Chapter 1045: The Old Patriarch!

Chapter 1045: The Old Patriarch!

"How could it be him?"

Looking at Qin Lie slowly descending through the air, Zhuang Jing's expression was complicated and surprised.

The name Qin Lie had been famed for a time three hundred years ago in Central World.

But rather than call it fame… that Qin Lie was rather infamous.

Mediocre, untalented, a cancer, all of those were labels on him.

All the forces had thought of him as the opening to attack the Qin Family.

The forces that wanted to suppress the Qin Family finally successfully caused the Qin Family to act in anger because of him, ultimately resulting in the Qin Family being exiled out of Central World.

Qin Lie, who had high expectations put on him turned into a joke, had been the example the forces used to teach their descendants.

When Zhuang Jing heard this name in the past, she had scorned it, and didn’t feel a thread of pity.

She would never make the connection between this Qin Lie and the past joke of the Qin Family.

"How is it possible, how is this possible?" Lin Jie was also puzzled.

She had a hard time believing Yao Tian who had upended the Boluo Realm was the Qin Lie of the past.

She and Qin Lie had interacted a few times before. She knew just how difficult this "Yao Tian" was. His tactics were vicious, he was strong and extremely smart.

The "Yao Tian" in the sky was very different to the Qin Lie of the rumors.

How could the two be the same person?

Under Zhuang Jing, and Lin Jie's shocked gazes, Qin Lie landed next to You Pu.

Then, Teng Yuan, Nivitt, and Tyler of the Black Jail Race landed as well.

You Pu's expression was dark. Watching as everyone landed, he said, "Could you let us live?"

The Serene Moon clansmen had distressed expressions.

Qin Lie turned to look at Tyler.

Tyler of the Black Jail Race snorted coldly. He said, "I did not come today to fight."

You Pu's eyes lit up with a thread of hope. "You didn’t come to seek revenge?"

Tyler frowned and said, "If I came for revenge, the ones by my side would be of the Black Jail Race, not Teng Yuan and Nivitt."

The Serene Moon clansmen were slightly uplifted.

"Then why have you come?" You Pu sighed inwardly in relief.

Teng Yuan, Nivitt, and Tyler unconsciously looked at Qin Lie.

"He is the leader of the group?" You Pu's mind shifted. He then looked at Qin Lie and said, "During my time in Boluo Realm, I’ve heard of the Qin Family’s strength. But… they seem to no longer be active in Spirit Realm. Have you really come representing the Qin Family?”

Qin Lie did not want to waste time negotiating. He directly released the artifact soul You Ye.

Under the clean moonlight, You Ye's soul slowly formed and soon grew tangible.

The moment his soul shadow formed, You Pu, and many of the Serene Moon Race elders had puzzled expressions.

When You Ye completely appeared, and the nine moons of Moon Tear shone, You Pu suddenly shook and knelt on the ground. He stammered out, "Pa-pa-patriarch!"

The elders behind him all trembled and knelt down.

In this moment, all the Serene Moon clansmen were astounded.


Nivitt and Tyler looked at each other.

"All of you, kneel!" You Pu shouted.


In the mountain valley, beside the moon pools, all the Serene Moon clansmen immediately knelt.

Even Zhuang Jing and Lin Jie unconsciously knelt.

"Is that the patriarch of the Serene Moon Race?"

The two women were filled with shock. They could have never predicted the artifact soul inside the Moon Tear would be the patriarch of the Serene Moon Race.

They looked at You Ye, and then at Qin Lie, their confusion increasing.

They could see that You Ye was the artifact soul of Moon Tear… and Moon Tear’s master was Qin Lie.

How did a human without the Serene Moon Race bloodline obtain the holy artifact of the Serene Moon Race?

They could not understand.

"We will talk somewhere else." You Ye's shadow flickered. Taking along the nine crescent moons, he flew towards a cave flickering with moon light.

You Pu and the old elders followed him.

Soon, the seniors of the Serene Moon Race all followed You Pu to that cavern.

"Is he really the patriarch of the Serene Moon Race?" Tyler suddenly said.

