Chapter 1044: Revealing His Identity

Chapter 1044: Revealing His Identity

In Boluo Realm, the lands of the Serene Moon Race.

"Senior sister, the higher ups really allied with Sun Palace to clean Boluo Realm, not even sparing Serene Moon Race?"

Under the moonlight, Lin Jie's face was full of worry and helplessness.

You Qianlan also was worried and said, "How can Lunar Temple do this? No matter what, we are blood kin to Lunar Temple. With the bloodline shared between us, why do they treat us so?"

"Lunar Temple only cares about your bloodline. In their minds, they do not truly think anything of you." Zhuang Jing calmly said the truth. "Not just you, all the foreign races in Boluo Realm have not been recognized by the humans of Central World. This time, Lunar Temple and Sun Palace has suffered great losses in Boluo Realm. The two secret realm entrances being destroyed angered them. They originally wanted to slowly erode Boluo Realm. They’ve abandoned this plan. Now, they will use a much more drastic method—exterminate all the foreign races of Boluo Realm, including the Serene Moon Race!"

"You human race are demons!" You Qianlan's expression was pale.

Lin Jie's mind was in a whirlwind. She said, "Where... should we go?"

A group of Lunar Temple martial practitioners still lived in the lands of Serene Moon Race. Those people had the Serene Moon Race bloodline.

"The Lunar Temple already received the bloodline of the Serene Moon Race, the new generation can use bloodline power to increase their rate of absorbing moon power. From the higher ups’ point of view, the Serene Moon Race is not of much value any longer,” Zhuang Jing said cruelly.

Hearing this, You Qianlan's body felt cold. The last traces of blood drained out of her face.

"Senior sister, how did you come here?" Lin Jie became slightly more alert and said full of hope, "Could we leave with you?"

Zhuang Jing shook her head and said, "I'm afraid not."

"Why?" Lin Jie was puzzled.

Zhuang Jing sighed silently. "I, I do not have the ability. I am not free myself..."

While the three women were talking, somewhere nearby, beside a moon pool sat the elder of the Serene Moon Race, You Pu, his expression similarly downcast.

He clearly heard the conversation between the three women through a secret art.

Beside him, the elders of the Serene Moon Race also had dim expressions, their brows furrowed.

The Black Jail clansmen had been putting more and more pressure on them, forcing them to retreat continuously.

Tyler obtained much useful spirit materials from Qin Lie and Flaming Sun Island. The strength of Black Jail Race had increased by leaps and bounds. They, who were not a match for Black Jail Race to begin with, had an increasingly hard time fighting back.

They may not be able to withstand for ten years.

Ten years later, when Lunar Temple and Sun Palace built their secret realm entrances in Boluo Realm, the human experts from Spirit Realm's Central World would sweep through Boluo Realm.

They... were the human race's targets as well.

The future was set. Even if they managed to survive the attacks of the Black Jail Race, what could they do?

The Serene Moon clansmen already felt hopeless.

The future, to a second-rate race like them, was pitch-black.

They had no hope.

"If the patriarch is still alive, if we can flee Boluo Realm, we may be able to survive." You Pu took a deep breath after thinking for a long time. He said, "I want to talk with the Ancient Beast Race, I hope to use their secret realm entrance to move all our clansmen, no matter the price!"

The Serene Moon Race elders nodded.

At the same time, powerful physical auras came from the distance.

All the members of the Serene Moon Race felt afraid.

Those powerful physical fluctuations were clearly the most terrifying existences in Boluo Realm. Of them, the aura of the Black Jail Race’s Tyler was the most evident.

They thought the Black Jail Race could not wait and was making a final attack to completely exterminate them.

"If all of the Black Jail Race is moving out, notify our clansmen, and have as many flee as possible." In such a situation, You Pu was forced to give such a humiliating order to preserve their race.

The elders of the Serene Moon Race had red eyes, but they could only grit their teeth and nod.

They knew the Black Jail Race which had been growing increasingly strong recently were opponents they could not defeat.

