Chapter 1042: The Origin of Bloodline

Chapter 1042: The Origin of Bloodline


Qin Lie looked at the jade bottle La Pu was holding. The drop of blue blood swayed along with La Pu’s arm movement and glowed beautifully with blue light.

“This blood does not belong to the fifteen powerful ancient races or the races that lived in Spirit Realm. I am unable to determine which race this blood comes from.”

La Pu pondered for a moment while frowning. “It probably belongs to a race that we didn’t know yet! At the very least, a living being with this bloodline has never been recorded in the history of Spirit Realm!”

Qin Lie nodded. “That should be the case.”

The Eight-eyed Demon Spirit was the blue-eyed foreign woman’s demonic pet, a very high ranked one. While chasing down the four members of the Soul Race with its mistress, they passed through the abyss channel and arrived at Spirit Realm.

After that, it suffered huge damage and had hidden itself in the eastern barbarians’ lands all this time. It slowly recovered itself by mind controlling the eastern barbarians’ elders to collect flesh food.

It didn’t openly ravage the lands like the Soul Devouring Beast, Dark Soul Beast, or Blood Soul Beast.

No other highly intellectual lifeform except the eastern barbarian elders had even seen it. It had never left its hiding spot either.

That was why there were no records regarding the giant eight-eyed demon at all.

“What are you surprised about?” Qin Lie asked again.

“This blood belongs to an unknown living being, but… I discovered something strange while inspecting its blood.” La Pu inhaled deeply before speaking seriously, “I noticed that this blood contains traces of the Ancient Beast Race’s bloodline. It also shares some characteristics with the races of Nether Realm. Moreover, it contains some secrets of the Dragon Race…”

Qin Lie’s expression changed as he exclaimed. “What does it mean?”

“There are two possibilities,” La Pu said.

“Continue,” Qin Lie replied solemnly.

“The first possibility is that this strange lifeform is a mixed blood made up of the refined blood of the Ancient Beast Race, the races of Nether Realm, the Dragon Race and a couple other races that even I cannot identify,” La Pu said slowly.

“A mixed blood?” Qin Lie looked astonished.

La Pu nodded. “You may compare it to the God Race’s attempt to gather fifteen types of powerful ancient races’ blood and create the Perfect Blood to evolve their own bloodline.”

“So, the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit may have been created from the refined blood of multiple races?” Qin Lie said seriously.

“Eight-eyed Demon Spirit?” La Pu asked in astonishment. “Is that its name?”

Qin Lie nodded. “What is the other possibility?”

An odd gleam flashed through La Pu’s eyes before he threw out an even bigger bombshell. “The other possibility, is that the Ancient Beast Race, the races of Nether Realm, and the Dragon Race were all descendants of this creature. We… are the result after it had reproduced with another lifeform! Since the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s partner was different each time, the descendants that came to be were different as well. As a result, the Ancient Beast Race, the races of Nether Realm, and the Dragon Race all inherited some of the characteristics of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s blood. After many cycles of evolutions, these descendants finally evolved into entirely different races!”

“Ah!” Qin Lie couldn’t help but exclaim.

“These are the only two possibilities that can possibly exist judging from the characteristics of its blood. The Eight-eyed Demon Spirit is either a mixed blood created from the refined blood of all the listed races, or it is the very source of their bloodline.” La Pu was extremely shocked as well.

He himself couldn’t quite believe his eyes when he arrived at this conclusion.

He never expected to find a living being that was never recorded in the history of Spirit Realm to possess the characteristics of Ancient Beast Race, the Nether Realm races and the Dragon Race. It was a shocking discovery to say the least.

The Ancient Beast Race, the Dragon Race, and the powerful races of Nether Realm all believed that they were unique and born naturally by the world.

There was no way they would believe that their blood could merge as one, much less admit that they were the descendant of another race.

“Other than possessing multiple races’ characteristics, I’ve also observed a special trait in this blood—space.” La Pu exclaimed.

“Space?” Qin Lie grew more and more surprised. “It has the Heaven Ghoul Race’s bloodline characteristic too?”

La Pu shook his head. “No, no it’s different. The Heaven Ghoul Race’s latent ability seems to be adaptability towards the chaotic streams of space. They are immune to the poor environment there, and they can move between Spirit Realm and the chaotic streams of space whenever they wish. The Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline seems to be even more special. It’s actually capable of creating an entirely new space on its own... If I’m not mistaken, it should have no problems creating a secret realm out of nothing.”

A pause later, La Pu said with eyes filled with puzzlement. “Its blood is too complicated, to be honest. It is beyond my ability of comprehension. I cannot give you more information than this.”

“There is one thing I am certain of though. This Eight-eyed Demon Spirit must be a very high ranking race… it may even exceed the fifteen powerful ancient races we mentioned earlier.”

Qin Lie’s eyes looked like deep pools of water.

The God Race was more powerful than the fifteen ancient powerful races. Since the Soul Race was able to stand toe to toe with the God Race, it should be more powerful than the fifteen ancient powerful races as well.

Since the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit was a higher ranking lifeform compared to the fifteen ancient powerful races, did that mean that its master, the blue-eyed foreign woman was of a race equal to the God Race and Soul Race as well?

