Chapter 1049: The Sun Rises

Chapter 1049: The Sun Rises

At Boluo Realm, a dim crescent moon was all that was left hanging in the gray, dark sky.

When the last crescent moon had vanished into the horizon, three blazing suns would appear in the middle of the sky at the same time.

Daytime was about to arrive...

There were many lights on a giant floating continent. They were the lights of many glorious palaces. This land was the Yu Family’s base in Boluo Realm.

A sprawling mountain range could be seen right beneath the continent. This was where the Asura Race branch lived.

Boluo Realm had nine foreign races. The Asura Race’s strength was only inferior to the Ancient Beast Race and Giant Race among the nine great races of Boluo Realm. They were even a bit stronger than the Demon Dragon Race.

The Yu Family shared blood ties with the Asura Race. Similarly, they were only inferior to Sun Palace and Lunar Temple in Boluo Realm.

After Sun Palace and Lunar Temple’s secret realm entrances had exploded, and after Sun Palace was turned to dust and Lunar Temple had suffered a grievous blow, the Yu Family had become the strongest human force in Boluo Realm.

The Asura Race’s territory was slightly further away from the Ancient Beast Race, Giant Race, and Black Jail Race’s territories. Moreover, they hadn’t clashed against the three powerful races of Boluo Realm too much. That was why the war waged by the Ancient Beast Race, Black Jail Race, and Giant Race hadn’t affected them.

Both the Asura Race and the Yu Family didn’t lose too much power despite the drastic change that had taken over Boluo Realm.

The two families that shared blood ties were very close with each other. Together, they formed a close alliance.

Their combined strength was very impressive.

It was why Qin Lie’s group didn’t act rudely or arrogantly after they arrived.

“I’ll go negotiate with the humans. You guys… should go chat with the Asura Race.” Qin Lie stood in the night sky and said to Teng Yuan and Tyler..

Hua Yuchi and the Yuan Family were right next to him.

“Alright.” Teng Yuan nodded and thought for a moment. “Be careful, y’all.”

“We’ll be fine.” Yuan Wenzhi smiled. “Yu Lei and I are pretty friendly.”

“Alright, let’s go down to meet the Asura Race then.” Teng Yuan flew to the mountain range below.

Nivitt, Tyler and Barett followed behind him.

“Come with me.” Yuan Wenzhi led them towards the Yu Family’s floating continent.

“Uncle Yuan, what’s with this Asura Race branch of Boluo Realm? Do they not deal with with the Asura Realm?” Qin Lie asked while they were still on the way.

Back when he was returning to the Land of Chaos from the chaotic streams of space, he had passed through the Suluo Realm and learned a little about the Asura Race.

He knew that it was only a matter of time before the Cullen Family of Suluo Realm was attacked by the Asura Race nobles of Asura Realm because Naji had stolen the Dark Soul Beast’s skull.

Not long ago, Hester and Naji had argued with him after the Dark Soul Beast’s skull had exploded. After that, he learned from the Terminator Sect that the Cullen Family was in grave danger.

He once promised Hester to compensate them for the loss of the Dark Soul Beast’s skull.

At the time, he had thought to lead the Cullen Family to Boluo Realm after they were forced to move away from Suluo Realm.

If this Asura Race branch was able to settle down and develope nicely in Boluo Realm, there was no reason to believe that the Cullen Family wouldn’t be able to do the same.

Right now he only had one worry—Did this Asura Race branch share any grudges with the Cullen Family?

That was why he tried his best to learn about them.

“To be honest, the Yuan Family doesn’t know much of this Asura Race branch even though we’ve operated in Boluo Realm for many years.” Yuan Wenzhi frowned slightly and pondered for a moment. “I only know that this Asura Race branch is extremely powerful. In the past, when Boluo Realm wasn’t open to outsiders, and Sun Palace and Lunar Temple haven’t built their secret realm entrances, these Asura Race warriors were said to be so powerful that the Demon Dragon Race living near to them seldom was able to gain the upper hand despite numerous clashes.”

“The Demon Dragon Race couldn’t gain the upper hand?” Qin Lie was caught off guard.

The Demon Dragon Race was infamously strong. With Barett at the helm, they were not too far behind the Black Jail Race in Boluo Realm.

He didn’t expect the Demon Dragon Race to be inferior to this Asura Race branch in battle.

“Mn. Although the number of Asura clansmen in Boluo Realm is small, they possess unbelievable strength.” Yuan Wenzhi also looked curious. “I once accompanied my father in a war to conquer other realms. I’d also fought against the powerful Asura Race warriors of Asura Realm. In my opinion, this small but elite clan of Asura Race is stronger than all the Asura Realm warriors who are at the same cultivation level!”

