Chapter 1062: Entering the Nirvana Realm!

Chapter 1062: Entering the Nirvana Realm!

At the Ancient Beast Race’s domain.

Several Ancient Beast clansmen with rank eight bloodline were knocked away by a shockwave from the secret realm entrance.

Then, several figures passed through the secret realm entrance immediately after.

The three Ji Family experts, Song Tingyu and La Pu appeared in the cave at once. They stared at the dozen or so Ancient Beast clansmen while feeling a little confused.

“Miss Song?”

A gray-faced old man with a thin frame, a sharp mouth and a monkey’s cheek exclaimed in surprise when he saw Song Tingyu.

His name was Teng Fan. He was Teng Yuan’s descendant and a member of the Ancient Ape Race.

After Teng Yuan, Nivitt and Tong Yan had given up the floating continents to Flaming Sun Island, Song Tingyu had personally led some humans to Boluo Realm. That was why he recognized Song Tingyu and knew about her relationship with Qin Lie.

“Uncle Teng.” Song Tingyu let out a secret sigh of relief and asked immediately, “What happened in Boluo Realm? Why was the secret realm entrance sealed?”

She could hear many noises outside the cave when she asked this question. They obviously belonged to many different races.

“The Black Jail Race, the Giant Race, and many more Boluo Realm races are outside.” Ji Yao said while narrowing his eyes. He was able to sense the large groups of foreign races gathered at the bottom of the mountain outside the cave with his soul perception alone.

These foreign races were all intelligent beings of Boluo Realm.

“They sound like they’re in a hurry to leave…” Ji Rui only needed to listen a while to know that the races were trying to escape Boluo Realm through the secret realm entrance.

“Something happened.” Teng Yuan smiled bitterly.

At this point, the three Ji Family experts, Song Tingyu and La Pu had walked to the cave entrance.

When they gathered at the cave entrance and looked down, they saw thousands of Boluo Realm races gathered at the bottom of the mountain.

A lot of Ancient Beast Race experts were patrolling in the sky and blocking the way up from the bottom of the mountain. They didn’t allow anyone to come closer.

“Eh!” Ji Yao’s eyes gleamed as his focus suddenly became trained on Hua Yuchi.

“The juniors of the Yu Family are mixed inside those groups too,” Ji Rui said.

Hester of the Asura Race followed them to the cave entrance as well.

“What in Spirit Realm is going on?” Song Tingyu asked with obvious worry, “Where is Qin Lie? Is he fine?”

“I’m… not too sure.” Teng Fan shook his head. He was about to give an explanation when he suddenly saw Hester and paled slightly. “Who are you?” He looked cautiously at Hester

Hester felt a little confused. “I am an Asura clansman from Suluo Realm. I have come here to discuss some things with Qin Lie.”

“Has the news spread to Asura Realm already? That can’t be. No one should’ve left Boluo Realm yet, it shouldn’t have spread so quickly…” Teng Fang hid his astonishment. He thought that Hester was here on behalf of the Asura Race because they had learned of the Dark Soul Beast and come here to kill it.

“Uncle Ji!”

At the bottom of the mountain, Hua Yuchi abruptly caught Ji Yao’s figure and felt a surge of joy from the bottom of his heart. He couldn’t stop himself from crying out to him.

“It really is you!” Ji Yao was shocked too.

“Is that Hua Tianqiong’s grandson Hua Yuchi?” Ji Rui abruptly cried out in shock. “Hadn’t he vanished for more than two hundred years? I thought he was dead already!”

At first, Hua Yuchi was kept firmly away from the cave entrance. After Teng Fan gave permission, he was allowed to fly up to the group.

He quickly arrived at the cave entrance.

“What happened?” Ji Yao asked seriously.

“My disappearance is very simple. When I was tempering myself at other realms many years ago, I was ambushed by Han Qian of Ninth Heaven and… imprisoned in Boluo Realm’s Sun Palace.” Hua Yuchi skimmed through his past experience before turning serious, “Right now, Boluo Realm is facing a far greater danger right now. The Asura Race branch living in Boluo Realm is in fact controlled by the Dark Soul Beast’s avatar. They are incredibly powerful, and we fear that they will wipe Boluo Realm clean of all intelligent life now that they had been exposed…”

He swiftly explained the situation thus far.

“What? There are still Dark Soul Beasts in this world?!” Hester turned pale with fright.

He was obviously a lot more agitated than Ji Yao and everyone else.

