Chapter 1043: Predicament

Chapter 1043: Predicament

"Boy, you finally came."

Not long after Qin Lie appeared in Boluo Realm, Teng Yuan and Nivitt of the Ancient Beast Race hurriedly found him.

The two had worried expressions.

"Notify them," Teng Yuan said.

Nivitt nodded. He stretched his vast soul consciousness to reach the Giant Race and the Black Jail Race.

Seconds later, strong soul undulations came from the Giant Race and the Black Jail Race’s territories.

"Banderas of the Giant Race and Tyler of the Black Jail Race will soon come," Nivitt said.

Qin Lie was not in a hurry. He looked at the floating continents in the sky above where the Ancient Beast Race lived.

The Ancient Beast Race had given those continents to Flaming Sun Island. Under the bright moonlight, he could see the buildings of different styles, and also many martial practitioners.

"Back when you were lost in the chaotic streams of space, we helped build some palaces there. A few days ago, martial practitioners from Flaming Sun Island came over to cultivate." Nivitt glanced in that direction and said, "See, your Flaming Sun Island has already put down their roots in Boluo Realm. You will not stand by and watch as Boluo Realm is destroyed by Lunar Temple and Sun Palace, right?

"If the martial practitioners of Lunar Temple and Sun Palace once again build secret realm entrances in Boluo Realm, we will all be affected," Teng Yuan said with a sigh.

As the two spoke, Qin Lie sat down, the silver mark on his shoulder flashing with light.

—The artifact soul You Ye was gathering the moon power of Boluo Realm.

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes. He could feel the blue blood of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit merging with his bloodline.

During the assimilation process, strange blue patterns appeared in the depths of his mind.

Occasionally, layers of mirages would appear in his mind. Those mirages would flash by so fast he couldn’t see them clearly.

Teng Yuan and Nivitt noticed the strange blue patterns and mirages flashing in his pupils.

For some reason, Teng Yuan and Nivitt's bloodlines became extremely active when he was assimilating the blue blood.

Teng Yuan and Nivitt were secretly surprised.

"Boy, why do I feel... a weak Ancient Beast Race aura from you?" Teng Yuan couldn't help but ask.

Qin Lie stilled and thought that he was feeling the bloodline of the Silver Streak Heavenly Snake.

"Really?" He looked at Nivitt.

Nivitt nodded seriously. "And an ancient aura at that..."

"It isn't the Silver Streak Heavenly Snake?" he said, half-jokingly.

"No." Nivitt appeared puzzled and said, "It’s more like the aura of the holy beast of the Ancient Beast Race."

"Holy beast?" Qin Lie was shocked.

"The progenitor of the Ancient Beast Race. Us descendants have much thinner bloodlines compared to the Holy Beast Progenitor," Teng Yuan lamented. "The legends say that the progenitor of the Ancient Beast Race, the holy beast, could fly through the void at birth and travel through the stars."

He shook his head. Teng Yuan grimaced, "Us descendants are much weaker. Our bloodline is thin after birth. We need to advance through the ranks many times. Only when we reach rank eight or nine will our bloodline thicken and enable us to travel through the void."

"The Holy Beast Progenitor, the first Ancient Beast clansman, a similar bloodline aura..." Qin Lie's mind shifted slightly.

As they talked, Banderas of the Giant Race and Tyler of the Banderas came over at astounding speed.

"Qin Lie, the people of Lunar Temple and Sun Palace will really get here in ten years?" Tyler shouted when he arrived.

"That’s too fast, we won’t have enough time to prepare!” Banderas’s voice rang out from over the forest.

Just like the Ancient Beast Race, the Black Jail Race, and the Giant Race were worried about Lunar Temple and Sun Palace coming early.

Through Qin Lie, they knew that this time, when Lunar Temple and Sun Palace finish setting up the secret realm entrances, they wouldn’t hesitate to slaughter every last being in the Boluo Realm.

The races that married with the humans may be spared, but they certainly won’t be able to escape the Lunar Temple and Sun Palace.

"How can I help you?" Qin Lie said.

When he said this, Tyler, Teng Yuan, and the others became silent.

They thought and found that Qin Lie and Flaming Sun Island could only help them in terms of resources.

Flaming Sun Island did not have any experts with cultivations stronger than the Void Realm.

At best, when they were unable to win, maybe they could go to the Land of Chaos to take refuge.

However, Lunar Temple was in the Spirit Realm, could they avoid the pursuit of Lunar Temple and Sun Palace?

