Chapter 1058: The Soul Tree of the Soul Race

Chapter 1058: The Soul Tree of the Soul Race!

On the Yu Family's floating continent.

Qin Lie sat silently, the Yuan brothers standing guard next to him.

As three powerful leaders of Yuan Family, they could see something was not right with Qin Lie.

His eyes were tightly closed. Blue light occasionally flashed through his skin.

With Qin Lie as the center, spatial ripples rose and formed thin films of space that overlapped with one another like layers.

Sometimes, blurry scenes would appear in these ripples.

At the beginning, the brothers were only a dozen meters away from Qin Lie. Gradually, as the spatial vibrations around Qin Family grew stronger, they felt extremely uncomfortable and could only draw further away from Qin Lie.

Several hours later, Yuan Wenzhi and the others were almost a thousand meters away from Qin Lie.

The three looked at Qin Lie with shock evident on their faces, not daring to move their eyes away.

Qin Lie didn’t seem to be using any spirit energy, and yet the space around him constantly rippled.

The three realized an astounding truth—Qin Lie's bloodline was causing a change in space!

His bloodline contained the powers of space?

The Yuan brothers looked at one another and felt even more shocked at the present Qin Lie.

The circles and layers of spatial ripples flashed around Qin Lie and were constantly growing stronger.

The spatial fluctuations flashed with mysterious blue light like the vast outer space.

When the blood of the God Race and the blue blood of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit merged, large amounts of memories and knowledge about space formed a completely new rune and imprinted on his mind.

However, because he had split a subsoul, his soul was weak. His soul energy almost completely exhausted. He could not understand the meaning of those runes.

He was forced to just memorize them.

In his main body, the blood of the God Race, and the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit merged.

His subsoul merged with the many remnant souls of the Dark Soul Beast.

In the process, he was like a sea sponge that furiously absorbed the memories and knowledge of different races.

—But he couldn’t make any sense of them.

In the underground cave.

The Dark Soul Beast was like a meat mountain that almost filled the entire space. The dozens of Asura Race Soul Altar experts, with Curtis leading the way, entered the cave and scattered around the Dark Soul Beast.

Like the Yuan brothers protecting Qin Lie's main body, they protected the Dark Soul Beast.

Green flames flashed in the eyes of Curtis and the others, and caused their expressions to seem extremely strange.

The Dark Soul Beast, whose eyes had been tightly closed the entire time, suddenly opened, and the green flames flooded out.

Inside the soul of the Dark Soul Beast,

In the green soul sea, an extremely ancient tree grew. It was tall, but had only a few leaves and branches.

At the top of the tree, Qin Lie's soul shadow condensed like a wisp of flame. He illuminated the entire ancient tree.

"Soul Tree..." Qin Lie's soul murmured.

This Soul Tree was formed from the remnant souls of the Soul Progenitor, himself and the souls of the Dark Soul Beast.

The Soul Tree was in the shape of the Soul Race clansmen!

The Soul Tree rooted in the Dark Soul Beast, starting today, was the true form of his subsoul.

This Soul Tree only had several dozen branches. These branches... corresponded to the Asura clansmen around him.

The Asura clansmen were not the subsouls of that Soul Race clansman, but the "soul slaves."

When members of the Soul Race imprinted the soul mark of the Soul Race on a highly-intelligent being, they became soul slaves.

Soul slaves possessed their own consciousness. But their soul was connected to the Soul Tree of the Soul Race master.

Each soul slave's soul was a branch on the Soul Tree.

Once the Soul Race master imprinted the soul mark onto the soul slave's soul, the soul slave could not betray their master.

When the soul master died, the soul slave would also be destroyed as well.

The master of the soul could extract the soul energy of each soul slave, the comprehension and knowledge of the soul slave about cultivation and the world.

A true Soul Race clansman would control many soul slaves and cause their Soul Tree to be covered in branches and leaves.

Through the soul slaves, they could obtain cultivation knowledge, the bloodline talents of other races, and the secrets of their races.

The stronger the soul slaves, the thicker the master's Soul Tree trunk would be, and the faster the master's soul energy would grow.

Similarly, the master could pass understandings about soul energy, and the rules of the universe to any soul slave through the Soul Tree.

The members of the Soul Race could strengthen themselves through the soul slaves, and could also strengthen the soul slaves as well.

While the Soul Race clansmen had the talent to make subsouls, they would not make many.

It took too much soul energy to make subsoul. This would make the main soul weak, so true Soul Race members would rarely make subsouls.

The subsoul which had been inside the Dark Soul Beast had been a subsoul that the Soul Race member had left behind when he detected the God Race was invading Spirit Realm.

When Qin Lie’s soul merged with the subsoul of this Soul Race clansman to form this Soul Tree, it meant that he and the Dark Soul Beast had completely merged.

