Chapter 1053: The Soul Race’s Sacred Artifact!

Chapter 1053: The Soul Race’s Sacred Artifact!

Curtis was streaking across the mountain range like a black ghost, but he was unable to catch up to Qin Lie no matter what.

He abruptly came to a halt.


A flash of blue lightning later, Qin Lie appeared on top of Teng Yuan’s shoulder about ten thousand meters away from Curtis. He frowned at his pursuer.

The Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline contained the secrets of space. It had enhanced his Blitz Thunder Escape by leaps and bounds.

As a result, Curtis couldn’t catch up to him.

However, Qin Lie’s realm was also weak. It was almost impossible for him to harm Curtis and affect this shocking battle.

Qin Lie subconsciously observed his surroundings.

Teng Yuan was leading his group of experts and fighting fiercely against the Asura Race Soul Altar experts at this mountain range.

Under Teng Yuan’s power of earth, the mountains crumbled as the ground rippled like a carpet. 

When Nivitt’s large body moved, vast and seemingly bottomless ravines were literally plowed across the ground.

Both Barett and Calvert used their dragon breaths to attack the incoming Asura clansmen in midair while roaring loudly.

The golden giant Banderas was like an ancient bull. When he glowed with golden light, every one of his steps caused a giant pit to be left in his wake.

These peak experts of Boluo Realm looked unstoppable.

However, the six-level, five-level and four-level Soul Altar Asura Race experts were incredibly powerful as well.

The Asura Race experts’ Soul Altars glowed pitch black as demonic black flames spread into the air.

Ghastly figures could be seen flickering inside the black flames. The Asura Race experts became surprisingly huge when the Soul Altars transformed into demonic, soulful bodies that looked like the physical bodies of ancient demonic gods.

It wasn’t long before every Asura Race expert’s Soul Altar had transformed into a giant demon of unparalleled strength that seemed as unstoppable as nature itself.

The smallest movements from the giant demons could cause lightning to appear, the sky to split apart and the earth to cave in. Their strength and spirit arts were so strange that it was as if they could draw the departed souls of the underworld river to their aid.

Teng Yuan’s group actually failed to gain any advantage at all.

Qin Lie watched as Teng Yuan thumped his chest and roared, sending ripples of bright yellow energy to the surroundings from the bottom of his feet.

Terribly loud explosions suddenly affected the ground as the gravity around Teng Yuan suddenly became thousands of times stronger.

Teng Yuan was capable of communicating with the earth’s core of Boluo Realm. With all his might, he made the gravity around him thousands of times stronger and stopped the Asura clansmen’s transformed Soul Altars from flying into the air.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

The floating continent built by the Yu Family actually plummeted fiercely to the ground and crashed into the mountain range because the gravity was altered.

Qin Lie was originally standing on Teng Yuan’s shoulder, but the sudden change in gravity had caught him off guard. His breathing was stifled, his knees were forced to bent, and he slipped off Teng Yuan’s shoulder and fell towards the ground.

He activated Blitz Thunder Escape once more.


A flash of electricity happened, but instead of moving thousands of kilometers away from the area, he plummeted towards the mountain range instead due to the altered gravity.

A deep, bottomless ravine was revealed when Nivitt moved to another place.

The flash of lightning flew right into the underground.

Curtis was wondering how best to capture Qin Lie when he saw Teng Yuan’s ability causing Qin Lie to stumble head first into the ground. His expression grew odder and odder.

A clear trace of joy passed through his eyes.

It was as if Qin Lie’s fall was exactly what he was hoping for.

Qin Lie fell head first into the ravine after activating Blitz Thunder Escape because he was affected by the enhanced gravity.

Pitch black darkness filled his vision.

He suddenly cried out.

The wall to his two sides were being torn wider by some unseen force as he fell into the pitch black bottom.

He passed through a certain gap.

An unbelievably terrible stench rose from the darkness below. The smell was extremely pungent.

“Haah! Haah!”

The breathing of a loud beast came from the depths of darkness. Qin Lie’s face turned pale as a result.

The stench, the breathing, was followed by two green balls of light that suddenly lit up beneath the mountain range.

Then, a terrifying being several thousand meters in length quietly rose from the pitch black darkness.

The gigantic beast looked like an unusually large black qilin at first glance, but it was entirely covered in sharp, savage-looking thorns.

The thorns even throbbed and expanded into sharp, giant wings like a blade formation coming to life.

Fist-sized flesh balls bulged on top of its head. They were obviously reverberating with souls.

The being was surrounded by countless bones and corpses. The unusual shape of the remains obviously marked them as beings of foreign species.

On the ground he saw a strange bone altar, origins of which he didn’t recognize. The fact that it was brimming with turbulent spatial energy obviously meant that it was some sort of strange secret realm entrance.

Qin Lie immediately felt realization and trepidation the moment the strange sight entered his vision.

This gigantic being that looked like a black qilin covered in sharp thorns and saw-like wings was the Dark Soul Beast!

It must be part of the Rank Ten Dark Soul Beast that was killed many years ago!

This Dark Soul Beast had controlled a number of Asura clansmen, escaped from Asura Realm and sneaked all the way to Boluo Realm to hide.

After that, it hid itself beneath this mountain range for a very long time.

The altar next to it was a secret realm entrance. The Asura clansmen living in this place must have used it to travel to other realms.

The remains lying next to the Dark Soul Beast didn’t belong to the any of the foreign races in Boluo Realm. They had been brought over from other realms by the Dark Soul Beast and its avatars.

