Chapter 1057: Members of the Ji Family

Chapter 1057: Members of the Ji Family

Teng Yuan gathered the power of the earth and channeled it deep into the ground. The enormous crack in the mountain range gradually healed.

Qin Lie stood on the surface and watched the crack filling up with soil with a calm expression.

Underneath the ground, the assimilation of his subsoul and the Dark Soul Beast had reached its final stage.

Dozens of Asura Race Soul Altar experts entered the underground under his command.

These experts now became his puppets, and would forever be under his control.

Through the chaotic memories of the Dark Soul Beast, he knew that only Soul Altar experts of Asura Race had been consumed by the Dark Soul Beast and turned into avatars.

The Asura clansmen who were not yet at the Soul Altar level did not know their elders had been turned into puppets of the Dark Soul Beast.

Those with low cultivation were kept in the dark.

"What to do with the other Asura clansmen?" Teng Yuan asked.

"They know nothing about the Dark Soul Beast, and they still have their souls. What do you feel we should do?" Qin Lie asked.

Teng Yuan frowned and said, "I'm afraid that other races will have opinions."

"Opinions?" Qin Lie was shocked. "Right now, in Boluo Realm, should we not be the ones in charge?"

Teng Yuan turned to look at Nivitt, Banderas, Tyler, and Banderas, and said, "Yes."

As everyone spoke, the experts of the Sea Race, Wood Race, and Black Jail Race gathered.

Another golden giant, Campbell, roared over like a moving golden mountain.

The reason the Giant Race was strong, was that, other than Banderas, they had Campbell, another golden giant.

He and Banderas were equally matched.

Also, Hayley of the Sea Race with her long fishtail arrived on an enormous wave.

Roshchin of the Wood Race arrived on a wave of vitality, his body covered in natural wood grain.

When he came, the trees in the mountain range seemed to have been given new life.

Soon after, even You Pu of the Serene Moon Race hurriedly arrived.

Campbell, Hayley, Roshchin, and You Pu all had rank nine bloodlines or were at the Void Realm in strength.

Like Teng Yuan and the others, these people were the strongest of Boluo Realm, in command of their respective races.

When those people arrived, they had grave expressions as they looked around.

"Where are the Asura Race Soul Altar experts controlled by the Dark Soul Beast?" Campbell shouted in an-ear deafening volume.

The experts who had arrived all gave off powerful presences. They clearly were prepared to fight at any moment.

When they came, they even prepared to sacrifice themselves. They either arranged for the young generation of their races to hide in the remote places of Boluo Realm, or gathered inside the territories of the Ancient Beast Race in hopes they could use the last secret realm entrance to flee.

"Teng Yuan, why did you seal the secret realm entrance?"

At this time, Bates of the Black Jail Race arrived and shouted.

After learning about the events, he arranged for the descendants of the Black Jail Race to leave through the secret realm entrance.

Surprisingly to him, he received news that the Ancient Beast Race were guarding the secret realm entrance and did not allow anyone to leave.

The Black Jail Race and Ancient Beast Race had always been on good terms. Bates did not understand why Teng Yuan acted the way he did so he came over to ask for an explanation.

"The danger of the Dark Soul Beast has been resolved. You do not need to leave Boluo Realm, so I sealed the secret realm entrance," Teng Yuan explained.

"The danger has been resolved?" Bates shouted in shock.

He unconsciously looked towards Tyler. As experts of the Black Jail Race, he naturally trusted Tyler more.

"We have killed the soul of the Dark Soul Beast. The Asura Race avatars have died as well." Tyler nodded and said, "The news the Yu Family is spreading is out of date. So we do not need to leave Boluo Realm."

"Leaving Boluo Realm and going to Spirit Realm is a good idea?" Nivitt smiled coldly and said, "Within ten years, Lunar Temple and Sun Palace will rebuild a secret realm entrance in Boluo Realm. At that time, without needing you to go to Spirit Realm, the human armies from Central World will sweep Boluo Realm! We have received accurate information that the targets of the human race this time are not limited to the Ancient Beast Race, Black Jail Race, and Giant Race. All beings not of human race will be exterminated!"

"They do not hope to see any accidents occur again in Boluo Realm," Barett added.

"Other than the human factions, all the foreign races, even though they are related to them, will be eliminated," Teng Yuan said with a sigh.

Aside from the Flame Race, all the other races gathered at the Asura Race branch’s mountain range.

"W-what? They are going to kill all the foreign races?" Roshchin of the Wood Race exclaimed.

"How is this possible?!" The Sea Race's Hayley screamed.

Races of Boluo Realm paled having heard Sun Palace and Lunar Temple's plan.

They temporarily forgot why they had come.

Qin Lie looked towards them, and knew the Sea Race and Wood Race would know what to do under the persuasion of the Ancient Beast Race, Giant Race, Serene Moon Race, Demon Dragon Race, and Black Jail Race.

He did not remain to see how Teng Yuan and the others explained. He looked at the floating continent above him and flew up.

