Chapter 1065: Soul Connection

Chapter 1065: Soul Connection

Serine screamed.

The Cullen Family members suddenly became solemn, each person's eyes seemingly shrouded in gray mist.

—No one doubted the truth of Serine's words.

"Here in Boluo Realm? How strong is it" Carey asked.

"I do not know, I could not recognize it." Serine panicked and said in terror, "Maybe we should leave Boluo Realm?"

The members of the Cullen family looked towards Carey, their minds in disarray.

"Why did the Ancient Beast clansmen and the leaders of other races say that the threat of the Dark Soul Beast has been resolved?" Hester frowned. "Also, Qin Lie said that the Dark Soul Beast will not make chaos in the Boluo Realm, why would he lie to us?"

When he said this, Hester's expression changed and he noticed Qin Lie coming toward them alone.

The experts of the Cullen Family all focused on Qin Lie.

They suddenly became silent.

Carey's expression was grim as he looked with suspicion at Qin Lie. He started to think of other possibilities—Qin Lie deliberately lying to them. Did he have other intentions?

They were being pursued by the nobility of Asura Realm everywhere, with no way of escape. Their ordeal made them extremely cautious. They panicked at even the slightest of signs.

Since they had a reason to panic, the look they gave Qin Lie changed.

Qin Lie suddenly stopped walking.

The wariness and coldness in the eyes of the Cullen Family caused him to frown—he immediately realized the Cullen Family most likely knew the truth.

When Serine cast her soul secret art, his Dark Soul Beast avatar far away in Boluo Realm detected the abnormality.

A thread of Serine's soul presence appeared in a branch the Soul Tree inside his Dark Soul Beast avatar.

That Soul Tree had a bud-like branch that was half-tangible.

He, who knew some of the Soul Race's art, quickly realized there were mysterious connections between Serine and the Dark Soul Beast avatar.

Through the Dark Soul Beast avatar, he could see that Serine's soul was covered in the tree-like patterns of the Soul Race.

This made him even more certain there was a connection between Serine and the Dark Soul Beast.

When he reached the Nirvana Realm, and his bloodline reached rank seven, his entire body seemed to have been reconstructed.

He had a deeper understanding of the soul arts of the Soul Race and the abilities of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit's blood.

His thoughts swirled at the changes in the gazes of the Cullen Family, and the unusualness of Serine's soul.

"I know it is alive, it also knows my position!" shouted Serine upon realization.

The Cullen Family members who had been focused on Qin Lie were given a fright.

Qin Lie, who had come close, heard Serine's words and his gaze became strange.

"Qin Lie! You lied to us, the Dark Soul Beast is still alive! It is in Boluo Realm!" Naji shouted.

"I only said the Dark Soul Beast will not continue to threaten Boluo Realm, not that it is dead." Qin Lie's expression was cool as he looked with interest at Serine. "You can detect the existence of the Dark Soul Beast?"

"Why did the Ancient Beast clansmen and the leaders of Boluo Realm’s foreign races say the Dark Soul Beast is already dead?" Carey accused.

"I do not know why." Qin Lie shrugged his shoulders.

"It is still alive, but why does it not continue to endanger Boluo Realm, could you explain this?" Carey asked.

Qin Lie's eyes were dark as he smiled slightly. He said, "It is inconvenient for me to say."

"Then how could we trust you?" Hester snorted.

"Not trust me? Haha, if you want to return to Spirit Realm right now, I will immediately arrange it. In the Ruined Lands, there is secret realm entrance connected to the Dragonman Race and the Lizard Race. You could go to those realms to seek refuge." Pausing, Qin Lie continued, "However... the Dragonman Race and the Lizard Race are not friendly and may not accept you. Even if they accept you, your enemies should have ways of finding you. Unless you can go to unknown realms, this is the only place your fellow Asura clansmen cannot find you."

The expressions of the Cullen Family dimmed.

Qin Lie's words poked at their sore point—they did not have too many avenues to choose from.

"You say the Dark Soul Beast will not be threat? You believe this?" Serine suddenly asked.

"I can arrange for you to see the Dark Soul Beast." Qin Lie smiled slightly and added,"If you dare to go."

Carey's expression changed.

"How could that be plausible?" Naji shouted "If elder sister goes to see the Dark Soul Beast, isn't it sending a lamb to the slaughter?"

"I can guarantee she will come back safely," Qin Lie said.

"No!" Carey said coldly.

Thinking for a moment, Qin Lie said seriously, "Some things... have happened to her. Maybe they can only be solved if she sees the Dark Soul Beast."

"You, how do you know this?" Serine said in alarm.

"Consider it." Qin Lie did not answer her question and said, "You have time to think. Either leave Boluo Realm, or stay. Also consider if she should go see the Dark Soul Beast to resolve her troubles. I have just reached the Nirvana Realm and need time to reflect on my own cultivation, so I will not say any more. When you have decided, you can come find me."

He pointed to the enormous floating stones in the sky above the Ancient Beast Race.

Having finished his speech, he took to air and flew away from the Cullen Family.

He could see that Serine's soul was extremely powerful. Through the Soul Tree of his avatar, he even knew that Serine even knew some of the Soul Race secret arts.

He was sure that Serine obtained some things through the skull of the Rank Ten Dark Soul Beast.

However, in return, Serine's soul was affected by the Dark Soul Beast.

If he had not merged with the rank nine Dark Soul Beast of Boluo Realm, he was certain that the rank nine Dark Soul Beast would detect Serine when she came to Boluo Realm. Then it would use the secret arts of the Soul Race to turn Serine into its loyal soul slave.

As Serine's soul was imprinted with the mysterious Soul Race tree patterns, he knew that everything would proceed smoothly.

Returning to the place where he had talked with Ji Yao, Qin Lie sat down, and took out the star token that Ji Yao had given him. Looking at the marked pathways on the star token, he sank into thought.

If he could go into the chaotic streams of space and attack the people from Sun Palace and Lunar Temple, killing them in the void, Lunar Temple and Sun Palace would not be able to threaten Boluo Realm in the nearest future.

Boluo Realm would peacefully overcome this obstacle.

When Teng Yuan, Nivitt, and the others advanced, if one of them could reach rank ten and have the ability to fight against experts of the Genesis Realm, the human race would not pose a threat to Boluo Realm.

In the future, he could still make use of the denizens of the Boluo Realm.

"This star token, and the new bloodline talent I obtained, they can help me stop the people from Lunar Temple and Sun Palace," he murmured.

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