Chapter 1048: Black Tulip

Chapter 1048: Black Tulip

At Suluo Realm.

Many Asura Race warriors clad in sinister-looking battle armors were riding on black beasts and attacking their enemies.

Many ancient palaces collapsed as a result.

“Speak! Where is Naji?”

“If you turn in Naji and the Dark Soul Beast’s skull, I shall forgive the Cullen Family!”

“Find Naji even if you have to dig three feet into the ground!”

Many Asura Realm experts vented their anger by roaring in the skies of Suluo Realm.

Many of the cities shattered under the downpour of destructive energy.

Hundreds and thousands of Asura clansmen were killed instantly by the attack.

These Asura Race victims belonged to the Cullen Family. The Cullen Family was the local ruler of Suluo Realm.

There was a dim secret realm entrance under the cracked ground of south Suluo Realm. Hundreds of bloodied Asura clansmen entered into this place through a teleportation formation.

These Asura clansmen all belonged to the Cullen Family. They were led into the secret realm entrance right after they had arrived.

Hester was currently guarding the secret realm entrance. He had met Qin Lie not long ago.

Hester’s eyes were bursting with anger and dark emotions. He did his best to suppress them.


There was an odd flash from the spatial teleportation formation, and a couple luxuriously dressed Asura clansmen appeared from within.

“Clan elder! Big miss!” Hester’s eyes turned red.

Three Soul Altar Asura experts, an old man and a beautiful female walked towards him together.

The old man was called Carey. He was also the clan elder of the Cullen Family.

The beautiful Asura female was called Serine. She had a cool, elegant and noble feeling to her, and she was known as the Black Tulip of Suluo Realm.

She was Naji’s elder sister.

Carey and Serine were covered in blood. Hester couldn’t tell if the blood belonged to them or their enemies.

“Let’s go. We leave Suluo Realm now.” Carey sighed before he made a grabbing motion at the teleportation formation behind them.

The formation abruptly exploded into pieces.

Hester’s expression changed before he said hurriedly, “Clan elder, what about the others? There are still people who haven’t come over yet!”

“There is no one else,” Serine said calmly as a cold gleam passed through her eyes. “We are the last ones.”

“What about Zoe? Conrad?” Hester exclaimed.

“They fought to their deaths to cover our retreat.” A trace of sorrow and helplessness leaked through her eyes.

Hester shuddered.

Zoe and Conrad were the Cullen Family’s three-level Soul Altar experts just like him. They were absolutely loyal to the Cullen Family.

Hester shared a deep relationship with those two.

That was why Hester’s eyes turned bloodshot when he heard that they were killed in action. He wanted nothing more but to pass through the teleportation formation and fight the hunters to his very end.

“Uncle Hester, revenge is possible as long as we are still alive,” Serine said calmly.

“Let’s leave Suluo Realm first,” Carey also said.

Hester inhaled deeply and forced himself to calm down. Then, he bowed and moved out of the way.

The direct descendants of the Cullen Family walked past him and headed straight for the secret realm entrance.

“Hester, you go in too. I’ll destroy the secret realm entrance,” Carey said.

“Clan elder!” Hester exclaimed. “Are we never coming back?”

“For now, no.” Carey sighed. “If we don’t destroy this secret realm entrance, our enemies will be able to invade the Land of Chaos through it. They’ll find out our new location very quickly as a result. When we’ve gathered enough strength in the future, we can still return to Suluo Realm through other means. For now… we must destroy this final secret realm entrance in order to ensure our survival. This is the only way to buy ourselves more time.”

“I got it,” Hester said with a very heavy heart.

They had expended a lot of resources to construct this secret realm entrance. Hester was the one who created it with his own hands.

He couldn’t quite accept the fact that it was about to be destroyed.

“When we rise to power again in the future, we’ll return to Suluo Realm and take back everything that has been robbed from us!” Serine said as if she was making a solemn oath.

“Go!” Carey urged.

Hester and Serine also passed through the secret realm entrance.

After the duo had disappeared, Carey looked one last time at the sky of Suluo Realm, sighed, and entered the secret realm entrance.

The secret realm entrance immediately rippled intensely after he went through it. A dozen or so seconds later, it suddenly exploded into nothingness.

A few hours later.

Thousands of Asura Race warriors on terrifying beasts rushed over.

They surrounded the place completely.

An Asura Race elder who was well-versed in the power of space probed his surroundings with his soul when he arrived at the place where the secret realm entrance was destroyed. He said, “The Cullen Family had destroyed the secret realm entrance!”

“The Cullen Family is working closely with a human faction in Spirit Realm called Terminator Sect for the past couple years. That Terminator Sect should be situated in a place called the Land of Chaos.” A brawny Asura male who looked like a giant snorted coldly. “They must have escaped to the Land of Chaos!”

“We don’t have a direct channel to the Land of Chaos,” an Asura Race elder said.

“I’ll see if I can borrow a secret realm entrance from the Central World,” the brawny Asura male answered.

“Reincarnation Sect?”


“Your subordinate understands.”


At Terminator Sect.

“Father, it is me and my recklessness that has brought this calamity to Suluo Realm! Please punish me, father!”