"If you want to leave Boluo Realm, I can think of a way to find another realm for you. However, you may not be able to come back to Boluo Realm again. You’d need to adjust to a realm completely different from Boluo Realm." Qin Lie thought for a while and said, "Or you can defeat Lunar Temple and Sun Palace so they will never dare to come into Boluo Realm again."

"Defeat Lunar Temple and Sun Palace?" Teng Yuan's expression was dark. "This is not easy. Even if we succeed, there are human Gold rank factions behind them."

"Yes, in these years, the humans have never stopped conquering other domains." Banderas said in an ear-deafening roar. "The realm where our Giant Race lived collapsed during a war with humans. After the God Race left, the humans quickly rose. They replaced the God Race and started to attack the major domains. All the major ancient races have been invaded by the human race to some degree."

"The human race has almost become the public enemy." Tyler of the Black Jail Race snorted. "Sometimes, I feel that the God Race should come back and fight the human race in Spirit Realm. This time, we will not stand on the side of the humans, we will let them go extinct!"

"Our days are even harder than when we submitted to the God Race!" Banderas shouted. "If the God Race really comes, maybe the Giant Race would be willing to help the God Race fight the human race!"

"It may be a good idea!" Tyler shouted.

Qin Lie's expression changed slightly.

Tyler, Banderas, and the others had stayed in Boluo Realm and did not know the situation outside.

But he knew the God Race would arrive soon.

At that time, if the major races were not on the same side as the human race, but also on the side of the God Race, what would be the result?

The future looked bleak.


In the dark starry void.

Four Soul Altar experts flew between the stars, each of them on their own Soul Altars.

There were three males and one female. The three males had five-level Soul Altar, and the female had a six-level Soul Altar.

The gray sky was cold and lifeless. The winds raged, and so did the power hidden inside the starry rivers.

Their Soul Altars gave off powerful ripples of energy, which let them travel safely through the chaotic streams of space with their average bodies.

Passing by a meteor, the group’s eyes lit up. They controlled their Soul Altars to land on the meteor.

"This meteor seems to be going towards Boluo Realm, we will be able to save some energy," Ma Feng of Lunar Temple said happily.

"The direction a meteor flies is difficult to grasp. Maybe it will change its path soon," Gong Shengyuan, also of Lunar Temple, said.

"Come this way please." Zhuo Weidan of Sun Palace landed on the meteor, and moved away from its front, the only six-level Soul Altar expert in the group taking his place..

Her six-level Soul Altar was shrouded in mist as though six layers of space had been put on top of each other.

She wore a wide-sleeved robe, her brows thin. She looked young, not even thirty years old, and gave off a proud aura.

Ma Feng and Gong Shengyuan of Lunar Temple, and Zhuo Weidan of Sun Palace were all five-level Soul Altars. They looked at her with flattery in their eyes.

"You do not have to be so. I only agreed to help you create a secret realm entrances in Boluo Realm because I received the spirit materials that Lunar Temple and Sun Palace presented to me." Miao Yizi's expression was aloof. "Once that secret realm entrances forms, I will return to Central World and not participate in what comes next."

"We will take care of the rest," Zhuo Weidan said with a smile.

Miao Yizi was about to speak when her brow suddenly moved. She seemed to detect something.

"Stay here, I will go into the void and come back later." After saying this, she suddenly flew away on her six-level Soul Altar.

Not long later, she approached a black meteor which did not move.

A thin old person sat on the black meteor. Seeing her arrive, he sighed and said, "Long time no see."

This old person was the old man who had fruitlessly searched for Qin Lie in the chaotic streams of space and restrained Matthew and the others in the Oldenwarm Realm.

"Senior brother." When Miao Yizi came, her cool eyes showed an extremely hidden thread of joy. She then said coolly, "Really long time no see."

"After the Qin Family left Central World, you and I never met again." The thin old person frowned and said, "I've come this time to request something from you."

"Request what?" Miao Yizi said.

"Do not go to Boluo Realm," the thin old person said.

"I've already taken their things," Miao Yizi said.

"I can repay you."

"You know that I will not go back on my promise."

"You will not give your senior brother any face?"

"Tell me the reason."

The thin old person thought for a while and said, "The young master of the Qin Family is at Boluo Realm."

Miao Yizi had a complicated look in her eyes. She said softly, "Qin Lie?"

The old person nodded.

"I know." Miao Yizi's expression was cool. She bowed slightly and said, "I'm very happy to have seen senior brother here."

Without waiting for the old man to respond, she left.

She did not give the old person a clear answer on whether she was going to Boluo Realm or how she would treat Qin Lie.

The thin old person did not chase her and stayed in his place for a long time.

"So many years have passed, young master has died once, her resentment... should have eased." A long time later, the old person murmured, his expression worried.

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