Back then, the Dark Soul Beast nearly annihilated the entire Asura Realm. One third of the Asura Race experts was controlled by the Dark Soul Beast and turned into living puppets.

If the God Race hadn’t shown up and made hunting down the Dark Soul Beast their first priority, the entire Asura Realm might have been turned into the Dark Soul Beast’s lair.

The Asura clansmen were naturally afraid of the Dark Soul Beast as a result.

Hester instantly panicked when he heard that a Dark Soul Beast was threatening Boluo Realm.

“How strong are they?” Ji Yao’s expression changed slightly.

“That Asura Race branch is powerful enough to wipe out any race in Boluo Realm, and that is just what we gleaned on the surface.” Hua Yuchi sighed. “That is why that the experts of all races had accounted for all possibilities and sent their juniors and youngsters here to escape.”

“Then why is the secret realm entrance sealed off?” Song Tingyu looked at Teng Fan.

“Our chief has given the order. We are just executing it as he commands.” Teng Fan explained.

It was at this moment a strange soul thought flew over from the distance.

The soul thought landed miraculously on Teng Fan’s chest.

A moment of surprise later, Teng Fan suddenly yelled, “The chief has just sent us a message saying that the threat of the Dark Soul Beast is no more! The Asura Race branch will no longer be a threat either! Please return to your respective homes now!”

At the same time, a lot of Black Jail Race, Giant Race and Demon Dragon Race clansmen had received secret messages of their own.

The peak experts of Boluo Realm had transmitted the message after Teng Yuan had convinced them that the threat had been neutralized.

The youngsters gathered around this place quickly learned of the latest news.

The foreign races that were arguing and complaining because they wanted to leave immediately relaxed.

They suddenly went back to their respective races and returned from whence they came.

The sudden change surprised everyone at the cave.

“How can this be?” Hua Yuchi looked completely confused.

“Ji Rui, Ji Xi, stay here. I’m going to that Asura Race branch to check things out myself.” Ji Yao decided to verify the truth with his own eyes after pondering for a moment. He didn’t quite believe the foreign races of Boluo Realm.

Ji Rui nodded before asking Hua Yuchi, “Is the Qin Lie in Boluo Realm that Qin Lie of the Qin Family?”

Ji Yao stopped in his tracks and stared seriously at Hua Yuchi.

They all knew that Qin Lie and Hua Yuchi were best friends back at the Central World. Right now both Hua Yuchi and Qin Lie were at Boluo Realm.

If this Qin Lie really was the Qin Lie who ‘passed away’ three hundred years ago, he must have interacted with Hua Yuchi.

They believed that Hua Yuchi could give them the absolute truth.

“Of course it’s him!” Hua Yuchi stated with absolute certainty. “Big Brother Qin is completely different from before! His God Race bloodline had awakened and evolved to rank six, and he had reached the middle stage of the Fragmentation Realm too! When he returns to the Central World, he is certain to make that bitch Han Qian pay the price of blood!”

“It really is him…” All three Ji Family experts were stunned.

Three hundred years ago, Qin Lie’s bloodline hadn’t awakened and his cultivation talents were terrible. He gave up on himself and allowed himself to become absorbed in his desires.

The truth was, they felt no good will towards Qin Lie at all. They looked down on him from the bottom of their hearts.

That was why they couldn’t quite believe that the “deceased” Qin Lie would come back to life, and become a completely different person from who he was before.

While the trio was pondering in silence, the nearby volcano suddenly spouted terrifying flame tongues that looked like they came from the mouth of a fire dragon.

The flames sprayed towards the skies of Boluo Realm like a fountain.

It was day time in Boluo Realm, and the three blazing suns made the fire look incredibly violent and dazzling.

A young man with wild, red hair could be seen inside the thickest beam of flames. His powerful body brimmed with power that surprised even the Ji Family experts. It was as if he was hiding a volcano inside his body.

His body was entangled in fire and thunder, and his pupils were flowing with flames. His soul looked like it was being tempered by the fires of nirvana.

The young man had obviously just ascended to the Nirvana Realm!

“Big Brother Qin!” Hua Yuchi exclaimed joyously.

“Qin Lie!” Song Tingyu’s beautiful eyes also lit up.

“It’s him! But how can it be him?!” Ji Yao shook.

Both Ji Xi and Ji Rui had also noticed that the young man who was submerged inside the boiling lava was none other than the young man who saved them from the whirlpool at the chaotic streams of space back then.

This discovery both confused and surprised them.

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