Chapter 1041: Analyzing Memories

Chapter 1041: Analyzing Memories

“Weren’t you at Blue Nightmare Island?” La Pu asked in astonishment.

“I just returned from the eastern barbarians’ homeland.” Qin Lie kept his answer short. “There was a giant eight-eyed demon hidden deep inside the eastern barbarians’ forbidden lands. I swallowed its refined blood and…”

After he briefly explained what happened earlier, Qin Lie suddenly sat down where he stood as deep blue light slowly glowed brighter inside his pupils.

La Pu turned pale with shock as he came to realize how serious the situation was. “Deal with your own problems first!”

After saying that, he grabbed the jade bottle and went straight into the secret room at the back. He would try to figure out the secrets of the blue blood.

Qin Lie was left amidst sinister-looking plants of the Nether Realm, intoxicating him with the nether demonic energy they produced. Then, he began inspecting the unusual changes in his blood.

At one corner of his soul consciousness, countless deep blue light specks intermingled with one another to form a blue pond.

Passages of soul thoughts rippled inside that pond.

Qin Lie concentrated and touched the deep blue region with his soul. He tried to analyze its secrets with soul energy.

The moment his soul energy entered the deep blue region, illusions abruptly appeared inside his head.

His soul energy drained at a rapid pace.

Incomprehensible soul thoughts and mysterious deep blue patterns slowly revealed their true meaning and images as his soul energy drained away.

Many beautiful images that could intoxicate one’s soul entered his mind.

In this unknown azure world, there were many strange conical buildings that stood as tall as mountain peaks.

These buildings were all built using a type of beautiful blue crystal.

The translucent blue crystals were perfectly cut and built into these grand divine palaces that looked like blue mountains.

The image showed the grand palaces glowing with a pure and bright blue light under a sky full of stars.

It was unbelievably beautiful.

To Qin Lie, these divine palaces made from many translucent blue crystals practically looked like the divine realm of gods.

Many well-dressed men and women that looked like humans were walking on thin air between the divine palaces. They had blue pupils and blue hair.

The men of this race were extraordinarily handsome, and the women were impossibly beautiful.

To his surprise, he couldn’t find a single person who looked “normal”.

The men and women of this race looked unbelievably perfect. They were like living representations of different styles of art.

When a blue light flashed by, the image inside his heart abruptly changed.

A beautiful foreign woman with blue pupils and blue hair rode an eight-eyed demon even bigger than the one he saw earlier and traversed a dark place that seemed like it would never end.

The foreign woman that looked beautiful enough to shake one to the core was standing on the flesh and blood altar behind the demon’s back, looking at her surroundings from time to time. Her stomach was bulging slightly.

The place she was in was a strange, dark underground world that looked like a giant passage. It led towards an unknown place.

Inside that passage, chaotic energies of space could be seen exploding violently and rampaging somewhere.

The destructive power of these explosions seemed ten times scarier than even the tornadoes of the chaotic streams of space.

Three humongous lifeforms that looked like Soul Devouring Beasts abruptly appeared inside the passage. Their bodies were crawling with flesh balls, and souls could be seen wriggling inside every flesh ball.

Qin Lie shuddered the second he set his sight on them. He knew that the three unusual beasts were a type of host body for the Soul Race.

There was a soul without a body at the center of the three foreign beasts. The soul energy emanating from it was absolutely terrifying.

Suddenly, the blue-eyed foreign woman engaged the soul and the three foreign beasts in battle.

It would seem that the reason she entered the passage was to hunt down that soul.

Inside the dark passage, the two foreign beings and four enormous lifeforms battled each other in a dazzling fashion that Qin Lie couldn’t keep up with.

The many strange powers and laws of the world were directly expressed inside the passage.

To his surprise, he had a feeling that he could sense a trace of the world’s laws.

“The ancient spirit diagram…”

As he stared at the beautiful scene, the many laws of the world, and the two foreign beings and four enormous lifeforms battling each other, he suddenly noticed something.

For the longest time, the ancient spirit diagrams he cultivated by joining spirit threads to incredible effect seemed to manipulate the very truth of the world itself.

“The Soul Race. The Soul Progenitor! And these three beasts are the Dark Soul Beast, Soul Devouring Beast, and the Blood Soul Beast!”

Suddenly, he realized that there were three Soul Race members inside the three foreign beasts. The beasts were their host bodies.

There was an extremely high chance that the soul at the center was the Soul Progenitor. It was the Soul Progenitor’s soul origin.

It was obvious that the three beasts were escorting the Soul Progenitor.

“Passage, passage. It’s the abyss channel!”

The place where the foreign blue-eyed woman and the four Soul Race experts were engaged in was the abyss channel!

The revelation invigorated Qin Lie.

He carefully observed the scene that was projected inside his head.

The bloody battle between the Soul Progenitor, the three beasts, the blue-eyed foreign woman, and the giant eight-eyed demon caused the ever-present destructive phenomenon inside the abyss channel to grow even more turbulent.

He could see borderless explosions happening inside the abyss channel.

Then, the scene abruptly vanished from his head.

The third scene was set at the sea deep inside the eastern barbarians’ forbidden lands.

A flesh ball about the size of a rice jar was floating on the sea surface. It was discovered by a couple of eastern barbarians.