In order to survive and maintain the bloodline, fighting to the end was the stupidest decision.

"As expected, it is Tyler!"

"And Banderas of the Giant Race!"

"Heavens! Teng Yuan, and Nivitt also came! They want to destroy our entire race!"

Sprinkled through the mountain valleys, Serene Moon clansmen gazed upon the huge bodies on the horizon, their faces drained of blood.

They suddenly realized that this might be the end.

"The branch of Serene Moon Race in Boluo Realm may be erased tonight." You Qianlan felt her strength slip from her body.

She saw Elder You Pu's entire body trembling, his gray eyes filled with hopelessness.

In the past, the Serene Moon Race had invaded the lands of the Black Jail Race using Lunar Temple's strength.

Many Black Jail clansmen had been killed by the Serene Moon Race and the martial practitioners of Lunar Temple.

They knew that the Black Jail Race hated them to the bone.

Tyler had swore more than once he would do all he could to destroy the Serene Moon Race, and slaughter all Serene Moon clansmen.

And now, seeing that Tyler appear, they felt hopeless.

"Hm, what is going on with the Serene Moon Race? Why do they look as if someone had killed their entire family"

Qin Lie stood on Nivitt and looked down at the Serene Moon clansmen in the mountain valleys below. He felt puzzled.

The last time he and Nivitt came over, the Serene Moon clansmen were anxious, but didn’t seem outright hopeless like this time.

"It may be because Tyler came with us." Nivitt's laughter was ear-piercing. "Tyler has sworn numerous times that he would use do his utmost to exterminate Serene Moon Race completely. Recently, The Black Jail Race had been mercilessly killing Serene Moon clansmen. Seeing him today, You Pu probably things that Tyler came to fulfill his oath with our help. They think Serene Moon Race is about to be exterminated."

"Hmph, if not for Qin Lie, I would really kill all of the Serene Moon Race!" Tyler said with a cold expression.

"Thank you." Qin Lie bowed and said, "You give me face, and also give the races of Boluo Realm hope. With the strength of the Ancient Beast Race, Black Jail Race, and Giant Race, we are already not strong enough to match Sun Palace and Lunar Temple. If you keep exterminating the other races of Boluo Realm, you are just making things worse, saving them trouble of killing you all."

Tyler nodded and did not argue.

"Isn't that... Yao Tian?"

Inside the mountain valley, Lin Jie looked up and saw Qin Lie, Tyler, and Nivitt talking closely. Her eyes flashed.

"Yao Tian, this is definitely not his true name..." Zhuang Jing said with a complicated expression.

"Senior sister, you recognize him?" Lin Jie was surprised.

You Qianlan had a strange expression. "Did you come with him to Boluo Realm?"

Under Lin Jie and You Qianlan's puzzled gazes, Zhuang Jing slowly floated into the sky.

Many Serene Moon clansmen looked with puzzlement at her.

"This servant greets master."

Under the bright moonlight, Zhuang Jing floated in midair as she bowed to Qin Lie and called out respectfully.

The Serene Moon clansmen changed expression.

Qin Lie's expression was cool as he nodded and said, "Until now, I have not told you my true identity. But today, I no longer feel the need to deliberately conceal it. My name is Qin Lie. I am Qin Lie of the Central World’s Qin Family."

When he said this, he immediately saw Zhuang Jing and other Lunar Temple martial practitioners’ expressions change.

Clearly, these young people from Central World knew his identity.

"You are correct, the Qin Lie who died three hundred years ago," he added.

Zhuang Jing and Lin Jie had surprised looks in their eyes as they covered their mouths and gasped.

Tyler, Nivitt, Banderas, and Tyler exchanged looks, their expressions indifferent.

They learned Qin Lie's true identity through Barett and Calvert already.

Due to this, when Qin Lie appeared in Boluo Realm, Banderas and Tyler hurriedly came.

They knew that Flaming Sun Island was not enough to help Boluo Realm push back Lunar Temple and Sun Palace. What they wanted… was to borrow the strength of the Qin Family.

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