Chapter 1052: The Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s Bloodline!

Chapter 1052: The Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s Bloodline!

Qin Lie wore a dark expression on his face as he stared at the Yu Family members rushing towards him. Suddenly, he said, “I’ll go out myself.


Yuan Wenzhi and Hua Yuchi cried out in unison.

A complicated look sprung onto Yu Lei’s face. He opened his mouth if he wanted to stop Qin Lie, but he ultimately didn’t say anything.

He knew that he had lost control over the Yu Family.

If Qin Lie insisted on staying behind, the Yu Family would immediately engage Qin Lie, the Yuan Family, and Sky Mender Palace in bloody battle. He couldn’t stop the Yu Family members when they were literally facing the threat of death.

Moreover, he couldn’t deny the bit of false hope in his mind, whispering that Curtis would let them go free if they turned in Qin Lie.

He didn’t want the Yu Family to die with Qin Lie.

That was why he didn’t stop the young man.

“They’re not real Asura clansmen. They will not show you mercy for old time’s sake.”

Qin Lie said this as he stared at Yu Lei and the rest of Yu Family.

Then, he transformed into a bolt of lightning and flew abruptly towards Teng Yuan.

Yu Lei looked bitter and helpless.

A trace of ridicule passed through Curtis’ dark eyes. He nodded at Yu Lei before flying suddenly towards the mountain range below.

As expected, Curtis didn’t continue attacking this floating continent.

All members of Yu Family let out a secret sigh of relief.

“Once the battle below is over, they will return and kill the lot of you! You cannot escape!” Yuan Wenzhi said angrily.

“You’ve just been put on the back burner for now!” Hua Yuchi also said.

“I know.” Yu Lei smiled bitterly before he glanced at the Yu Family members on the continent. “All of you should get away from this place as far away as possible, immediately!”

The Yu Family members looked a little confused.

“Uncle, why did Curtis attack us?” a young woman of the Yu Family asked.

“They’re the avatars of the Dark Soul Beast. Now that they’d been exposed, I fear that they may tear down the entire Boluo Realm. Every race living in Boluo Realm may be slaughtered by these things before Sun Palace and Lunar Temple even show up,” Yu Lei said.

“Why didn’t you urge Big Brother Qin to stay if you actually knew what was going on?” Hua Yuchi was furious.

“I…” Yu Lei couldn’t say anything.

“It’s because he wants Qin Lie and the others to buy enough time for the Yu Family to escape. It’s so that Curtis will not target his people for now.” Yuan Wenzhi smiled coldly before yelling. “The only secret realm entrance that leads to Spirit Realm is controlled by Qin Lie! Do you really think you can escape from Boluo Realm using the Ancient Beast Race’s secret realm entrance if something were to happen to him?”

“If we run to the secluded corners of Boluo Realm and delay the Dark Soul Beast’s avatars long enough, until Lunar Temple and Sun Palace arrive, then we will have a small chance to survive this,” Yu Lei explained, but didn’t dare look Yuan Wenzhi in the eye.

Before Yuan Wenzhi could continue, Yu Lei yelled, “All members of the Yu Family will scatter and escape to the farthest and most desolate lands of Boluo Realm starting now!”

“Uncle!” a young Yu Family child screamed in response.

“Escape now!” Yu Lei yelled angrily. “Listen to me if you wish to live!”

Suddenly, every member of the Yu Family on the floating continent began to move.

Yuan Wenzhi immediately saw through Yu Lei’s plan.

He had to admit that Yu Lei, famed for his resourcefulness, had made the wisest decision.

Qin Lie had left the continent, so Curtis and the Dark Soul Beast’s avatars were focused solely on the young man and Teng Yuan’s group.

Naturally, the weak Yu Family members weren’t their first priority.

If the Yu Family seized this opportunity to escape with all their might, and if Teng Yuan held off the enemy long enough, they might actually be able to run far enough that Curtis and his puppets couldn’t reach them immediately.

If Curtis’ group discovered that they were unable to slaughter the Yu Family immediately, they would definitely switch targets and attack the nearby Sea Race, Wood Race, and Demon Dragon Race first.

This meant that they could survive a bit longer.

Once Sun Palace and Lunar Temple’s experts had arrived and built their secret realm entrances, the peak experts of the six great forces would quickly come to Boluo Realm. When that happened, Curtis would have to choose between evacuating from Boluo Realm or being annihilated by the greatest strength of Spirit Realm, the human race!

The Yu Family might actually be able to weather this calamity if everything did turn out as Yu Lei had predicted.

Yu Lei had made the best choice for the Yu Family in the shortest amount of time.

“Brother Yuan, you should notify the Yuan Family and tell them to escape to the secluded corners of Boluo Realm too.” Yu Lei cast Yuan Wenzhi an apologetic glance before he turned away and followed behind the escaping members of Yu Family.

He abandoned the floating continent the Yu Family spent boundless effort to build without any hesitation.

“Uncle Yuan, are we certain that these Asura Race bastards will slaughter every living being there is in Boluo Realm?” Hua Yuchi looked shocked.

Yuan Wenzhi said heavily, “The Dark Soul Beast that once ravaged Asura Realm was a being that fed on the living souls. They will definitely consume every living being in Boluo Realm quickly now that their identity has been exposed!”

Hua Yuchi turned pale.

