Chapter 1066: New Bloodline Ability!

Chapter 1066: New Bloodline Ability!

Using the pure soul energy of the Dark Soul Beast avatar and the power of Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline, Qin Lie advanced from the middle stage of the Fragmentation Realm all the way to the Nirvana Realm.

His bloodline also ascended to rank seven.

When he entered the Nirvana Realm, because of the arrival of Ji Yao and the others, he hurriedly went to meet them before he could take his time to inspect his body and stabilize his cultivation.

After his secret discussion with Ji Yao, he noticed Serine's abnormality and had a talk with the Cullen Family.

It was only then that he could finally observe the changes in his body.

Strands of his soul consciousness were like threads as they roamed over his entire body and closely observed his state.

When he reached the Nirvana Realm, his Soul Lake widened exponentially, and seemed to become an ocean of soul power.

The broadening of his Soul Lake meant that his soul power was tens of time greater than in middle stage Fragmentation Realm.

The True Soul in his Soul Lake was refined by the Nirvana Fire when he broke through. It became tangible and clear without any of the blurriness of the past.

With a thought, his True Soul flew out of the Soul Lake and appeared in front of his eyes.

After the True Soul left his body, it turned into different forms as his thoughts moved.

A ball of fire, miniature of his body, a ball of lightning. His True Soul could take all forms.

The True Soul of a martial practitioner would be in danger once it left the body before one reached the Nirvana Realm.

Martial practitioners under the Nirvana Realm would have blurry True Souls. When they left the Soul Lake, they could be wounded by the wind outside.

True Soul would only become strong after being refined by the Nirvana Fire.  After that, it could remain safe after leaving one's body.

Also, when one reached the Nirvana Realm, their True Soul could change into a variety of shapes.

Nirvana Realm martial practitioners could have their True Souls enter the chaotic streams of space and experience refinement of the soul.

Many Nirvana Realm martial practitioners would search for spatial rifts to roam the chaotic outer space and cultivate there in their soul form.

After observing the changes in his Soul Lake and True Soul, Qin Lie put his consciousness towards his spirit sea. He immediately found the natal palaces made out of ice, lightning, and earth spirit power had also increased in size.

The power contained in the three natal palaces had grown by more than tenfold.

"Bloodline, bloodline..."

His mind moved through the meridians and blood vessels. He found the blue blood of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit had disappeared.

All of the blue blood he had absorbed successfully merged with his bloodline.

Rank seven bloodline. Other than strengthening his latent abilities of transformation, recovery, ignition, corrosion, and flame consumption, he also obtained a new latent ability called “Flame World.”

This bloodline talent came from the God Race bloodline!

Other than this, another latent ability called "Star Door" also appeared in his blood.

This latent ability came from the bloodline of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit!

Flame World could use the burning flames and lava hidden in his bloodline to set up a domain, change his surrounding into a different world..

Inside the Flame World, all his God Race latent abilities would be exponentially enhanced.

The God Race secret arts such as the Ring of the Burning Sun would be several times stronger as well.

The price was that he needed to continuously expend bloodline power in order to maintain Flame World.

This was an ability to increase the God Race bloodline and secret arts in all aspects.

The Star Door was a spatial art unique to the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit. This secret art was the most mysterious talent of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit's bloodline.

When the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit explored the outer space, it could do so with just a thought. No matter where it was, no matter how far it was from the main body, it could use the Star Door latent ability to form a spatial passage connected to the main body. Then, the main body could instantly travel through the passage to wherever the soul thought was.

For example, if the body of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit was in Spirit Realm, it could fly into the chaotic streams of space with one soul thought.

As long as it was willing, it could open the Star Door at any moment with its bloodline power and pass through space to wherever the soul thought was.

"The Star Door bloodline latent ability, when used together with the Dark Soul Beast avatar and the secret arts of the Soul Race... Would I be able to go as I please and move between my main body and avatars?"

After finding the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit's Star Door latent ability, Qin Lie's eyes suddenly lit up.

