Chapter 1047: A Loose Alliance

Chapter 1047: A Loose Alliance

"Why did she lock you up in Boluo Realm?" Qin Lie said curiously.

Hua Yuchi's expression dimmed and he said, "I seriously injured Han Lei."

"Because of me?" Qin Lie said.

"That was half of the reason." Hua Yuchi snorted. "After your Qin Family left Central World, Han Lei received the attention of Ninth Heaven using that matter, and the Han Family rose as well. Han Lei, who was like a dog before, started to show off. I used to look down on him. Once, he talked back to me, and I injured him in anger."

"After the matter, Ninth Heaven came out on behalf of Han Lei. Sky Mender Palace gave the Han Family some stuff as reparation and I thought the matter was over."

"Ten years ago, when I went to other domains to gain experience, I did not expect Han Qian to ambush me."

"Then I was locked up in Boluo Realm."

Qin Lie said gravely, "You saw Han Qian?"

"Of course, it was her!" Hua Yuchi gritted his teeth. "After ten years, Han Qian received the attention of the old people of Ninth Heaven, and had a good reputation within Ninth Heaven. That is why she dared to attack me! However, she still has to fear consequences. She did not dare to kill me, so she asked Sun Palace to imprison me in Boluo Realm."

"Sun Palace and Lunar Temple reached an agreement. Soon, they will rebuild the secret realm entrances in Boluo Realm." Qin Lie reported the current situation.

As he spoke, the demon dragon Barett, and the evil dragon Calvert arrived.

When Barett landed, he heard what Qin Lie said and immediately became furious. "They want to kill all the foreign races in Boluo Realm?!"

Yuan Wenzhi's expression also changed. "How dare they do this?"

Hua Yuchi looked at Yuan Wenzhi and said, "Actually, in the eyes of the six factions, the Yuan Family has always been an eyesore because you were once loyal to the Qin Family."

"You mean... they will not spare the Yuan Family? Even if on paper, we are subordinates of Sky Mender Palace?" Yuan Wenzhi said in shock.

"Do you not still understand?" Hua Yuchi shook his head and said, "Those six factions formed a loose alliance after working together to drive the Qin Family out of Central World. Han Qian dared to attack me, what does that mean?"

Yuan Wenzhi's expression changed slightly.

"Before the Qin Family left, there were nine top-class Gold rank factions in Central World. After the Qin Family left, there were eight left." Hua Yuchi's expression was dark. "Sky Mender Palace and the Ji Family are also eyesores to them. Han Qian attacking me means that they do not fear us any longer. Maybe she wanted to use this matter to stir up conflict between the six factions, Sky Mender Palace, and the Ji Family."

"After you disappeared, Sky Mender Palace did have some strong conflicts with them. But your grandfather managed to persuade them." Yuan Wenzhi suddenly understood.

"Maybe the reason the Sky Mender Palace is still in Central World is due to my grandfather's endurance." Hua Yuchi had a bitter expression.

Yuan Wenzhi also became silent.

Qin Lie listened for a while and his impression of Hua Yuchi changed greatly. He suddenly realized that Hua Yuchi was not a dandy like he thought.

Hua Yuchi had a clear understanding of the state of Central World, and knew his grandfather was enduring for the bigger picture.

"Sky Mender Palace announcing that they would allow the three races of Nether Realm to return to Spirit Realm is both to give Grandfather Qin face and also a kind of counterattack." When he said this, Hua Yuchi smiled slightly and looked at Qin Lie. "If I am not wrong, the Qin Family and Sky Mender Palace should have been in contact all these years."

"That should be so." Qin Lie nodded slowly.

"We may need to work from two directions to resolve the danger of Boluo Realm. First, we need to unite the major races of Boluo Realm and prepare to fight Lunar Temple and Sun Palace so they cannot easily reach their goal."

Hua Yuchi's eyes flashed with light. He paused, and said, "Secondly, we need to pressure Sun Palace and Lunar Temple from the outside. The Yuan Family represents Sky Mender Palace, the Yu Family represents the Ji Family. Sky Mender Palace and the Ji Family are at odds with the six factions. If Sky Mender Palace and the Ji Family could pressure them from outside, they may not do whatever they want in Boluo Realm."

"That is logical." Teng Yuan nodded and said, "Qin Lie, your young brother's idea is good."

"If you return to Spirit Realm, you could affect Sky Mender Palace, but the Yu Family... can they be persuaded?" Qin Family said in surprise.

"We originally prepared to go persuade the Asura Race of Boluo Realm. The members of the Yu Family have become blood kin of the Asura Race of Boluo Realm. I think I should meet them for a discussion," Teng Yuan stated.

"Yu Lei is not stupid. I think he knows what decision is best for the Yu and Ji Families," Yuan Wenzhi also said.

Qin Lie nodded and said to Barett, "I came this time to fulfill my promise to you. I will have You Ye tell all he knows about the shadow beings to you."

Back at Flaming Sun Island, he had once promised Barett that if he was willing to fight, he would have You Ye tell all he knew about the shadow beings.

Barett's father, the patriarch of the Demon Dragon Race was trapped in Dark Shadow World. He and his two older brothers wanted to rescue their father, and needed to know the situation of Dark Shadow World.

In the Boluo Realm and Spirit Realm, there were less than a handful of beings who knew about the Dark Shadow World.

You Ye was one, and Qin Lie’s father, Qin Hao, was another.

Barett was willing to help him against the ghoul races because he wanted the help of You Ye, and Qin Hao who had once returned alive from Dark Shadow World.

"We can walk as we talk," Barett said.

"Alright." Qin Lie nodded.

The group flew away from Demon Dragon Mountain Range.

Spirit Realm, Central World, the ancestral home of the Ji Family.

A bright secret realm entrance floated in the sky. Three figures on Soul Altars came out from within.

The three were the people that Qin Lie had met once in the chaotic streams of space, Ji Yao, Ji Xi, and Ji Rui.

"How is it?" an old person dressed in ancient robes asked.

"No news of Little Qi." Ji Yao came out with a dispirited expression. He shook his head. "There are no abnormalities near that area, none of those entered left alive. Without any surprises, Little Qi... like everyone else, died within."

When the words were said, the members of the Ji Family had dark expressions.

"Can’t we find the location of the Heavengold Mirror through secret arts?" the Ji Family elder said.

"If the Heavengold Mirror is in the chaotic streams of space, I'm afraid we cannot feel its general location. We can only detect it if it is in Spirit Realm," Ji Yao grimaced

"Let's try." The old man of the Ji Family held one last thread of hope.

"Alright." Ji Yao agreed. He immediately activated his bloodline power. As drops of blood turned to ash, his soul consciousness seemed to roam out.

Suddenly, Ji Yao's eyes lit up and he shouted, "I can feel the position of the Heavengold Mirror!"

The members of the Ji Family became alert and asked, "Where?"

"In the far west of Spirit Realm, the Land of Chaos!"

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