Chapter 1051: Out of Control!

Chapter 1051: Out of Control!

Qin Lie finally came to full realization.

Many years ago, there was a Dark Soul Beast that devoured many Asura experts’ souls and transformed them into its avatars, nearly annihilating the entire Asura Race in the process.

After the God Race arrived, they sent experts to chase down the Dark Soul Beast all across the world until they finally killed it.

The rank ten Dark Soul Beast had its head cut off and refined into an artifact by the God Race experts. They then gifted it to the Cullen Family, the first Asura Race family to submit to them.

The Dark Soul Beast skull had two uses—one, it was used to intimidate the other families and forces of the Asura Race. Two, it was used to increase the Cullen Family’s strength.

The Cullen Family rose to power as a result.

However, a portion of the Asura clansmen whose souls were controlled by the Dark Soul Beast were ultimately able to escape.

Right now, the Asura clansmen hiding inside the mountain range were probably one of those who escaped the God Race. At the very least, he was one hundred percent certain that the few Asura elders down there possessed the Dark Soul Beast’s subsouls!

There was no way the Soul Progenitor’s soul fragment would’ve reacted as intensely as it did otherwise.

“What did you say? Those Asura clansmen were all puppets of the Dark Soul Beast?” Yu Lei paled in fright.

“Maybe not all of them are puppets, but I’m absolutely certain that the souls of those Asura elders belong to the Dark Soul Beast!” Qin Lie said with certainty.

“How are you so sure?” Hua Yuchi exclaimed.

“I crushed the Cullen Family’s Dark Soul Beast’s skull not long ago, so I can sense its subsouls’ aura!” Qin Lie yelled.

“Curtis! What the hell are you doing?” Teng Yuan’s roar came from the mountain range below.

“Kill!” Curtis waved his hand.

Asura clansmen rushed out of the palaces and charged Teng Yuan’s group fearlessly.

Teng Yuan suddenly looked up and roared angrily.

Bright yellowish halo surrounded Teng Yuan and transformed him into an enraged giant ape in almost no time at all.

The giant ape glowing with bright yellow light stomped the ground and caused a terrifying energy to spread hundreds of meters away from him.

The ground was forcefully torn into deep ravines, and mountains shook as if they would collapse at any moment.

Yellow flames looked like they would burst out of Teng Yuan’s pupils as he let out an angry, deafening roar. “Curtis! You’d best stop your clansmen right now!”

At almost the same time, the Silver Streak Heavenly Snake Nivitt revealed his true form.

Nivitt’s body suddenly appeared above the Asura Race branch’s homeland like a winding mountain range.

Barett and Calvert had also transformed into dragons at the same time.

Even further away, Banderas the golden giant strode towards the battlefield.

Astounding explosions were happening at the mountain range below right now. The appearance of these giants enabled Qin Lie and the Yu Family watching from the floating continent to see what was going on below clearly.

Teng Yuan, Nivitt, Tyler, Barett, Calvert, and the golden giant Banderas were the strongest existences in Boluo Realm. Together, they literally had the power to flatten any force in this realm.

Therefore, Yuan Wenzhi and everyone else all thought Curtis had gone crazy to choose this moment start a fight.

Teng Yuan and everyone else below also thought the same thing.

No matter how powerful this Asura Race branch might be, they should be on par with the Ancient Beast Race at best. However, Tyler of the Black Jail Race, Banderas of the Giant Race, Barett and Calvert were all in one united group right now.

Just how mad and foolish Curtis had to be to attack at such a moment?

This was practically suicide!

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Black flames rose from the Asura clansmen’s homes like signal beacons. Eight Soul Altars that looked like black jades abruptly appeared from these black flames.

On the Sky, Yu Lei’s complexion had taken on a completely different color.

Qin Lie and the others had also opened their mouths in shock.

They counted two six-level Soul Altars, three five-level Soul Altars and three four-level Soul Altars in total!

This also meant that this Asura Race branch had eight Void Realm experts in total!

Teng Yuan’s rank nine bloodline put him at an equal level of a six-level Soul Altar expert. The golden giant Banderas was almost a six-level Soul Altar expert too.

Everyone else—Tyler, Nivitt, Barett and Calvert—were all around the level of a five-level Soul Altar expert.

Shockingly enough, this Asura Race branch’s total strength actually slightly exceeded Teng Yuan and the others combined.

No one could possibly predict that the Asura Race branch that had holed up at this place and never expanded was the true strongest race in the entire Boluo Realm!

“Heavens above, how are they so powerful?” Yuan Wenzhi exclaimed in fear and shock.

“This, this…” Yu Lei stammered. He couldn’t form a coherent sentence.

He never thought that this Asura Race branch would be powerful enough to sweep through the entire Boluo Realm!

Although Lunar Temple and Sun Palace—second tier Gold rank forces of the Central World—had joined hands with each other, their combined might still might not be strong enough to take on this Asura Race branch.

“Unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable…” Hua Yuchi shook his head between laughter and tears. “Without the six great forces’ interference, Lunar Temple and Sun Palace combined still might not be enough to beat this Asura Race branch.”

While they were speaking with each other, even more Soul Altars rose from inside the black flames.

These Soul Altars that showed up late were all below four-level, but the problem was that there were more than twenty of them in total.