In Boluo Realm, this Asura Race branch appeared to be peaceful and harmless. They never harmed the other races unless they were threatened first.

However, it was just a face to hide their true identity.

The secret realm entrance was clear proof that their real battlefield was set somewhere else.

Perhaps this Dark Soul Beast and Asura clansmen were actually crazed, bloody demons who claimed all lives who crossed their paths!

This Asura Race branch must have fought in other realms and consumed those auxiliary realms’ denizens to strengthen themselves. That was why they were far stronger than all the races in Boluo Realm.

This Dark Soul Beast had probably used the same method to strengthen itself to its current level!

These thoughts passed through Qin Lie’s mind as he plummeted uncontrollably to the ground.

He had more or less figured out the truth.

Suddenly, the Dark Soul Beast’s pupils burned with strange, green flames.

A blurry soul figure flickered into existence from inside the burning flame.

The soul’s presence instantly flooded the entire underground area like the sea.

“Who are you, why do I sense our race’s sacred artifact on you?”

The soul figure in the Dark Soul Beast’s pupils shook intensely. It was obviously very irritated.

Qin Lie suddenly came to a full stop thousands of meters above the Dark Soul Beast race as he exclaimed in astonishment. “What did you say?”

The Soul Suppressing Orb suddenly appeared from his glabella once more. The soul shadow made of the Soul Progenitor’s soul fragments and the Dark Soul Beast could be seen struggling madly inside the Soul Suppressing Orb in an attempt to escape.

“The object in your glabella is the Soul Race’s sacred artifact! Our sacred artifact!” The Dark Soul Beast suddenly roared.

Qin Lie shuddered in realization.

At the same time, the soul shadow that was trapped by the Soul Suppressing Orb suddenly escaped into the open.

The soul shadow suddenly transformed into a pitch black beam and fired towards the Dark Soul Beast’s glabella.

The approaching soul shadow obviously terrified the Dark Soul Beast.

In an instant, tens of thousands of soul fragments flew out of the flesh bulges above its head.

They were all its subsouls.

The Dark Soul Beast was trying to use all of its subsouls to fight against the soul shadow that had broken free from the Soul Suppressing Orb. The underground cavern suddenly lit up as countless eerie and evil-looking shadows clashed against one another using secret arts that Qin Lie didn’t recognize at all.

Beautiful flames suddenly erupted inside this dark, underground cavern. The cavern suddenly became illuminated with dream-like colors.

“How… how did the Soul Suppressing Orb become the Soul Race’s sacred artifact?” Qin Lie was completely stupefied by this revelation.

He was certain that this Dark Soul Beast was one of the three members of the Soul Race who accompanied the Soul Progenitor to Spirit Realm back then.

Its main soul, the first incarnation of the rank ten Dark Soul Beast, had been eliminated by the God Race.

As a result, its subsoul controlled a number of Asura clansmen, took a tiny Dark Soul Beast that had split off from the main body, escaped and hid in Boluo Realm for over thirty thousand years.

After such a long time, this subsoul finally managed to nurture the once tiny Dark Soul Beast avatar to its current level and transformed this Asura Race branch into the most powerful force in Boluo Realm.

For thirty thousand years, the subsoul and its living puppets went through the secret realm entrance and fought other realms to grow stronger without being detected.

Neither the God Race nor the human race had noticed its existence.

Today, this Soul Race clansman suddenly claimed that the Soul Suppressing Orb was its race’s sacred artifact… Qin Lie was very confused.

The God Race and the Qin Family’s blood ran in his veins, so he wouldn’t be surprised if someone said that the Soul Suppressing Orb was the God Race’s sacred artifact.

But it had actually claimed that it was the Soul Race’s sacred artifact...

While Qin Lie was still confused, the soul shadow that had flown out of the Soul Suppressing Orb suddenly began to merge with the countless subsouls of the Dark Soul Beast.

Dark blue light flashed across Qin Lie’s eyes.

Suddenly, he noticed the way the soul shadow was merging with the subsouls was a little similar to the Qin Family’s spirit art fusion.

The spirit art fusion was the most important secret art the Qin Family possessed!

The spirit art fusion was among his earliest memories. The secret art had always been in his soul origin for as far as he could remember.

He couldn’t help but be distracted as he watched the soul shadows fighting and merging into one another using the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s latent ability.

Mysterious light screens flew out of the Soul Suppressing Orb and enveloped the soul shadows flying in the air.

Suddenly, the soul shadows began to merge hundreds of times faster than before.

“Zzzt zzt zzt!”

At the same time, thin wisps of smoke suddenly rose from some soul shadows.

All complicated and useless memories and soul thoughts evaporated into nothingness as the fusion process continued.

The fused soul shadows slowly turned as pure as the Pure Soul Spring. It was as if all unnecessary soul thoughts had been cleansed from the souls.

Slowly, the millions of souls shadows inside the underground cavern merged into one big soul ball.

It was at this moment a strange attraction force came from inside the Soul Suppressing Orb.

Qin Lie could clearly see a blurry and transient soul figure rising from the depths of his True Soul.

The soul shadow looked like a copy of his True Soul. It possessed his memories, his life experiences, his thoughts and his recognition of the world!

It was literally another him!

When the soul shadow rose to the air, his True Soul suddenly felt incredibly weak.

He felt so tired that even his eyes were closed. Even the Soul Lake that hosted his True Soul had dried up after he had expended all of his soul energy.

He suddenly noticed that the Soul Suppressing Orb had created a subsoul from his True Soul.

Just as he was about to faint, he saw his subsoul entering the soul ball suspended above the Dark Soul Beast’s head.

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