Chapter 1055: Riddle of His Identity

Chapter 1055: Riddle of His Identity

The spatial power at the middle of the sacrificial bone altar twisted and quickly formed a hole.

Vicious roars came from the other side of the hole. The stench of blood gushed out of the hole in waves, coming from an unknown place.

Expressions of Teng Yuan and other changed.

"What realm did these beings reach?"

Nivitt changed expression. He moved a step back, alarmed by the vast bloody energy flooding out of the stark white hole.

It was normal to be terrified of the unknown. The Ancient Beast Race were not an exception.

"Could they have been summoned by the Dark Soul Beast?" Tyler had a grim expression.

He suspected that Dark Soul Beast was in trouble after Qin Lie entangled with it so it was trying to send a message using a secret art.

Tyler thought what would pass through the cavern would be the Dark Soul Beast's avatar.

"No matter what, it is not good news to us!" Teng Yuan thought and then said decisively, "We should destroy this white bone altar as fast as possible!"


Everyone immediately reached a consensus.

They knew that whatever it was that came through, whether it be friend or foe, enemy of Dark Soul Beast or its friend, if it really arrived in Boluo Realm, it would become a calamity.

Before Qin Lie gave them an update on his and Dark Soul Beast’s state, they did not want anything else to occur.

Teng Yuan reached towards that white bone sacrificial altar.

"Do not..." A weak voice came from behind the Dark Soul Beast.

"Qin Lie!" Everyone was shocked.

They looked and saw Qin Lie slowly revealing himself from behind the hooves of the Dark Soul Beast.

Qin Lie's eyes were dull. He clearly was exhausted. His soul seemed to have been seriously injured.

"I am fine. The white bone altar... let me temporarily seal it." He waved his hand.

"Let you seal it?" Everyone was shocked.

At this time, the Dark Soul Beast suddenly opened its eyes.

Its eyes, the size of water tanks, were filled with blue flame. Mysterious green rays of light flew out and flew towards the white bone altar.

The twisting hole at the center of white bone altar suddenly contracted when touched by those strange green rays of light.

Dozens of breaths later, the hole formed out of spatial power disappeared.

The green eyes of the Dark Soul Beast swept the group and slowly closed.

Teng Yuan and the others had strange expressions.

The moment the Dark Soul Beast closed its eyes, the expression in them clearly belonged to Qin Lie.

This meant that Qin Lie... held the upper hand in the merging with the Dark Soul Beast.

"Do not worry, this Dark Soul Beast cannot fight against me," he said from his true body.

Everyone naturally gathered around him. Their anxious eyes focused on him.

"What happened?"

Everyone’s expressions seemed to carry the same question.

Facing the pairs of eyes, Qin Lie leaned against the enormous hoof of the Dark Soul Beast. He took out pills for nurturing the soul and swallowed them all.

After a while, his eyes gradually became bright. "I..."

Everyone looked at him.

Qin Lie grimaced. "I'm afraid I cannot give you a logical explanation."

The rank nine evil dragon Calvert looked deeply at him and suddenly said, "Just describe the general situation."

"Due to a certain artifact... I also created a subsoul. The subsoul surprisingly merged with the Dark Soul Beast successfully." Qin Lie had a strange expression as he said, "I am also puzzled. I do not know what is going on."

"I once heard experts of the God Race discuss the Dark Soul Beast. They said the Dark Soul Beast, the Soul Devouring Beast, and the Blood Soul Beast were all Soul Race’s clansmen that ran rampant," Calvert suddenly said.

"Soul Race?" Teng Yuan and the others shouted.

Clearly, they knew nothing about the Soul Race.

"Thirty thousand years ago, before the God Race arrived at Spirit Realm, four Soul Race clansmen came." Calvert nodded and said, "They were the three beasts and the Soul Progenitor of the human race."

Teng Yuan and the others were even more surprised.

Calvert looked at them. After a moment, he said, "According to the God Race, the Soul Race... are like them, one of the most powerful races in the universe."

"Most, most powerful races..." Nivitt stammered.

"Is it true?" Teng Yuan looked towards Qin Lie.

Qin Lie first looked in surprise at Calvert and then nodded. He explained what he knew about the Soul Race.

"The Soul Progenitor worked with the other four human progenitors, and created five continents in the Land of Chaos to seal the abyss channel at the bottom of the ocean?" Teng Yuan was puzzled. "According to you, he is also a member of the Soul Race, and... the three beasts came to protect him. Why did he help the human race in sealing the abyss channel? This is illogical!"

"According to what I know, when the Soul Progenitor came, he possessed a human. Yet that human's soul was unusually strong and determined. He could not completely control that body..." Calvert was also shocked at this. "It seemed that something occurred between the Soul Progenitor’s and the human's souls. The result was the Soul Progenitor started to work for the prosperity of the human race, and taught the human race many secret arts about the soul."