Qin Lie and everyone else’s mouths felt a little dry when they stared at the numerous black jade Soul Altars that had appeared in the sky.

At this point, they couldn’t even laugh at the absurdity of this situation.

This Asura Race branch was the strongest power in the entire Boluo Realm!

If they really wanted to conquer Boluo Realm, they could’ve wiped out any force in just ten years’ time!

The other races of Boluo Realm would have to unite as one, or they wouldn’t even be strong enough to battle this Asura Race branch to the death.

Curtis of the Asura Race rose to the air as a bolt of pitch black flame and stared straight at Qin Lie with his strange eyes.

“Lord Curtis! It’s me! I think there’s a misunderstanding going on here! Please don’t act recklessly!” Yu Lei hurriedly cried out.

Unfortunately, Curtis didn’t glance at Yu Lei even once. Instead, he charged Qin Lie like a black tornado.

“Activate the defense barrier!” Yu Lei yelled.

Layers of rainbow-colored light appeared around the floating continent and transformed into a bright and beautiful energy light shield.

The light shield enveloped the entire continent.

When Curtis flew into the air, the Soul Suppressing Orb in Qin Lie’s glabella forcefully suppressed the soul shadow that had emerged into the open on its own.

After that, the Soul Suppressing Orb vanished back into Qin Lie’s glabella.

Curtis’ pupils were dancing within clumps of dark shadows. It made him look increasingly eerie.

Suddenly, he flew next to the floating continent and pressed a palm right at the prismatic energy shield.

Countless shadows were darting across his palm. They joined together into what seemed like a charm of soul sea.

Thousands of black soul tendrils scattered into the air when he pressed his palm against the energy barrier. An powerful, eerie and strange energy abruptly burst against the barrier.


A large section of the Yu Family’s light shield became dented as if it was rammed in by a giant ball.

The palaces that were the pillars that held up the energy shields abruptly shattered into pieces.

Many Yu Family youths rushed out of their homes in panic.

The moment they appeared, they immediately saw a dark-faced Curtis attacking the Yu Family's light shield.

The Yu Family youths screamed in confusion.

The Yu Family and the Asura Race of Boluo Realm were related by blood. These juniors all had the blood of the Asura Race running inside their veins.

That was why they were naturally close to the Asura Race.

When they stepped out and saw Curtis attacking the Yu Family’s barrier, they immediately felt as if they were struck by a hammer. These juniors were completely puzzled.

“Lord Curtis! What on earth are you trying to do?” Yu Lei yelled angrily.

“Get him out of the barrier and surrender him to me!” Curtis pointed at Qin Lie. “He’s the only person I want!”

“Why?” Yu Lei yelled.

“There is no why.” A trace of disdain flashed across Curtis’ eyes clearly. “If you don’t obey my demands, I will flatten this place and kill every single Yu Family member!”

“Ah!” The Yu Family youngsters screamed out in shock.

“Uncle! Turn in that fellow to him quickly! We don’t know this guy!” A Yu Family junior urged Yu Lei anxiously.

“Older cousin! Please don’t anger Lord Curtis!” Another Yu Family elder also screamed.

At this point, they had all noticed that abnormalities happening beneath the continent and the Asura Race’s unique Soul Altars.

Those six-level, five-level and four-level Soul Altars all represented Void Realm experts.

The giant ape, the Silver Streak Heavenly Snake, the golden giant, Tyler, and the black dragons were all peak experts in Boluo Realm. However, even they were faring badly against this many Asura Race warriors.

Fear followed almost immediately after the shock of discovery hit these Yu Family elders. None of them wanted to push Curtis beyond reparation.

Therefore, they all urged Yu Lei to turn in Qin Lie.

“You should know the truth at this point, Brother Yu.” Yuan Wenzhi said very seriously, “Qin Lie was absolutely right. These so called Asura experts had lost their souls since a long time ago! They were the Dark Soul Beast’s living puppets from the very beginning. Their heads were all filled with the Dark Soul Beast’s subsouls!”

“I, I…” Yu Lei struggled to make a decision.

He knew very well that Curtis wasn’t an Asura clansman at all. He also believed that Qin Lie was correct.

However, the power currently unleashed by Curtis’ group was just too unbelievable.

At present, it appeared that the Asura Race branch’s true strength far exceeded Teng Yuan’s whole group.

This also meant that it was only a matter of time before the Yu Family’s energy shield was destroyed.

The reason he was still hesitating was this—would the Yu Family really be safe from Curtis’ group if they did surrender Qin Lie?

“I’ll count to three. If you don’t turn him in by then, I’ll slaughter the entire Yu Family,” Curtis said coldly.

“One.” He immediately started counting.



“Older cousin!”

Every single Yu Family member stared at Yu Lei with wide, panicking eyes.

Some people even rushed Qin Lie in attempt to force Qin Lie out of the energy shield.

“Protect Young Master Qin!” Yuan Wenzhi yelled.

The Yuan brothers and Hua Yuchi immediately surrounded Qin Lie at the center.

“Two!” Curtis continued.

The moment he said this, the situation spiralled completely out of control as the Yu Family members charged Qin Lie’s group madly.

Curtis actually stopped counting to three. Instead, he stared mockingly at the bloody battle that was about to erupt on the floating continent.

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