sufficient, you can start preparing for a breakthrough,," Qin Lie said domineeringly.

Zhuang Jing's eyes were like stars. She said joyfully," Thank you, master!"

In the past, she may not have believed Qin Lie's boasting words. But now, after this sudden increase in her soul energy, she trusted every one of Qin Lie's words.

She believed firmly that Qin Lie could fulfill his promise!

"I only came by, I have no business here. I’ll be leaving." Qin Lie smiled and flew away.

The Soul Tree of the Dark Soul Beast avatar needed many powerful soul slaves in order to rank up. When the soul slaves gained power, the Soul Tree rooted in the Dark Soul Beast's mind would grow bigger.

The cultivation of the members of the Soul Race as well as their strength relied greatly on the soul slaves.

Zhuang Jing was Qin Lie's first soul slave in truth. He had personally put the soul imprint on her.

The Asura Race Soul Altar experts were soul slaves tamed by the member of the Soul Race who had possessed the Dark Soul Beast previously.

To him, Zhuang Jing held a special place, so he cared greatly about her cultivation growth.

"Senior sister, your soul energy increase really came from his gift? How is this possible?"

After Qin Lie left, Lin Jie couldn't help but shout with an incredulous expression.

"Hi-his cultivation is not very high, how could he transfer pure soul energy to you?" You Qianlan was also filled with doubts as she said, "He also said that you do not have to worry about soul energy in the future for your breakthroughs, what does this mean?"

"He is filled with mysteries. Even after we’ve gone through some things, I still can’t understand him," Zhuang Jing said with a smile.

"Senior sister, you are really willing to be a slave?" Lin Jie frowned.

"In the past, I was not, but after this matter, I will willingly work for him," Zhuang Jing said honestly.

You Qianlan and Lin Jie were shocked.

Rising from the Serene Moon Race’s territory, Qin Lie used the Blitz Thunder Escape continuously as he headed to the Ancient Beast Race.

When he returned to the Ancient Beast Race, he immediately went back to Soul Summoning Island through the secret realm entrance.

"Logically, the Star Door should have the ability to go through realms, let's see..."

On Soul Summoning Island, beside the obsidian palace, the soul of his main body could clearly feel the soul in the Dark Soul Beast avatar.

He tried to activate the Star Door latent ability inside his bloodline.

"Zzzt zzt zzt!"

The blue light of the bloodline formed a star-shaped door beside the obsidian place.

The shape of the Dark Soul Beast avatar appeared on the other end.

When this star door appeared, he felt exhausted. He immediately realized that while the Star Door latent ability could let him cross realms, it would take much more bloodline power.

Just maintaining the shape of the star door, the power in his bloodline flowed away quickly.

He hurriedly retracted his bloodline power.

As his bloodline power was used up, the star door that had formed on Soul Summoning Island suddenly disappeared.

The expenditure of his bloodline power finally stopped.

He had a tired expression but his eyes were bright as he said softly to himself, "Starting today, no matter where I am, no matter where my Dark Soul Beast avatar is, my main body and my avatar can instantly come together!"

He knew what this meant.

In the future, no matter how much danger his main body was in, if the space he was in wasn’t chaotic, he could use the bloodline talent of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit to form a spatial passage, and have his main body reach where the Dark Soul Beast avatar was.

Also, after using Star Door, he could summon the Dark Soul Beast avatar to cross realms from any place.

The rank nine Dark Soul Beast had many soul slaves. This terrifying force could easily reverse any situation!


When he used the Star Door to check if he could travel to Soul Summoning Island, he suddenly felt something in his soul.

The Soul Suppressing Orb in his glabella flashed suddenly.

In this moment, within the limits of the Land of Chaos, he felt two soul connections.

One connection was the Corpse Progenitor on the Heavenly Calamity Continent.

The next one was far away in the Nether Battlefield between Scarlet Tide Continent and Nether Realm. It was in the ultimate blood ground at the bottom level.

That was Xue Li's presence!

Xue Li had assimilated the remains of the Blood Progenitor. Miao Fengtian had assimilated the remains of the Corpse Progenitor.

The Blood Progenitor and the Corpse Progenitor had all experienced the refinement of the Soul Suppressing Orb. Their Soul Altars were covered in mysterious ancient diagrams.

He had the ability to affect the Blood Progenitor and Corpse Progenitor.

He knew that his original soul had a connection to both the Blood and Corpse Progenitors.

However, in the past, his soul connection could not cross the entire Land of Chaos.

But now that his subsoul and the Dark Soul Beast merged and formed the Soul Tree unique to the Soul Race, he found that the connection between himself and the souls of the Blood Progenitor and the Corpse Progenitor could cross the entire Land of Chaos!

He could also see two extremely thick branches growing rapidly on the Soul Tree inside the Dark Soul Beast avatar despite being far away in Boluo Realm.

Those two branches clearly corresponded to Xue Li and Miao Fengtian!

"Xue Li and Miao Fengtian also became my soul slaves?" Qin Lie was shocked.

He had never thought that he would discover so many surprises upon returning to the Land of Chaos.

"The Soul Tree is an unique soul state to the Soul Race. It is the source of the Soul Race members’ strength. The Soul Suppressing Orb which refined the Blood and Corpse Progenitor is also the holy artifact of the Soul Race..."

He gradually realized and speculated that the Soul Suppressing Orb treated the two as soul servants when it refined them in the past!

When he merged with the soul of the Dark Soul Beast and formed the Soul Tree, the Blood and Corpse Progenitor naturally became his private soul slaves.

"This has to be the case!"

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