Chapter 1061: Twisting Space

Chapter 1061: Twisting Space

“This is where we connect to the secret realm entrance at Boluo Realm.”

Song Tingyu pointed at the wall with unstable spatial energy inside the black obsidian palace.

“Boluo Realm…” An odd gleam passed through Ji Yao’s eyes.

“I didn’t know that there’s another secret realm entrance in Spirit Realm that connects to Boluo Realm. It seems that Lunar Temple and Sun Palace’s setback at Boluo Realm more or less has something to do with Flaming Sun Island.” Ji Rui pondered. “No wonder a group of Dark Shadow Race experts would appear on the Nether Continent out of nowhere. If I’m not mistaken, they must have returned there from Boluo Realm through this secret realm entrance.”

“That is correct,” Song Tingyu answered.

“Lunar Temple and Sun Palace had already sent their experts to Boluo Realm. It shouldn’t take them too long to reach Boluo Realm and rebuild a secret realm entrance.” Ji Yao frowned. “Had they already reached Boluo Realm, ahead of the estimated time?”

He immediately noticed that the secret realm entrance on the black obsidian palace wall was unable to take form the moment he arrived.

That was why he believed Song Tingyu’s explanation.

If the secret realm entrance on Boluo Realm’s side really was sealed, then what in Spirit Realm had prompted the decision?

He suspected that Lunar Temple and Sun Palace had reached the Boluo Realm ahead of time and began committing mass slaughter.

He even thought that the Ancient Beast Race’s secret realm entrance had already fallen under the control of Lunar Temple and Sun Palace. That was why it was currently sealed.

“The Yu Family… is still at Boluo Realm,” Ji Rui reminded.

Ji Yao’s expression darkened a little. “The fact that Sun Palace and Lunar Temple are working together means that the six great forces had come to a mutual understanding. They’ll definitely cleanse Boluo Realm with blood the moment they arrive.”

“That is how they’d always acted.” Ji Rui snorted.

“The Yu Family is the Ji Family’s force. They won’t fare well in Boluo Realm,” Ji Yao added.

“Maybe Boluo Realm is running wet with blood already.” Ji Yao frowned deeply. “That Qin Lie… might’ve fallen into danger in Boluo Realm.”

“Is he really the Qin Lie of the Qin Family?” Ji Rui looked puzzled as he asked this.

To this day, they couldn’t confirm if the island master of Flaming Sun Island was Qin Lie of the Qin Family.

The reason they were anxious to meet him was to confirm his true identity. Only then they could consider their next course of action.

“We can’t be sure. You all… should be aware how that Qin Lie was back then.” There were obviously disdain and scorn in Ji Yao’s eyes. “From what we heard, the Qin Lie of Land of Chaos sounded far more impressive than our Qin Lie ever was. If he really was Qin Lie reincarnated, why have we not seen any Qin Family members around here? If you ask me, I think this Qin Lie is just a fake. He’s using the weight behind the Qin Family to drive his own purposes.”

A pause later, Ji Yao sneered. “He seems to have lost control, however. Maybe he’s trapped in Boluo Realm and is currently being chased by Lunar Temple and Sun Palace all over the place.”

“Considering that the secret realm entrance is sealed, Lunar Temple and Sun Palace must have taken over Boluo Realm already.” Ji Rui nodded slightly.

The three Ji Family experts analyzed Boluo Realm’s situation seriously. They didn’t care for Song Tingyu’s feelings at all.

Song Tingyu’s bright eyes slowly became clouded. Even her expression had turned serious.

The trio’s analysis of the current situation of Boluo Realm made her worry for Qin Lie. She was afraid that the trio was spot on.

Before Qin Lie had gone to Boluo Realm, he once told her about the situation over there. She knew that Lunar Temple and Sun Palace were soon to rebuild a secret realm entrance at Boluo Realm.

The reason Qin Lie had rushed to Boluo Realm urgently was to find a way to solve this.

Of course, there was no way she could’ve known that a Dark Soul Beast that controlled Asura Race branch was the cause of all these drastic changes.

She thought that the trio’s analysis sounded pretty logical. She thought that Lunar Temple and Sun Palace’s experts had reached Boluo Realm ahead of the expected time and successfully took control of the Ancient Beast Race’s secret realm entrance. They must have forbidden anyone from leaving the place.

“What do we do? What in Spirit Realm should we do?” Song Tingyu suddenly panicked.

“I think we should head over and take a look,” Ji Rui said suddenly.

Ji Yao pondered for a moment before turning to face Song Tingyu. “Miss Song, would you like to confirm what’s going on in Boluo Realm with your own two eyes?”