“Are they really that powerful?” Hua Yuchi also looked surprised.

“This Asura Race branch is incredibly strong.” Yuan Wenliang interrupted. “They’re a very weird bunch of people though. They wield formidable strength, but for many years all they did is guard the mountain range beneath the continent. They didn’t try to conquer the Sea Race, Wood Race, and Demon Dragon Race living next to them, and didn’t try to interact with the Asura Realm, or even the races of Boluo Realm either.”

“There were even rumors saying that they had asked the Yu Family to block news of their presence in Boluo Realm from spreading to another party,” Yuan Wenzhi.

“Which party exactly?” Qin Lie grew more and more curious.

“The Asura Realm, specifically. They didn’t want the Asura Race to know that they are at Boluo Realm right now. They didn’t want any Asura clansmen to come searching for them.” Yuan Wenzhi explained.

“Something’s weird about them.” Qin Lie rubbed his chin.

“You’re not wrong. They don’t really act like Asura Race clansmen. In fact, you may even say that they’re a little… secretive,” Hua Yuchi commented.

While discussing the Asura Race branch below them, they continued flying towards the Yu Family’s continent and reached the perimeter after a dozen or so minutes later.

“Brother Yu, I am Yuan Wenzhi. I have come to visit you for a business.”

“Welcome, welcome.” A figure appeared from a brightly lit palace on the floating continent. He yelled. “Lower the barriers!”

An extremely obvious ripple of energy vanished from the surrounding of the floating continent. Suddenly, the blurry palaces became much clearer.

The leader of the Yu Family in Boluo Realm, Yu Lei clasped his hands from afar as he walked over. He chuckled. “Welcome, everyone.”

Yuan Wenzhi led Qin Lie and Hua Yuchi to the floating continent.

“Eh? You are…?” Yu Lei stared at Hua Yuchi in surprise.

“Hua Yuchi of Sky Mender Palace greets you, Uncle Yu!” Hua Yuchi declared loudly.

“Ah, it’s you!” Yu Lei was shocked.

“You must’ve thought I had died a long time ago, haven’t you?” Hua Yuchi smiled wryly.

“That is what the rumors said. I know that your grandfather travelled all over the world to find you after you went missing. Unfortunately…” Yu Lei sighed softly.

The six great forces of the Central World formed a loose alliance with one another after the Qin Family was forced to move away from the Central World. The Sky Mender Palace and Ji Family shared a close relationship with each other.

The Yu Family was a sub rank one Gold rank force under the Ji Family. They had always been close with Sky Mender Palace.

The reason Yuan Wenzhi and Yu Lei shared a pretty good relationship with each other was because the Yuan Family was nominally a vassal force of Sky Mender Palace. That was why they took care of one another.

Hua Yuchi said embarrassedly, “About two hundred years ago, Han Qian had ambushed me in some other realm. I wasn’t strong enough to defend myself, so I was captured alive by her. Since then… I was locked up in Sun Palace’s division in Boluo Realm.”

“How dare Han Qian of Ninth Heaven do such a thing!” Yu Lei yelled.

“Let’s not talk about this.” Hua Yuchi shook his head.

Yu Lei sighed after he was distracted for a second. “You’re right. The six great forces had always been planning to do something to the Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace ever since they formed a secret alliance… it’s definitely something they might do.”

“Brother Yu, can you guess who he is?” Yuan Wenzhi suddenly grew spirited as he pointed at Qin Lie. “I swear you’ll never guess his identity!”

Yu Lei shot Qin Lie a glance and thought that he was a stranger, as Yuan Wenzhi had expected. He shook his head. “As you say, I don’t know him.”

“I am known as Yao Tian in Boluo Realm,” Qin Lie said.

“It was you!” Yu Lei’s expression changed slightly.

There had been rumors saying that a human boy named Yao Tian had helped the Dark Shadow Race to escape Boluo Realm, destroyed the secret entrances of Sun Palace and Lunar Temple, and aided the Ancient Beast Race, Black Jail Race, and Giant Race to develop their strength quickly since a long time ago.

This person’s shadow was behind every big thing that had happened in Boluo Realm recently.

That was why “Yao Tian” had left a deep impression on Yu Lei.

“And in the Central World of Spirit Realm, my name is Qin Lie!” Qin Lie added.

Yu Lei shuddered and stared at him in disbelief. He stammered, “Y-you’re…”

“That’s right. I am that Qin Lie who was killed and the key that was used by the six great forces to cause Qin Family’s downfall three hundred years ago.”

The night faded, and three blazing suns appeared in Boluo Realm’s sky. When the sunlight landed on Qin Lie’s face, it made him look as dazzling as the rising sun.

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