Chapter 1063: Proving His Innocence

Chapter 1063: Proving His Innocence

Qin Lie looked like a fire god with his demonically scarlet hair looking like tendrils continuously spitting flames and his robust body slowly rising into the sky covered in lava and boundless flames.

The three Ji Family experts couldn’t hide their surprise as they stared at Qin Lie from the distance.

Suddenly, Qin Lie rushed over towards them like a falling meteor, generating flames with every step he took.


Qin Lie’s scarlet red body stopped just above the mountain cave.

He leisurely put on a new set of clothes as he blood red eyes and fiery red hair swiftly turned back to normal.

“It’s you? But how?” Ji Yao exclaimed.

“Why are you guys in Boluo Realm?” Qin Lie was just as surprised.

He had encountered Ji Yao and the others at the chaotic streams of space by accident not long ago.

At the time, Ji Yao and his people were trapped inside a terrifying storm. They could’ve perished at any moment. When they saw the Spirits of Void and Chaos surrounding Qin Lie, they had called up to him for help in desperation.

He recognized Ji Yao and his people as members of the Ji Family. Because the Ji Family shared no grudges with the Qin Family, he had lent them a helping hand.

Qin Lie had left the scene in a hurry after that.

He never thought that Ji Yao and his people would suddenly appear in Boluo Realm. Their arrival surprised him a lot.

“They had come because of the Heavengold Mirror.” La Pu explained.

“The Heavengold Mirror…” Qin Lie came to realization as a dim light flashed through his eyes. He nodded. “I have obtained the Heavengold Mirror from Ji Qi.”

Ji Yao frowned. “Were you the one who killed Ji Qi? For that matter, were you the one who killed all the Fragmentation Realm youngsters who tried to track down the God Race’s escape route?”

“Are you really Qin Lie?” Ji Rui asked.

“My God Race bloodline should be more than enough proof, shouldn’t it?” Qin Lie countered.

“The God Race bloodline…” Ji Rui pondered for a moment with odd eyes. He then said, “Back then, Qin Lie was rumored to possess the God Race’s bloodline, true. However, he never managed to awaken his bloodline. We don’t actually know if the Qin Family was telling the truth when they said that Qin Lie had the Blaze Family’s bloodline running in his veins.”

He still doubted Qin Lie’s identity.

Right now, Qin Lie felt like an extremely difficult, dangerous and extraordinarily talented opponent to him.

He was largely different from the Qin Lie he knew three hundred years ago be it in terms of appearance, presence, or style of conversation.

That was why he couldn’t quite believe that Qin Lie was the “failure” who was laughed at by all three hundred years ago.

“He is Qin Lie,” Ji Yao said seriously.

Ji Rui and Ji Xi looked confused. They looked at him, hoping that Ji Yao would give them an explanation.

But Ji Yao didn’t say anything. Instead, he asked, “How did Ji Qi die?”

“He died fighting his own brethren,” Qin Lie said indifferently.

“Can you be more specific?” Ji Yao slowly calmed down over time.

“There are two interconnected secret realms deep inside the chaotic steams of space. One of the secret realms was the God Race’s Graveyard of Gods—which is the one I went into—as for the other one…” He paused for a moment before adding, “The other secret realm was just a trap.”

“The one the Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners of all central forces and the powerful ancient races went into was a trap.”

“Everyone who went into that place lost their minds and fought each other.”

“They saw many illusions and thought they were real. They thought the whole place was littered with the God Race’s precious treasures.”

“When I finally entered into that secret realm, almost all the people in there had killed one another in their madness already.”

“I only picked up some remnants of the battlefield.”

“However, I did kill some people before I went through the secret realm entrance. For example, I had killed Han Lei of Ninth Heaven.”

“I had never harmed Ji Qi or the martial practitioners of Sky Mender Palace.”

“The Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace shared no grudges with the Qin Family. There was no reason for me to attack them whatsoever.”

He half lied about what truly happened.

He didn’t mention what he experienced inside the Graveyard of Gods. He didn’t mention Cang Ye’s arrival and her murder of the young generation either.

“So, they fought each other to the death…” Ji Yao pondered for a moment before asking, “Were there any survivors except you?”

“There is Zhuang Jing of Lunar Temple. She survived because she hadn’t entered the secret realm entrance.” Qin Lie thought for a moment before adding, “Oh right, Naji of the Cullen Family was there too.”

