Chapter 1050: Those Who Remained

Chapter 1050: Those Who Remained

Yu Lei stared at Qin Lie in shock.

The incident from three hundred years ago had caused the Qin Family, a force that was as prominent as the sun in the sky to come to blows with the six top Gold rank forces. In the end, the Qin Family was forced to retreat from the Central World.

There were almost no martial practitioners who lived in the Central World who didn’t know this. Naturally, Yu Lei wasn’t an exception.

Yu Lei and his people once analyzed this incident between themselves. They all agreed that it was an intentional ploy against the Qin Family.

Unfortunately for Qin Lie, he… was used as the sacrifice and the key to destroy the Qin Family.

“Qin Lie…”

Yu Lei’s expression gradually turned complicated. He could remember to this day that Qin Lie was the joke in every force’s eyes three hundred years ago.

He used to be the child who bore the Qin Family’s greatest expectations and the imagined greatest threat for the other great forces. He was supposed to be the third generation leader of the Qin Family in whose veins ran the blood of the God Race. However… his bloodline never awakened until the end.

That wasn’t all. He had abandoned himself to despair and neglected his cultivation. His realm was low, and he was completely left in the dust by his peers. In the end, he was even accidentally killed by a nameless woman.

Three hundred years ago, the name “Qin Lie” was synonym to shame in the Central World.

Three hundred years later, the experts in the Central World even used him as a negative example when warning their descendants.

“If you don’t cultivate hard now and awaken your bloodline as soon as possible, you’ll meet the same downfall as Qin Lie!”

“Never allow yourself to succumb like Qin Lie!”

“Learn from the mistakes of Qin Lie!”


Warnings like these were frequently used in the battlefields of many forces and even outer realms.

Yu Lei himself had used similar words to scold his children.

It had been many years since then. Suddenly, it was revealed that the man who had turned Boluo Realm upside down and transformed its picture, the man who won his own high praise, the man named “Yao Tian” was none other than Qin Lie from back then!

For a time, Yu Lei found this revelation difficult to believe or accept.

“Back then, I thought I was dead myself. But now… I have ultimately awakened my bloodline and survived to this day.” Qin Lie said seriously, “I’ve come to understand many things since that tragedy three hundred years ago. I… have been reborn into an entirely new person!”

Yu Lei stared at him deeply before nodding. “To me, you look like an entirely different person. You are completely different from before.”

Since Yuan Wenzhi was there to confirm his identity, the young man didn’t need to activate his bloodline to prove himself. That saved him a bit of effort.

“Uncle Yu, Lunar Temple and Sun Palace have come to a mutual agreement. They’ll return to Boluo Realm and rebuild their secret realm entrances very soon.” Hua Yuchi told him the reason they came.

“Lunar Temple and Sun Palace want to clean Boluo Realm of all foreign races?” Yu Lei’s eyes were obviously colored in anger. “Boluo Realm isn’t even their private realm! What gave them the courage to do such a thing?”

“Well, if they did wipe out all the foreign races in Boluo Realm… then this realm is practically theirs, isn’t it?” Hua Yuchi smiled bitterly.

“What about the other families in Boluo Realm?” Yu Lei frowned.

Besides Sun Palace and Lunar Temple, the Yuan Family, Yu Family, Feng Family, and Cui Family were the human forces in Boluo Realm. Since these four families were all backed by four great forces, they didn’t think that Sun Palace and Lunar Temple would dare attempt such an atrocity.

“The Feng Family and Cui Family are supported by the Reincarnation Sect and Six Ways Alliance respectively.” Yuan Wenzhi sighed.

“You mean?” Yu Lei said in astonishment.

“The six great forces had probably given them the permission to do so,” Yuan Wenzhi said.

Yu Lei suddenly fell silent.

Everyone kept quiet and stared at Yu Lei. Yu Lei was the person in charge of the Yu Family in Boluo Realm, and he was an intelligent and resourceful man. He could certainly figure out the stakes that were involved on his own.

“If I can return to Spirit Realm, I can report this to the higher ups and request the Ji Family to put pressure onto the six great forces.” A while later, Yu Lei sucked in a deep breath and asked, “I heard… that you are in control of the last secret realm entrance that leads to Spirit Realm. Is that true?”

Qin Lie smiled. “I will arrange for you and Hua Yuchi to return to Spirit Realm.”

Yu Lei nodded slightly. “Alright, that’s great.”

“Brother Yu, some of your people have married the Asura clansmen below the continent, haven’t they? Can you influence them somehow?” Yuan Wenzhi changed the subject. “The Asura Race in Boluo Realm is quite formidable even considering all other foreign races. The Ancient Beast Race, Black Jail Race, Giant Race, Serene Moon Race, and the Demon Dragon Race had discarded their former grudges and allied with each other to fight Lunar Temple and Sun Palace together. Do you think the Yu Family can convince the Asura Race to work with us and defend our mutual interests in Boluo Realm?”

“They…” Surprisingly, Yu Lei’s expression turned bitter. “They’re a solitary bunch. I… don’t think that the Yu Family has much influence on their decisions.”

“But aren’t the Yu Family their blood kin, Uncle Yu?” Hua Yuchi exclaimed.