A sea of soul knowledge filled the enormous Soul Tree. It would take him a long time to learn the secrets of the Soul Race, and the abilities of the Soul Tree.

However, in this process, he easily mastered some of the secret arts that the Soul Race used frequently.

"Soul Energy Transfer!"

In the underground space, this Dark Soul Beast avatar used the Soul Race secret art.

The subsoul and the main soul suddenly established a connection.

Outside, on the floating continent, Qin Lie suddenly broke into a strange smile.

His originally parched Soul Lake suddenly filled with pure soul energy. In just the span of a dozen seconds, the Soul Lake was filled with soul energy and started to overflow.

The soul energy filling his Soul Lake was nothing to the rank nine Dark Soul Beast and the subsoul.

Yet, because his main body's cultivation was only at the middle stage of the Fragmentation Realm, the Soul Lake's volume was limited. So when the subsoul sent over soul energy, it was already astounding in volume.

In a short period of time, the dimness of Qin Lie's eyes was swept away.

His eyes suddenly gave off bright light.

Powerful soul vibrations came from Qin Lie's body. This gave the Yuan brothers a fright.

They knew that Qin Lie's soul had been injured previously, and that was why he looked weak and why his eyes looked dim and lifeless.

There was no pill, no matter how magical, that could instantly fill Qin Lie's soul energy in short dozen seconds, and make him energized.

But it just happened, in front of their eyes too.

Qin Lie's clearly weakened soul suddenly brimmed with strength.

They could even feel Qin Lie's soul moving. It quickly passed the limits of the middle stage of the Fragmentation Realm, and was advancing towards the late stage.

When they detected this, Qin Lie's body also shook, and he felt as though he was about to break through.

He suddenly felt a sense of great hunger. He felt he needed enormous amounts of flame power to help his bloodline evolve.

"I need to go to the volcanoes of the Ancient Beast Race to cultivate!" Qin Lie suddenly sat up, and said, "Notify Teng Yuan and the others!"

Then, he ignored the shocked expressions of the Yuan Family leaders and activated the blue blood power in his bloodline. He teleported away using the Blitz Thunder Escape.

Three requirements had to be fulfilled to achieve a breakthrough.

Firstly, the spirit power stored in the spirit sea had to reach a certain amount.

Secondly, one’s understanding of the martial way had to reach a certain level.

Lastly, the soul energy had to reach a level adequate to the breakthrough.

The subsoul suddenly transferred great amounts of pure soul energy into his Soul Lake. His Soul Lake suddenly churned and needed to expand its limits.

When he assimilated the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit's blood, his physical body had transformed as well.

This caused his spirit power accumulation to reach a bottleneck.

When he assimilated the Soul Race, a great amount of inherited memories about the soul was imprinted on him. He immediately mastered some of the secret arts the Soul Race frequently used.

When his bloodline assimilated the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit's blood, the knowledge of space filled him and became a part of his soul.

This caused his understanding of cultivation and the martial way to become much deeper.

Soul energy, spirit energy, comprehension, he rapidly grew in all three of these aspects at the same time.

He was almost forcibly dragged to a breakthrough!

There was nothing he could do to stop it.

"Hm, who does this smallest branch belong to?"

Inside the underground space, his Dark Soul Beast avatar noticed the thinnest branch on the Soul Tree.

On the Soul Tree, the thick branches corresponded to the Asura Race experts.

Those people were all Soul Altar level, and some even had five or six-level Soul Altars—terrifying existences in the middle stage of the Void Realm.

The branch he just noticed was unlike those thick branches, it was so small it was easy to miss.

His soul lightly swept it.

"Zhuang Jing!" He was shocked.

In the chaotic streams of space, in order to control Zhuang Jing, he had left behind soul wards in Zhuang Jing's soul.

In this great transformation of his soul, the Dark Soul Beast's Soul Tree also had Zhuang Jing's little branch.

He was surprised by this discovery.

"I wonder if this works..."

Muttering, he sent a pure strand of soul energy infused with the secret arts of the Serene Moon Race to that little branch.

This avatar was a rank nine Dark Soul Beast, incredibly powerful.

A thread of soul energy was nothing to it.

But for Zhuang Jing who only had Fragmentation Realm cultivation, it was huge.

In the lands of the Serene Moon Race.

Zhuang Jing, who was talking with You Qianlan and Lin Jie, suddenly shook.

In the next moment, she found her soul was mysteriously filled with pure soul energy.

Her soul energy quickly widened.

The pure soul energy could perfectly merge into her Soul Lake. At this moment, she could clearly feel the connection between her and Qin Lie.

"Senior sister, what is it?" Lin Jie asked in panic.

"What happened? You do not look alright!" You Qianlan said urgently.

"I, I’m afraid I'm about to reach the Nirvana Realm..." Zhuang Jing said uneasily.

"What?!" You Qianlan, and Lin Jie screamed in unison.

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