Chapter 1054: A Dark Soul Beast Avatar!

Chapter 1054: A Dark Soul Beast Avatar!

Qin Lie’s subsoul looked like a starry spark as it landed on the ball of souls. The latter instantly flared to life upon contact.

The soul ball contained the Soul Progenitor’s soul fragments, the original Dark Soul Beast’s soul fragments, and the new Dark Soul Beast’s soul fragments.

At the beginning, the sphere was dim and lightless despite holding a huge amount of souls. A commanding soul seemed to be missing from the soul ball.

But after Qin Lie’s subsoul had entered it, millions of brilliant colorful rays of light abruptly flared into existence.

Qin Lie’s blurry subsoul suddenly took on a distinct form after the light show began.

The millions of soul fragments condensed into visible soul shadows before they willingly allowed themselves to be absorbed into Qin Lie’s subsoul.

Qin Lie’s soul grew bright and dazzling.

The soul ball abruptly sank downwards like a miniature version of Boluo Realm’s sun!

It was heading towards the Dark Soul Beast’s body!

The soul ball entered the Dark Soul Beast’s head like a water droplet falling into the sea.

Soul shadows swam inside the Dark Soul Beast’s green eyes. Slowly, they took on the form of Qin Lie’s soul.

At the same time!

The eyes of the dozens of Asura Race Soul Altar experts fighting on the surface suddenly became filled with blazing green fire.

The giant demons fighting against Teng Yuan’s group suddenly turned back into Soul Altars.

The Asura Race elders suddenly stopped, blank looks on their faces.

A few seconds later, Qin Lie’s soul shadow gradually grew distinct in their pupils.

“That, that’s Qin Lie’s True Soul!”

Teng Yuan roared angrily. He thought Qin Lie’s soul had been captured by an Asura Race expert using a secret art after the latter had fallen into the underground.

Just as the giant ape was about to throw all caution to the wind, Curtis suddenly raised his hand to the air and yelled. “Everyone stop!”

In an instant, the Asura Soul Altar experts and Asura warriors came to a sudden stop.

Curtis abruptly appeared in front of Teng Yuan. Qin Lie’s soul shadow was the clearest in his pupils.

Teng Yuan was about to attack Curtis violently.

“I, I’m Qin Lie…”

Suddenly, Curtis spoke in an odd tone using the human language.

Qin Lie’s soul shadow flickered and fired beams of green lightning inside Curtis’ eyes.

The Asura Race expert’s expression switched erratically between savagery and awe.

The sight completely confused Teng Yuan.

At the same time, another six-level Soul Altar elder next to Nivitt said in an equally odd tone, “I, I’m Qin Lie…”

The same thing was happening to Tyler’s opponent, Barett and Calvert’s opponents, and even Banderas’s opponent.

Qin Lie’s soul shadow had appeared inside each and every Asura Race expert’s pupils.

They all whispered in a very, very quiet voice, “I’m Qin Lie…”

Teng Yuan and the others were completely stupefied.

The lower ranking Asura Race warriors fighting on the ground couldn’t hear Qin Lie’s voice. So, they could only stare up into the sky in confusion and astonishment.

“Everyone, return to our ancestor’s ground to the south for now!” Curtis ordered.

All Asura Race warriors below Soul Altar realm went away obediently after the initial confusion had passed.

Very soon, the Soul Altar experts were all that remained of the Asura Race. Moreover, Qin Lie’s soul shadow was present in every Asura’s pupils.

Teng Yuan’s group stared at them in astonishment. No one knew what was going on.

“Give me some time.”

The dozens of Asura Soul Altar experts spoke in unison.

Things were growing more and more bizarre.

“Send word to the Ancient Beast Race and tell them to stop anyone from using the secret realm entrance for now!” The Asura Soul Altar experts spoke again.

“Why?” Teng Yuan asked heavily.

“I—I am merging with the Dark Soul Beast. I believe I will succeed in my endeavor. Tell them to forbid anyone from leaving Boluo Realm and leaking the news to the Central World. I don’t want their experts rushing into Boluo Realm and ruining everything.”

Qin Lie explained what happened through the mouths of Curtis and all other Soul Altar experts.

All the peak experts of Boluo Realm turned pale with fright.

There was a Dark Soul Beast underground?

Qin Lie was merging with the Dark Soul Beast?

Their heads were practically buzzing with shock.

“Give me some time, you have to give me some time. Trust me…” The Asura clansmen’s voices slowly turned soft.