He looked at Hester and asked, “Where’s Naji right now?”

“He’s at Soul Summoning Island,” Hester immediately answered.

“You may tell him and your people to come over to Boluo Realm.” Qin Lie declared.

“The Dark Soul Beast isn’t going to harm Boluo Realm any longer, is it?” Hester confirmed.

“No, it won’t,” Qin Lie said affirmatively.

A look of joy rose to Hester’s face as he nodded. He returned to Soul Summoning Island immediately.

A while later, Carey, Sirene, Naji, and the other Cullen Family members rushed to Boluo Realm.

“He’s Naji.” Qin Lie pointed.

“Do you know how the Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners of the human race died in the chaotic streams of space?” Ji Yao said solemnly.

“It wasn’t just the human martial practitioners. Beings of all races inside that secret realm entrance had lost their minds and fought each other to the death,” Naji said without hesitation.

He didn’t actually know the complete truth.

He and Zhuang Jing were the last ones to enter the secret realm. After he went in, he learned that that place was filled with many restrictions because he himself nearly lost control over his own mind.

There were many signs that pointed towards the races fighting each other after they came in.

However, some of these people had died in a bizarre fashion. It made him suspect that something was amiss.

Qin Lie hadn’t given him more information to work with even though he tried to clarify things with him.

Not long ago, he had discussed with Qin Lie and Hester about that incident once more. He already knew what he should say in this situation.

That was why his statement collaborated perfectly with Qin Lie’s.

“There are some other races that know what happened. You can verify this yourself in the future,” Qin Lie said seriously as he looked at Ji Yao. “I swear on my ancestors’ name that I’m not Ji Qi’s murderer!”

Ji Yao gave him a deep look before nodding, “I understand.”

He noticed that Qin Lie had omitted some details from his story, but he also felt that Qin Lie was telling the truth when he said that Ji Qi wasn’t killed by him.

It was enough for him to know that Ji Qi wasn’t murdered by Qin Lie. In fact, he didn’t even have leverage to inquire about the details Qin Lie had omitted from his story.

“Wait here. There are a few things I need to speak with Qin Lie in private,” Ji Yao said suddenly.

Ji Rui and Ji Xi nodded in response.

“Please, this way.” Qin Lie flew towards Flaming Sun Island’s base at Boluo Realm.

Dozens of seconds later, they stopped at a floating continent inside the Ancient Beast Race’s domain.

“At the beginning, I only knew that the Heavengold Mirror was at the Land of Chaos. While we were borrowing Ninth Heaven’s teleportation formation, we learned that you were holding the Heavengold Mirror.” Ji Yao’s pupils looked deep. “The eastern barbarians’ alliance with the three ghoul races was prompted by Ninth Heaven too. Han Qian… may very well be the mastermind behind all this. Since Han Qian had come to know that you’re still alive, this means that Ninth Heaven and the six great forces now know about this too.”

Qin Lie bowed slightly. “Thank you for telling me this, Uncle Ji.”

“Lunar Temple and Sun Palace have sent three Void Realm experts to Boluo Realm. They are currently travelling through space alongside Miao Yizi. Their names are Ma Feng, Gong Shengyuan and Zhuo Weidan. Barring any accidents, they should arrive at Boluo Realm shortly,” Ji Yao continued.

“Miao Yizi…” Qin Lie looked moved.

For some reason, the name made him feel a little panicky.

He immediately realized that the old “him” must have shared some sort of connection with Miao Yizi.

“Yes, I am speaking of that Miao Yizi.” A strange look sprung onto Ji Yao’s face. “Back then, you were… very bold. Your provocation nearly drove her into killing you in a flying rage.”

Qin Lie bowed his head.

“Well, as long as you are aware.” Ji Yao thought for a moment before passing over a star token to him. “This is the itinerary we found after an investigation…”

“You have their itinerary?!” Qin Lie grew spirited.

“If they successfully sneaked into Boluo Realm and build a secret realm entrance, Lunar Temple and Sun Palace’s experts will be able to invade this place by force.” Ji Yao smiled and gave Qin Lie an idea. “If you are able to intercept them before they reach Boluo Realm, they won’t be able to build the secret realm entrance and warp in their reinforcements.”

“Thank you for the guidance.” Qin Lie bowed.

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