When the eastern barbarians approached the flesh ball, strands of muscles abruptly caught them and absorbed all of their refined flesh and blood energy.

The flesh ball continued to float on the eastern barbarians’ sea.

Every time an eastern barbarian got curious and moved closer, the flesh ball would attack them by surprise and transform them into part of its body.

If a powerful eastern barbarian were to appear nearby, it would sink into the sea and become completely undetectable.

Qin Lie immediately knew that the flesh ball was the giant eight-eyed demon they fought earlier.

He didn’t know what had happened inside the abyss channel. For some reason, the humongous giant eight-eyed demon had become a hundred thousand times smaller than it originally was. All eight of its eyes seemed to have exploded too.

The beautiful blue-eyed foreign woman was nowhere to be seen.

The flesh ball spit out gray fog as it moved across the eastern barbarian’s territory. It seemed to trying to hide something messily.

It devoured many eastern barbarians to supply itself with flesh and expand. It slowly recovered from its weakened state over time.

When it grew to about three hundred meters long, a flesh and blood altar regrew behind its back. It also reformed a demonic eye.

After the demonic eye was formed, it was able to directly control the minds of the eastern barbarians.

It used the mind-controlled eastern barbarians to find even more food for itself.

Gradually, a few eastern barbarian elders were turned into its worshippers. These people enshrined the giant eight-eyed demon.

It slowly recovered itself through the eastern barbarians.

The fourth scene showed the Land of Chaos’ Silver rank martial practitioners launching a series of attacks at it in unison.

It was a scene Qin Lie had gone personally gone through just moments ago.

As the fourth scene continued to play in his mind, Qin Lie slowly came to an understanding of what happened.

He now knew that the memories in his head belonged to the giant eight-eyed demon, not the blue-eyed foreign woman.

Many years ago, the beautiful blue-eyed foreign woman had ridden the giant eight-eyed demon into the abyss channel to chase down the Soul Progenitor and his three escorts.

They fought a great battle inside the abyss channel.

In the end, they all passed through the abyss channel and arrived at Spirit Realm.

The Soul Progenitor’s soul origin had taken over the body of a human being and become one of the five progenitors.

Meanwhile, his three escorts had gotten lost and become stranded at Nether Realm, Asura Realm and Ancient Beast Realm respectively. They were called the Soul Devouring Beast, Dark Soul Beast, and Blood Soul Beast.

The beautiful blue-eyed foreign woman seemed to have perished in battle inside the abyss channel. However, she was already pregnant at the time.

Through some unknown secret art, she somehow transformed her child into the Divine-Demonic Spirit Fetus and put it inside the giant eight-eyed demon’s body, entrusting it with the responsibility of nursing it.

The giant eight-eyed demon that was severely wounded in the abyss channel shrank a lot and lost most of its strength. It turned into an eerie ball of flesh and floated between the eastern barbarians’ islands.

By consuming flesh continuously, the giant eight-eyed demon slowly recovered and even regrew all of its eyes. It had obeyed the woman’s final wish and worked hard to give birth to the female infant.

Maybe the giant eight-eyed demon had wanted to do things one step at a time by gathering flesh food through the eastern barbarians.

It probably wanted to give birth and even raise the female infant in Spirit Realm. It wasn’t planning to leave anytime soon.

However, the invading experts of the Land of Chaos had disrupted its plans.

After it was exposed to so many pairs of eyes, the giant eight-eyed demon seemed to realize that there were many powerful beings in Spirit Realm too. That was why it didn’t dare to linger any longer.

It was forced to devour the eastern barbarians and give birth to the female infant ahead of time. Then, by sacrificing its own life to open a spatial passage, it sent the female infant away from Spirit Realm.

By connecting the four images and his understanding of the legend of the Soul Progenitor and the three great beasts together, Qin Lie came to recognize the entire picture a little better.

As he was sorting out the scenes inside his mind, his bloodline was also fusing with the blue blood.

Unlike the last time he absorbed the Spirit of Void and Chaos or the Silver Streak Heavenly Snake’s blood into his bloodline, he felt no pain at all.

The blood fusion process was so smooth that it was unbelievable.

There were neither pain nor terrifying abnormal soul reactions. The deep blue divine patterns slowly imprinted themselves into his bloodline.

The process was slower than normal though.

The blood fusion process wasn’t even a quarter done yet even though he had sorted out all the images in his mind and waited for a long time.

Deep blue light would occasionally intermingle in his head as the two blood fused.

He slowly learned that the eight-eyed demon was called the “Eight-eyed Demon Spirit” and that it was the blue-eyed foreign woman’s demonic pet as he analyzed them with his soul energy.

The Eight-eyed Demon Spirit called the woman its master.

After a blue-eyed foreigner was born, they would choose a demonic pet and grow together with them.

The Eight-eyed Demon Spirit seemed to be an extremely high ranking demonic pet.

Unlike the voodoo insects bred by the Black Voodoo Cult, the demonic pet and its master were very close to each other. The concept of betrayal didn’t even exist between the two entities.

Qin Lie wanted to read deeper into this race, but he abruptly discovered that he had expended so much soul energy that even his eyes were turning blurry.

He hurriedly stopped himself.

It was at this moment La Pu rushed out of the room at the back while holding the jade bottle.

His eyes were filled with astonishment.

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