The only condition that needed to be fulfilled was to have a soul thought that could connect to the main soul in order to confirm the location.

Also, he only had to use bloodline power through the Star Door latent ability in his bloodline.

Having taking over the Dark Soul Beast and having realized his heritage, this Star Door latent ability made him extremely excited.

"Let's try!"

As soon as he thought of this, he formed a connection between his soul and the Dark Soul Beast avatar and activated the Star Door latent ability.

As his bloodline power surged, threads of blue light suddenly flew out of his body and formed a bright star-shaped door.

When the bright door formed, Qin Lie's body shook, and his face filled with joy.

Through the star-shaped door, he saw the Dark Soul Beast avatar at the other end. This meant that he could go over.

That also meant… the Dark Soul Beast avatar could come over.

The Star Door made a passage between his main body and the Dark Soul Beast avatar.

His body flashed. He passed through the star door, that shortly after disappeared.

In the next moment, he appeared on the other side of Boluo Realm, in the sealed underground cave.

The rank nine Dark Soul Beast avatar crawled through the empty underground like an ancient beast.

The Soul Altar experts of Asura Race branch were scattered around the Dark Soul Beast avatar, led by Curtis.

Mysterious soul boundaries sealed off the entire space to prevent experts on the outside from detecting this place.

The rank nine Dark Soul Beast avatar could conceal this place using the soul seal of the Soul Race.

Unless Genesis Realm experts were coincidentally closeby, no one could detect what was in this underground cave.

Originally, he planned to use the white bone altar there to send these soul slaves away from Boluo Realm and to another world to fight.

But after he reached the Nirvana Realm, and his bloodline reached rank seven, he comprehended some of the arts of the Soul Race and was not in a hurry to leave.

His Dark Soul Beast avatar successfully formed a barrier that prevented top experts of Boluo Realm from detecting any abnormalities.

Therefore, he changed his plan and decided to first resolve the trouble of Lunar Temple and Sun Palace.


Led by Curtis, the Asura Race's Soul Altar experts saw a star door open, and Qin Lie's main body suddenly come over. They bowed.

These people had soul connection to Qin Lie. Just through aura alone, they knew that Qin Lie had the soul of the Dark Soul Beast.

However, in their view, they thought that Qin Lie was an avatar of the Dark Soul Beast.

They thought the rank nine Dark Soul Beast next to them was the main body.

In the underground cave, Qin Lie and the Dark Soul Beast avatar looked into each other's eyes with a similar look of joyful surprise.


Qin Lie took a deep breath. WIth a thought, he connected mentally to Zhuang Jing.

His bloodline power moved, and another door formed between him and Zhuang Jing.

He suddenly passed through the star door.

In the next moment, he appeared beside Zhuang Jing in the lands of the Serene Moon Race.

Zhuang Jing who had recently reached the Nirvana Realm and was stabilizing her cultivation was being protected by You Qianlan and Lin Jie.

His arrival gave You Qianlan and Lin Jie a fright.

"Master." Zhuang Jing's eyes lit up as she opened her eyes. She stood up and bowed to him, saying," Thank you, master, for your gift."

She did not know how Qin Lie had arrived, she only knew that the pure soul power she suddenly received had been transferred over by Qin LIe through some secret art.

The increase in her soul power, and the secret arts of the Serene Moon Race caused her to reach the Nirvana Realm in one step.

At this moment, she finally completely submitted to Qin Lie and realized that Qin Lie had many unusual traits.

"You also reached the Nirvana Realm?" Qin Lie was surprised.

He saw a small branch on the Soul Tree of the Dark Soul Beast avatar and then knew that branch corresponded to Zhuang Jing.

In order to test the Soul Race secret art, he sent a burst of soul power towards that branch, and also the secret arts of the Serene Moon Race.

He had not expected that the soul power he used as a test to help Zhuang Jing reach the Nirvana Realm.

"It was thanks to master’s good fortune." Zhuang Jing's eyes smiled.

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