Chapter 1046: The Young Master of the Qin Family

Chapter 1046: The Young Master of the Qin Family

The elders of the Serene Moon Race suddenly knelt down on one knee to Qin Lie after killing all the Lunar Temple martial practitioners except Zhuang Jing and Lin Jie.

You Pu was among them.

Raising his head, he said gravely, "I represent the branch of the Serene Moon Race in Boluo Realm and swear upon the ancient moon of the Serene Moon Race, that this branch of the Serene Moon Race will join the Qin Family from this day forth!"

Behind him, the other Serene Moon Race elders swore an oath to the moon with similar hand motions.

The artifact soul You Ye floated above the heads of these Serene Moon clansmen as he looked coolly at them.

Zhuang Jing and Lin Jie stilled and then knelt down without a word.

Qin Lie's furrowed brow eased. He nodded and said, "Stand up."

The Serene Moon clansmen immediately stood up.

"Could you give the inheritance to them now?" You Ye asked.

"Yes," Qin Lie answered.

As the master of the Moon Tear, he could perceive any minuscule change in the artifact soul.

Without his consent, even Moon Tear’s artifact soul wouldn’t be able to tell the secrets hidden in it to the Serene Moon clansmen.

"Thank you." You Pu's expression became joyful.

The flashing moon runes on the minuscule crescent moons arranged themselves into rows under You Ye's control and formed rays of light.

The rays of light fell like rain into a Memory Fragment Crystal and turned into the Serene Moon Race characters You Pu was most familiar with.

Soon, the first Memory Fragment Crystal was filled with the secret arts of the Serene Moon Race.

You Pu gripped the Memory Fragment Crystal with both hands, his shoulders trembling, and his eyes full of joy.

He knew. After getting this Memory Fragment Crystal, they could cultivate the ancient arts of the Serene Moon Race.

He believed that the Serene Moon Race of Boluo Realm would greatly increase in power.

"List what the Serene Moon Race needs to cultivate. Then give it to Ge Rongguang who is with the Ancient Beast Race," Qin Lie said coolly.

You Pu's eyes lit up. He bowed and said, "Thank you again."

Qin Lie nodded. After a moment of thought, he said to You Ye, "When the time is right, I will think of a way to get the other branches of the Serene Moon Race scattered through the universe to gather in Boluo Realm."

"We first have to resolve the problem of Boluo Realm," You Ye stated.

The Sun Palace and the Lunar Temple were Gold rank factions. Soon, they would build secret realm entrances in Boluo Realm. Then, they would sweep through Boluo Realm and exterminate the native races.

If they could not overcome that obstacle, all the foreign races of Boluo Realm would become extinct.

In such a situation, even if they could find the other Serene Moon clansmen, they could not move here.

"Yes, have the Serene Moon Race accumulate power and prepare for a bloody fight against Sun Palace and Lunar Temple within ten years." Qin Lie turned and looked at Tyler. He said, "Starting today, the Black Jail Race will not attack you. You will also stop your people from going to the lands of the Black Jail Race."

"We will not dare!" You Pu expressed.

"Then this will be it." Qin Lie nodded and prepared to leave.

"Master, what, what about me?" Zhuang Jing said urgently.

Lin Jie also looked pleadingly at him.

"You..." Qin Lie frowned and said, "Stay here for now."

Finishing, he ignored the resentment in Zhuang Jing's eyes as he left with Teng Yuan and the others from the valleys of the Serene Moon Race.

When the moons gradually faded, he, Tyler, and Teng Yuan appeared at the Demon Dragon Race’s territory.

The pulsing vitality of the demon dragons and evil dragons scattered around the rolling Demon Dragon Mountain Range. Many demon dragons were lazily staying in the valleys, deep lakes, and inside their caverns. Feeling Teng Yuan, Banderas, and Tyler's aura, the demon dragons were alarmed.

Roars rang out over the Demon Dragon Mountain Range, causing the earth to shake.

In the recent years, the Ancient Beast Race, the Giant Race, and the Black Jail Race worked together to attack the other foreign races in Boluo Realm. They caused Boluo Realm to be in great chaos.

While the Demon Dragon Race was an extremely powerful race in Boluo Realm, they knew they were not a match for the Ancient Beast Race, the Black Jail Race, and the Giant Race.

At this time, they became nervous feeling the experts of the three races appear.

"I am Qin Lie!"