Pausing, Calvert said, "There are two people who were most instrumental in the human race becoming the dominant race of Spirit Realm. One is the Blood Progenitor, who taught the human race how to steal the bloodlines of other ancient powerful races, so that the youths of the human race are not so weak when they are born, and they can cultivate faster."

"The other person is the Soul Progenitor. He taught the human race the secrets of the soul and had the human race produce batches of Soul Altar experts."

"In these years, the human race's understanding of the soul has gradually moved ahead of the ancient races."

"Their bloodline is strong, and their understanding of the soul is great. With both of these factors, the human race shone in the battle twenty thousand years ago, and became the main force in resisting the God Race."

"Today, the human race has surpassed the ancient races and become the new overlord of Spirit Realm because of the transformation of their bloodlines and their great familiarity with the secrets of the soul!"

Calvert concluded.

"You say that the Soul Progenitor helped the human race understand the secrets of the soul, so they grew strong to reach the prosperity they have now?" Teng Yuan was shocked.

"Exactly," Calvert said confidently.

"The Soul Progenitor must have been an important entity among the Soul Race to have three protectors, so why did he help the human race instead?" Nivitt was puzzled.

"I just said that some things occurred between him and the human being he had possessed. I think either that he merged with that human's soul, or the human took over, forcing him to work for the future of the human race," Calvert said.

"How could it happen?" Qin Lie said in disbelief.

"Reason aside, if that didn’t happen, that clansman of the Soul Race would have no reason to help the human race," Teng Yuan said.

At this time, Calvert suddenly looked at Qin Lie and said, "The name of the Soul Progenitor’s victim seemed to have been... Qin Tian."

Qin Lie suddenly shook.

"Qin..." He became silent.

His grandfather had given him the Soul Suppressing Orb and he thought this was the ultimate treasure of the Qin Family.

That Soul Race clansman inside the Dark Soul Beast called the Soul Suppressing Orb the holy artifact of the Soul Race.

The Gold rank forces of Central World abided by the rules the five progenitors had set and did not dare to approach the Land of Chaos.

But the Qin Family was an exception.

His grandfather, Qin Shan, had come to the Land of Chaos more than once, to teach Nan Zhengtian the secrets of lightning, and to tell the last sect leader of Terminator Sect the secret of the Land of Chaos.

He warned the Silver rank forces of the Land of Chaos and forbade them to fight, afraid they would disturb the inner foundation of the five continents.

The Dark Soul Beast, Soul Devouring Beast and the Blood Soul Beast, including the Soul Progenitor all had the ability to make subsouls.

Making subsouls was a secret talent of the Soul Race.

And he, when he was born, had two souls...

The Soul Race secret art of devouring souls to strengthen oneself, had similarities to the Qin Family's spirit art fusion...

Thoughts flowed through his mind.

His eyes flashed with light.

A long time later, he looked at the group and said coolly, "Maybe, that human called Qin Tian who was possessed by the Soul Progenitor is the forefather of the Qin Family."

"I also think this." Calvert had a grave expression and said, "Either Qin Tian and the Soul Progenitor's soul merged into one, or Qin Tian consumed the Soul Progenitor. You are a descendant of the Qin Family, your soul... must be unique in some aspect. This is the reason you can easily merge with the subsoul of that Soul Race clansman inside the Dark Soul Beast!"

"What monster is this boy?" Nivitt screamed. "He possesses the God Race bloodline, his soul... possibly has the abilities of the Soul Race. Other than a human body, where is this boy similar to a human?"

The top beings of Boluo Realm looked at him with incredulity.

"Maybe, he was able to obtain the God Race bloodline due to the abilities of his soul." Calvert had a strange look as he said, "When the God Race fled into outer space back then, a rare number of members were captured by the human race. The Gold rank forces of the Central World once tried all they could to steal the God Race bloodline. The God Race bloodline was thought to be the strongest bloodline. But none of those families successfully obtained the God Race bloodline."

"I am the only exception?" Qin Lie said bitterly.

"Up until now, you are the only human that obtained the God Race bloodline," Calvert said.

"You mean that the Soul Race traits I have in my soul caused me to successfully obtain the God Race bloodline?" Qin Lie asked.

"This is my guess, but I am not sure of the truth," Calvert answered.

"It seems that I still need to search for the answer," Qin Lie murmured.

As he spoke, he closed his eyes again as though he was meditating.

The Dark Soul Beast suddenly gave off powerful soul fluctuations. Countless messy thoughts and memory fragments roiled in the mind of the Dark Soul Beast.

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