Chapter 1060: Capitulating

Chapter 1060: Capitulating

“What? Boluo Realm’s secret realm entrance is closed?” Shen Kui exclaimed.

The expressions of the Cullen Family members turned dark. Their eyes were full of suspicion.

Serine couldn’t help but exclaim. “That’s too much of a coincidence!”

“That is the truth,” Song Tingyu explained.

“I don’t believe you!” Serine snorted. “Flaming Sun Island is trying to escape responsibility, isn’t it? Where is your island master? Tell him to come out and answer to us right now!”

“Mister Shen, did you bring them here to criticize us?” La Pu’s face turned unfriendly.

“Senior Shen, I’ve explained everything clearly to you last time: Qin Lie isn’t in the Land of Chaos right now, and he won’t be returning immediately. I also told you that we can deal with the Asura Race after he returns.” Song Tingyu was also slightly annoyed by Serine’s attitude. She frowned. “So why have you brought them to Soul Summoning Island in such a hurry?”

Shen Kui looked awkward as he explained. “The Cullen Family would cause a lot of trouble if they stayed in the Land of Chaos any longer than necessary. I was worried that the experts of Asura Realm would set foot in the Land of Chaos very soon, so…”

“So you brought them to Soul Summoning Island without our permission, is that it?” Song Tingyu didn’t look too pleased. She curled her lips and said in self-derision, “If I’m not mistaken, you don’t think that I can represent the will of Flaming Sun Island because I’m just a woman, do you?” Song Tingyu’s words were right on the mark.

In Shen Kui and Lei Yan’s minds, Qin Lie was the true master of Flaming Sun Island. He was also the only leader of Flaming Sun Island that they acknowledged.

Some years ago, Song Tingyu was just a nameless Scarlet Tide Continent woman. Deep down in their hearts, they hadn’t truly acknowledged her for who she was.

That was why they didn’t wait when Song Tingyu told them that Qin Lie hadn’t come back yet.

That was why they had come to Soul Summoning Island.

On one hand, the Cullen Family’s situation really wasn’t too good. On the other, they were looking down on Song Tingyu a little.

Her realm was low, her origin was poor, and her gender was female. They really hadn’t thought highly of her.

Shen Kui’s expression made Song Tingyu realized that she had hit the bullseye. At this point she was feeling a little angry, so she declared, “We will deal with the Asura Race after Qin Lie returns. For now, please go back to your homes.”

“Why don’t we… have them wait at Soul Summoning Island?” Lei Yan stepped out to play mediator.

“We don’t have the space for such leisure,” La Pu said coldly.

He had taken Song Tingyu’s side without hesitation. Song Tingyu and Tang Siqi were frequent visitors of Soul Summoning Island.

La Pu saw everything they did.

He knew just how deep Song Tingyu’s love for Qin Lie was.

Moreover, Flaming Sun Island had transferred many resources his people desperately needed to Nether Continent in secret. Song Tingyu also actively raised money and settled many troubles faced by the three great races of Nether Continent.

That was why he felt a trace of gratitude towards her.

That was why he supported Song Tingyu unconditionally.

To repay her favor, he was even willing to let the Ji Family onto Soul Summoning Island and solve one of her troubles.

“What is that attitude?” Naji said angrily, “Qin Lie is the one who promised to compensate us for the loss of the Dark Soul Beast’s skull. Are you seriously telling me that this is your excuse?”

“I seriously doubt they have any sincerity at all!” Serine said coldly.

The brother and sister had just lost their homes in Suluo Realm recently. Moreover, the threat of death still loomed over them even after they were forced to migrate to the Land of Chaos. That was why their temper had exploded so violently.

Even the chief of the Cullen Family, Carey was suspecting that Song Tingyu was purposely stalling and lying to them.

That was why he allowed his children to throw their tantrums.

“I don’t care. We have nothing to say to you Asura Race before Qin Lie returns. I’m warning you, there will be consequences if you dare break into Soul Summoning Island by force!” La Pu said forcefully.

He might be wary of the Ji Family, but not the Cullen Family who had recently escaped from Suluo Realm.

He noticed that Carey was the only one out of all these people who had reached the Void Realm.

A single Void Realm expert wasn’t enough to threaten the power that was the current Flaming Sun Island.

Luz, Gordon and his older brother, Gray were all fully capable of fighting Carey.

That was why he was completely unafraid of them.

“Father, it doesn’t look like he’s going to give us a real answer.” Serine’s eyes turned cold.

Since she had just arrived at the Land of Chaos, she didn’t know how deep Flaming Sun Island’s foundations were. She had fought against every great force of the Land of Chaos in the past, and she believed that the Terminator Sect was the strongest out of all of them. However, even the Terminator Sect didn’t have a Void Realm expert. That was why she had looked down on every force on the Land of Chaos.

Her first impression had caused her to misjudge the actual situation. She thought that they were absolutely stronger than Flaming Sun Island.

That was why her attitude had been somewhat extreme.

Suddenly, the atmosphere between the Cullen Family members, La Pu and Song Tingyu turned hostile. The air seemed to be filled with the smell of gunpowder.