Yu Lei didn’t answer immediately. He pondered for a moment before finally starting, “The Yu Family and the Asura Race’s relationship is a little different from what you all imagine.”

Everyone wore curious looks on their faces.

“It is true that they’d married a few Asura females into the Yu Family back then, and we’d acquired their bloodline as a result. After that, we had a trading relationship where we supply them some special spirit materials from Spirit Realm, and they supply us with the rare spirit materials from the mountain range in return.”

“However, for some unknown reason, they don’t allow us to set foot onto the mountain range below.”

“I can count the number of times we went down there on two hands despite so many years.”

“Every time we visited them down there, they watched us closely as if they were afraid we would cross a line or something.”

“We have no idea what kind of secrets they’re hiding inside the mountains.”

Yu Lei said in deep puzzlement.

“So… you’re not actually that close to the Asura Race branch at all, is that it?” Qin Lie asked in astonishment.

“That is so.” Yu Lei nodded before adding helplessly, “Of course, we didn’t spread the truth our relationship to the outside world.”

“How much do you know about them?” Yuan Wenzhi asked in astonishment.

Yu Lei answered, “To be frank, we really don’t know all that much about them.”

The visitors were puzzled by this strange occurance. They grew more and more curious about the Asura Race branch.

Meanwhile, Qin Lie had flown to the edge of the floating continent and observed the endless mountain range below. Lightning flashed across his pupils.

The mountain range beneath the floating continent was covered up by many ancient trees. He couldn’t really see what was hidden beneath the giant trees even with three blazing suns hanging in the sky.

A while later, Qin Lie realized that he wouldn’t be able to learn anything about the secrets below if he relied on his eyes alone.

This time, he released his soul consciousness and poured them towards the mountain range the Asura Race branch had settled in like a waterfall.

“Zzzt zzzt zzzt!”

As the wisp of soul consciousness passed through the lush forest, there was a faint electrical noise.

Images of the mountain range appeared clearly in his mind.

The ancient trees that were several hundreds meters tall were so dense that sunlight couldn’t penetrate their crowns.

The mountain forest looked dark and quiet despite the three suns blazing down from above. He hadn’t seen any Asura clansmen so far.

His soul consciousness continued to spread out.

Dozens of seconds later, he suddenly sensed a powerful soul ripple. He hurriedly stretched his soul consciousness down that direction.

Very soon, a clear image appeared in his mind.

Teng Yuan, Nivitt, Tyler, Barett, and others were standing at the center of many palaces made of trees.

Several tall but senile looking Asura Race elders were also standing on the public square at the center of the palace. They were currently negotiating with Teng Yuan’s group.

The moment Qin Lie’s soul consciousness entered the public square, the peak beings of Boluo Realm immediately noticed his presence.

Teng Yuan and the others immediately identified it as Qin Lie’s soul consciousness.

The elders of the Asura Race snorted coldly when they detected the wisp of soul consciousness.

“Curtis, don’t!” Teng Yuan hurriedly stopped him. “He’s one of us.”

While saying this, Teng Yuan hurriedly sent a message to Qin Lie with his own soul consciousness and told him to withdraw. There was no need to start an unnecessary conflict here.

His warnings were warranted. A battle might trigger between them and the Asura leaders because of his reckless probing.

The reason Qin Lie stretched his soul consciousness over was because he knew that Teng Yuan and the others were present at the public square. Since Teng Yuan had already shot him a warning, he decided not to overstep his boundaries any longer and tried to withdraw his soul consciousness immediately.

It was at this moment the Soul Suppressing Orb suddenly exited his glabella.

A dark shadow gradually appeared from inside the Soul Suppressing Orb.

Qin Lie’s complexion suddenly changed.

At nearly the same time, a dark and eerie light suddenly appeared in the eyes of the Asura Race elders.

Teng Yuan’s group immediately sensed a sharp, murderous intent from these elders.

“We mean no harm, Curtis. That human boy is just working hard for the sake of Boluo Realm. You…” Teng Yuan hurriedly tried to talk Curtis down.

However, the Asura Race elder named Curtis suddenly looked up into the sky.

It was as if his gaze could penetrate the thick crowns of the trees and become transfixed on Qin Lie.

Curtis’ eyes were practically bursting with murder!


In an instant, every Asura clansman inside the palaces and the mountain range charged.

The Asura Race elders behind Curtis also charged and attacked Teng Yuan’s group wildly, their eyes gleaming with an odd light.

Teng Yuan and the others couldn’t help but scream.

They had no idea why the Asura clansmen that were amiable just seconds ago would suddenly decide to attack ago.

In the sky, the Soul Suppressing Orb in Qin Lie’s glabella suddenly turned hot.

The dark shadow that had appeared in the open struggled fiercely as if it was trying to free itself from the orb.

Qin Lie suddenly exclaimed in shocked realization. “So that’s what they are!”

“Qin Lie! What’s going on? What is going on?” Teng Yuan’s shout came from beneath the mountain range.

Yu Lei, the Yuan Family, and Hua Yuchi looked both frightened and shocked. They had no idea what was going on either.

“They aren’t real Asura clansmen! At the very least, those old Asura elders aren’t Asura clansmen at all!” Qin Lie inhaled deeply before shouting, “They are the Asura people who were controlled by the Dark Soul Beast’s subsouls back then!”

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