Besides that, in a different world countless stars away from this place, the shadow beings were slowly corroding the world and making its way to Spirit Realm.

Were the shadow beings a higher race as well?

Just how many intellectual lifeforms were there in the borderless galaxy and infinite realms?

Did these races have rank classifications similar to that of Spirit Realm?

What were the rankings of the human race, Asura Race, Dragon Race and Ancient Beast Race?

And where did the God Race, Soul Race, shadow beings, and Eight-eyed Demon Spirit stand?

Qin Lie looked completely confused.

He was slowly starting to notice the infinite secrets hidden in the vast galaxy after he learned about the Soul Progenitor, the three strange beasts, the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit and the shadow beings.

It was likely that the fifteen powerful ancient races he knew were unworthy of mention if they were ranked alongside the races of the boundless universe.

According to the God Race, Spirit Realm was an incredibly rare super large realm.

The God Race, the Soul Race and even the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit had ventured into Spirit Realm tens of thousands of years ago.

Could the human race and the fifteen powerful races scattered across Spirit Realm and multiple surrounding realms really take control of this super large realm even if they were to unite as one in the future?

Would this world be conquered by the God Race or the Soul Race once more?

Worse comes to worst, if the shadow beings were to reach them, would every intellectual being in this super large realm be met with a terrifying apocalypse?

Qin Lie felt fear when he thought up to this point.

The more he came to understand this vast world, the smaller he felt he was. He was starting to understand more and more about the pitiful fate awaiting the weaker races.

“How do you feel after swallowing this blue blood? Can you still spit it out?” La Pu asked worriedly.

He didn’t know that Qin Lie’s bloodline was special. He didn’t know that Qin Lie possessed the Perfect Blood the God Race had sought for many years.

That was why he was worried that the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit would affect Qin Lie and take his life.

“I’m fine. It didn’t affect me too much,” Qin Lie answered simply.

“The God Race’s bloodline is truly the bloodline that exceeds all fifteen powerful races. Perhaps that is why it isn’t afraid of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s blood,” La Pu said in misunderstanding.

Qin Lie smiled, but didn’t explain. He only told La Pu to keep up his research.

He was starting to sense that one’s bloodline was the most mysterious study in the entire world. He thought that a bloodline really was directly tied to a race’s future.

La Pu was the only person he knew who researched bloodlines. He even enjoyed some small successes already. He hoped that La Pu’s understanding of the bloodline would deepen.

“Keep this Eight-eyed Demon Spirit blood with you.” He passed the jade bottle back to La Pu and pondered for a moment. Then, he said, “You may seek out Song Tingyu for aid if you need anything for your research. Just tell her that I gave you the permission to do so.”

“Alright,” La Pu said.

“Was there any news from Nether Continent?”

“No, Tate hasn’t returned yet, so they’re probably still fighting against Blue Flame Manor. No news of victory or loss have reached my ears.”

“I got it. I’m heading to Boluo Realm.”



At Boluo Realm.

Six moons hung high in the sky as moonlight flowed into the silver moon marks at Qin Lie’s shoulder.

The artifact soul, You Ye slowly appeared from them.

“I’m taking you to the Serene Moon Race. All you need to do is to convince the Serene Moon clansmen to leave Lunar Temple and serve the Qin Family. If they can swear this, I will give them all of the Serene Moon Race inheritance recorded inside Moon Tear,” Qin Lie said.

“Are there no Heaven Fighting clansmen behind you?” You Ye asked.

Qin Lie frowned. “I’m not sure yet.”

“It should be very easy to convince them to swear loyalty to the God Race. But the Qin Family… I must say that I’m not absolutely certain of my chances,” You Ye expressed.

Qin Lie said indifferently, “If that is the case then two outcomes await them. First, they will be eliminated by the Ancient Beast Race, Black Jail Race, and Giant Race. If they manage to hold out for ten years, then Lunar Temple and Sun Palace will reestablish their secret realm entrances, plow through the Boluo Realm and force them to become their vassal force. They will never be able to escape their fate.”

You Ye’s soul shuddered in response.

“The future of Spirit Realm will be covered in blood and war. The larger realms nearby will be flooded by war as well,” Qin Lie said with dark eyes. “In the near future, the God Race, Soul Race, and the shadow beings may not be the only ones to set foot in Spirit Realm. There are many more high rank intellectual beings out there than I’m unaware of. Since Spirit Realm is a super large realm that connects to many realms, the true rulers of the galaxy will definitely try to claim it for themselves. The danger is so great that even the human race and the fifteen powerful ancient races may be eliminated in this war, let alone the Serene Moon Race. You should take this under consideration.”

“Will the Serene Moon Race survive in the future if we serve the Qin Family?” You Ye asked.

Qin Lie shook his head and let out a sigh. “I don’t know. I really don’t know. All signs are indicating that the God Race, the Soul Race, and other equally terrifying races had set their eyes on Spirit Realm. Who knows what the current ruler of Spirit Realm, the human race, will face in the future?”

“I’ll try to speak with them,” You Ye said helplessly.

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