“You must return to the Ancient Beast Race immediately and ask for their permission to use the secret realm entrance! You must return to Spirit Realm as soon as possible and inform Sky Mender Palace of the terrible change that is soon to envelop the entire Boluo Realm! Tell them to send their peak experts to enter Boluo Realm through the Land of Chaos. It is the only way we have left to save the hundreds of thousands of lives at Boluo Realm!” Yuan Wenzhi suddenly said.

“Go now! This is the best way to help Qin Lie and the people of Boluo Realm!” Yuan Wenzhi also said.

“What about the rest of you?” Hua Yuchi asked urgently.

Yuan Wenzhi fell silent for a moment before saying, “We are the Qin Family’s vassal force. There is no way we can abandon our young master and escape on our own.”

Hua Yuchi shuddered before shouting with bloodshot eyes. “Qin Lie is my big brother too!”

“And you are the young palace master of Sky Mender Palace! If you don’t return to Sky Mender Palace, your grandfather will not know what is happening in Boluo Realm! You are the only one who can save us and the people of Boluo Realm!” Yuan Wenzhi shouted back.

Hua Yuchi sucked in a deep breath and fell silent. Then, he turned away and escaped right behind the Yu Family.

“Let’s hope we’re not too late.” Yuan Wenzhi muttered to himself.

It was only now the Yuan brothers looked down in attempt to seek out Qin Lie.


A bolt of lightning shone dazzlingly at the mountain range.

It was Qin Lie.

Curtis chased after the lightning bolt like a black hurricane.

However, Curtis couldn’t catch up to the lightning that was Qin Lie for some reason.

Yuan Wenzhi looked absolutely astonished.

“How, how is this possible?” Yuan Wenliang also cried out.

Qin Lie was just at the middle stage of the Fragmentation Realm. Even if he knew the Thunder Emperor’s Blitz Thunder Escape, he shouldn’t be able to pull away from Curtis.

Curtis had not unleashed his own Soul Altar, but Yuan Wenzhi was absolutely certain that he was a six-level Soul Altar expert!

A late stage Void Realm expert like him could easily travel hundreds and thousands of kilometers in almost a single thought.

Even if Qin Lie were to execute Blitz Thunder Escape repeatedly, he still shouldn’t be able to escape Curtis.

It was entirely illogical.

But illogical as it was, it was a fact that Curtis wasn’t able to catch up to Qin Lie!

At the mountain range, the lightning that was Qin Lie appeared abruptly at a different area after a flash.

Somehow, the young man was able to cover thousands of kilometers of ground in a single flash.


Yuan Wenzhi couldn’t quite believe his eyes.

Qin Lie’s Blitz Thunder Escape was so fast it was unbelievable. It was actually faster than a real lightning!

In his opinion, the Thunder Emperor himself was the only other cultivator who could execute the Blitz Thunder Escape to this extent!

Curtis’ pupils were crawling with thousands of shadows that looked like a school of ghost fishes.

Impatience was slowly creeping onto his face.

Just like the Yuan brothers, his puzzlement grew stronger and stronger as he chased after Qin Lie.

How was he not catching up to such a weak being?

Unlike the puzzled Yuan brothers and Curtis, Qin Lie wore a look of mad joy on his face.

Deep blue lightning passed through his eyes.

He never imagined that the blue blood in his body would come alive and generate the mysterious power of space when he activated his bloodline powers and escaped with the Blitz Thunder Escape.

When he teleported, his bloodline was actually able to affect the laws of space around him.

He could see the tiny threads of space all around him in that one instant.

When he moved, the spatial threads generated a strange power he couldn’t comprehend.

As a result, he was able to teleport several hundred times farther than normal and at a hundredth the usual time.

The blue blood inside his body affected the laws of space immediately after a thought was formed.

He was able to teleport thousands of kilometers in an instant as a result.

He even expended less of the lightning pool’s liquid when executing the escape art.

“The latent ability of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit! This is the latent ability of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit!” Qin Lie cheered in his mind.

“Qin Lie! Are you okay?” It was at this moment Teng Yuan yelled from the distance.

He was fighting a six-level Soul Altar expert in his true form. The two combatants fought so hard that the ground was shaking and the mountains around them were crumbling.

When Qin Lie had flown down from the floating continent, he immediately sensed the young man and got ready to suck Qin Lie into his chest.

However, Qin Lie suddenly flashed away in a bolt of lightning just as he was about to make contact and vanished right before the giant ape’s eyes.

When the young man appeared once more, he was already thousands kilometers away from the giant ape. If he hadn’t transformed into his true form and become as tall as a mountain, he might’ve missed Qin Lie entirely.

Curtis tried to chase after Qin Lie and flew thousands of kilometers away. However, Qin Lie appeared right next to Teng Yuan in just a flash.

Even Teng Yuan was stunned by his speed. He thought Qin Lie had obtained an unbelievably powerful spatial artifact from somewhere.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine. I don’t think these Dark Soul Beast avatars can do anything to me,” Qin Lie said loudly.

“Dark Soul Beast avatars?” Teng Yuan stared blankly at him.

Tyler, Nivitt and Banderas abruptly shivered in response.

“They’re not real Asura clansmen. Back then, some of the Dark Soul Beast’s subsouls had managed to escape from the God Race! Every single one of their heads is filled with the Dark Soul Beast’s subsouls!” Qin Lie explained loudly.

“I see now!”

“They’re the Dark Soul Beast’s flesh puppets!”

Teng Yuan and the others finally understood.

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