Countless shadows flashed across their eyes. It would appear that Qin Lie had forced his soul consciousness into their minds.

“What do we do, Boss Teng?” Silver light flashed across Nivitt’s body. Every time it happened, a wound on his body would recover a bit.

Nivitt was seizing the opportunity to heal himself.

Tyler, Barett, and everyone else were also staring helplessly at Teng Yuan.

“The Dark Soul Beast once took many lives in Asura Realm and nearly caused their entire race to go extinct. How is it possible for there to be another avatar other than the rank ten Dark Soul Beast that was killed by the God Race?” Banderas of the Giant Race looked fearful and anxious. “Every single one of the Asura Race Soul Altar experts in this place was a flesh puppet of the Dark Soul Beast. Their minds were filled with the Dark Soul Beast’s subsouls. Does Qin Lie really have the ability to merge with the Dark Soul Beast and control it? How is it possible?”

“Should we… trust him?” Barett also looked solemn.

“Maybe, maybe the best course of action is to kill these Asura Race warriors while they are still paralyzed?” Tyler suggested quietly.

“There’s probably a real Dark Soul Beast hidden underground. If we’re going to kill anything, that thing should be our top priority!” Nivitt said.

The peak experts of Boluo Realm didn’t share the same opinion. They started arguing with one another.

Teng Yuan ignored them and sent a strand of soul consciousness straight into the distant Ancient Beast Race’s domain to communicate.

He told every Ancient Beast Race expert to gather at the secret realm entrance and forbid anyone from entering or exiting the place.

After he was finished, Teng Yuan pondered for a moment before saying, “We’ll ignore the Asura clansmen and head underground first.”


Nivitt, Calvert, and Barett took on human forms once more.

Teng Yuan had also taken a human form as he flew towards the deep ravine where Qin Lie had initially fallen into.

Even Banderas had surrounded himself with golden light and taken the form of a dozen meter tall figure.

He followed Teng Yuan and the others deep into the underground.

These people were all rank nine experts. Naturally, they moved much faster than Qin Lie did when the young man initially plummeted into the underground.

A dozen or so seconds later, they appeared at the underground cavern.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

Banderas released some golden flames and lit up the area.

The Dark Soul Beast that was nearly a thousand meter long came into full view.

It was completely black, and it looked a little like a qilin, covered in sharp thorns. Its sinister, fearsome presence made everyone feel fearful. However, it was completely immobile.

“A rank nine Dark Soul Beast!” Calvert exclaimed.

Teng Yuan and the others subconsciously looked at him.

“The Evil Dragon Race was well-trusted by the God Race. Therefore… I am aware of some secrets related to the Dark Soul Beast,” Calvert explained.

Teng Yuan looked moved.

A long time ago, the three strange beasts that ravaged Nether Realm, Asura Realm and Ancient Beast Realm were destroyed by the God Race’s experts.

The God Race seemed to know full well what the three strange beasts were.

Calvert was the son of the Evil Dragon Race’s chief, and he had once served the God Race’s experts, so it wasn’t strange for him to know about the three strange beasts.

Teng Yuan believed that Calvert was right.

“It’s not moving, so let’s stand by and watch for now. But if the Dark Soul Beast dares to attack us, everyone must work together and eliminate it with everything we got!” Barett yelled. “We absolutely mustn’t give it the opportunity to summon the flesh puppets on the surface to its aid!”

Everyone nodded in unison.

They spread out and surrounded the Dark Soul Beast completely.

The moment they confirmed that Qin Lie had failed in his attempt to control the Dark Soul Beast, the moment the Dark Soul Beast showed signs of violence, they would immediately kill it without any hesitation.

It shouldn’t be too difficult for them to kill this rank nine Dark Soul Beast as long as they worked together.

“Huh? That bone altar is clearly a secret realm entrance!” Tyler suddenly exclaimed.

“Look! Most of the corpses in this place do not belong to the races of Boluo Realm!” Barett also turned pale with shock.

“This Asura Race branch controls a secret realm entrance! For so many years, they did nothing but hide in Boluo Realm!” Nivitt also came to realization. “Judging from these corpses, it would seem that they often used this secret realm entrance to invade other realms!”

Just like Qin Lie, they had arrived at the truth after witnessing the floor of corpses and the strange secret realm entrance that was made of bones.

It was at this moment the bone altar suddenly became filled with turbulent spatial energy.

A pale white light screen swiftly came to life and transformed into a cave-like passage.

“Something’s about to come through!” Teng Yuan’s expression changed drastically.

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