Seeing this, Shen Kui and Lei Yan hurriedly persuaded both parties to calm down.

Shen Kui himself was starting to regret his decision. He regretted bringing the Cullen Family here so urgently.

He didn’t think Song Tingyu would be this difficult.

Infuriated and frustrated from the beginning, the Cullen Family was slowly losing control over themselves. Both sides quickly turned red with anger.

“Let’s invade this stupid island right now! I want to see what the hell they can do to us!” Serine moved towards Soul Summoning Island.

Carey and the rest of his family also wore cold looks on their faces. They were obviously challenging La Pu and Song Tingyu’s bottom line.

This was especially true after Lei Yan and Shen Kui’s attempts at persuasion made them feel like they were standing on Flaming Sun Island’s side, not theirs.

Just as the situation was about to spiral out of control, a couple of figures flew over from Evil Infant Island.

Li Mu had personally led Ji Yao, Ji Xi and Ji Rui to the airspace of Soul Summoning Island.

“What’s going on?” Li Mu asked from the sky.

Ji Yao looked at Carey in surprise before he murmured, “The Asura Race…”

Carey was momentarily distracted by the three Ji Family members dressed in traditional clothing. Then, his expression changed abruptly.

He hurriedly beckoned Serine and yelled, “Return!”

Serine turned around at glanced at Ji Yao. She immediately recognized that they were Ji Family from the Central World. She also noticed the Void Realm power emanating from their bodies.

Serine ceased her threatening posture and flew back to Carey obediently.

The Cullen Family stared at Ji Family men nervously.

Shen Kui and Lei Yan turned pale as well. They hesitated for a moment before bowing respectfully. “Well met, seniors of the Ji Family.”

“Rise.” Ji Yao waved a hand indifferently. He leisurely landed on Soul Summoning Island.

“Tingyu, please take them to the black obsidian palace. They will know… what had happened once they see the secret realm entrance.” Li Mu instructed.

Song Tingyu nodded slightly before leading the Ji Family experts towards the black obsidian palace.

Meanwhile, Li Mu had stayed behind to narrow his eyes at the Terminator Sect and the Asura Race. “Are you planning to attack Soul Summoning Island?”

“Brother Li, please don’t raise false alarms, will you?” Lei Yan looked extremely embarrassed.

He had just fought alongside Li Mu and Duan Qianjie at the eastern barbarians’ sea region not long ago. He knew very well how powerful the man was.

That being said, he understood that it was his and Shen Kui’s fault for bringing a group of violent-looking Asura clansmen to Soul Summoning Island. This situation could be easily misunderstood.

“All is good as long as you aren’t planning to attack Soul Summoning Island.” Li Mu said indifferently before shooting Carey and the others a glance. “It must be you lot then, if it isn’t the Terminator Sect?”

The Asura clansmen turned pale at his accusation.

The loudest people of the group just now, the brother and sister Naji and Serine obediently bowed their heads and kept quiet.

The three Ji Family experts’ arrival had struck fear in them. It also made them realize that Flaming Sun island wasn’t as simple as they thought. What they didn’t realize was that these Ji Family experts were here to demand a explanation.

“It’s a misunderstanding, there has been some misunderstanding going on here,” Carey hurriedly said.

He shot a glance at Shen Kui and Lei Yan and urged them to speak on his behalf.

“Mister Li, they simply wish to meet Qin Lie and borrow the secret realm entrance. They wish to take shelter in Boluo Realm,” Shen Kui said apologetically.

“Oh really? They surely looked like they were going to muscle their way into Soul Summoning Island just now.” Li Mu rubbed his chin while smiling. “Boluo Realm’s secret realm entrance is guarded by the Ancient Beast Race. Judging from their strength, if these Asura clansmen were to force their way in without Qin Lie’s permission…”

He shook his head and said indifferently, “I would doubt any chances of survival.”

Carey’s complexion changed yet again.

“The Ancient Beast Race of Boluo Realm has three rank nine bloodline experts. The Black Jail Race and the Giant Race have two rank nine bloodline experts each. Even the Demon Dragon Race has a rank nine Barett and a rank nine Calvert.” Li Mu smiled before continuing. “Any one of these four forces are powerful enough to tear your people to shreds, Cullen Family. Moreover, they all have… some measure of trust in Qin Lie. Have you thought of the consequences of barging into Boluo Realm without Qin Lie’s permission?”

Serine’s face turned white.

She didn’t understand Boluo Realm until after Li Mu had explained things to them.

She suddenly realized that the Cullen Family would’ve been in grave danger if they barged into Boluo Realm recklessly without a guide.

“I’m very sorry for our rudeness. Please… please forgive us.” Serine bowed deeply in apology.

“Please inform Miss Song that I’m sorry,” Naji also whispered.

The group of Asura clansmen all wore frightened looks on their faces. Regret was starting to sprout in their hearts.

“We were under great pressure by our kinsmen. That is why we have acted too hastily. Please forgive us.” Carey also bowed his head.

It was only now he finally calmed down bit by bit. His mind was in turmoil ever since he lost Suluo Realm and many clansmen, and he understood that he had nearly committed a fatal mistake as a result.

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