Chapter 1056: Merge

Chapter 1056: Merge

Closing his eyes, Qin Lie calmed down. The process of assimilation between the subsoul and the Dark Soul Beast suddenly became clear.

Inside the Dark Soul Beast's mind, countless remnant souls and shadows moved and gradually condensed together.

Qin Lie's subsoul was devouring the remnant souls.

His subsoul was like a hungry black hole consuming any soul remnant in the surroundings.

The remnant souls of the Soul Race and the Dark Soul Beast turned into black wisps of smoke and were consumed by his subsoul.

Those remnant souls had many chaotic thoughts and memories. The moment they assimilated, many of the useless memories would be discarded.

During assimilation, many memories twisted together.

Countless scenes appeared in his mind, in no particular order. If he could not piece them together, he wouldn’t be able to understand their true meaning.

Also, there were many secret arts concerning the soul. They came in sections, and threads, disorganized, sometimes clear and sometimes blurry.

He could not comprehend them at the moment.

His main body closed its eyes, and the eyes of the Dark Soul Beast opened.

Teng Yuan and the others saw countless green lights flashing in the eyes of the Dark Soul Beast.

Those lights seemed to contain countless mysteries.

But Teng Yuan and the others knew nothing of the Soul Race. They could not obtain the secrets of the soul from those lights.

They could only stand guard over Qin Lie with serious expressions.

This continued for one daytime and half of a night.

One day time in Boluo Realm was akin to twelve days in Spirit Realm. One night was equal to eighteen days in Spirit Realm.

During this time, Yuan Wenzhi called from above. He asked what had occurred.

Nivitt flew into the sky, and explained to Yuan Wenzhi so that he would not worry.

The Ancient Beast clansmen also sent a message saying that Hua Yuchi urgently wanted to use the secret realm entrance to return to Spirit Realm.

Teng Yuan ordered them to stop anyone from leaving Boluo Realm.

Also, Ge Rongguang sent a message for Teng Yuan to pass to Qin Lie. He said that the Asura clansmen of Suluo Realm were asking for an audience.

Teng Yuan had Ge Rongguang wait.

The assimilation of Qin Lie's subsoul and the Dark Soul Beast was extremely slow. During this time, all kinds of news spread through Boluo Realm.

The identity of the Asura clansmen spread through all the foreign races in Boluo Realm by Yu Lei and the other members of Yu Family.

As Teng Yuan and the others stood guard over Qin Lie, Boluo Realm had burst into uproar.

The experts of each race gathered and moved towards the Asura Race territory.

The members of their race who were weak travelled to the remote places of Boluo Realm to hide under their arrangements.

The Serene Moon Race, Sea Race, Wood Race, Black Jail Race, and Giant Race, as well as other experts of Boluo Realm, hurriedly left their own lands.

The Black Jail and Giant Races who were on good terms with the Ancient Beast Race secretly gathered at the secret realm entrance.

They prepared to use the secret realm entrance of the Ancient Beast Race to leave Boluo Realm if they saw the situation was going bad.

The news that Boluo Realm housed a Dark Soul Beast passed through every realm with intelligent life as though it had wings of its own.

Yet Qin Lie's assimilation of the Dark Soul Beast still had not finished.

"The Yu Family spread the news, the races are all panicking, the situation... has gotten out of control." Teng Yuan looked at the Dark Soul Beast and also Qin Lie's main body. His expression was grave as he said, "We even concealed the matter of you assimilating the Dark Soul Beast from the Yuan Family, the news cannot spread."

"All the races of Boluo Realm must be terrified of the Dark Soul Beast and will do all they can to kill the Dark Soul Beast." Nivitt sighed.

"If the news spreads back to Spirit Realm, the human race, and the Asura Race experts will come to kill the Dark Soul Beast," Barett said.

Everyone frowned.

"Qin Lie, even if your subsoul successfully merges with the Dark Soul Beast, your Dark Soul Beast avatar has to disappear from Boluo Realm," Teng Yuan said.

"I understand." Qin Lie looked at the sacrificial altar built of white bones and said, "Give me some more time, soon, I will completely assimilate the Dark Soul Beast."

"You want to send the Dark Soul Beast avatar away using the secret realm entrance inside the altar?" Nivitt was shocked. "Do you know... what is behind the secret realm entrance The blood energy that came through that secret realm entrance previously shocked even me. I feel you should return to the Land of Chaos first, and then leave through other secret realm entrances over there."

"Doesn’t matter. Once I merge with the Dark Soul Beast, I will be a rank nine Dark Soul Beast." Qin Lie grinned and said, "The rank nine Dark Soul Beast is strong enough to survive on the other side of that secret realm entrance."

"Where does the secret realm entrance in the altar go to?" Teng Yuan asked curiously.

Qin Lie thought and said, "The Abyss Battlefield."

"Abyss Battlefield? What kind of place is this?" Nivitt said in shock.

As everyone spoke, Tyler suddenly shook and said, "Bates is about to arrive!"

"The brothers of my Giant Race are about to arrive as well!" Banderas shouted.

Qin Lie's expression changed slightly.

The flames in the eyes of the Dark Soul Beast behind him twined together and a powerful soul vibration spread.

Outside, the Asura Race Soul Altar experts, with Curtis leading the way, landed.

Those Soul Altar experts gathered around the Dark Soul Beast, their eyes flashing with green fire.

"Let's go up, and say... the Dark Soul Beast, and the physical bodies controlled by the Dark Soul Beast have all been killed," Qin Lie said.

"Then what about your Dark Soul Beast avatar?" Nivitt shouted.

"Completely seal the ground. In half a day, I will completely merge with the Dark Soul Beast. After merging, I will take them and pass through the altar to leave Boluo Realm for the Abyss Battlefield," Qin Lie said.

"Are you sure?" Teng Yuan frowned.

"This Dark Soul Beast avatar cannot stay for long in Boluo Realm. I do not fear the races of Boluo Realm, but that the Central World experts will come, as well as the top experts of Asura Realm." Qin Lie's expression was grim. "A rank nine Dark Soul Beast is still not strong enough, otherwise, he would not have kept on hiding. When my Dark Soul Beast avatar reaches rank ten, unless it is attacked by many peak experts, it will not be killed."

"I can conceal everything under the ground," Teng Yuan stated.

"Everyone, please keep everything that has happened to me a secret, I will repay you in the future!" Qin Lie said.

The only beings left in the underground cave were Teng Yuan, Nivitt, Tyler, Banderas, Calvert, and Banderas

They were all top experts of Boluo Realm, boasting rank nine bloodlines and extraordinary strength.

"We still hope you can help us resolve the trouble of Boluo Realm." Nivitt laughed easily and said, "Lunar Temple and Sun Palace will really set their foot onto Boluo Realm’s land in ten years. We need to rely on your strength. Of course we will keep this secret for you."

"Thank you." Qin Lie bowed deeply.

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