Qin Lie nodded. "Yes."

Tyler's brow furrowed as he said, "Will something change if you let him interact with the Serene Moon Race? I heard... you have the secret arts of the Serene Moon Race. If the patriarch of the Serene Moon Race gives the Serene Moon Race inheritance to You Pu, will the Serene Moon Race not become strong? If the Serene Moon Race becomes strong again, it will be difficult for us to restrain them."

"I know what you are worried about. Do not worry, I let him meet with You Pu for the Serene Moon clansmen of Boluo Realm to completely cut their ties to Lunar Temple," Qin Lie said coolly.

"That would be best," Tyler said.

"Ma.... master." At his time, Zhuang Jing came over timidly. Her face was filled with surprise. She said softly, "Are you really Qin Lie?"

Lin Jie and You Qianlan's gazes also moved over.

Qin Lie did not explain but activated his bloodline power. A destructive aura poured off him.

Many unknown blaze divine characters flashed in his eyes like red lightning.

His long hair became as red as fire.

A wild and domineering presence seemed to come out of each of his pores. He was like an erupting volcano as he gave off hot waves of air.

Teng Yuan, Tyler, and the others showed surprise as he activated the God Race bloodline.

Zhuang Jing's body shook when his wild Blaze Family bloodline raged.

At this moment, Zhuang Jing and Lin Jie believed his identity without needing any explanation.

"Maybe he completely transformed because his bloodline awakened so that even his personality and soul aura are completely different? The God Race bloodline is publicly thought to be the strongest bloodline. Previously, was he average because his bloodline had not awakened?" Lin Jie thought.

During their amazement, Qin Lie's eyes suddenly gave off threads of blue light.

Those blue lights were filled with a mysterious spatial power that caused the space around him to ripple.

"Hm!" Teng Yuan exclaimed.

Nivitt and Tyler also had surprised expressions.

As Qin Lie activated his bloodline power, the top three experts of Boluo Realm felt the changes in space.

Qin Lie's mind moved as well.

He found that when he activated his bloodline, and when the blaze divine characters appeared in his magma like blood, his blood sped up its assimilation of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit's blue blood.

He immediately understood. As long as his bloodline was activated, his life force would speed up the assimilation of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s blood.

The spatial fluctuations around him were unique to the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit's bloodline.

"When the process is finished, will I receive the spatial talent of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit?" His eyes gave off great joy.

The power of space was one of the most mysterious powers in the world. The races with bloodlines containing spatial talents were rare.

If his blood could have a spatial talent, when he reached the Imperishable Realm, it would become easy to reach the Void Realm.

When he reached the Void Realm, the spatial talent in his bloodline would increase his comprehension of spatial laws, and increase his cultivation speed.

In short, any race, when they reached the highest realm, had to comprehend the mysteries of space.

Only by understanding the spatial laws could they fly through the endless void and explore the universe’s powers.

When he realized the benefits the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit's bloodline talent would have to his growth, he also saw the shock on the faces of Teng Yuan and the others.

He calmed his bloodline power.

When his eyes and hair recovered their original color, his bloodline stopped boiling, and the unusual spatial fluctuations around his body slowly stopped.

"What were with the spatial fluctuations around you?" Teng Yuan suddenly asked.

"I have a spatial spirit artifact on me," Qin Lie answered casually.

"It was different..." Teng Yuan had a strange expression but he did not press.

Qin Lie also became silent.

An hour later, the artifact soul You Ye, You Pu and the elders walked out of the cave.

You Pu's expression was cold as he suddenly ordered, "Kill all those people!"

He pointed towards the Lunar Temple martial practitioners with the bloodline of the Serene Moon Race.

The Serene Moon Race elders flew over like hawks, and quickly killed the dozens of young Lunar Temple martial practitioners with sharp crescent blades.

When the elders' gazes landed on Lin Jie and Zhuang Jing, Qin Lie's brows furrowed as he let out a loud snort.

You Pu hurriedly shouted, "Enough!"

And thus, the terrified Zhuang Jing and Lin Jie managed to survive.

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