That floating continent originally belonged to the Yu Family. When Yu Lei led the members of the Yu Family to flee, only Yuan Wenzhi and the others stayed on it.

When he returned to the floating continent, the Yuan brothers immediately surrounded him and said joyfully, "Young Master Qin, you are alright."

"I'm alright," Qin Lie said with a smile.

"Is the Dark Soul Beast really dead?" Yuan Wenzhi said gravely.

"In any case, it will not threaten the Boluo Realm," Qin Lie responded ambiguously.

Yuan Wenzhi's eyes flashed. He nodded softly and did not press.

Previously, when the Asura Race Soul Altar experts suddenly spoke in human speech and said they were Qin Lie, Yuan Wenzhi and the others had heard some of it.

They knew something had definitely occurred in the underground cave.

Right now, Qin Lie, Teng Yuan and the others safely returned, and the Dark Soul Beast, and the Asura Race Soul Altar experts had completely disappeared. They knew no matter what had occurred down there, Qin Lie and Teng Yuan were the winners.

Since Qin Lie said the Dark Soul Beast would not continue to threaten the beings of Boluo Realm, their worries were eased and they did not ask more.

"Young Master Qin, could you get into contact with the old patriarch? The Yuan Family... wants to return to the arms of the Qin Family," Yuan Wenzhi said sincerely.

"When the time is right, my grandfather will get into contact with you," Qin Lie said.

Yuan Wenzhi thought and nodded. He said, "I understand."

"What should we do now?" Yuan Wenliang asked.

"Wait, wait for them to reach a consensus," Qin Lie said.

"Alright," The Yuan brothers said.

Then, Qin Lie sat down cross-legged and took out pills to recover soul energy from his spatial ring.

His main soul had lost a great amount of energy in making a subsoul. His soul energy was almost used up.

When his subsoul merged with the Dark Soul Beast, his main soul had also been thrown into chaos. Many images formed in his mind, flashing by, incomplete and disconnected. He couldn’t make sense of these scenes.

Other than this, his bloodline also had the blue blood of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit, and his soul also had the inherited secret arts of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit.

At this time, his state was actually extremely unstable. If he was not careful, he would go mad.

At the same time, Flaming Sun Island of the Land of Chaos received three guests.

When these guests arrived, all of the experts on Flaming Sun Island were startled. Li Mu, Tang Beidou, Duan Qianjie, Tan Miao, and the others were shocked and came to welcome the guests.

"The oldest family of the human race, the Ji Family of the Central World has come!" Song Tingyu was shocked.

On Flaming Sun Island, the crowd watched as three similar-looking old people appeared with slight terror.

"We could not find a large teleportation formation directly connected to the Land of Chaos, so we could only ask for help from Ninth Heaven, and fly from the oceans of the eastern barbarians." The person at the front, Ji Yao, landed first. He strolled casually in front of the crowd and said, "I heard a while ago, Ninth Heaven received several elders of the eastern barbarians. I had not expected that all the eastern barbarians had been killed when we passed by their oceans. However, the Earth Ghoul Race they allied with committed countless atrocities in the Land of Chaos. Their deaths were just."

"I heard the island master of Flaming Sun Island is called Qin Lie..."

Ji Yao looked at the crowd, paused and then said with narrowed eyes, "Please, Island Master Qin, come out."

"Qin Lie is temporarily not in the Land of Chaos." Song Tingyu took a step forward and said with slight timidity, "Everyone, could you wait for a while? I will... try to message him."

Duan Qianjie, Li Mu, Tang Beidou, and the others, these people that dominated the Land of Chaos, seemed slightly cautious in front of Ji Yao and the two other people.

Ji Yao and the two others weren't just in the Void Realm, they were also members of the Central World's Ji Family.

They were astounding in strength and background. Li Mu and the others had to be careful.

"If he is the Qin Lie we know of, the matter is easy to resolve, otherwise..." Ji Yao's brow furrowed and he suddenly stretched a hand to Duan Qianjie, saying, "The item should return to its owner!"

The Heavengold Mirror that Duan Qianjie had put into his spatial ring immediately flew out and landed on Ji Yao's hand.

"As expected, the Heavengold Mirror!" Ji Xi and Ji Rui who also came along said coldly.

"According to Han Qian of Ninth Heaven, this Heavengold Mirror was originally in Qin Lie's hands?" Ji Yao's expression was dark as he shouted, "Is this true?"

Duan Qianjie's eyes flashed and he was about to argue back.

At this time, Li Mu pressed a hand on his shoulder and said, "Qin Lie took this item back."

"Where did he get it?" Ji Yao asked.

Li Mu thought for a moment and said, "The chaotic streams of space."

Ji Yao looked deeply at Li Mu and nodded. He did not continue to make trouble but said, "No matter where Qin Lie is, have him come see me as soon as possible, I need him to give me an explanation!"

"Tingyu, message Qin Lie and have him come back quickly," Li Mu ordered.

"I will have Ge Rongguang find him immediately," Song Tingyu replied.

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