Naji knelt on the ground and kowtowed repeatedly while weeping.

The great hall of Terminator Sect where the secret realm entrance had led to were filled with Asura clansmen of the Cullen Family. Lei Yan, Shen Kui, Shen Yue, and the others watched them quietly from a distance.

They knew that Suluo Realm was done for.

The Terminator Sect allowed the Cullen Family to bring their surviving clansmen over through the secret realm entrance and gave them shelter because that was what they had agreed on many years ago.

“You did nothing wrong.”

Carey lifted Naji to his feet and slapped him heavily on the shoulders. “The Dark Soul Beast’s skull was our sacred object to begin with. It is the symbol of our family’s glory! Back then, I had no choice but to give it away, and I had regretted my decision ever since.”

“Without the Dark Soul Beast’s skull, the Cullen Family cannot help but grow slowly. Over time, we grow less and less capable of fighting those nobles. I should’ve brought the Dark Soul Beast’s skull with me and escape to a realm they couldn’t find back then!”

“It was extremely reckless of you to steal the Dark Soul Beast’s skull, but we are all proud of what you’ve done!” Serine said praisingly. However, she snorted coldly after that and said, “But I can’t believe you lost the Dark Soul Beast’s skull after that! Have we lost our lives and our homes for nothing?!”

“I didn’t lose the Dark Soul Beast’s skull, sister. I just, I just…” Naji lowered his head in regret and resentment. He wasn’t sure how to even justify himself.

“This really isn’t Young Master Naji’s fault. Sometimes… things just happen.” Hester smiled helplessly.

He had already told Carey and Serine everything that had happened before. However, the Dark Soul Beast’s skull was the Cullen Family’s hope, so they couldn’t accept the loss just yet.

After all, it meant that everything they had endured wouldn’t be compensated.

“Will that Qin Lie of Flaming Sun Island compensate us for our loss?” Carey suddenly asked.

Hester hurriedly nodded. “He said that he simply couldn’t give us another skull like this, but he did agree to compensate us for our loss. How he’ll do this… is up to us.”

“There is likely nothing in the entire world that is more valuable than the Dark Soul Beast’s skull to the Cullen Family and the entire Asura Race!” Serine snorted coldly and angrily. “Where is he? I want to pull his head off his neck and see if it contains the secrets of the Dark Soul Beast’s skull!”

“Why are you like this?” Shen Yue frowned.

“Why am I what?” Serine replied coldly without any show of realization that she was relying on the Terminator Sect’s charity right now. “He had destroyed my family's hope to rise back to power with the destruction of the Dark Soul Beast’s skull! Why can’t I take his life for revenge?!”

“He didn’t want to destroy the Dark Soul Beast’s skull,” Lei Yan interrupted. “The situation was a little complicated, but the skull was the one that flew away from Naji and tried to absorb the Soul Progenitor’s subsouls for itself. However, it was weaker than the Soul Progenitor and was ultimately taken over by its prey. That was why the Dark Soul Beast had exploded in the end. Although Qin Lie may bear some responsibility in allowing this to happen, he shouldn’t be the one to take all the blame.”

“It was destroyed in his hands, so it is he who should take all the blame!” Serine yelled.

The Asura Race female who was called the Black Tulip of Suluo Realm had a tall and sexy figure. She looked incredibly charming even though she was exploding in fury right now.

Before today, the experts of Terminator Sect only knew the Asura Race as brawny and sinister-looking male warriors.

That was why no one could look away from the cold, elegant and noble looking Asura female. A trace of intoxication passed through their faces.

“Enough.” Carey waved Serine down before she could start another round of angry rants. He said, “I would like to meet this Qin Lie personally.”

“He’s not in the Land of Chaos right now.” Shen Kui answered with a troubled look on his face. “Not long ago, I contacted Flaming Sun Island and learned that he has probably gone to Boluo Realm.”

“Boluo Realm?” Carey asked in confusion.

“I heard that… there is an Asura Race branch in Boluo Realm too,” Hester interrupted.

Carey asked after a moment of surprise. “Is Boluo Realm a realm under the Asura Race’s control? Why do I not remember such a place at all?”

Hester shook his head and explained, “I’d just learned that there is an Asura Race branch in Boluo Realm. It seems that they hadn’t interacted with any of the nobles in Asura Realm, or any Asura clansmen for that matter.”

“You mean it’s completely isolated?” Carey sounded surprised.

“I believe so.” Hester nodded. “I had asked about this from a friend in the Asura Realm not too long ago. They didn’t know that there were fellow Asura clansmen living in that place either.”

“Mister Shen, can you contact that Qin Lie and tell them that we would like to check out Boluo Realm?” Carey asked sincerely.

“Father, are you… planning to hide in Boluo Realm?” Serine came to realization.

“These fellows know that we are close with the Terminator Sect. They may try to enter Spirit Realm through a different secret realm entrance under the control of the Central World.” Carey looked very worried, “This means that our current safety in the Land of Chaos is only temporary.”

He looked at Shen Kui and bowed slightly, “Please help us, for the sake of our many years of relationship.”

“I’ll do my best,” Shen Kui said.

“Thank you.”

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