“But the secret realm entrance at Boluo Realm is currently sealed, isn’t it?” Song Tingyu looked astonished.

Ji Yao smiled mysteriously. “I have my ways.”

Song Tingyu looked a little confused and hesitant.

“If Lunar Temple and Sun Palace really has taken control of the Ancient Beast Race’s secret realm entrance, we may be able to give that Qin Lie a glimmer of hope after we tear through the seal and enter Boluo Realm.” Ji Yao thought for a moment before continuing, “Also, the Ji Family and the Qi Family had never fought against one another. If he really is Qin Lie of the Qin Family, our arrival… won’t be a bad thing for him. No matter how dissatisfied we are with him, we won’t be hunting him all over the place like the six great forces. What do you think?”

“I…” Song Tingyu couldn’t make a decision immediately.

It was at this moment La Pu of the Ghost Eye Race flew over and made the decision for her. “If you really have a way to enter Boluo Realm, then give it a try.”

He didn’t know what was going on in Boluo Realm, but he really wanted to.

He knew who Qin Lie really was. He also knew that the Ji Family and the Qin Family shared no grudges in the past.

He even knew that Ji Qi wasn’t killed by Qin Lie...

“Very well.” Ji Yao nodded and took out the Heavengold Mirror in front of Song Tingyu and La Pu.

The Heavengold Mirror that could restore chaotic space slowly applied its power onto the walls of the black obsidian palace.

The secret realm entrance that wasn’t able to form a wall all this time actually started taking form after it was affected by the Heavengold Mirror’s mysterious power.

Ji Yao didn’t put away the Heavengold Mirror. Instead, he nodded once at La Pu and Song Tingyu before saying, “Let’s go.”

He and the two Ji Family experts stepped through the secret realm entrance first.

La Pu and Song Tingyu exchanged a glance with each other before they walked through the secret realm entrance as well.

Outside Soul Summoning Island.

Carey suddenly noticed an unusual change in space just as he was about to leave the place. His eyes abruptly lit up.

Li Mu had been floating above Soul Summoning Island all this time, so he was aware of the conversation between Ji Yao, Song Tingyu and La Pu.

He knew that Ji Yao had used the Heavengold Mirror and forced Boluo Realm’s secret realm entrance to work. Then, he took Song Tingyu and La Pu into Boluo Realm.

“Brother Li, is that…”

Lei Yan of the Terminator Sect returned from the distance and arrived at the edge of Soul Summoning Island.

Li Mu knew what he was really asking, so he nodded and replied, “The Ji Family experts had used a spatial spirit artifact to force open the secret realm entrance at Boluo Realm.”

“Brother Li, the Asura clansmen of Suluo Realm really have nowhere else to go.” Lei Yan bowed and asked sincerely, “Their enemies know that they’re at the Land of Chaos. Not only would they be killed if they were allowed to stay here for long, the Terminator Sect may be dragged into their fight as well. Brother Li, the Terminator Sect and Flaming Sun Island have always been friends please give them a chance to live! Please!”

Li Mu frowned and pondered for a moment. Finally, he nodded. “Tell them to come over.”

Lei Yan looked overjoyed.

Very soon, the Cullen Family arrived at the black obsidian palace while led by Li Mu. They were also accompanied by Shen Kui and Lei Yan.

Li Mu looked at the overjoyed Cullen Family members and said, “A war may be waging in Boluo Realm right now.”

“What do you mean?” Carey asked curiously.

“A couple of forces of the human race may be sweeping through the major races of Boluo Realm right now. That was probably why the Ancient Beast Race’s secret realm entrance was sealed,” Li Mu explained indifferently. “If you head over to Boluo Realm, there is a high likelihood that you’ll be slaughtered by them as well. I would advise you to think carefully before making your trip.”

Every Cullen Family members turned deathly pale after they heard this.

“I, I…” Carey hesitated.

“Chief, I’ll go over and take a look.” Hester gritted his teeth and said, “If I don’t return, please find another escape route for our people!”

The Asura warrior rushed into the secret realm entrance before Carey could say anything.

Li Mu wanted to go in himself, but Soul Summoning Island couldn’t be left unguarded. That was why he ultimately chose to stay behind.

Carey and the others waited by the secret realm entrance with dark looks and anxious hearts.

They knew that Boluo Realm was probably the best hiding spot they could hope for. If something were to happen in Boluo Realm, they would have no choice but to hide in some unknown realms.

Those realms were filled with unimaginable danger. The Cullen Family could easily be wiped out as a result.

That was why they didn’t want to take such a huge risk and travel to a completely unknown realm if at all possible.

They all placed their hopes on Hester’s trip to Boluo Realm.

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