The loud human voice stood out among the dragon roars

And yet, this foreign voice caused the demon dragons and the evil dragons to calm down.

Previously, many demon dragons had gone with Barrett to the Land of Chaos to help Qin Lie fight the three ghoul races.

They knew that Barett and Qin Lie had reached an agreement.

Qin Lie's arrival let them know that Teng Yuan and the others who appeared with him did not have malicious intentions.

"Are you really Big Brother Qin?"

Hua Yuchi's joyous voice came from a mountain cavern in the Demon Dragon Mountain Range.

Then, he, Yuan Wenzhi and the other members of the Yuan Family hurriedly rushed over.

Hua Yuchi and the Yuan Family reached Qin Lie before the demon dragons, their eyes filled with excitement and joy as they looked at Qin Lie.

"Are you really Young Master Qin?" Yuan Wenzhi said urgently.

Three hundred years ago, the Yuan Family had been one of the subordinate families under the Qin Family. However, due to the defeat of the Qin Family against the six factions of the Central World, they were forced to leave the Central World. Under Qin Family’s arrangements, the Yuan Family joined Sky Mender Palace to survive.

But in their minds, the Yuan Family still thought themselves the Qin Family's subordinates.

After so many years, the Qin Family disappeared from the Central World. But the young master of the Qin Family who had died so many years ago suddenly appeared in Boluo Realm.

This shocked Yuan Wenzhi.

"You’re not even similar. Completely different from Young Master Qin, both in apperance and aura," Yuan Wenliang said.

"You really are not similar," Hua Yuchi also said.

When they came over, they examined Qin Lie, and shook their heads.

Their eyes were filled with disappointment.

"Compared to before, I have changed greatly. Also, after my death, I have lost big part of my memories." Facing everyone's puzzled gazes, Qin Lie smiled mockingly. "Dying caused me to awaken my bloodline, and I was only able to be revived because of my bloodline awakening..."

He stated the explanation he thought of previously and then activated his bloodline power to prove his identity.

When his long hair and eyes became fiery red, when his body gave off the wild blazing aura, Yuan Wenzhi, Hua Yuchi and the others shook.

Everyone knew only Qin Lie of the Qin Family had the God Race bloodline even though it did not awaken in the past.

Other than him, no one else possessed the God Race bloodline.

At this time, the changes in Qin Lie's appearance, and the burning aura Qin Lie gave off were clearly the Blaze Family bloodline of the God Race!

Hua Yuchi and the members of the Yuan Family who had doubts about Qin Lie's identity immediately accepted his identity after a burst of surprise.

"Y-your bloodline finally awakened?" Yuan Wenzhi said joyfully.

Qin Lie grimaced and said, "I had never expected that ‘death’... would cause my bloodline to awaken."

He continued to lie.

The matter of two souls residing in one body was too shocking to people. He decided long ago to forever conceal this secret.

"Your bloodline awakening actually managed to revive you… it proves that the God Race bloodline is the strongest bloodline in the world!" Yuan Wenzhi shook and then said excitedly, "Young master, after your bloodline awakening, you are greatly different than before! Compared to before... you are more mature, and have started to work for the family. If master and the patriarch knew what has happened to you, they would feel gratified!"

When he said this, Yuan Wenzhi's expression turned cold as he said, "The Han siblings of Ninth Heaven, and the other people that schemed against you will pay for what they’ve done to you!"

"Han Qian should die! And Han Lei too! We thought of him as a friend, but he schemed against you. He should be skinned and deboned!" Hua Yuchi gritted out.

"I've already killed Han Lei," Qin Lie said coldly.

"Good! It’s good that he’s dead!" Hua Yuchi felt very happy and said, "Han Qian, is she still alive?"

Qin Lie frowned. "I have not seen her yet."

"She should have reached the late stage of the Nirvana Realm, and is preparing to build the first level of her Soul Altar. I know that she’s been given jurisdiction over Rock Calamity Domain." Hua Yuchi snorted and said, "I know how to get to Rock Calamity Domain. If we can return to Spirit Realm, I can use the secret realm entrance of Sky Mender Palace to reach a small domain near Rock Calamity Domain. Then we can make our way to Rock Calamity Domain and kill her! Damn, due to her, I was locked up in Sun Palace for so many years, I will not spare her!"

"You were locked in Sun Palace because of her?" Qin Lie was shocked.

"Yes!" Hua Yuchi said viciously.

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